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Authors and Bibliographies (Scotland)

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

  • Armstrong, Campbell (See also: Thomas Altman, Campbell Black, Jeffrey Campbell)

      • Brainfire1979
      • White Light1988
      • Agents of Darkness1991
      • Asterisk Destiny1991
      • Asterisk1992
      • Concert of Ghosts1992
      • Death's Head1993
      • Slattery's Rose1993
      • Silencer1997
      • Blackout1999
      • Deadline2000

      DS Lou Perlman, Glasgow
      • The Bad Fire20011
      • The Last Darkness20022
      • White Rage20043

      Frank Pagan
      • Jig19871
      • Mazurka19882
      • Mambo19903
      • Jigsaw19944
      • Heat19965

  • Ashton, David

      Inspector McLevy
      • The Shadow of the Serpent20061
      • Fall from Grace20072
      • Trick of the Light20093
      • Nor Will He Sleep20134

      Jean Brash
      • Mistress of the Just Land20161
      • The Lost Daughter20172

  • Baldwin, Jackie

      DI Frank Farrell, Dumfries
      • Dead Man's Prayer20161
      • Perfect Dead20182

  • Begg, Ken (See also: Ken McClure)

      • The Anvil Agreement1985
      • The Scorpion's Advance1986
      • The Trojan Boy1988
      • Fenton's Winter1989

  • Bendoris, Matt

      • Killing With Confidence2013
      • DM for Murder2015
      • Wicked Leaks2016

  • Bennett, Margot

      • The Golden Pebble1948
      • The Widow of Bath1952
      • Farewell Crown and Good-bye King (apa Farewell Crown and Goodbye King)1953
      • The Man Who Didn't Fly1955
      • Someone From the Past1958

      John Davies
      • Time to Change Hats19451
      • Away Went the Little Fish19462

  • Bibby, Bob

      DCI Tallyforth & DS 'George' Elliott, West Midlands
      • Be a Falling Leaf19981
      • Bird on the Wing20002
      • The Liquidator20023
      • The Llareggub Experience20034

  • Black, Sean

      Byron Tibor, ex-special forces, America
      • Post20141
      • Blood Country20152

      Ryan Lock novella
      • Lock & Load (ebook only)20121
      • Budapest/48 (ebook only)20152

      Ryan Lock, ex-soldier turned elite bodyguard, America
      Dead Lock20102
      The Devil's Bounty20124
      • The Innocent20145
      • Fire Point20146

      Sofia Salgado, Malibu
      • A is for Asshat (with Rebecca Cantrell)20151
      • B is for Bad Girls (with Rebecca Cantrell)20152
      • C is for Coochy Coo (with Rebecca Cantrell) (ebook only)20163

  • Black, Tony

      Clay Moloney
      • Bay of Martyrs (with Matt Neal)20171

      DI Bob Valentine
      • Artefacts of the Dead20141
      • A Taste of Ashes20152
      • Summoning the Dead20163
      • Her Cold Eyes20184

      Doug Michie, PI
      • The Storm Without20121

      Gus Dury, hack turned investigator, Edinburgh
      Paying for It20081
      Long Time Dead20104
      • Long Way Down (ebook, novella)20125
      • Last Orders (novella)20136

      Inspector Rob Brennan
      Truth Lies Bleeding20111
      Murder Mile20122

  • Brooke, P J

      Sub-inspector Max Romero, Granada
      • Blood Wedding20081
      • A Darker Night20102
      • Death's Other Kingdom20113

  • Brown, Gordon

      • Falling2009
      • 59 Minutes2010

      Craig McIntyre, USA
      • The Catalyst (apa Darkest Thoughts (2017))20131
      • Meltdown20142

  • Carol, James

      • The Killing Game (as J S Carol)2016
      • Kiss Me, Kill Me (as J S Carol)2018

      Jefferson Winter
      Broken Dolls20141
      Watch Me20142
      • The Quiet Man20174

      The Jefferson Winter Chronicles
      • Presumed Guilty (ebook only)20141

  • Chandler, Glenn

      • The Sanctuary1981
      • The Tribe1981
      • Killer1983

      DI Steve Madden, Brighton
      • Savage Tide20031
      • Dead Sight20042

  • Claridge, Marten

      • The Midnight Chill1992

      Detective Inspector Frank McMorran
      • Nobody's Fool19891
      • Slow Burn19942

  • Collins, Hugh

      Johnny McGinty, Crook, Glasgow
      • No Smoke20011
      • The Licensee20022

  • Cross, Mason

      Carter Blake, USA
      • The Killing Season20141
      The Samaritan20152
      • The Time to Kill (apa Winterlong)20163
      • Don't Look For Me20174
      • Presumed Dead20185

  • Deegan, James

      John Carr, Ex SAS
      • Once A Pilgrim20181
      • The Angry Sea20192

  • Donachie, David (See also: Tom Connery, John Howard)

      Harry & James Ludlow
      • The Devil's Own Luck19911
      • The Dying Trade19932
      • A Hanging Matter19943
      • An Element of Chance19964
      • The Scent of Betrayal19965
      • A Game of Bones19976

  • Douglas-Home, Mark

      Cal McGill, Oceanographer
      • The Sea Detective20111
      • The Woman Who Walked Into The Sea20132
      • The Malice of Waves20163

  • Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

      Sherlock Holmes
      • A Study in Scarlet18871
      • The Sign of the Four18902
      • The Hound of the Baskervilles19023
      • The Valley of Fear19154

      Sherlock Holmes - Short Stories
      • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes18921
      • The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes18932
      • The Return of Sherlock Holmes19043
      • His Last Bow19174
      • The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes19275

  • Durie, Bruce

      Inspector McArdle, 1870s Scotland
      • The Murder of Young Tom Morris20031

  • Finlay, Mick

      Arrowood, PI, 1895
      • Arrowood20171
      • The Murder Pit20192

  • Fraser, Guy

      • Plate of Ladies1979
      • Blackhope Legend1981
      • Monster1981
      • The Man Who Stole the Sun1982

      Superintendent Jarrett, Inspector Grant and Sergeant Quinn of the Detective Department at Glasgow Central, 1860s
      • Blade of the Assassin20071
      • Jupiter's Gold20082
      • A Plague of Lions20093
      • Avenging the Dead20104
      • Tomb of the Serpent20115

  • Galbraith, Gillian

      DS Alice Rice, Edinburgh
      Blood in the Water20071
      • Where the Shadow Falls20082
      • Dying of the Light20093
      • No Sorrow to Die20104
      • The Road to Hell20125
      • Troubled Waters20146

      Father Vincent Ross
      • The Good Priest20141

  • Grant, Philip

      • The Counterfeit Man1993
      • The Other Mister Holmes2001
      • Now and Then Dead2007

  • Greig, Andrew

      Kirsty Fowler, a troubled ex-lawyer and sometime journalist
      • The Return of John MacNab19961
      • Romanno Bridge20082

  • Hewitt, Ronnie

      Rob Ahearn, Psychologist and profiler, Glasgow
      • The Sawman20061

  • Holms, Joyce

      Lawyer Tam Buchanan and legal student assistant 'Fizz' Fitzgerald, Edinburgh
      • Payment Deferred19961
      • Foreign Body19972
      • Bad Vibes19983
      • Thin Ice19994
      • Mr. Big20005
      • Bitter End20016
      Hot Potato20037
      Hidden Depths20048
      Missing Link20069

  • Hunter, Max (See also: Paul Johnston, Sam#Alexander)

      Museum Mysteries
      • Murder at the Ashmolean20161

  • Jardine, Quintin

      • The Loner2011
      • Mathew's Tale2014

      Detective Chief Superintendent Bob Skinner, Edinburgh
      • Skinner's Rules19931
      • Skinner's Festival19942
      • Skinner's Trail19943
      • Skinner's Round19954
      • Skinner's Ordeal19965
      • Skinner's Mission19976
      • Skinner's Ghost19987
      • Murmuring the Judges19988
      • Gallery Whispers19999
      Thursday Legends200010
      Autographs in the Rain200111
      • Head Shot200212
      • Fallen Gods200313
      • Stay of Execution200414
      • Lethal Intent200515
      Dead and Buried200616
      • Death's Door200717
      Fatal Last Words200919
      A Rush of Blood201020
      Grievous Angel201121
      • Funeral Note201222
      • Pray for the Dying201323
      • Hour of Darkness201424
      • Last Resort201525
      • Private Investigations201626
      • Game Over201727
      • State Secrets201728
      • A Brush with Death201829
      • Cold Case201830

      Oz Blackstone, Actor
      • Blackstone's Pursuits19961
      • A Coffin For Two19972
      • Wearing Purple19983
      • Screen Savers20004
      • On Honeymoon With Death20025
      • Poisoned Cherries20026
      Unnatural Justice20037
      • Alarm Call20048
      • For the Death of Me20059

      Primavera Blackstone
      • Inhuman Remains20091
      • Blood Red20102
      As Easy as Murder20123
      • Deadly Business20134

  • Kelly, Lesley

      • A Fine House in Trinity2016

      The Health of Strangers series
      • The Health of Strangers20171
      • Songs by Dead Girls20182

      The Health of Strangers short story
      • The Art of Not Being Dead (ebook only)20181

  • Kerr, Peter

      Bob Burns, Policeman, Scotland
      • Bob Burns Investigates: The Mallorca Connection20061
      • Bob Burns Investigates: The Sporran Connection20072
      • Bob Burns Investigates: The Cruise Connection20083

  • Kirk, Margaret

      ex-Met Detective Inspector Lukas Mahler, Inverness
      • Shadow Man20171

  • Knight, Alanna

      • Sweet Cheat Gone1992
      • This Outward Angel1993
      • Angel Eyes1997
      • In The Shadow of The Minster2002

      Annie Kelty
      • The Monster in the Loch19981
      • The Royal Park Murder19982
      • Dead Beckoning19993

      Inspector Faro and Rose McQuinn
      • The Darkness Within20171

      Inspector Faro omnibus
      • Inspector Faro and the Edinburgh Mysteries19941
      • Inspector Faro's Casebook19962
      • Faro and the Royals20053

      Inspector Faro, Edinburgh, Victorian Era
      • Enter Second Murderer19881
      • Blood Line19892
      • Deadly Beloved19893
      • Killing Cousins19904
      • A Quiet Death19915
      • To Kill A Queen19926
      • The Evil That Men Do19937
      • The Missing Duchess19948
      • The Bull Slayers19959
      • Murder By Appointment199610
      • The Coffin Lane Murders199811
      • The Final Enemy200212
      • Unholy Trinity200413
      • Murder in Paradise200814
      The Seal King Murders201115
      • Murders Most Foul201316
      • Akin to Murder201617

      Rose McQuinn, Lady Investigator, late 19thC, Scotland
      The Inspector's Daughter20001
      • Dangerous Pursuits20022
      • An Orkney Murder20033
      Ghost Walk20044
      • Destroying Angel20075
      • Quest for a Killer20106
      • Deadly Legacy20127
      • The Balmoral Incident20148
      • Murder Lies Waiting20189

      Tam Eildor
      • The Dagger in the Crown20011
      The Gowrie Conspiracy20032
      The Stuart Sapphire20053

  • Lindsay, Douglas

      • Lost in Juarez2008

      Barney Thomson, Barber, Glasgow
      • The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson19991
      • The Cutting Edge of Barney Thomson20002
      • A Prayer for Barney Thomson20013
      • Barney Thomson and the Face of Death20024
      • The King Was in His Counting House20045
      • The Last Fish Supper20066
      • Final Cut20097

      DI Westphall
      • Song of the Dead20161
      • Boy in the Well20192
      • The Art of Dying20193

      DS Hutton
      • The Unburied Dead20171
      • A Plague Of Crows20172
      • The Blood That Stains Your Hands20173

  • Mackay, Malcolm

      • The Night the Rich Men Burned2014
      • Every Night I Dream of Hell2015
      • For Those Who Know the Ending2016

      Glasgow Underworld trilogy
      The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter20131
      • How a Gunman Says Goodbye20132
      • The Sudden Arrival of Violence20143

  • MacLeod, Torquil

      Inspector Anita Sundstrom
      Meet Me in Malmo20101
      Murder in Malmo20132
      • Missing in Malmo20133
      • Midnight In Malmo20154
      • Menace in Malmo20175
      • Malice in Malmo20186

      Inspector Anita Sundstrom Novella
      • A Malmo Midwinter20151

      Jack Flyford, Actor, Georgian Era
      • Sweet Smell of Murder (ebook only)20141

  • Mariani, Scott

      Ben Hope, Ex-SAS
      The Fulcanelli Manuscript (apa The Alchemist's Secret)20071
      • The Mozart Conspiracy20082
      The Doomsday Prophecy (apa The Hope Vendetta)20093
      • The Heretic's Treasure20094
      • The Shadow Project20105
      • The Lost Relic20116
      • The Sacred Sword20127
      • The Armada Legacy20138
      • The Nemesis Program20149
      • The Forgotten Holocaust201510
      • The Martyr's Curse201511
      • The Cassandra Sanction201612
      • Star of Africa201613
      • The Devil's Kingdom201614
      • The Babylon Idol201715
      • The Bach Manuscript201716
      • The Moscow Cipher201817
      • The Rebel's Revenge201818

  • Mark, David

      • The Zealot's Bones (as D M Mark)2017

      Detective Sergeant McAvoy of Humberside CID
      The Dark Winter20121
      Original Skin20132
      • Sorrow Bound20143
      • Taking Pity20154
      • Dead Pretty20165
      • Cruel Mercy20176
      • Scorched Earth20187
      • Cold Bones20198

  • May, Peter

      Entry Island2013
      • Runaway2015
      • Coffin Road2016
      • I'll Keep You Safe2018
      • The Man With No Face2019

      Det. Li Yan & Dr Margaret Campbell, China
      The Firemaker19991
      • The Fourth Sacrifice20002
      • The Killing Room20003
      • Snakehead20024
      • The Runner20035
      • Chinese Whispers20046

      Enzo Macleod, Biologist, Toulouse
      • Extraordinary People20061
      • The Critic20072
      • Blacklight Blue20083
      Freeze Frame20104
      • Cast Iron20176

      Fin Macleod, Police Officer, Edinburgh
      The Blackhouse20111
      The Lewis Man20122
      The Chessmen20133

      Michael Kapinsky, Crime-scene photographer
      • Virtually Dead20101

  • McClure, Ken (See also: Ken Begg)

      • Pestilence1991
      • Requiem1992
      • Crisis1993
      • Chameleon1994
      • Trauma1995
      • Fenton's Winter (originally published in 1989 as by Ken Begg)1997
      • Pandora's Helix1997
      • The Scorpion's Advance (originally published in 1986 as by Ken Begg)1998
      • Resurrection1999
      • The Tangled Web2000
      • Past Lives2006
      • Hypocrites' Isle2008

      Dr Steven Dunbar
      • Donor19981
      • Deception20012
      • Wildcard20023
      • The Gulf Conspiracy20044
      Eye of the Raven20055
      • The Lazarus Strain20076
      • White Death20097
      • Dust to Dust20108

  • McGown, Jill (See also: Elizabeth Chaplin)

      • Evil Hour1986
      • Record of Sin1987
      • Stalking Horse1987
      • Murder Movie1991

      Detective Inspector Lloyd and Sergeant Judy Hill, Stansfield, Northamptonshire
      • A Perfect Match19831
      • Redemption (apa Murder at the Old Vicarage)19882
      • Death of a Dancer (apa Gone to Her Death)19893
      • The Murders of Mrs Austin and Mrs Beale19914
      • The Other Women19925
      • Murder...Now and Then19936
      • A Shred of Evidence19957
      • Verdict Unsafe19978
      • Picture of Innocence19989
      • Plots and Errors199910
      Scene of Crime200111
      Births, Deaths and Marriages (apa Death in the Family)200212
      Unlucky for Some200413

  • McIlvanney, William

      Detective Inspector Jack Laidlaw, Glasgow
      • Laidlaw19771
      • The Papers of Tony Veitch19832
      • Strange Loyalties19913

  • McIntosh, Pat

      Gil Cunningham, notary-in-training, medieval Glasgow
      • The Harper's Quine20041
      • The Nicholas Feast20052
      The Merchant's Mark20063
      • St. Mungo's Robin20074
      • The Rough Collier20085
      • The Stolen Voice20096
      • A Pig of Cold Poison20107
      • The Counterfeit Madam20118
      The Fourth Crow20129
      • The King's Corrodian201310
      • The Lanimer Bride201611

  • McKay, Reg

      • Dancing with Death2007

      James Addison
      • Deadly Divisions: The Spectre Chronicles (with Paul Ferris)20021

  • McLean, Russel D

      • And When I Die (ebook only)2016
      Ed's Dead2017

      Private Investigator J McNee, Dundee
      • The Good Son20081
      The Lost Sister20092
      • Father Confessor20123
      • Mothers of the Disappeared20144
      • Cry Uncle20145

  • McNeill, Elisabeth

      • The Last Cocktail Party2002

      Rosa Makepeace
      • Hot News20031
      • Press Relations20032

  • McPherson, Catriona

      • As She Left It2013
      • The Day She Died2014
      • Come to Harm2015
      The Child Garden2015
      • Quiet Neighbors2016
      • House. Tree. Person2017
      • The Weight of Angels2017
      • Go to my Grave2018

      Dandy Gilver, Society Sleuth, 1920s Scotland
      After the Armistice Ball20051
      • The Burry Man's Day20062
      Bury Her Deep20073
      • The Winter Ground20084
      Dandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of Bloodstains20095
      • Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a Murder20106
      Dandy Gilver and a Bothersome Number of Corpses20127
      • Dandy Gilver and a Deadly Measure of Brimstone20138
      • Dandy Gilver and The Reek of Red Herrings20149
      • Dandy Gilver and the Unpleasantness in the Ballroom201510
      • Dandy Gilver and the Most Misleading Habit201611
      • Dandy Gilver and a Spot of Toil and Trouble201712
      • A Step So Grave201813

      Last Ditch Mysteries
      • Scot Free20181

  • Niven, John

      • The Amateurs2009

      Donnie Miller
      Cold Hands20121

      Steven Stelfox
      • Kill Your Friends20081
      • Kill 'Em All20182

  • Parks, Alan

      Harry McCoy, Police Officer, Glasgow, 1973
      • Bloody January20171
      • February's Son20192

  • Scott, A D

      Tales from the Highland Gazette
      • A Small Death in the Great Glen20101
      • A Double Death on the Black Isle20112
      • Beneath the Abbey Wall20123
      • North Sea Requiem20134
      • The Low Road20145
      • A Kind of Grief20156

  • Scott, Ken

      • Jack of Hearts2005
      • A Million Would Be Nice2006

  • Sheridan, Sara

      Mirabelle Bevan (retired Secret Service), 1950s
      • Brighton Belle20121
      • London Calling20132
      • England Expects20143
      • British Bulldog20154
      • Operation Goodwood20165
      • Russian Roulette20176
      • Indian Summer20197

  • Teague, Loren

      • True Deception2008
      • Ultimate Betrayal2009
      • The Italian Affair2010

  • Tey, Josephine

      • Miss Pym Disposes1946
      • Brat Farrar (apa Come and Kill Me)1949

      Scotland Yard Inspector Alan Grant
      • The Man in the Queue (apa Killer in the Crowd)19291
      • A Shilling for Candles19362
      • The Franchise Affair19483
      • To Love and Be Wise19504
      • The Daughter of Time19515
      • The Singing Sands19526

  • Thomson, E S

      Jem Flockhart, Apothecary, 1850s
      • Beloved Poison20161
      • Dark Asylum20172
      • The Blood20183
      • Surgeons' Hall20194

  • Watt, Douglas

      John MacKenzie, Lawyer, 17thC Edinburgh
      • Death of a Chief20101
      • Testament of a Witch20112
      • Pilgrim of Slaughter20183
      • The Unnatural Death of a Jacobite20194

  • Welsh, Kaite

      Sarah Gilchrist, Victorian Era, Scotland
      • The Wages of Sin20171

  • Wishart, David

      Marcus Corvinus, Ancient Rome
      • Ovid19951
      • Germanicus19972
      • Sejanus19983
      • The Lydian Baker19984
      • Old Bones20005
      • Last Rites20016
      • White Murder20027
      • A Vote for Murder20038
      • Parthian Shot20049
      • Food For the Fishes200510
      In at the Death200711
      Illegally Dead200812
      • Bodies Politic201013
      • No Cause for Concern201214
      • Solid Citizens201315
      • Finished Business201416
      • Trade Secrets201517
      • Foreign Bodies201618

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