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Jardine, Quintin - 'As Easy as Murder'
Hardback: 320 pages (Jan. 2012) Publisher: Headline ISBN: 0755340272

Primavera Blackstone is a single mother living a rather idyllic life in a remote Catalan village. She is an important member of the local community, recently giving up a roving commission representing Scottish interests in the region. She is wealthy and due to take up a managing role at a local vineyard owned by the ex-partner's brother. Her ex-partner and her son's father was a famous movie star until his death.

Her friend, Shirley has met the man of her dreams via an on-line dating site. Shirley arranges to meet Primavera so that she can introduce her to him as she wants her best friend and her lover to be friends. Primavera checks out the man - Patterson Cowling - through her diplomatic contacts but is surprised to be warned off asking too many questions. During the meal, a pickpocket tries to steal Patterson's wallet and when Primavera wants to report the incident to the police, Patterson persuades her that no damage was done and to ignore it.

Shirley and Patterson are golfers and Primavera arranges for them to watch the practice days for the next pro golf tournament. When they arrive they find that Primavera's nephew, Johnny, is playing in his first tournament and they arrange that he will stay with Primavera while in Spain.

Later the pickpocket turns up dead and Patterson disappears. Primavera investigates with the help of her friend, the local police inspector. It looks very likely that Patterson Cowling has a lot to hide.

This is the third in the series featuring the character Primavera Blackstone. This is a very light read and, in my opinion, fell far short of Quintin Jardine's books featuring the character, Bob Skinner and I was very disappointed. Golfers might enjoy the references to the game though.

Susan White, England
March 2012

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