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Moffat, G J - 'Daisychain'
Paperback: 416 pages (Feb. 2010) Publisher: Hachette Scotland ISBN: 0755318528

Although this was somewhat different from my usual taste in books, I simply loved DAISYCHAIN. Despite it being a very easy read, and containing several storylines that were so predictable as to be annoying, I was completely engrossed and rushed to find out how things would end up. The final few chapters even had me with trembling lips and tears in my eyes - on the bus.

DAISYCHAIN has a very simple plot and should prove to be popular with most people looking for a light read: Logan Finch is a young, ambitious lawyer, with a very nice flat in Glasgow and a glittering career ahead of him. One of the partners in his firm gets him involved in something that turns out to be somewhat less than kosher and this is where things start to go wrong. His world falls apart when he discovers his long lost True Love has returned to Glasgow - only to be violently murdered before she can find him. While still trying to absorb this information, he discovers that he has a daughter with this woman and that the murderers have abducted her.

Tensions run high as Logan tries to deal with his overflowing emotions. He decides to stop at nothing and is desperate to retrieve his daughter. Fortunately (and predictably) one of his best friends is ex-US army and runs a private security company with a huge cache of weapons and men not afraid to use them. They kit themselves up and set out to find the girl.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the murder of Logan's lost love. Detective Constable Rebecca Irvine is a rather annoying, but newly promoted, CID officer and the case falls into her remit. She, somewhat predictably, is attracted to Logan and, also predictably, has a failing marriage to deal with at home. This bit of the story was far too cheesy and totally unnecessary. Having said that, though, Logan is an attractive young character and this love interest does add some light relief for the reader when things start to get difficult in other areas.

The descriptions of the tension and stress involved in finding Logan's daughter are extremely well written and convincing edge-of-the-seat stuff. They more than make up for the disappointing love story aspect of the book and I strongly recommend it as a perfect excuse to curl up on the couch and not move till you have finished it.

Amanda C M Gillies, Scotland
March 2010

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