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Moffat, G J - 'Fallout'
Hardback: 416 pages (Apr. 2010) Publisher: Hachette Scotland ISBN: 0755318536

FALLOUT is another storming success for G J Moffat. It ties up some loose ends from DAISYCHAIN, his last book, very neatly but also produces enough 'race against time' tension in its own right to get your heart thumping. FALLOUT is an ideal summer holiday read. It is light and easy yet also absorbing and satisfying. It is definitely possible to read this book in a single sitting.

Nearly two years have passed and Logan Finch, a former hot-shot lawyer based in Glasgow, has settled into a new routine with his daughter, Ellie, whom he rescued from certain death after she was kidnapped in DAISYCHAIN. He has a new, much less flashy, flat; a new, less pressurised, job and seems to be calmer and more content. Ellie seems to be comfortably settling in with her Dad and all looks rosy in the garden. Logan is also slowly getting to know DC Rebecca Irvine, who helped to save Ellie, and all looks promising there.

Logan's new job is with his friend, and Ellie's saviour, Alex Cahill, who runs a protection service. Cahill is offered a contract to keep a close eye on a young movie star during her film premier. Cahill hates baby-sitting celebrities but, since she has been receiving death threats, he agrees to do what he can. Meanwhile, DC Irvine has gone to a concert being held by her old love turned rock star, Roddy Hale. Unknown to her she ends up within stabbing distance of a deadly hired killer who will stop at nothing to fulfill his obligations and end her life.

But this is just the start of the trouble.

FALLOUT is far more exciting that DAISYCHAIN and has none of the cheesiness that I found so irritating. Its chases and tension are superbly written and it takes the reader a while - but not too long - to see through the twists and work out what is going on. Highly recommended.

Amanda C M Gillies, Scotland
August 2010

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