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Alanna Knight

Born in Scotland

Author's Website

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

    • Sweet Cheat Gone1992
    • This Outward Angel1993
    • Angel Eyes1997
    • In The Shadow of The Minster2002

    Annie Kelty
    • The Monster in the Loch19981
    • The Royal Park Murder19982
    • Dead Beckoning19993

    Inspector Faro and Rose McQuinn
    • The Darkness Within20171

    Inspector Faro omnibus
    • Inspector Faro and the Edinburgh Mysteries19941
    • Inspector Faro's Casebook19962
    • Faro and the Royals20053

    Inspector Faro, Edinburgh, Victorian Era
    • Enter Second Murderer19881
    • Blood Line19892
    • Deadly Beloved19893
    • Killing Cousins19904
    • A Quiet Death19915
    • To Kill A Queen19926
    • The Evil That Men Do19937
    • The Missing Duchess19948
    • The Bull Slayers19959
    • Murder By Appointment199610
    • The Coffin Lane Murders199811
    • The Final Enemy200212
    • Unholy Trinity200413
    • Murder in Paradise200814
    The Seal King Murders201115
    • Murders Most Foul201316
    • Akin to Murder201617

    Rose McQuinn, Lady Investigator, late 19thC, Scotland
    The Inspector's Daughter20001
    • Dangerous Pursuits20022
    • An Orkney Murder20033
    Ghost Walk20044
    • Destroying Angel20075
    • Quest for a Killer20106
    • Deadly Legacy20127
    • The Balmoral Incident20148
    • Murder Lies Waiting20189

    Tam Eildor
    • The Dagger in the Crown20011
    The Gowrie Conspiracy20032
    The Stuart Sapphire20053

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