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  • MacAlan, Peter (See also: Peter Tremayne)

      • The Judas Battalion1983
      • Airship1984
      • The Confession1985
      • Kitchener's Gold1986
      • The Valkyrie Directive1987
      • The Doomsday Decree1988
      • Fireball1991
      • The Windsor Protocol1993

  • MacBird, Bonnie

      Sherlock Holmes Adventure
      • Art in the Blood20151
      • Unquiet Spirits20172

  • MacDonald, Sara

      • Falls The Shadow1996
      • Listening to Voices1998
      • The Sleep of Birds1999

  • Mackay, Malcolm

      • The Night the Rich Men Burned2014
      • Every Night I Dream of Hell2015
      • For Those Who Know the Ending2016

      Glasgow Underworld trilogy
      The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter20131
      • How a Gunman Says Goodbye20132
      • The Sudden Arrival of Violence20143

  • Mackay, Niki

      Madison Attalee
      • I, Witness20181
      • I, Suspect20192

  • MacLeod, Torquil

      Inspector Anita Sundstrom
      Meet Me in Malmo20101
      Murder in Malmo20132
      • Missing in Malmo20133
      • Midnight In Malmo20154
      • Menace in Malmo20175
      • Malice in Malmo20186

      Inspector Anita Sundstrom Novella
      • A Malmo Midwinter20151

      Jack Flyford, Actor, Georgian Era
      • Sweet Smell of Murder (ebook only)20141

  • Macmillan, Gilly

      • Burnt Paper Sky (apa What She Knew)2015
      • The Perfect Girl2016
      • I Know You Know2018
      • The Nanny2019

      Detective Jim Clemo, Bristol
      • Odd Child Out20171

  • Macpherson, Ian

      Bo Pett of Amnesty International
      • Invisibility20061
      • Black Beach20072

  • MacRae, Molly

      The Highland Bookshop Mystery Series
      • Plaid and Plagiarism20161

  • Malet, Leo

      Nestor Burma, PI, Paris
      • 120 Rue De La Gare19911
      • Dynamite Versus QED19912
      • Mission to Marseilles19916
      • Sunrise Behind the Louvre199112
      • The Rats of Montsouris199117
      • Fog on the Tolbiac Bridge199321
      • Death of a Marseilles Man (apa Neck and Neck at La Nation - Dec 2008)199524
      • Mayhem in the Marais199126
      • The Tell-tale Body on the Plaine Monceau199327

  • Malliet, G M

      • Weycombe2017

      Detective Chief Inspector St Just
      • Death of a Cozy Writer (apa Death of a Cosy Writer)20081
      Death and the Lit Chick20092
      Death At the Alma Mater20103

      Max Tudor, Vicar
      • Wicked Autumn20111
      A Fatal Winter20122
      • Pagan Spring20133
      • Demon Summer20144
      • The Haunted Season20155
      • Devil's Breath20176
      • In Prior's Wood20187

  • Mallinson, J D

      Inspector Mason
      • Danube Stations20051
      • The File on John Ormond20072
      • The Italy Conspiracy20113

  • Malvaldi, Marco

      Bar Lume
      • Game for Five20141
      • Three Card Monte20142

      Pellegrino Artusi, Italy's first celebrity chef, 19C
      • The Art of Killing Well20141

  • Mann, Jessica

      • A Charitable End1971
      • Mrs Knox's Profession1972
      • The Only Security (apa Troublecross)1973
      • The Sticking Place1974
      • Captive Audience1975
      • The Eighth Deadly Sin1976
      • The Sting Of Death1978
      • Telling Only Lies1992
      • A Private Inquiry1996
      • Hanging Fire1997
      • The Survivor's Revenge1998
      • Under A Dark Sun2000
      • The Voice From The Grave2002
      The Mystery Writer2006
      • Dead Woman Walking2013

      Tamara Hoyland, Archaeologist
      • Funeral Sites19811
      • No Man's Island19832
      • Grave Goods19843
      • Kind of Healthy Grave19864
      • Death Beyond the Nile19885
      • Faith, Hope and Homicide19916

  • Mariani, Scott

      Ben Hope, Ex-SAS
      The Fulcanelli Manuscript (apa The Alchemist's Secret)20071
      • The Mozart Conspiracy20082
      The Doomsday Prophecy (apa The Hope Vendetta)20093
      • The Heretic's Treasure20094
      • The Shadow Project20105
      • The Lost Relic20116
      • The Sacred Sword20127
      • The Armada Legacy20138
      • The Nemesis Program20149
      • The Forgotten Holocaust201510
      • The Martyr's Curse201511
      • The Cassandra Sanction201612
      • Star of Africa201613
      • The Devil's Kingdom201614
      • The Babylon Idol201715
      • The Bach Manuscript201716
      • The Moscow Cipher201817
      • The Rebel's Revenge201818

  • Mark, David

      • The Zealot's Bones (as D M Mark)2017

      Detective Sergeant McAvoy of Humberside CID
      The Dark Winter20121
      Original Skin20132
      • Sorrow Bound20143
      • Taking Pity20154
      • Dead Pretty20165
      • Cruel Mercy20176
      • Scorched Earth20187
      • Cold Bones20198

  • Marsh, Ngaio

      Inspector Roderick Alleyn
      • A Man Lay Dead19341
      • Enter A Murder19352
      • The Nursing Home Murder19353
      • Death in Ecstasy19364
      • Vintage Murder19375
      • Artists in Crime19386
      • Death in a White Tie19387
      • Overture to Death19398
      • Death at the Bar19409
      • Surfeit of Lampreys (apa Death of a Peer)194010
      • Death and the Dancing Footman194111
      • Colour Scheme194312
      • Died in the Wool194413
      • Final Curtain194714
      • Swing, Brother, Swing (apa A Wreath for Rivera)194915
      • Opening Night (apa Night at the Vulcan)195116
      • Spinsters in Jeopardy (apa The Bride of Death)195317
      • Scales of Justice195518
      • Off with His Head (apa Death of a Fool)195619
      • Singing in the Shrouds195820
      • False Scent196021
      • Hand in Glove196222
      • Dead Water196323
      • Death at the Dolphin (apa Killer Dolphin)196624
      • Clutch of Constables196825
      • When in Rome196826
      • Tied Up in Tinsel197227
      • Black as He’s Painted197428
      • Last Ditch197729
      • Grave Mistake197830
      • Photo Finish198031
      • Light Thickens198232
      • Money in the Morgue (completed by Stella Duffy)201833

      Short Stories
      • The Collected Short Fiction of Ngaio Marsh1989
      • Death on the air : and other stories1995
      • Death on the air : and other stories (revised)2000

  • Marshall, Michael (See also: Michael Rutger)

      The Intruders2007
      • Bad Things2009
      • Killer Move2011
      • The Breakers2011
      • The Forgotten2013
      • The Echoes of Her Passing2016

      Ward Hopkins & John Zandt
      • The Straw Men20021
      • The Lonely Dead (apa The Upright Man)20042
      Blood of Angels20053

  • Marston, Edward/A E (See also: Conrad Allen, Martin Inigo, Keith Miles)

      Bow Street Rivals
      • Shadow of the Hangman20151
      • Steps to the Gallows20162
      • Date with the Executioner20173
      • Fugitive from the Grave20184

      Captain Rawson, C17th
      • Soldier of Fortune20081
      • Drums of War20082

      Christopher Redmayne, Architect, C17th
      • The King's Evil19991
      • The Amorous Nightingale20012
      • The Repentant Rake20023
      • The Frost Fair20034
      The Parliament House20065
      • The Painted Lady20076

      Det. Insp Colbeck, Scotland Yard, mid 19th Century
      The Railway Detective20041
      The Excursion Train20052
      The Railway Viaduct20063
      The Iron Horse20074
      • Murder on the Brighton Express20085
      • The Silver Locomotive Mystery20096
      • Railway to the Grave20107
      • Blood on the Line20118
      The Stationmaster's Farewell20129
      • Peril on the Royal Train201310
      • The Ticket to Oblivion201411
      • Timetable of Death201512
      • Signal for Vengeance 201613
      • The Circus Train Conspiracy201714
      • A Christmas Railway Mystery201715
      • Points of Danger201816

      Inspector Harvey Marmion and Sergeant Joe Keedy
      A Bespoke Murder20111
      • Instrument of Slaughter20122
      • Five Dead Canaries20133
      • Deeds of Darkness20144
      • Dance of Death20155
      • The Unseen Hand20185
      • The Enemy Within20166
      • Under Attack20177

      Nicholas Bracewell, Stage manager, Elizabethan Era
      • The Queen's Head19881
      • The Merry Devils19892
      • The Trip to Jerusalem19903
      • The Nine Giants19914
      • The Mad Courtesan19925
      • The Silent Woman19946
      • The Roaring Boy19957
      • The Laughing Hangman19968
      • The Fair Maid of Bohemia19979
      • Wanton Angel199910
      • The Devil's Apprentice200111
      • The Bawdy Basket200212
      The Vagabond Clown200313
      • The Counterfeit Crank200414
      • The Malevolent Comedy200515
      • The Princess of Denmark200616

      Ralph Delchard and Gervase Bret, Domesday Commissioners
      • The Wolves of Savernake19931
      • The Ravens of Blackwater19942
      • The Dragons of Archenfield19953
      • The Lions of the North19954
      • The Serpents of Harbledown19965
      • The Stallions of Woodstock19976
      • The Hawks of Delamere19987
      • The Wildcats of Exeter19988
      • The Foxes of Warwick19999
      The Owls of Gloucester200010
      • The Elephants of Norwich200011

      Short Stories
      • Inspector Colbeck's Casebook: Thirteen Tales from the Railway Detective2014

  • Martellas, Maureen

      Annie McHugh, PI
      • Annie's New Life20001
      • A Perfect Partnership20042
      • Friends and Lovers20073

  • Martin, David Ralph

      • Arm and a Leg1998

      Detective Sergeant Vic Hallam and DC Cromer, Bristol
      • I'm Coming to Get You19961
      • Dead Man's Slaughter20012
      • Gaffed20033

  • Martin, Faith (See also: Joyce Cato)

      DI Hillary Greene, Oxfordshire
      • A Narrow Escape (apa Murder on the Oxford Canal)20041
      • On the Straight and Narrow20052
      • Narrow is the Way20063
      • By a Narrow Majority20064
      • Through a Narrow Door20075
      • With a Narrow Blade20076
      • Beside a Narrow Stream20087
      • Down a Narrow Path20088
      • Across the Narrow Blue Line20099
      • A Narrow Point of View201010
      • A Narrow Exit201111
      • A Narrow Return201212
      • A Narrow Margin of Error201313
      • Walk a Narrow Mile201314
      • A Narrow Victory201515
      • The Work of a Narrow Mind201516
      • A Narrow Trajectory201617

      Ryder & Loveday, Oxford, 1960s
      • A Fatal Obsession20181
      • A Fatal Mistake20182
      • A Fatal Flaw20193

  • Maskew, H P

      Hudson & Lawes, England,1838
      • On The House20171
      • Innocents to the Slaughter20182

  • Masterman, J C

      Ernest Brendel, Viennese Lawyer
      • An Oxford Tragedy19331
      • The Case Of The Four Friends19562

  • Masters, Anthony

      • Murder is a Long Time Coming1991
      • Confessional1993
      • Death's Door1995
      • I Want Him Dead1996
      • The Men1997

      Danny Boyd, Undercover Police Officer
      • The Good and Faithful Servant19991
      • Murder Is a Pretty Business20002
      • Lifers20013
      • Asylum20034

  • Masters, Priscilla

      • Night Visit1998
      • A Fatal Cut2000
      • Disturbing Ground2002
      A Plea of Insanity2005
      • Buried in Clay2008
      • The Watchful Eye2008

      Coroner Martha Gunn, Shrewsbury
      River Deep20041
      Slip Knot20072
      Frozen Charlotte20113
      Smoke Alarm20124
      • The Devil's Chair20145
      • Recalled to Death20156
      • Bridge of Sighs20187

      Detective Inspector Joanna Piercy, Leek, Staffordshire
      • Winding Up the Serpent19951
      • Catch the Fallen Sparrow19962
      • A Wreath For My Sister19973
      • And None Shall Sleep19974
      • Scaring Crows19995
      Embroidering Shrouds20016
      Endangering Innocents20037
      Wings Over The Watcher20058
      • Grave Stones20099
      • A Velvet Scream201110
      • The Final Curtain201311
      • Guilty Waters201412
      • Crooked Street201613

      Dr Claire Roget, Forensic Psychiatrist
      • Dangerous Minds20161
      • The Deceiver20172

  • Mather, Linda

      Jo Hughes, astrologer, Coventry
      • Blood of an Aries19931
      • Beware Taurus19942
      • Gemini Doublecross19953

  • Mathews, Adrian

      • The Hat of Victor Noir1996
      • Vienna Blood1998
      • The Apothecary's House2005

  • Matthews, John

      • Past Imperfect1999
      • The Last Witness2001
      • The Shadow Chaser2003
      • Ascension Day2007

      Finley Jameson & Joseph Argenti, New York, Victorian Era
      • Letters From a Murderer20131

  • Matthews, Lew

      Horatio T. Parker, Crime reporter for the Hampstead Explorer
      • Unseen Witness19921
      • A Conviction of Guilt19932
      • A Picture of Innocence19963

  • Maxwell, Alyssa

      Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery
      • Murder Most Malicious20161
      • A Pinch of Poison20162
      • A Devious Death20173

  • May, Peter

      Entry Island2013
      • Runaway2015
      • Coffin Road2016
      • I'll Keep You Safe2018
      • The Man With No Face2019

      Det. Li Yan & Dr Margaret Campbell, China
      The Firemaker19991
      • The Fourth Sacrifice20002
      • The Killing Room20003
      • Snakehead20024
      • The Runner20035
      • Chinese Whispers20046

      Enzo Macleod, Biologist, Toulouse
      • Extraordinary People20061
      • The Critic20072
      • Blacklight Blue20083
      Freeze Frame20104
      • Cast Iron20176

      Fin Macleod, Police Officer, Edinburgh
      The Blackhouse20111
      The Lewis Man20122
      The Chessmen20133

      Michael Kapinsky, Crime-scene photographer
      • Virtually Dead20101

  • Mayhew, Margaret

      The Colonel, Frog's End, Dorset
      • Old Soldiers Never Die19991
      • Three Silent Things20092
      • Dry Bones20123

  • Mayo, J K

      Harry Sedall, Military Intelligence Officer
      • The Hunting Season19851
      • Wolf's Head19872
      • Cry Havoc19903
      • A Shred of Honour19934
      • The Masterless Men19955
      • The Interloper19966

  • McAllister, John

      • Line of Flight2006

      Sergeant Barlow
      • The Station Sergeant20131
      • Barlow By The Book20152

      Short Stories
      • The Fly Pool2003

  • McBeth, Colette

      • Precious Thing2013
      • The Life I Left Behind2015
      • An Act of Silence2017

  • McCaffrey, K T

      Emma Boylan, Investigative journalist
      • Revenge19991
      • Killing Time20002
      • The Body Rock20013
      • End of the Line20034
      Bishop's Pawn20075
      • The Cat Trap20086
      • No Curtain Call20107
      • The Tara Bones20128

  • McCallin, Luke

      Captain Gregor Reinhardt, Military Intelligence Officer, 1943 Sarajevo
      • The Man from Berlin20131
      • The Pale House20142
      • The Ashes of Berlin20163

  • McCarthy, Ava

      Henrietta 'Harry' Martinez, a whiz computer hacker turned security professional
      • The Insider20091
      • The Courier20102
      • Hide Me20113

  • McCarthy, Keith (See also: Lance Elliot)

      Dr Lance Elliot
      • Murder Plot (as Lance Elliot)20081
      • Dying to Know20102

      Solicitor Helena Flemming and Pathologist John Eisenmenger
      A Feast of Carrion20031
      • The Silent Sleep of the Dying20042
      • The Final Analysis20053
      • A World Full of Weeping20064
      • The Rest is Silence20075
      • With a Passion Put to Use20086
      • Corpus Delicti20097
      • Soul Seeker20108
      • The Taste of Wormwood20129

  • McCarthy, Rob

      Dr Harry Kent
      • The Hollow Men20161
      • A Handful of Ashes20172

  • McClure, Ken (See also: Ken Begg)

      • Pestilence1991
      • Requiem1992
      • Crisis1993
      • Chameleon1994
      • Trauma1995
      • Fenton's Winter (originally published in 1989 as by Ken Begg)1997
      • Pandora's Helix1997
      • The Scorpion's Advance (originally published in 1986 as by Ken Begg)1998
      • Resurrection1999
      • The Tangled Web2000
      • Past Lives2006
      • Hypocrites' Isle2008

      Dr Steven Dunbar
      • Donor19981
      • Deception20012
      • Wildcard20023
      • The Gulf Conspiracy20044
      Eye of the Raven20055
      • The Lazarus Strain20076
      • White Death20097
      • Dust to Dust20108

  • McCormac, Rory

      Frank Samson, Veterinarian, Galway
      • Playing Dead19961
      • Outbreak19982
      • Malpractice20003

  • McCrery, Nigel

      DCI Mark Lapslie, synaesthesia sufferer
      Still Waters (apa Core of Evil)20071
      Tooth and Claw20092
      • The Thirteenth Coffin20154
      • Flesh and Blood20175
      • Bloodline20186

      Doctor Sam Ryan, Home Office pathologist
      • Silent Witness19961
      • Strange Screams of Death19972
      • The Spider's Web19983
      • Faceless Strangers20014
      • In Search of Evil20035

  • McFadyen, Ian

      Inspector Steve Carmichael, Lancashire
      • Little White Lies20081
      • Lillia's Diary20092
      • Frozen to Death20103

  • McGee, James

      • Trigger Men1985
      • Crow's War1989
      • Wolf's Lair1990

      Matthew Hawkwood, Bow Street Runner, Regency London
      Ratcatcher (apa Hawkwood)20061
      • Rapscallion20083
      • Rebellion20114
      • The Blooding20135
      • The Reckoning20176

  • McGowan, Claire

      The Fall2012

      Paula Maguire, Forensic psychologist, Northern Ireland
      • The Lost20131
      • The Dead Ground20142
      • The Silent Dead20153
      • A Savage Hunger20164
      • Blood Tide20175
      • The Killing House20186

  • McGown, Jill (See also: Elizabeth Chaplin)

      • Evil Hour1986
      • Record of Sin1987
      • Stalking Horse1987
      • Murder Movie1991

      Detective Inspector Lloyd and Sergeant Judy Hill, Stansfield, Northamptonshire
      • A Perfect Match19831
      • Redemption (apa Murder at the Old Vicarage)19882
      • Death of a Dancer (apa Gone to Her Death)19893
      • The Murders of Mrs Austin and Mrs Beale19914
      • The Other Women19925
      • Murder...Now and Then19936
      • A Shred of Evidence19957
      • Verdict Unsafe19978
      • Picture of Innocence19989
      • Plots and Errors199910
      Scene of Crime200111
      Births, Deaths and Marriages (apa Death in the Family)200212
      Unlucky for Some200413

  • McGregor, Rafe

      • The Architect of Murder2009

      Captain Jackson
      • The Secret Policeman20051
      • The Secret Service20062
      • The Secret Agent (short story collection)20063
      • Contre Temps (Amazon short)20074
      • Murder by Numbers (Amazon short)20075
      • Hit and Miss (Amazon short)20076

  • McIlvanney, William

      Detective Inspector Jack Laidlaw, Glasgow
      • Laidlaw19771
      • The Papers of Tony Veitch19832
      • Strange Loyalties19913

  • McIntosh, Pat

      Gil Cunningham, notary-in-training, medieval Glasgow
      • The Harper's Quine20041
      • The Nicholas Feast20052
      The Merchant's Mark20063
      • St. Mungo's Robin20074
      • The Rough Collier20085
      • The Stolen Voice20096
      • A Pig of Cold Poison20107
      • The Counterfeit Madam20118
      The Fourth Crow20129
      • The King's Corrodian201310
      • The Lanimer Bride201611

  • McKay, Reg

      • Dancing with Death2007

      James Addison
      • Deadly Divisions: The Spectre Chronicles (with Paul Ferris)20021

  • McKay, Shirley

      Hew Cullen, Edinburgh, 1570/80s
      • Hue and Cry20091
      • Fate and Fortune20102
      • Time & Tide20113
      • Friend & Foe20134
      • Queen & Country20155

  • McLean, Russel D

      • And When I Die (ebook only)2016
      Ed's Dead2017

      Private Investigator J McNee, Dundee
      • The Good Son20081
      The Lost Sister20092
      • Father Confessor20123
      • Mothers of the Disappeared20144
      • Cry Uncle20145

  • McLoughlin, Jane

      • Coincidence1992
      • A Turn in the Road2003
      • The Furies2004
      • The Hide and Seek Corpse2004
      • Death by Prejudice2005
      • Cheated Hearts2007
      • Shadow of a Doubt2011

  • McLynn, Pauline

      • Woman on the Bus2004

      PI Leonora "Leo" Street, Dublin
      • Something for the Weekend20001
      • Better Than a Rest20012
      • Right on Time20023

  • McNab, Andy

      • The Grey Man (Quick Reads Novella)2006
      • War Torn2010

      The Nick Stone Missions
      • Remote Control19981
      Crisis Four20002
      • Firewall20003
      • Last Light20014
      • Liberation Day20025
      • Dark Winter20036
      Deep Black20047
      • Aggressor20058
      • Recoil20069
      • Crossfire200710
      • Brute Force200811
      • Exit Wound200912
      • Zero Hour201013
      • Dead Centre201114
      • Silencer201315
      • For Valour201416
      • Detonator201517
      • Cold Blood201618
      • Line of Fire201719

      Tom Buckingham, SAS Trooper
      Red Notice20121
      • Fortress20142
      • State Of Emergency20153

  • McNeill, Elisabeth

      • The Last Cocktail Party2002

      Rosa Makepeace
      • Hot News20031
      • Press Relations20032

  • McPherson, Catriona

      • As She Left It2013
      • The Day She Died2014
      • Come to Harm2015
      The Child Garden2015
      • Quiet Neighbors2016
      • House. Tree. Person2017
      • The Weight of Angels2017
      • Go to my Grave2018

      Dandy Gilver, Society Sleuth, 1920s Scotland
      After the Armistice Ball20051
      • The Burry Man's Day20062
      Bury Her Deep20073
      • The Winter Ground20084
      Dandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of Bloodstains20095
      • Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a Murder20106
      Dandy Gilver and a Bothersome Number of Corpses20127
      • Dandy Gilver and a Deadly Measure of Brimstone20138
      • Dandy Gilver and The Reek of Red Herrings20149
      • Dandy Gilver and the Unpleasantness in the Ballroom201510
      • Dandy Gilver and the Most Misleading Habit201611
      • Dandy Gilver and a Spot of Toil and Trouble201712
      • A Step So Grave201813

      Last Ditch Mysteries
      • Scot Free20181

  • Medina, K T/Kate

      • White Crocodile2014

      Dr Jessie Flynn, Psychologist
      • Fire Damage20161
      • Scared to Death20172
      • Two Little Girls20183

  • Melo, Patricia

      • The Body Snatcher2015

      • The Killer19971
      • Lost World20092

  • Mendelson, Paul

      Colonel Vaughn de Vries, Cape Town
      • The First Rule Of Survival20141
      • The Serpentine Road20152
      • The History of Blood20163

  • Mendoza, Eduardo

      • A Light Comedy2003
      • An Englishman in Madrid2013

      Ceferino, a detective locked up in a mental hospital
      • The Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt20081
      • The Olive Labyrinth20112

  • Mendoza, Elmer

      Detective Edgar "Lefty" Mendieta
      • Silver Bullets20151
      • The Acid Test20172
      • Name of the Dog20183

  • Millar, Sam

      • Dark Souls2003
      • The Redemption Factory2005
      • The Darkness of Bones2006

      PI Karl Kane, Belfast
      • Bloodstorm20081
      The Dark Place20092

  • Minagawa, Hiroko

      • The Case of the Curious Cadaver in the Dissectorium of Dr Daniel Burton2014

  • Minier, Bernard

      Commandant Servaz
      • The Frozen Dead20131
      • A Song for Drowned Souls (apa The Circle)20152
      • Don't Turn Out the Lights20163
      • Night20194

  • Mitchell, Caroline

      • Witness2016
      • Silent Victim2018

      DC Jennifer Knight
      • Don't Turn Around20151
      • Time to Die20152
      • The Silent Twin20163

      Detective Amy Winter
      • Truth and Lies20181
      • The Secret Child20192

      Detective Ruby Preston
      • Death Note (apa Love You to Death)20171
      • Sleep Tight20172
      • Murder Game20173

  • Mitchell, Dreda Say

      • Running Hot2004
      Killer Tune2007
      Geezer Girls2009
      • Gangster Girl2010
      Hit Girls2011
      • Vendetta2014
      • Death Trap2015
      • One False Move (Quick Reads Novella)2017

      Flesh and Blood Trilogy
      • Blood Sister20161
      • Blood Mother20172
      • Blood Daughter20173

  • Mitchell, Kay (See also: Sarah Lacey)

      Chief Inspector Morrissey, Malminster
      • A Lively Form of Death19901
      • In Stony Places19912
      • A Strange Desire (apa Roots of Evil)19933
      • A Portion for Foxes19954
      • A Rage of Innocents19975

  • Miyabe, Miyuki

      • All She Was Worth1997
      • Crossfire2005
      • Shadow Family2005
      • The Devil's Whisper2007
      • The Sleeping Dragon2010
      • Puppet Master vol. 1 (ebook only)2014
      • Puppet Master vol. 2 (ebook only)2015
      • Puppet Master vol. 3 (ebook only)2015
      • Puppet Master vol. 4 (ebook only)2016
      • Puppet Master vol. 5 (ebook only)2016

  • Molloy, Michael

      • The Kid from Riga1976
      • The House on Falling Star Hill2004

      Sarah Keane and Sup. Colin Greaves
      • Sweet Sixteen19921
      • Cat's Paw19932
      • Home Before Dark19943
      • Dogsbody19964

  • Montalban, Manuel Vazquez

      Detective Pepe Carvalho, Barcelona
      • Angst-ridden Executive19903
      • Southern Seas19884
      • Murder in the Central Committee19845
      • Offside199614
      • An Olympic Death199216
      • The Buenos Aires Quintet200321
      • The Man of My Life200522

  • Monteilhet, Hubert

      • Phoenix From The Ashes (apa Return From the Ashes)1963
      • The Road to Hell1965
      • Cupid's Executioners1967
      • Cupid's Executioners1970
      • A Perfect Crime or Two1971
      • Andromache or the Inadvertent Murder1971
      • Murder at Leisure1972
      • Dead Copy1976
      • Murder at the Frankfurt Book Fair1976
      • Praying Mantis

  • Moody, Susan (See also: Susannah James, Susan Madison)

      • Playing with Fire1990
      • Hush-a-bye1991
      • Mosaic1991
      • Falling Angel1998
      • Losing Nicola2011
      • Dancing in the Dark2012
      • Loose Ends2012
      • A Final Reckoning2013

      Alex Quick
      • Quick and The Dead20161
      • Quick Off the Mark20162
      • Quick on the Draw20173

      Cassie Swann, Bridge Player
      • Takeout Double (apa Death Takes a Hand)19931
      Grand Slam19942
      • King of Hearts19953
      • Doubled in Spades19964
      • The Sacrifice Bid19975
      • Dummy Hand19986

      Penny Wanawake, Photographer
      • Penny Black19841
      • Penny Dreadful19842
      • Penny Post19853
      • Penny Royal19864
      • Penny Wise19885
      • Penny Pinching19896
      • Penny Saving19917

  • Moore, Viviane

      Galeran De Lesneven, C12 Knight, France
      • Blue Blood20001
      • A Black Romance20002
      • The Darkest Red20013
      • The White Path20024

  • Moray, Keith

      Inspector McKinnon, Hebrides, Scotland
      • The Gathering Murders20061
      • Deathly Wind20072
      • Murder Solstice20083
      • Flotsam & Jetsam20104
      • Death in Transit20135

  • Morfoot, Peter

      Captain Darac, Nice, France
      • Impure Blood20161
      • Fatal Music20172

  • Morgan, Philippa (See also: Philip Gooden)

      Geoffrey Chaucer
      • Chaucer and the House of Fame20041
      • Chaucer and the Legend of Good Women20052
      • Chaucer and the Doctor of Physic20063

  • Morgellyn, Anne

      Louise Moon, Mortuary technician
      • Disremembering Eddie20031
      • Removing Edith Mary20042

  • Morson, Ian

      Nick Zuliani, Medieval Venetian entrepreneur and explorer
      • City of the Dead20081
      • A Deadly Injustice20112

      William Falconer, 13thC
      • Falconer's Crusade19951
      • Falconer's Judgement19952
      • Falconer and the Face of God19963
      • A Psalm for Falconer19974
      • Falconer and the Great Beast19985
      • Falconer and the Ritual of Death20086
      • Falconer's Trial20097
      • Falconer and the Death of Kings20108
      • Falconer and the Rain of Blood20139

  • Morton, Mandy

      The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency
      • The No.2 Feline Detective Agency20141
      • Cat Among the Pumpkins20152
      • The Death of Downton Tabby20163
      • The Ghost of Christmas Paws20164
      • The Michaelmas Murders20175
      • Magical Mystery Paws20186

  • Morton, Nik (See also: Robert W Nicholson)

      • Pain Wears No Mask2007

      Tana Standish. Psychic, 1970s
      • The Prague Manuscript20081
      • The Tehran Transmission2

  • Mosby, Steve (See also: Alex North)

      The Third Person2003
      • The Cutting Crew2005
      • 50/50 Killer2007
      Cry for Help2008
      • Still Bleeding2009
      • Black Flowers2011
      • Dark Room (apa The Murder Code)2012
      • The Nightmare Place2014
      • I Know Who Did It (apa The Reckoning on Cane Hill)2015
      • You Can Run2017

  • Muddiman, Rebecca

      DI Michael Gardner
      • Stolen20131
      • Gone20152
      • Tell Me Lies20163
      • Murder in Slow Motion20184

  • Mukherjee, Abir

      Captain Sam Wyndham, Calcutta, 1919
      • A Rising Man20161
      • A Necessary Evil20172
      • Smoke and Ashes20183

  • Mullan, Pat

      • The Circle of Sodom1998
      • Blood Red Square
      • The Root of All Evil

  • Mundy, Elizabeth

      Lena Szarka, Hungarian cleaner, London
      • In Strangers' Houses20181
      • A Clean Canvas20192

  • Murphy, Peter

      Ben Schroeder, Lawyer, 1960s
      A Higher Duty20131
      • A Matter for the Jury20152
      • And Is There Honey Still For Tea?20153
      • The Heirs of Owain Glyndwr20164
      • Calling Down the Storm20175
      • One Law For the Rest of Us20186

      Ellen Trevathan, Politician, USA
      • Removal20121
      • Test of Resolve20142

  • Murphy, Theresa

      • Murder in Dorset1988
      • The Honey Gatherers2004
      • Let Me Die Yesterday2006
      • Coming to the Edge2011
      • McFeeley's Rebellion2012

  • Murray, Colin

      • After a Dead Dog2007

      Tony Gerard, amateur PI
      • No Hearts, No Roses20111
      • September Song20112

  • Myers, Amy (See also: Harriet Hudson)

      Auguste Didier, half-French, half-English master chef, Victorian Era
      • Murder in Pug's Parlour19861
      • Murder in the Limelight19872
      • Murder at Plum's19893
      • Murder at the Masque19914
      • Murder Makes an Entree19925
      • Murder Under the Kissing Bough19926
      • Murder in the Smokehouse19947
      • Murder at the Music Hall19958
      • Murder in the Motor Stable19969
      • Murder with Majesty199910
      • Murder in the Queen's Boudoir200011

      Jack Colby, Car Detective
      • Classic in The Barn20111
      • Classic Calls the Shots20122
      • Classic in the Clouds20123
      • Classic Mistake20134
      • Classic in the Pits20135
      • Classic Cashes20146
      • Classic in the Dock20157
      • Classic at Bay20168

      Nell Drury, chef-sleuth, 1920s
      • Dancing with Death20171
      • Death at the Wychbourne Follies20182

      Peter and Georgia Marsh, father and daughter cold case investigators/authors, Kent
      • The Wickenham Murders20041
      • Murder in Friday Street20052
      • Murder in Hell's Corner20063
      • Murder and the Golden Goblet20074
      • Murder in the Mist20085
      • Murder Takes the Stage20096
      Murder on the Old Road20107
      • Murder in Abbot's Folly20118

      Short Stories
      • Murder, 'Orrible Murder2006

      Tom Wasp, chimney sweep in Victorian London's East End
      • Tom Wasp and the Murdered Stunner20081

  • Myles, Simon (See also: Ken Follett, Zachary Stone)

      Apples Carstairs
      • The Big Needle19741
      • The Big Black19742
      • The Big Hit19753

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