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Amy Myers

Born in England

See also: Harriet Hudson

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Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

    Auguste Didier, half-French, half-English master chef, Victorian Era
    • Murder in Pug's Parlour19861
    • Murder in the Limelight19872
    • Murder at Plum's19893
    • Murder at the Masque19914
    • Murder Makes an Entree19925
    • Murder Under the Kissing Bough19926
    • Murder in the Smokehouse19947
    • Murder at the Music Hall19958
    • Murder in the Motor Stable19969
    • Murder with Majesty199910
    • Murder in the Queen's Boudoir200011

    Jack Colby, Car Detective
    • Classic in The Barn20111
    • Classic Calls the Shots20122
    • Classic in the Clouds20123
    • Classic Mistake20134
    • Classic in the Pits20135
    • Classic Cashes20146
    • Classic in the Dock20157
    • Classic at Bay20168

    Nell Drury, chef-sleuth, 1920s
    • Dancing with Death20171
    • Death at the Wychbourne Follies20182

    Peter and Georgia Marsh, father and daughter cold case investigators/authors, Kent
    • The Wickenham Murders20041
    • Murder in Friday Street20052
    • Murder in Hell's Corner20063
    • Murder and the Golden Goblet20074
    • Murder in the Mist20085
    • Murder Takes the Stage20096
    Murder on the Old Road20107
    • Murder in Abbot's Folly20118

    Short Stories
    • Murder, 'Orrible Murder2006

    Tom Wasp, chimney sweep in Victorian London's East End
    • Tom Wasp and the Murdered Stunner20081

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