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Edward/A E Marston

Born in Wales

See also: Conrad Allen, Martin Inigo, Keith Miles

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Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    Bow Street Rivals
    • Shadow of the Hangman20151
    • Steps to the Gallows20162
    • Date with the Executioner20173
    • Fugitive from the Grave20184
    • Rage of the Assassin20205

    Captain Rawson, C17th
    • Soldier of Fortune20081
    • Drums of War20082

    Christopher Redmayne, Architect, C17th
    • The King's Evil19991
    • The Amorous Nightingale20012
    • The Repentant Rake20023
    • The Frost Fair20034
    The Parliament House20065
    • The Painted Lady20076

    Det. Insp Colbeck, Scotland Yard, mid 19th Century
    The Railway Detective20041
    The Excursion Train20052
    The Railway Viaduct20063
    The Iron Horse20074
    • Murder on the Brighton Express20085
    • The Silver Locomotive Mystery20096
    • Railway to the Grave20107
    • Blood on the Line20118
    The Stationmaster's Farewell20129
    • Peril on the Royal Train201310
    • The Ticket to Oblivion201411
    • Timetable of Death201512
    • Signal for Vengeance 201613
    • The Circus Train Conspiracy201714
    • A Christmas Railway Mystery201715
    • Points of Danger201816
    • Fear on the Phantom Special201917
    • Slaughter in the Sapperton Tunnel202018
    • Tragedy on the Branch Line202119
    • The Railway Detective's Christmas Case202220
    • Death at the Terminus202321

    Inspector Harvey Marmion and Sergeant Joe Keedy
    A Bespoke Murder20111
    • Instrument of Slaughter20122
    • Five Dead Canaries20133
    • Deeds of Darkness20144
    • Dance of Death20155
    • The Enemy Within20166
    • Under Attack20177
    • The Unseen Hand20198
    • Orders to Kill20219

    Nicholas Bracewell, Stage manager, Elizabethan Era
    • The Queen's Head19881
    • The Merry Devils19892
    • The Trip to Jerusalem19903
    • The Nine Giants19914
    • The Mad Courtesan19925
    • The Silent Woman19946
    • The Roaring Boy19957
    • The Laughing Hangman19968
    • The Fair Maid of Bohemia19979
    • Wanton Angel199910
    • The Devil's Apprentice200111
    • The Bawdy Basket200212
    The Vagabond Clown200313
    • The Counterfeit Crank200414
    • The Malevolent Comedy200515
    • The Princess of Denmark200616

    Ralph Delchard and Gervase Bret, Domesday Commissioners
    • The Wolves of Savernake19931
    • The Ravens of Blackwater19942
    • The Dragons of Archenfield19953
    • The Lions of the North19954
    • The Serpents of Harbledown19965
    • The Stallions of Woodstock19976
    • The Hawks of Delamere19987
    • The Wildcats of Exeter19988
    • The Foxes of Warwick19999
    The Owls of Gloucester200010
    • The Elephants of Norwich200011

    Short Stories
    • Inspector Colbeck's Casebook: Thirteen Tales from the Railway Detective2014

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