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  • Radcliffe, Zane

      • London Irish2002
      • Big Jessie2003
      • The Killer's Guide to Iceland2005

  • Rademacher, Cay

      Inspector Stave, Hamburg, 1947
      • The Murderer in Ruins20151
      • The Wolf Children20172
      • The Forger20183

      Provence Mystery
      • Murderous Mistral20171
      • Deadly Camargue20182

  • Radley, Sheila (See also: Hester Rowan)

      • New Blood from Old Bones1998

      Detective Inspector Quantrill, East Anglia
      • Death and the Maiden (apa Death in the Morning)19781
      • The Chief Inspector's Daughter19812
      • A Talent for Destruction19823
      • Blood on the Happy Highway (apa The Quiet Road to Death)19834
      • Fate Worse Than Death19855
      • Who Saw Him Die?19876
      • This Way Out19897
      • Cross My Heart and Hope to Die19928
      • Fair Game19949

  • Raine, Jerry

      • Some Like It Cold2006

      Chris Small
      • Smalltime19961
      • Small Change20012

      Jason Campbell
      • Frankie Bosser Comes Home19991
      • Slaphead Chameleon20002

  • Rann, Sue

      • Looking for Mr Nobody2003
      • Lucky Cookie

  • Raven, Jaime

      • The Alibi2016
      • The Madam2016
      • The Mother2017
      • The Rebel2018

  • Raven, James

      • After the Execution2013
      • Arctic Blood2013
      • Brutal Revenge2013
      • Red Blitz2013
      • Stark Warning2013
      • Malicious2014
      • Random Targets2014

      DCI Jeff Temple
      • Rollover20121
      • Urban Myth20122
      • Dying Wish20153

  • Rawlinson, Peter

      • Colombia Syndicate1991
      • Hatred and Contempt1992
      • His Brother's Keeper1993
      • Indictment for Murder1994
      • The Caverel Claim1998

      Mordecai Ledbury, advocate
      • The Richmond Diary20011
      • A Relic of War20042

  • Raybourn, Deanna

      Lady Julia Grey and Nicholas Brisbane, Victorian London
      Silent in the Grave20071
      • Silent in the Sanctuary20082
      • Silent On The Moor20093
      • Dark Road to Darjeeling20104
      • The Dark Enquiry20115

      Veronica Speedwell, adventuress and butterfly hunter, Victorian London
      • A Curious Beginning20151
      • A Perilous Undertaking20172
      • A Treacherous Curse20183
      • A Dangerous Collaboration20194

  • Rees, Emlyn

      • Undertow1999
      • That Summer He Died (ebook only)2013

      Danny Shanklin
      • Hostage (Quick Reads Novella)20132
      • Wanted20143

  • Reeve, Alex

      Leo Stanhope, Victorian era
      • The House on Half Moon Street20181
      • The Anarchists' Club20192

  • Rendell, Ruth (See also: Barbara Vine)

      • To Fear a Painted Devil1965
      • Vanity Dies Hard1965
      • The Secret House of Death1968
      • One Across, Two Down1971
      • The Face of Trespass1974
      • A Demon in My View1976
      • A Judgement in Stone1977
      • Make Death Love Me1979
      • Talking to Strange Men1980
      • The Lake of Darkness1980
      • Master of the Moor1982
      • The Killing Doll1984
      • The Tree of Hands1984
      • Live Flesh1986
      • Heartstones1987
      • The Bridesmaid1989
      • Going Wrong1990
      • The Crocodile Bird1993
      • The Keys to the Street1996
      • A Sight for Sore Eyes1998
      • Thornapple1998
      Adam and Eve, and Pinch Me2001
      The Rottweiler2003
      Thirteen Steps Down2004
      • The Thief (novella in the Quick Reads series)2006
      The Water's Lovely2006
      Tigerlily's Orchids2010
      The St Zita Society (apa The Saint Zita Society)2012
      The Girl Next Door2014
      • Dark Corners2015

      Insp Wexford, Kingsmarkham
      • From Doon with Death19641
      • A Wolf to Slaughter19672
      • A New Lease of Death (apa Sins of the Fathers)19693
      • The Best Man to Die19694
      • A Guilty Thing Surprised19705
      • No More Dying Then19716
      • Murder Being Once Done19727
      • Some Lie and Some Die19738
      • Shake Hands Forever19759
      • A Sleeping Life197810
      • Put on By Cunning (apa Death Notes)198111
      • The Speaker of Mandarin198312
      • An Unkindness of Ravens198513
      • The Veiled One198814
      • Kissing the Gunner's Daughter199215
      • Simisola199416
      • Road Rage199717
      Harm Done199918
      Babes in the Wood200219
      End in Tears200520
      Not in the Flesh200721
      • The Monster in the Box200922
      The Vault201123
      No Man's Nightingale201324

      Short Stories
      • The Fallen Curtain: And Other Stories1976
      • The New Girlfriend: And Other Stories1978
      • Means of Evil: And Other Stories1979
      • The Copper Peacock: And Other Stories1980
      • The Fever Tree: And Other Stories1982
      • Collected Short Stories (apa Collected Stories)1987
      • Blood Lines: Long and short stories1995
      Piranha to Scurfy: And Other Stories2001
      • A Spot of Folly2017

  • Reynolds, Rod

      Charlie Yates, Reporter, USA
      • The Dark Inside20151
      • Black Night Falling20162
      • Cold Desert Sky20183

  • Rhodes, Kate

      Alice Quentin, Psychologist
      Crossbones Yard20121
      • A Killing of Angels20132
      The Winter Foundlings20143
      • River of Souls (apa The Girl in the River)20154
      • Blood Symmetry20165

      DI Ben Kitto
      • Hell Bay20181
      • Ruin Beach20182

  • Rice, John F

      • Sherlock Holmes' Tibetan Adventure2010
      • The Death Detective and the Skeleton2011

  • Richards, Ben

      • The Silver River1998
      • The Mermaid and the Drunks2003
      • Confidence2006

  • Richardson, Robert

      • The Hand of Strange Children1993
      • Significant Others1995
      • Victims1997

      Augustus Maltravers
      • The Latimer Mercy19851
      • Bellringer Street19882
      • The Book of the Dead19893
      • The Dying of the Light19904
      • Sleeping in the Blood19915
      • The Lazarus Tree19926

  • Riches, Marnie

      George McKenzie, Amsterdam
      • The Girl Who Wouldn't Die20151
      • The Girl Who Broke the Rules20152
      • The Girl Who Walked in the Shadows20163
      • The Girl Who Had No Fear20164
      • The Girl Who Got Revenge20185

      O'Briens, Manchester
      • Born Bad20171
      • The Cover Up20172

  • Ripley, Jack (See also: John Wainwright)

      John George Davis, Policeman, England
      • Davis Doesn't Live Here Anymore19711
      • The Pig That Got Up and Slowly Walked Away19712
      • My Word You Should Have Seen Us19723
      • My God How The Money Rolls In19724

  • Ripley, Mike

      • Double Take2002

      Albert Campion
      Mr Campion's Farewell (completed by Mike Ripley)20141
      • Margery Allingham's Mr Campion's Fox20152
      • Mr Campion's Fault20163
      • Mr Campion's Abdication20174
      • Mr Campion's War20185

      Olussa, spy, AD 60, Britain
      • Boudica and the Lost Roman20051

      Roy Angel, PI
      • Just Another Angel19881
      • Angel Touch19892
      • Angel Hunt19903
      • Angel in Arms19914
      • Angel City19945
      • Angel Confidential19956
      • Family of Angels19967
      • That Angel Look19978
      • Bootlegged Angel19999
      • Lights, Camera, Angel!200110
      • Angel Underground200211
      • Angel on the Inside200312
      Angel in the House200513
      Angel's Share200614
      Angels Unaware200815

  • Roberts, Barrie

      Chris Tyroll, Lawyer, West Midlands
      • The Victory Snapshot19971
      • Robbery with Malice19992
      • Bad Penny Blues20003
      • Crowner and Justice20024

      Sherlock Holmes
      • Sherlock Holmes and the Railway Maniac19941
      • Sherlock Holmes and the Devil's Grail19952
      • Sherlock Holmes and the Man from Hell19973
      • Sherlock Holmes and the Royal Flush19984
      • Sherlock Holmes and the Harvest of Death19995
      • Sherlock Holmes and the Crosby Murder20016
      • Sherlock Holmes and the Rule of Nine20037
      • Sherlock Holmes and the King's Governess20058

  • Roberts, I D

      Kingdom Lock
      • Kingdom Lock20141
      • For Kingdom and Country20152

  • Robertson, Eileen

      • Miss McGuire is Missing2010
      • We'll be Watching You2013

      Laura Windle
      • Blackmail for Beginners20121
      • Blackmail for Improvers2

  • Robertson, Michael

      Brothers Reggie and Nigel Heath, Lawyers, Baker Street
      • The Baker Street Letters20091
      • The Brothers of Baker Street20012
      • The Baker Street Translation20133
      • Moriarty Returns a Letter20144
      • The Baker Street Jurors20165

  • Robinson, Maggie

      Lady Adelaide, England, 1924
      • Nobody's Sweetheart Now20181
      • Who's Sorry Now?20192

  • Rocha, Luis Miguel

      London journalist Sarah Monteiro
      • The Last Pope20081
      • The Holy Bullet (apa The Holy Assassin)20092
      • The Pope's Assassin20113

  • Roe, C F

      Dr. Jean Montrose, Perth, Scotland
      • Lumsden Baby (apa A Nasty Bit of Murder)19901
      • Death by Fire (apa A Fiery Hint of Murder)19902
      • Bad Blood (apa A Classy Touch of Murder)19913
      • Deadly Partnership (apa A Bonny Case of Murder)19914
      • Fatal Fever (apa A Torrid Piece of Murder)19925
      • Death in the Family (A Relative Act of Murder)19936
      • A Hidden Cause of Murder19967
      • A Tangled Knot of Murder19968

  • Roe, Graeme

      • A Touch of Vengeance2004
      • Odds on Death2005
      • Dangerous Outsider2007
      • Too Close to Call2008

  • Rogneby, Jenny

      Leona Lindberg of Stockholm's Violent Crimes Division
      • Leona: The Die is Cast20151
      • Any Means Necessary20192

  • Roome, Annette

      Chris Martin, reporter in Tipping, Home Counties
      • A Real Shot in the Arm19891
      • A Second Shot in the Dark19902
      • Bad Monday19973
      Deceptive Relations19994

  • Rose, Jacqui (See also: Jack Ford)

      • Dishonour2013
      • Trapped2013
      • Avenged2014
      • Betrayed2014
      • Disobey2015
      • Toxic2018
      • Fatal2019

  • Ross, Annie

      Evening News Director Bel Carson
      • Moving Image19951
      • Shot in the Dark19962
      • Double Vision19973

  • Ross, Jacob

      Michael (Digger) Digson, the Caribbean
      • The Bone Readers20161

  • Rowden, Jean

      • Lost Innocents2011
      • Death at Knytte2013

      Constable 'Thorny' Deepbriar, 1956
      • Bury in Haste20071
      • Deadlier Than the Sword20082
      • More Deaths Than One20093
      • Gone Astray20124

  • Rowe, Rosemary

      Mosaicist Libertus, Glevum (modern Gloucester)
      • The Germanicus Mosaic19991
      • A Pattern of Blood20002
      • Murder in the Forum20013
      • The Chariots of Calyx20024
      • The Legatus Mystery20035
      • The Ghosts of Glevum20046
      • Enemies of the Empire20057
      • A Roman Ransom20068
      • A Coin For The Ferryman20079
      • Death at Pompeia's Wedding200810
      • Requiem For A Slave201011
      • The Vestal Vanishes201112
      • A Whispering of Spies201213
      • Dark Omens201314
      • The Fateful Day201415
      • The Ides of June201616
      • The Price of Freedom201717

  • Rowland, Laura Joh

      Miss Sarah Bain, Victorian Era
      • The Ripper's Shadow20171
      • A Mortal Likeness20182

  • Rowlands, Betty

      Melissa Craig, crime author, Cotswolds
      • A Little Gentle Sleuthing19901
      • Finishing Touch19912
      • Over the Edge19923
      • Exhaustive Enquiries19934
      • Malice Poetic19955
      • Deadly Legacy19956
      • Smiling at Death19967
      • The Cherry Pickers19988
      • The Man at the Window20009
      • The Fourth Suspect200110
      • No Laughing Matter200311
      • Sweet Venum200412

      Sukey Reynolds, Scenes of Crime Officer, Gloucestershire
      • An Inconsiderate Death19971
      • Death at Dearley Manor19982
      • Copycat19993
      • Touch Me Not20014
      • Dirty Work20045
      • Deadly Obsession20046
      • Party to Murder20057
      • Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Dead20078
      • Smokescreen20089
      • A Fool There Was200910
      • Miss Minchin Dies201011

  • Rowley, Emma

      • Where the Missing Go2018
      • Tell Me Everything2019

  • Royal, Priscilla

      Eleanor, Prioress of Tyndal, 13thC, East Anglia
      Wine of Violence20031
      • Tyrant Of The Mind20042
      • Sorrow Without End20063
      • Justice for the Damned20074
      • Forsaken Soul20085
      • Chambers of Death20096
      • Valley of Dry Bones20107
      • The Killing Season20118
      • Sanctity of Hate20129
      • Covenant with Hell201310
      • Satan's Lullaby201511
      • Land of Shadows201612
      • The Proud Sinner201713

  • Russell, Norman

      • Herbs of Death1990

      Detective Inspector Box, Victorian Era
      • The Advocate's Wife20021
      • The Hansa Protocol20032
      • Web of Discord20043
      • The Gold Masters20064
      • The Aquila Project20075
      • Depths of Deceit20086
      • The Dorset House Affair20097
      • Bills of Mortality20118

      Inspector Antrobus
      • An Oxford Tragedy20151
      • An Oxford Anomaly20162
      • An Oxford Scandal20173

      Inspector Jackson and Sergeant Bottomley, Victorian Era
      • The Dried-Up Man19991
      • The Dark Kingdom20002
      • The Devereaux Inheritance20003
      • The Haunted Governess20014
      • The Ancaster Demons20045
      • Evil Holds the Key20056
      • The Unquiet Sleeper20067
      • The Calton Papers20108
      • The Ghosts of Mayfield Court20139

  • Rustage, Alan

      Inspector Blackstone, London, turn of C20th
      • Rendezvous with Death20031
      • Blackstone and the Tiger20032
      • Blackstone and The Golden Egg20043
      • Blackstone and The Fire Bug20054
      • Blackstone and the Balloon of Death20065
      • Blackstone and the Heart of Darkness20066
      • Blackstone and the New World20097
      • Blackstone and the Wolf of Wall Street20108

  • Ryan, Denise

      • Dead Keen2000
      • Betrayed2002
      Blood Knot2004

      Shannon Flinder, criminal law solicitor
      • The Hit19991
      • Backlash20032
      • Cold Blood20053

  • Ryan, Rob/Robert (See also: Tom Neale)

      • Early One Morning2002
      • The Blue Noon2003
      • Night Crossing2004
      • The Last Sunrise2006
      • Dying Day2007
      • Empire of Sand2008
      • Signal Red2010

      Dr John Watson
      • Dead Man's Land20131
      • The Dead Can Wait20142
      • A Study in Murder20153
      • The Sign of Fear20164

      Dr John Watson Short Stories
      • The Case of the Six Watsons (ebook only)20151

      Nursery Crimes Trilogy
      • Underdogs19991
      • Nine Mil20002
      • Trans Am20013

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