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Ruth Rendell

Born in England

See also: Barbara Vine

Author's Website

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    • To Fear a Painted Devil1965
    • Vanity Dies Hard1965
    • The Secret House of Death1968
    • One Across, Two Down1971
    • The Face of Trespass1974
    • A Demon in My View1976
    • A Judgement in Stone1977
    • Make Death Love Me1979
    • Talking to Strange Men1980
    • The Lake of Darkness1980
    • Master of the Moor1982
    • The Killing Doll1984
    • The Tree of Hands1984
    • Live Flesh1986
    • Heartstones1987
    • The Bridesmaid1989
    • Going Wrong1990
    • The Crocodile Bird1993
    • The Keys to the Street1996
    • A Sight for Sore Eyes1998
    • Thornapple1998
    Adam and Eve, and Pinch Me2001
    The Rottweiler2003
    Thirteen Steps Down2004
    • The Thief (novella in the Quick Reads series)2006
    The Water's Lovely2006
    Tigerlily's Orchids2010
    The St Zita Society (apa The Saint Zita Society)2012
    The Girl Next Door2014
    • Dark Corners2015

    Insp Wexford, Kingsmarkham
    • From Doon with Death19641
    • A Wolf to Slaughter19672
    • A New Lease of Death (apa Sins of the Fathers)19693
    • The Best Man to Die19694
    • A Guilty Thing Surprised19705
    • No More Dying Then19716
    • Murder Being Once Done19727
    • Some Lie and Some Die19738
    • Shake Hands Forever19759
    • A Sleeping Life197810
    • Put on By Cunning (apa Death Notes)198111
    • The Speaker of Mandarin198312
    • An Unkindness of Ravens198513
    • The Veiled One198814
    • Kissing the Gunner's Daughter199215
    • Simisola199416
    • Road Rage199717
    Harm Done199918
    Babes in the Wood200219
    End in Tears200520
    Not in the Flesh200721
    • The Monster in the Box200922
    The Vault201123
    No Man's Nightingale201324

    Short Stories
    • The Fallen Curtain: And Other Stories1976
    • The New Girlfriend: And Other Stories1978
    • Means of Evil: And Other Stories1979
    • The Copper Peacock: And Other Stories1980
    • The Fever Tree: And Other Stories1982
    • Collected Short Stories (apa Collected Stories)1987
    • Blood Lines: Long and short stories1995
    Piranha to Scurfy: And Other Stories2001
    • A Spot of Folly2017

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