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Published in the UK during 2011.

• Adams, JaneNight Vision
• Adams, JaneThe Dead of Winter
Adler-Olsen, JussiMercy (apa The Keeper of Lost Causes)Translated
Akunin, BorisThe Diamond ChariotHistorical, Translated
• Alan, RayRetribution
• Anderson, GeraintJust BusinessFirst Novel
Anderson, LinPicture Her Dead
• Anthology, AnA Study in Sherlock - Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon (ed. Laurie R King & Leslie S Klinger)Anthology
• Anthology, AnBest Eaten Cold and Other Stories (ed. Martin Edwards)Anthology
• Anthology, AnCopenhagen NoirTranslated, Anthology
• Anthology, AnDown These Green Streets: Irish Crime Writing in the Twenty-First Century (ed. Declan Burke)Anthology
• Anthology, AnGuilty ConsciencesAnthology
• Anthology, AnThe Dead Witness: A Connoisseur's Collection of Victorian Detective Stories (ed. Michael Sims)Anthology, Historical
• Arion, GeorgeAttack in the LibraryFirst Novel, Translated
• Arnold, MichaelDevil's ChargeHistorical
• Ashford, JeffreyJustice Deferred
Ashford, LindsayThe Mysterious Death of Jane AustenHistorical
• Aykol, EsmahanHotel BosphorusFirst Novel, Translated
Bailey, ElizabethThe Gilded ShroudHistorical
Baker, AdamOutpostFirst Novel
Bale, TomBlood Falls
Banks, RayCalifornia (Crime Express novella)
• Barnard, RobertRogue's Gallery
• Barrie, DavidLoose-limbed
Barrington, JamesManhunt
Barry, DavidMr Micawber Down Under
Bateman, ColinNine Inches
• Bates, M KThe Little Girl of the FavelaFirst Novel
Bates, QuentinFrozen Out (apa Frozen Assets)First Novel
• Bates, VeronycaDead on Time
Bauer, BelindaDarkside
• Bayard, LouisThe School of NightHistorical
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin as the Pig Turns
Beaton, M CDeath of a Chimney Sweep (apa Death of a Sweep)
Bebris, Carrie AThe Deception at LymeHistorical
• Becker, JamesThe Nosferatu Scroll
Beckett, SimonThe Calling of the Grave
• Belbin, DavidBone and Cane
• Benmalek, AnouarAbductionTranslated
Benn, James RRag and BoneHistorical
Billingham, MarkGood as Dead (apa The Demands)
• Bird, NigelDirty Old Town
• Birkegaard, MikkelDeath SentenceTranslated
Black, BenjaminA Death in SummerHistorical
Black, CaraMurder in Passy
Black, CaraMurder in the Palais Royal
Black, HelenBlood Rush
Black, SeanGridlock
Black, TonyTruth Lies Bleeding
• Blake, AdamThe Dead Sea Deception
• Blake, RichardThe Sword of DamascusHistorical
• Blake, RobinA Dark AnatomyHistorical
• Blood, Alan SCry of the Machi
Bolton, S J/SharonNow You See Me
Booth, StephenThe Devil's Edge
Bradley, AlanA Red Herring Without MustardHistorical
Bradley, AlanI Am Half Sick of ShadowsHistorical
Brandreth, GylesOscar Wilde and the Vatican MurdersHistorical
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Rodents of RivieraHistorical
Brett, SimonBones Under the Beach Hut
Brett, SimonGuns in the Gallery
• Briscoe, ConstanceThe AccusedFirst Novel
Brody, FrancesMurder in the AfternoonHistorical
Brooke, P JDeath's Other Kingdom
Brookmyre, ChristopherWhere the Bodies are Buried
• Brooks, KevinA Dance of GhostsFirst Novel
Brownlee, NickSnakepit
Bruce, AlisonThe Calling
• Buckley, FionaQueen Without A CrownHistorical
Burke, DeclanAbsolute Zero Cool
Cain, TomCarver
Camilleri, AndreaThe Track of SandTranslated
Campbell, KarenProof of Life
Carofiglio, GianricoTemporary PerfectionsTranslated
Carter, ChrisThe Night Stalker
Carter, MaureenA Question of Despair
Carter, MaureenMother Love
• Carter, PhilipAltar of Bones
• Carver, TaniaCage of Bones
Carver, WillGirl 4First Novel
• Casey, JaneThe Reckoning
• Cato, JoyceA Fatal Fall of Snow
• Chambers, ClemKusanagi
Chambers, KimberleyThe Victim
• Chapman, JeanA Watery Grave
Charlton, KarenCatching the EagleHistorical, First Novel
Charters, CharlieAir Lock
Child, LeeThe Affair
• Christer, SamThe Rome Prophecy (as Jon Trace)
• Christer, SamThe Stonehenge LegacyFirst Novel
Clare, AlysThe Rose of The WorldHistorical
Clare, AlysThe Way Between the WorldsHistorical
Clark, CassandraThe Law of AngelsHistorical
Cleeves, AnnSilent Voices
Clements, RoryPrinceHistorical
• Cleverly, BarbaraThe Blood RoyalHistorical
Cole, MartinaThe Faithless
• Colfer, EoinPlugged
Colitto, AlfredoInquisitionTranslated
• Conan, JamesThe Coburg ConspiracyHistorical
• Connolly, JJViva La Madness
Connolly, JohnThe Burning Soul
Connor, AlexThe Rembrandt Secret (apa The Other Rembrandt)
• Conway, PeterFamily Fallout
Cookman, LesleyMurder at the Manor
Cookman, LesleyMurder to Music
Cooper, Natasha/N JFace of the Devil
Cordy, MichaelThe Colour of Death
• Cottam, F GBrodmaw Bay
Cotterill, ColinKilled at the Whim of a Hat
Cotterill, ColinSlash and Burn
Craig, JamesLondon CallingFirst Novel
Craske, DarrenThe Lazarus CurseHistorical
Crawford, DeanCovenant
Creed, AdamPain of Death
Cregan, SeanThe Razor Gate
Crombie, DeborahNo Mark Upon Her
Cross, NeilLuther: The Calling
Crouch, JuliaCuckooFirst Novel
Cumming, CharlesThe Trinity Six
Cutler, JudithGuilty Pleasures
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaLethal InvestmentsTranslated
Dams, Jeanne MThe Evil That Men Do
• Darrell, ElizabethScotch Mist
Davis, Carol AnneExtinction
Dawson, AdrianSequence
• Dean, JohnThe Secrets Man
• Deaver, JefferyCarte Blanche
• Dickinson, DavidDeath in a Scarlet CoatHistorical
Dobbs, MichaelOld Enemies
Doherty, P C/PaulBloodstoneHistorical
Done, StephenThe Marylebone MurdersHistorical
Douglas, JamesThe Doomsday Testament
• Douglas-Home, MarkThe Sea Detective
Downie, Ruth (R S)Ruso and the River of Darkness (apa Caveat Emptor)Historical
• Drake, NickEgypt: The Book of ChaosHistorical
• Drummond, JuneDead Shot
• Dryden, AlexA Death in Siberia
• Duffy, MargaretRat Poison
Dugdall, RuthThe Sacrificial Man
Dunn, CarolaA Mourning WeddingHistorical
Dunn, CarolaAnthem for Doomed YouthHistorical
Dunn, CarolaDie LaughingHistorical
Dunn, CarolaFall of a PhilandererHistorical
Dunn, CarolaGunpowder PlotHistorical
Dunn, CarolaMistletoe and MurderHistorical
Dunn, CarolaThe Bloody TowerHistorical
Dunn, CarolaThe Case of the Murdered MuckrakerHistorical
• Dunn, MatthewSpartan (apa The Spycatcher)First Novel
Easter, PatrickThe WatermenHistorical, First Novel
Eastland, SamThe Red Coffin (apa Shadow Pass)Historical
• Eccles, MarjorieThe Cuckoo's ChildHistorical
Edwards, MartinThe Hanging Wood
Ellis, JoyShadowbreaker (apa Shadow Over the Fens)
Ellis, KateKissing the Demons
Ellis, KateThe Jackal Man
Ellis, MarkPrinces GateHistorical
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JBad Signs
• Enger, ThomasBurnedFirst Novel, Translated
Eriksson, KjellThe Hand That TremblesTranslated
Eriksson, KjellThe Princess of BurundiTranslated
Evans, GeraldineDeadly Reunion
Ewan, Chris/C MThe Good Thief's Guide to Venice
Falconer, DuncanPirate
• Faletti, GiorgioI am God Translated
Ferris, GordonThe Hanging ShedHistorical
Fforde, JasperOne of Our Thursdays is Missing
• Fisher, SamAftershock
Fitzek, SebastianSplinterTranslated
Fitzgerald, ConorThe Fatal Touch
• Fleming, JamesRising BloodHistorical
• Flynn, VinceAmerican Assassin
• Forrester, JamesThe Roots of BetrayalHistorical
• Fossum, KarinThe CallerTranslated
Fowler, ChristopherBryant and May and the Memory of Blood
Fox, EssieThe SomnambulistHistorical, First Novel
Francis, DickGamble (by Felix Francis)
• Fraser, AntheaShifting Sands
• Fraser, GuyTomb of the SerpentHistorical
• Fraser, SaraSuffer the ChildrenHistorical
French, NicciBlue Monday
• Friis, Agnete & Kaaberbol, LeneThe Boy in the SuitcaseTranslated
• Gakas, SergiosAshesTranslated
• Galley, ClaudieThe BreakersTranslated
• Gazan, Sissel-JoThe Dinosaur FeatherFirst Novel, Translated
• Gee, MaggieGrace
• Genelin, MichaelThe Magician's Accomplice
Gibbins, DavidThe Gods of Atlantis
• Glass, MatthewEnd Game
• Glynn, AlanBloodland
Goddard, RobertBlood Count
Godwin, RichardApostle RisingFirst Novel
Gomez-Jurado, JuanThe Traitor's EmblemHistorical, Translated
• Gooch, PatrickMosaic Deceptions
Goodwin, JasonAn Evil EyeHistorical
Gortner, Christopher (C W)The Tudor Secret (apa The Secret Lion)Historical
• Granger, AnnRack, Ruin and Murder
• Grant, BarrySherlock Holmes and the Swedish Enigma
Gray, AlexSleep Like the Dead
Gregory, SusannaMystery in the MinsterHistorical
Gregory, SusannaThe Body in the ThamesHistorical
• Gregson, J MDie Happy
Griffiths, EllyThe House at Sea's End
• Grindle, LucretiaThe Lost Daughter
Grubb, PennyThe Jawbone Gang
• Guene, FaizaBar BaltoTranslated
Guthrie, AllanBye Bye Baby
Guttridge, PeterThe Last King of Brighton
Hall, M R/MatthewThe Redeemed
Hall, PatriciaDead BeatHistorical
Hall, TarquinThe Case of the Man Who Died Laughing
• Hamao, ShiroThe Devil's DiscipleTranslated
• Hammond, GeraldWith My Little Eye
Hampson, JuneFighting Dirty
Hannah, SophieLasting Damage (apa The Other Woman's House)
Harper, TomSecrets of the Dead
• Harris, OliverThe Hollow ManFirst Novel
• Harris, RobertThe Fear Index
Harrison, CoraDeed of MurderHistorical
Harrison, CoraScales of RetributionHistorical
Harrod-Eagles, CynthiaKill My Darling
Hayder, MoHanging Hill
• Haynes, ElizabethInto the Darkest CornerFirst Novel
Hays, Tony/AnthonyThe Killing WayHistorical
Heald, TimDeath in the Opening Chapter
Heald, TimPoison at the Pueblo
Heley, VeronicaFalse Report
Heley, VeronicaMurder My Neighbour
Helton, PeterFour Below
• Henry, JamesFirst Frost
• Higashino, KeigoThe Devotion of Suspect XTranslated
• Hill, CaseyTaboo
Hill, SusanThe Betrayal of Trust
Hill, Suzette AA Bedlam of BonesHistorical
Hilton, MattBlood and Ashes
Hilton, MattDead Men's Harvest
• Hodges, DavidFiretrap (apa Murder on the Levels)
Holt, AnneFear Not (apa Modus)Translated
• Horowitz, AnthonyThe House of SilkHistorical
Horst, Jorn LierDregsTranslated
• Hrib, BogdanKill the GeneralTranslated
• Hughes, JeremyDovetail
• Humbert, FabriceThe Origin of ViolenceTranslated
Hunt, ArleneThe Chosen (apa Last to Die)
Indridason, ArnaldurOutrageTranslated
• Ings, SimonDead Water
Ison, GrahamGunrunner
Ison, GrahamHardcastle's ObesessionHistorical
• Izner, ClaudeStrangled in ParisHistorical, Translated
Jackson, DavidPariahFirst Novel
Jackson, Lee/L MThe Diary of a MurderHistorical
• Jakubowski, MaximThe Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 8Anthology
• Jakubowski, MaximThe Mammoth Book of Best British Mysteries 8Anthology
James, BillVacuum
James, BillWorld War Two Will Not Take Place
James, P DDeath Comes to PemberleyHistorical
James, PeterDead Man's Grip
James, PeterPerfect People
Janes, DianeWhy Don't You Come for Me? (apa Why Didn't You Come For Me?)
Jardine, QuintinGrievous Angel
Jardine, QuintinThe Loner
• Jaumann, BernhardThe Hour of the JackalTranslated
Jecks, MichaelKing's GoldHistorical
Jeffries, RodericMurder, Majorcan Style
Johnston, PaulThe Nameless Dead
Johnston, PaulThe Silver Stain
Johnstone, DougSmokeheads
Jones, Chris MorganAn Agent of Deceit (apa The Silent Oligarch)First Novel
Jones, J SydneyThe SilenceHistorical
• Jones, TobiasWhite Death
Jungstedt, MariThe Dead of SummerTranslated
• Kallentoft, MonsMidwinter Sacrifice (apa Midwinter Blood)Translated
Keane, JessiePlaying Dead
Keane, JessieThe Make
• Keenan, ShyThe Stolen OnesFirst Novel
Kelly, ErinThe Sick Rose (apa The Dark Rose)
Kelly, JimDeath Toll
• Kent, Graeme/G WDevil-DevilFirst Novel
• Kepler, LarsThe HypnotistTranslated
Kernick, SimonThe Payback
• Kerr, PhilipPrague FataleHistorical
• Kerrigan, GeneThe Rage
• Kettenbach, Hans-WernerThe Stronger SexTranslated
King, Laurie RPirate KingHistorical
Kitson, BillAltered Egos
Kitson, BillBack-Slash
Knight, AlannaThe Seal King MurdersHistorical
• Knight, AliWink MurderFirst Novel
Knight, BernardGrounds for AppealHistorical
• Knox, TomBible of the Dead (apa The Lost Goddess)
Koff, CleaFreezingFirst Novel
Kray, RobertaBroken Home
Kristian, GilesRaven: Odin's WolvesHistorical
La Plante, LyndaBlood Line
Lackberg, CamillaThe Gallows Bird (apa The Stranger)Translated
Lackberg, CamillaThe Hidden ChildTranslated
Lake, DerynDeath at the Wedding FeastHistorical
• Larsson, AsaUntil Thy Wrath be PastTranslated
• Latus, DanRisky Mission
Lawton, JohnA Lily of the FieldHistorical
Leather, StephenFair Game
Leather, StephenMidnight
Lebor, AdamThe Budapest Protocol
• Leeds, MikeMole in the Military
Lelic, SimonThe Facility
Leon, DonnaDrawing Conclusions
Leonard, PeterAll He Saw Was The Girl
Leoni, GiulioThe Crusade of DarknessHistorical, Translated
• Lewis, JonathanInto Dust
Linskey, HowardThe DropFirst Novel
Lipska, AnyaWhere the Devil Can't GoFirst Novel
• Lloyd, FrancesThe Colour of Death (apa The Shetland Killer)
Lovesey, PeterStagestruck
Lupton, RosamundAfterwards
Lynn, MattShadow Force
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BShatter the Bones
• MacLean, Shona/S GCrucible of Secrets (apa Crucible)Historical
Magson, AdrianDeath on the Rive NordHistorical
Magson, AdrianDeception
Magson, AdrianTracers
Maitland, KarenThe Gallows CurseHistorical
Mallinson, J DThe Italy Conspiracy
• Mallo, ErnestoSweet MoneyTranslated
Mankell, HenningThe Troubled ManTranslated
Mariani, ScottThe Lost Relic
• Marks, HowardSympathy for the Devil
Marshall, MichaelKiller Move
Marshall, MichaelThe Breakers
Marston, Edward/A EA Bespoke MurderHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EBlood on the LineHistorical
Martin, AndrewThe Somme StationsHistorical
• Martin, FaithA Narrow Exit
Masters, PriscillaA Velvet Scream
Masters, PriscillaFrozen Charlotte
May, PeterThe Blackhouse
McCarthy, AvaHide Me
• McCaul, KathleenMurder in the AshramFirst Novel
• McCreet, JamesThe Thieves' LabyrinthHistorical
McDermid, Val/V.L.The Retribution
McDermott, AndyEmpire of Gold
McDougall, SophiaSavage City
• McGee, JamesRebellionHistorical
McGilloway, BrianLittle Girl Lost
• McGrath, M J/MelWhite HeatFirst Novel
McIntosh, PatThe Counterfeit MadamHistorical
McKay, ShirleyTime & TideHistorical
• McKinty, AdrianFalling Glass
• McLoughlin, JaneShadow of a Doubt
McNab, AndyDead Centre
• Meade, GlennThe Second Messiah
Medieval Murderers, TheHill of BonesHistorical
• Mendoza, EduardoThe Olive LabyrinthTranslated
• Mercier, PascalPerlmann's SilenceTranslated
Meyer, DeonTrackersTranslated
Miller, A DSnowdropsFirst Novel
• Miller, DannyKiss Me QuickHistorical, First Novel
• Mills, MarkHouse of the Hanged (apa House of the Hunted)Historical
Mina, DeniseThe End of the Wasp Season
Mitchell, Dreda SayHit Girls
Moffat, G JBlindside
Monroe, AlyIcelightHistorical
Moody, SusanLosing NicolaHistorical
• Moore, GrahamThe Sherlockian (apa The Holmes Affair)First Novel, Historical
Morris, Roger/R NThe Cleansing FlamesHistorical
Morson, IanA Deadly InjusticeHistorical
Mosby, SteveBlack Flowers
• Murphy, TheresaComing to the Edge
• Murray, ColinNo Hearts, No RosesHistorical
• Murray, ColinSeptember SongHistorical
• Musso, GuillaumeWhere Would I Be Without You?Translated
Myers, AmyClassic in The Barn
Myers, AmyMurder in Abbot's Folly
• Nadel, BarbaraA Noble Killing
Nesbo, JoHeadhuntersTranslated
Nesbo, JoThe LeopardTranslated
• Nespolo, MatiasTranslated, First Novel
Nesser, HakanThe Unlucky Lottery (apa Munster's Case)Translated
Nickson, ChrisCold Cruel WinterHistorical
Norman, HilaryHell
O'Connor, NiamhTaken
O'Donovan, GerardDublin Dead
• Ohlsson, KristinaUnwantedFirst Novel, Translated
Oldham, NickFacing Justice
Oldham, NickInstinct
Orford, MargieDaddy's Girl
Palma, FelixThe Map of TimeTranslated, Historical
• Parris, S JProphecyHistorical
Pastor, BenLumenHistorical
• Peacock, CaroWhen the Devil DrivesHistorical
• Pearson, MarkMurder Club
• Pearson, MarkPrivate London (with James Patterson)
• Penney, StefThe Invisible Ones
Pepper, AndrewBloody WinterHistorical
Perissinotto, AlessandroBlood SistersTranslated
Perry, AnneA Christmas HomecomingHistorical
Perry, AnneAcceptable LossHistorical
Perry, AnneDorchester TerraceHistorical
• Persson, Leif GWBetween Summer's Longing and Winter's EndTranslated
Pilkington, JohnThe Judas BladeHistorical
Pilkington, PaulSomeone to Save You (ebook only)
Pinborough, SarahThe Shadow of the Soul
• Pineiro, ClaudiaAll YoursTranslated
• Potzsch, OliverThe Hangman's DaughterHistorical, Translated
• Price, JoannaA Means of EscapeFirst Novel
• Profijt, JuttaMorgue Drawer FourTranslated
Pryce, MalcolmThe Day Aberystwyth Stood Still
Purser, AnnThe Measby Murder Enquiry
Quigley, SheilaNowhere Man
Raichev, R TMurder at the Villa Byzantine
Rankin, IanThe Impossible Dead
Rayne, SarahWhat Lies Beneath
Reah, DanutaNot Safe (Crime Express novella)
• Reece, GordonMiceFirst Novel
• Rees, EmlynHunted
Rees, Matt BenyonMozart's Last AriaHistorical
Rees, RodThe Demi-Monde: Winter
Regan, LindaBrotherhood of Blades
Rendell, RuthThe Vault
• Rice, John FThe Death Detective and the Skeleton
Rickman, PhilThe Secrets of Pain
Ridpath, Michael66 Degrees North (apa Far North)
Riley, FelixThe Set-UpFirst Novel
Rimington, StellaRip Tide
Robertson, CraigSnapshot
Robertson, ImogenIsland of BonesHistorical
Robinson, PeterBefore the Poison
Robotham, MichaelThe Wreckage
Roslund, Anders & Hellstrom, BorgeCell 8Translated
• Rowden, JeanLost InnocentsHistorical
Rowe, RosemaryThe Vestal VanishesHistorical
Rowson, PaulineFootsteps on the Shore
Russell, CraigA Fear of Dark Water
Russell, CraigThe Deep Dark Sleep
Russell, LeighDead End
• Russell, NormanBills of MortalityHistorical
• Ryan, ChrisKilling for the Company
Ryan, WilliamThe Bloody Meadow (apa The Darkening Field)Historical
Sampson, FayFather Unknown
• Sanderson, MarkThe Whispering GalleryHistorical
• Saville, GuyThe Afrika ReichFirst Novel
Scarrow, SimonPraetorianHistorical
• Schlink, BernhardThe Gordian KnotTranslated
Scott, MandaThe Coming of the King
• Sedley, KateThe Midsummer CrownHistorical
Seeber, ClaireFragile Minds (apa The Girl with the Fragile Mind)
Seymour, GeraldA Deniable Death
• Sharp, AlexDriver: Nemesis
Sharp, ZoeFifth Victim
• Shepherd, BobThe Good Jihadist
Siger, JeffreyPrey on Patmos (apa An Aegean Prophecy)
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe Day is DarkTranslated
Silverwood, RogerThe Dog Collar Murders
Slade, NicolaMurder Fortissimo
Smith, Alexander McCallPrecious and the Monkeys (apa The Great Cake Mystery)
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Forgotten Affairs Of Youth
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party
Smith, AnnaThe Dead Won't Sleep
Smith, DanDark Horizons
Smith, HelenShowstoppers
Smith, HelenThree Sisters
• Smith, MackenzieWho Pays the PiperFirst Novel
Smith, Martin CruzThree Stations
Smith, Tom RobAgent 6Historical
Solana, TeresaA Short Cut to ParadiseTranslated
• Solstad, DagProfessor Andersen's NightTranslated
Southey, RozAirs and GracesHistorical
Southey, RozThe Ladder DancerHistorical
Speller, ElizabethThe Strange Fate of Kitty EastonHistorical
Spencer, SallyBacklash
Spencer, SallyBlackstone and the Great WarHistorical
Spurrier, SimonA Serpent Uncoiled
Stacey, LyndonNo Holds Barred
Staincliffe, CathCrying Out Loud
Staincliffe, CathWitness
Stallwood, VeronicaOxford Ransom (ebook only)
Stanford-Smith, MSea of TroublesHistorical
Stanley, MichaelThe Death of the Mantis
Stark, Oliver88 Killer
Stock, JonGames Traitors Play
• Stockbridge, SaraCross My PalmHistorical
• Stone, NickVoodoo Eyes
Stratmann, LindaThe Poisonous SeedHistorical, First Novel
• Strong, TerenceSome Unholy War
Tallis, FrankDeath and the MaidenHistorical
• Taylor, AbbieIn Safe Hands
• Tegenfalk, StefanAnger ModeFirst Novel, Translated
The Mulgray Twins, Suspects All!
Theorin, JohanThe QuarryTranslated
• Thomas, DavidBlood Relative
Thompson, JamesLucifer's Tears
• Tombs, KerryThe Tewkesbury TombHistorical
Tope, RebeccaDeception in the Cotswolds
Toyne, SimonSanctusFirst Novel
• Trace, JonThe Rome Prophecy
Tremayne, PeterBehold a Pale HorseHistorical
Trow, M JDark EntryHistorical
Trow, M JMaxwell's Island
Trow, M JSilent CourtHistorical
• Turnbull, PeterDeep Cover
Tyler, L CHerring on the Nile
• van Cauwelaert, DidierOut of My Head (apa Unknown)Translated
van der Vlugt, SimoneShadow SisterTranslated
Vargas, FredAn Uncertain PlaceTranslated
• Venmore-Rowland, PiersHidden Jeopardy
Vichi, MarcoDeath in AugustHistorical, Translated
• Villar, DomingoDeath on a Galician ShoreTranslated
• von Schirach, FerdinandCrimeTranslated
Wagner, Jan CostinThe Winter of the LionsTranslated
Wakling, ChristopherThe Devil's MaskHistorical
Walker, MartinThe Crowded Grave
• Wallace, ChristopherKilling the Messenger
• Walters, AlexTrust No One
• Wardell, S JThe Ultimate Selection
Watson, S JBefore I Go To SleepFirst Novel
• Watt, DouglasTestament of a WitchHistorical
Weaver, TimThe Dead Tracks
Webster, JasonOr the Bull Kills YouFirst Novel
• Weiss, Jan MereteThese Dark ThingsFirst Novel
Wells, ShirleyShades of Evil
White, NeilCold Kill
• Whitelaw, StellaPortrait of a Murder
Williams, CharlieGraven Image (Crime Express novella)
• Wilton, RobertThe Emperor's Gold (apa Treason's Tide)Historical, First Novel
• Winship, TomThe Opposite of Mercy
• Winslow, DonSatori
Wixey, GeraldSalt of their Blood
Wood, SimonDid Not Finish
• Wood, TomThe Hunter (apa The Killer)First Novel
• Woodhead, PatrickThe Secret Chamber
Zafon, Carlos RuizThe Midnight PalaceTranslated
• Zimler, RichardThe Warsaw AnagramsHistorical
Zouroudi, AnneThe Whispers of Nemesis

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