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Pryce, Malcolm - 'The Day Aberystwyth Stood Still'
Trade Paperback: 256 pages (Aug. 2011) Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC ISBN: 1408810255

Louie Knight and his colleague, Calamity, are scraping a living as detectives in Aberystwyth. Not the Aberystwyth that many may know but an alternative universe where the ice-cream dispensed by Sospan can cure most of life’s ills or even cause some of them, a group of people called Denunciationists live a quiet life without the aid of technology and the mayor is decided by human cannonball and a bare-knuckle boxing match in the pub car park.

Knight is asked by a shady character called Raspiwtin to find a dead man. A man hanged for killing a policeman in a raid on the Coliseum cinema in 1965. A man who has been resurrected by aliens connected to the Welsh Roswell incident at Ystrad Meurig.

The book is peppered by reminders of books and films such as the mysterious men in black and the three old crones who prophesy Louie’s appointment as Mayor. If you like your humour surreal and are prepare to suspend disbelief, you will enjoy this book.

This is the sixth book in the series of Louie Knight mysteries set in an alternative universe that brings back memories of film noir and the crime novels of Chandler et al. THE DAY ABERYSTWYTH STOOD STILL is an enjoyable piece of nonsense that will bring a smile, a chuckle or even a laugh out loud moment into your life.

Susan White, England
November 2011

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