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Published in the UK during 2009.

• Adair, GilbertAnd Then There Was No OneHistorical
• Adams, JaneThe Power of One
Adams, WillThe Lost Labyrinth
Akunin, BorisShe Lover of DeathTranslated, Historical
Akunin, BorisThe CoronationHistorical, Translated
Alec, WSon of Perdition
• Altun, SelcukMany and Many a Year AgoTranslated
Alvtegen, KarinShadowTranslated
• Ammaniti, NiccoloThe Crossroads (apa As God Commands)Translated
Anderson, LinFinal Cut
• Anthology, AnCriminal Tendencies (ed. Lynne Patrick)Anthology
• Armstrong, DavidWritten Out
• Ashford, JeffreyJigsaw Guilt
Ashton, DavidTrick of the LightHistorical
• Asplin, RichardConman
• Badoe, YabaTrue MurderFirst Novel
Baird, JohnChasing ShadowsFirst Novel
Baker, JohnWinged with Death
Bale, TomSkin and Bones
Banks, RayBeast of Burden
Bannister, JoLiars All
• Barclay, TessaDiamonds in Disguise
• Barlow, AndrewThe Bear Pit
• Barnard, RobertThe Killings at Jubilee Terrace
• Barrie, DavidWasp WaistedFirst Novel
Bateman, ColinMystery Man
Bateman, ColinThe Day of the Jack Russell
• Battison, PattiDesperate MeasuresFirst Novel
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin: There Goes the Bride
Beaton, M CDeath of a Witch
• Beaufort, SimonDeadly InheritanceHistorical
• Becker, JamesThe Moses Stone
Beckett, SimonWhispers of the Dead
Bell, PaulineGlockenspiel
Benn, James RBlood AloneHistorical
Billingham, MarkBlood Line
• Birkegaard, MikkelThe Library of ShadowsTranslated, First Novel
• Bizzio, SergioRageTranslated
Black, CaraMurder in the Latin Quarter
Black, HelenDishonour
Black, SeanLockdownFirst Novel
Black, TonyGutted
• Blake, RichardThe Terror of ConstantinopleHistorical
Bolton, S J/SharonAwakening
• Bonnot, Xavier-MarieThe Beast of the CamargueTranslated
Booth, StephenThe Kill Call
• Boyd, WilliamOrdinary Thunderstorms
• Bradby, TomBlood MoneyHistorical
Bradley, AlanThe Sweetness at the Bottom of the PieHistorical
Brandreth, GylesOscar Wilde and the Dead Man's SmileHistorical
• Breckon, IanKnight of SwordsHistorical, First Novel
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Ex-King's DaughterHistorical
Brett, SimonThe Poisoning in the Pub
Britton, AndrewThe Invisible
Brody, FrancesDying in the WoolHistorical
Brookmyre, ChristopherPandaemonium
Brown, GordonFallingFirst Novel
Brownlee, NickBurn (apa Blood and Fire)
Buck, SimonCrypto Da Vinci
• Burke, BobThe Third Pig Detective AgencyFirst Novel
• Cabasson, ArmandMemory of FlamesTranslated, Historical
Cain, TomAssassin
• Cameron, KennethThe Bohemian GirlHistorical
• Cameron, KennethThe Frightened ManHistorical
Camilleri, AndreaAugust HeatTranslated
Campbell, ColinBlue Knights, White Cross
• Campbell, DuncanIf It Bleeds
Campbell, KarenAfter the Fire
Carlotto, MassimoPoisonville (with Marco Videtta)Translated
Carter, ChrisThe Crucifix Killer
Carter, MaureenBlood Money
Carver, Caroline/CJBack with Vengeance
• Carver, TaniaThe Surrogate
• Chambers, ClemThe Armageddon TradeFirst Novel
Chambers, KimberleyBorn Evil
Chambers, KimberleyThe Betrayer
• Chapman, JeanBoth Sides of the Fence
Charles, KateDeep Waters
Charles, PaulFamily Life
• Chester, RoyAnger Man
Child, LeeGone Tomorrow
Christie, AgathaThe Capture of Cerberus & The Incident of the Dog's Ball
Clare, AlysMist Over the WaterHistorical
Clare, AlysOut of the Dawn LightHistorical
Clark, CassandraThe Red Velvet TurnshoeHistorical
• Clarke, Mary AndreaLove not PoisonHistorical
• Clary, JulianDevil in Disguise
Claudel, PhilippeBrodeck's ReportTranslated
Cleeves, AnnRed Bones
• Clements, AlanRogue NationFirst Novel
Clements, RoryMartyrHistorical, First Novel
• Cleverly, BarbaraBright Hair About the BoneHistorical
Clooney, RonA Measure of Wheat for a Penny
• Clough, Nicholas JShadows of Death
Cole, MartinaHard Girls
• Collins, WarwickF-Woman
Connolly, JohnThe Lovers
• Connor, JohnUnsafe
• Conway, PeterDeadly Deception
• Conway, PeterVengeance Deferred
Cookman, LesleyMurder in Bloom
Cooper, Natasha/N JNo Escape
Corbin, JulieTell Me No SecretsFirst Novel
• Cottam, F GThe Magdalena Curse
Cotterill, ColinCurse of the Pogo Stick
Cotterill, ColinThe Merry Misogynist
• Cox, SarahThe Wages of Sin
Creed, AdamSuffer the ChildrenFirst Novel
Crombie, DeborahWhere Memories Lie
Cross, NeilBurial
• Cunningham, FaySleeping DogsFirst Novel
• Curtis, NickClose Enemies
• Curzon, ClareBurnt Out
Cutler, JudithStaging Death
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaThe Last FixTranslated
• Darrell, ElizabethFrench Leave
David, SaulZulu HartFirst Novel, Historical
• Davidsen, LeifThe Woman from BratislavaTranslated
Davies, David StuartRequiem for a DummyHistorical
Davis, LindseyAlexandriaHistorical
Davison, StephenKill & Cure
• Davys, TimAmbervilleTranslated
• De Cataldo, GiancarloThe Father and the ForeignerTranslated
• de Santis, PabloThe Paris EnigmaTranslated
Dean, AnnaA Gentleman of FortuneHistorical
• Dean, JohnThe Railway Man
Dexter, GaryThe Oxford Despoiler: and Other Mysteries from the Casebook of Henry St LiverFirst Novel, Historical
• Dickinson, DavidDeath of a PilgrimHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Darkening GlassHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Templar MagicianHistorical
Done, StephenThe Torn CurtainHistorical
Downing, DavidStettin StationHistorical
• Drake, NickTutankhamunHistorical
• Dryden, AlexMoscow Sting
• Duffy, MargaretSouvenirs of Murder
Duncan, Elizabeth JThe Cold Light of MourningFirst Novel
Dunn, CarolaDeath at Wentwater CourtHistorical
Dunn, CarolaRequiem for a MezzoHistorical
Dunn, CarolaSheer FollyHistorical
Dunn, CarolaThe Winter Garden MysteryHistorical
Duns, JeremyFree AgentHistorical, First Novel
• Easterman, DanielThe Spear of Destiny
• Eccles, MarjorieBroken MusicHistorical
Egeland, TomThe Guardians of the CovenantTranslated
Ellis, KateA Perfect Death
Ellis, KatePlaying with Bones
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JThe Anniversary Man
Esler, GavinPower Play
• Etchells, OliveDevil at the Crossroads
Evans, GeraldineAll the Lonely People
Evans, PenelopeThe Weight of Water
Ewan, Chris/C MThe Good Thief's Guide to Paris
Falconer, DuncanThe Mercenary
• Fallada, HansAlone in BerlinTranslated
• Featherstone, AnnWalking in PimlicoFirst Novel, Historical
FitzGerald, HelenBloody Women
FitzGerald, HelenMy Last Confession
FitzGerald, HelenThe Devil's Staircase
• Fleming, JamesCold BloodHistorical
• Forsyth, NeilLet Them Come Through
• Fossum, KarinThe Water's EdgeTranslated
Fowler, ChristopherBryant and May On The Loose
Francis, DickEven Money (with Felix Francis)
Francome, JohnDeadly Finish
Franklin, ArianaGrave Goods (apa Relics of the Dead (UK))Historical
• Fraser, AntheaThicker Than Water
• Fraser, GuyA Plague of LionsHistorical
• Fraser, SaraThe Drowned OnesHistorical
Frazer, MargaretThe Prioress's TaleHistorical
• Freeman, ChrisTough Lessons
French, NicciWhat To Do When Someone Dies
Fuentes, EugenioAt Close QuartersTranslated
Furber, RosemaryThe Most Intimate PlaceFirst Novel
Fyfield, FrancesCold to the Touch
Galbraith, GillianDying of the Light
• Gee, MarcAutumn KillFirst Novel
• Geeraerts, JefThe Public ProsecutorTranslated
• Genelin, MichaelDark Dreams
• Genelin, MichaelSiren of the Waters
Gibbins, DavidThe Tiger Warrior
• Gilbert, MichaelThe Murder of Diana Devon and Other MysteriesAnthology
• Giuttari, MicheleThe Death of a Mafia DonTranslated
• Glass, MatthewUltimatumFirst Novel
• Glynn, AlanWinterland
Gomez-Jurado, JuanContract with God (apa The Moses Expedition)Translated
• Gooden, PhilipThe Durham DisappearanceHistorical
Goodhind, J GDeadly Lampshades
Goodhind, J GMenu for Murder (apa Killing Jane Austen)
Gordon-Smith, DoloresAs If By MagicHistorical
• Gowers, RebeccaThe Twisted Heart
Granelli, RogerDead Pretty
• Granger, AnnMud, Muck and Dead Things
Grant, AndrewEvenFirst Novel
Gray, AlexGlasgow Kiss
Gray, ClioBrotherhood of FiveHistorical
Gregorio, MichaelA Visible DarknessHistorical
Gregory, SusannaA Murder on London BridgeHistorical
Gregory, SusannaA Vein of DeceitHistorical
• Gregson, J MDarkness Visible
• Gregson, J MWild Justice
Griffiths, EllyThe Crossing Places
• Grimsdale, PeterJust Watch Me
Guthrie, AllanKilling Mum (Crime Express novella)
Guthrie, AllanSlammer
• Haas, DerekHunt for the Bear
Hague, StevenBlood Law
• Haigh, RaymondInnocent Blood
• Haley, RichardThe Casino Girl
Hall, M R/MatthewThe CoronerFirst Novel
Hall, PatriciaDevil's Game
Hall, SimonThe Judgement Book
Hall, TarquinThe Case of the Missing Servant
Hammesfahr, PetraThe Lie
• Hammond, GeraldThe Fingers of One Foot
• Hammond, GeraldWell and Good
Hampson, JuneFatal Cut
Hannah, SophieThe Other Half Lives (apa The Dead Lie Down)
Harper, TomThe Book of Secrets
Harrison, CoraThe Sting of JusticeHistorical
Harrison, CoraWrit in StoneHistorical
Harrod-Eagles, CynthiaFell Purpose
Harvey, JohnFar Cry
Hayder, MoSkin
Hayes, JonathanA Hard Death
Hayes, SamTell-Tale
Heley, VeronicaMurder in House
• Heller, MandasueSnatched
• Heller, MandasueTwo-faced
Herron, Mick/MSmoke and Whispers
Higgins, JackA Darker Place
Higgins, JackWolf at the Door
Hill, Kaye CThe Fall Girl
Hill, ReginaldMidnight Fugue
Hill, Suzette ABone IdleHistorical
Hilton, MattDead Men's DustFirst Novel
Hilton, MattJudgement and Wrath
Holt, AnneDeath in OsloTranslated
• Holt, HazelAny Man's Death (apa Mrs Malory and Any Man's Death)
Hudson, HarrietThe Man Who Came Back
Hughes, DeclanAll the Dead Voices
Hurley, GrahamNo Lovelier Death
Hurley, GrahamThe Ghosts of 2012 ('Most Wanted' novella)
Indridason, ArnaldurHypothermiaTranslated
• Ingram, C DavidThe Stone GallowsFirst Novel
Ison, GrahamBreach of Privilege
Ison, GrahamHardcastle's MandarinHistorical
• Izner, ClaudeThe Marais Assassin (apa The Assassin in the Marais)Historical, Translated
• Jacq, ChristianThe Judgement of the MummyHistorical, Translated
• Jakubowski, MaximRome Noir (with Chiara Stangalino)Anthology
• Jakubowski, MaximThe Mammoth Book Best International CrimeAnthology
• Jakubowski, MaximThe Mammoth Book of Best British Mysteries 6Anthology
James, BillFull of Money
James, BillHotbed
James, PeterDead Tomorrow
• Jansson, ToveThe True DeceiverTranslated
• Japp, Andrea HThe Breath of the RoseTranslated, Historical
• Japp, Andrea HThe Divine BloodHistorical, Translated
Jardine, QuintinFatal Last Words
Jardine, QuintinInhuman Remains
Jecks, MichaelNo Law in the LandHistorical
Jecks, MichaelThe Bishop Must DieHistorical
Jeffries, RodericA Question of Motive
Jeffries, RodericSun, Sea and Murder
John, KatherineThe Destruction of Evidence
• Jones, TobiasThe Salati CaseFirst Novel
• Jones, Bruce Kennedy & Allison, EricFat Blackmail
Joseph, AlisonA Violent Act
Jungstedt, MariThe Inner Circle (apa Unknown)Translated
Keane, JessieBlack Widow
Keane, JessieScarlet Women
• Keating, H R FA Small Case for Inspector Ghote?Historical
Kelly, JimDeath Wore White
• Kent, ChristobelA Time of Mourning (apa The Drowning River)
Kernick, SimonTarget
• Kerr, PhilipIf the Dead Rise NotHistorical
• Kerrigan, GeneDark Times in the City
Kessler, DavidMercy
• Kettenbach, Hans-WernerDavid's RevengeTranslated
• Kilroy, ClaireAll Names Have Been Changed
King, DannyMore Burglar Diaries
King, Laurie RThe Language of BeesHistorical
Kitchin, RobThe Rule BookFirst Novel
Kitson, BillDepth of Despair (apa What Lies Beneath)First Novel
Knight, BernardCrowner RoyalHistorical
• Knox, TomThe Genesis Secret
Krajewski, MarekThe End of the World in BreslauTranslated, Historical
Kray, RobertaStrong Women
Kristian, GilesRaven: Blood EyeHistorical, First Novel
• Kurkov, AndreyThe Good Angel of DeathTranslated
La Plante, LyndaSilent Scream
Lackberg, CamillaThe PreacherTranslated
Lake, DerynDeath and the Black PyramidHistorical
Langfield, MartinThe Secret Fire
Larsson, StiegThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' NestTranslated
Larsson, StiegThe Girl Who Played With FireTranslated
• Lawrence, PaulThe Sweet Smell of DecayFirst Novel, Historical
Laws, ValerieThe Rotting SpotFirst Novel
Leather, StephenLive Fire
Lennon, PatrickCut Out
Leon, DonnaAbout Face
Leoni, GiulioThe Kingdom of LightHistorical, Translated
• Lewis, RoyShadowmaker
Lindsay, DouglasFinal Cut
• Lloyd, FrancesNemesis of the Dead (apa The Greek Island Killer)
• Lorrimer, ClaireDead Reckoning
Loukes, MatthewGoose Flesh
Lovesey, PeterMurder on the Short List
Lovesey, PeterSkeleton Hill
Lynn, MattDeath Force
• Macauley, TomThe Warning Bell
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BBlind Eye
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BHalfhead
Macken, JohnBreaking Point
• Magrs, PaulHell's Belles
Maitland, KarenThe Owl KillersHistorical
Manotti, DominiqueAffairs of StateTranslated
Mariani, ScottThe Doomsday Prophecy (apa The Hope Vendetta)
Mariani, ScottThe Heretic's Treasure
• Marias, JavierYour Face Tomorrow 3: Poison, Shadow and FarewellTranslated
• Markaris, PetrosChe Committed SuicideTranslated
• Marrinan, PatrickScapegoatFirst Novel
Marshall, MichaelBad Things
Marston, Edward/A EThe Silver Locomotive MysteryHistorical
Martin, AndrewThe Last Train to ScarboroughHistorical
• Martin, FaithAcross the Narrow Blue Line
• Martin, LeeThe Lipstick Killers
• Martin, TomKingdom
Masters, PriscillaGrave Stones
• Mayhew, MargaretThree Silent Things
McCarthy, AvaThe InsiderFirst Novel
McCarthy, KeithCorpus Delicti
• McCleary, CarolThe Alchemy of MurderFirst Novel, Historical
McClure, KenWhite Death
• McCreet, JamesThe Incendiary's TrailHistorical, First Novel
• McCrery, NigelTooth and Claw
• McCuaig, CatrionaSnares and NetsHistorical
McDermid, Val/V.L.Fever of the Bone
McDermott, AndyThe Covenant of Genesis
McDermott, AndyThe Cult of Osiris (apa The Pyramid of Doom)
McDowall, IainEnvy the Dead
• McFadyen, IanLillia's Diary
McGilloway, BrianBleed a River Deep
• McGregor, RafeThe Architect of MurderHistorical
• McIlvanney, LiamAll the Colours of the TownFirst Novel
McIntosh, PatThe Stolen VoiceHistorical
McIntyre, HopeHeld to Ransom
McKay, ShirleyHue and CryFirst Novel, Historical
McKenzie, GrantSwitchFirst Novel
• McKinty, AdrianFifty Grand
McLean, Russel DThe Lost Sister
McNab, AndyExit Wound
McPherson, CatrionaDandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of BloodstainsHistorical
Medieval Murderers, TheKing Arthur's BonesHistorical
Melikan, RoseThe Counterfeit GuestHistorical
• Melo, PatriciaLost WorldTranslated
Meyer, DeonBlood SafariTranslated
• Mieville, ChinaThe City & The City
Millar, SamThe Dark Place
• Mills, JenniThe Buried Circle
• Mills, MarkThe Information OfficerHistorical
Mina, DeniseStill Midnight
Mitchell, Dreda SayGeezer Girls
Moffat, G JDaisychainFirst Novel
• Monaldi, Rita & Sorti, FrancescoSecretumHistorical, Translated
Monroe, AlyWashington ShadowHistorical
Monroe, GraceBroken Hearts
• Moore, CyrusCity of ThievesFirst Novel
• Morley, MichaelViper
Morson, IanFalconer's TrialHistorical
Mortimer, JohnRumpole at ChristmasAnthology
Morton, TomSerpentine
Mosby, SteveStill Bleeding
• Moules, Joan MScript for MurderHistorical
Myers, AmyMurder Takes the Stage
• Nadel, BarbaraRiver of the Dead
• Nadel, BarbaraSure and Certain DeathHistorical
Nesbo, JoThe RedeemerTranslated
Nesser, HakanWoman with BirthmarkTranslated
Neville, StuartThe Twelve (apa The Ghosts of Belfast)First Novel
• Newman, G FCrime and PunishmentHistorical
Newman, RuthTwisted WingFirst Novel
• Nicole, ChristopherAngel of DarknessHistorical
• Nicole, ChristopherAngel of DestructionHistorical
• Niven, JohnThe Amateurs
Noble, MalcolmA Mystery of Cross Women
Noort, SaskiaBack to the CoastTranslated, First Novel
Norman, HilaryShimmer
O'Brien, CharlesDeadly QuarrelHistorical
• O'Brien, J AFoul Death
O'Brien, MartinConfession
• Oldfield, PamelaTruth Will OutHistorical
Oldham, NickThe Nothing Job
Orford, MargieLike ClockworkFirst Novel
• Owen, CharlieTwo Tribes
Owen, LlwydFaith, Hope and LoveTranslated
• Padura, LeonardoHavana FeverTranslated
Pakeman, LouiseTell Me No Lies
Parker, I JThe Convict's SwordHistorical
Parker, MichaelThe Third Secret
• Parker, Richard JayStop MeFirst Novel
• Parot, Jean-FrancoisThe Nicolas Le Floch AffairTranslated, Historical
Peace, DavidTokyo Occupied CityHistorical
• Peacock, CaroA Corpse in Shining Armour (apa A Family Affair)Historical
• Pearce, MichaelA Dead Man in NaplesHistorical
• Pears, IainStone's FallHistorical
• Pearson, MarkBlood Work
• Pearson, MarkHard EvidenceFirst Novel
Perez-Reverte, ArturoThe Man in the Yellow DoubletTranslated, Historical
Perry, AnneA Christmas PromiseHistorical
Perry, AnneExecution DockHistorical
Phillips, ChristiThe Devlin DiaryHistorical
• Pineiro, ClaudiaThursday Night WidowsTranslated
• Porter, HenryThe Dying Light
• Porter, JessicaSicilian Sunset
Pryce, MalcolmFrom Aberystwyth with Love
Purser, AnnTragedy at Two
• Puzo, MarioSix Graves to MunichHistorical
Quigley, SheilaThe Road to Hell
Raichev, R TThe Little Victim
Ramsay, CaroSinging to the Dead
Rankin, IanA Cool Head (novella)
Rankin, IanThe Complaints
Raybourn, DeannaSilent On The MoorHistorical
Rayne, SarahGhost Song
Rees, Matt BenyonThe Samaritan's Secret
Regan, LindaDead Like Her
Rendell, RuthThe Monster in the Box
Rhea, NicholasConstable Beats the Bounds
Rimington, StellaPresent Danger
Roberts, DavidSweet SorrowHistorical
Roberts, WarrenKill City USAFirst Novel
Roberts, WarrenThe Bell of Girardius
Robertson, ImogenInstruments of DarknessHistorical, First Novel
Robinson, PeterThe Price of LoveAnthology
Robotham, MichaelBombproof
Rocha, Luis MiguelThe Last PopeTranslated
• Rosales, EmiliThe Invisible CityTranslated
• Rowden, JeanMore Deaths Than OneHistorical
Rowlands, BettyA Fool There Was
Rowson, PaulineDead Man's Wharf
Russell, CraigLennoxHistorical
Russell, CraigThe Valkyrie's Song
Russell, LeighCut ShortFirst Novel
• Russell, NormanThe Dorset House AffairHistorical
Rustage, AlanBlackstone and the New WorldHistorical
Sampson, FayA Malignant House
Sampson, FayIn the Blood
Scarrow, SimonThe GladiatorHistorical
• Schatzing, FrankDeath and the DevilHistorical, Translated
Schenkel, Andrea MariaIce ColdTranslated, Historical
• Schlink, BernhardSelf's MurderTranslated
• Sedley, KateThe Dance of DeathHistorical
Sewell, KittyBloodprint
Seymour, EVThe Mephisto Threat
Seymour, GeraldThe Collaborator
Sherez, StavThe Black Monastery
Sheriff, John PaxtonLocked in Death
Sigurdardottir, YrsaMy Soul to TakeTranslated
Silverwood, RogerThe Cuckoo Clock Scam
Silverwood, RogerWild About Harry (apa Missing, Presumed...)
• Simmons, DanDroodHistorical
Simms, ChrisThe Edge
Sington, PhilipThe Einstein GirlHistorical
Slade, NicolaDeath is the CureHistorical
Smith, Alexander McCallTea Time for the Traditionally Built
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Lost Art of Gratitude
Smith, CarolIn the Dead of Night
• Smith, FrankThe Cold Hand of Malice
Smith, Tom RobThe Secret SpeechHistorical
Somer, Mehmet MuratThe Gigolo MurderTranslated
Somer, Mehmet MuratThe Kiss MurderTranslated
• Souter, KeithThe Fool's FollyHistorical
Southey, RozSecret LamentHistorical
Spencer, SallyBlackstone and the New WorldHistorical
Spencer, SallyThe Dead Hand of History
Staalesen, GunnarThe Consorts of DeathTranslated
• Starnone, DomenicoFirst ExecutionTranslated
Stock, JonDead Spy Running
• Stockbridge, SaraHammer (apa The Fortunes of Grace Hammer)First Novel, Historical
Stott, RebeccaThe Coral Thief
Strachan, MariThe Earth Hums in B FlatFirst Novel
Sussman, PaulThe Hidden Oasis
Tallis, FrankDarkness Rising (apa Vienna Secrets)Historical
• Taylor, AbbieEmma's BabyFirst Novel
• Taylor, PeterDeceived
• Teague, LorenUltimate Betrayal
Templeton, AlineDead in the Water
Tenison, RobertDeadly SecretsFirst Novel
Theorin, JohanThe Darkest RoomTranslated
Thomas, RhysThe Suicide ClubFirst Novel
Thompson, BrianThe Captain's Table (apa The Sailor's Ransom)Historical
Todd, MarilynBlood MoonHistorical
• Tombs, KerryThe Ledbury LamplightersHistorical
• Tonkin, PeterRiver of Ghosts
• Tonkin, PeterVolcano Roads
Tope, RebeccaSlaughter in the Cotswolds
Tremayne, PeterThe Dove of DeathHistorical
Trow, M JMaxwell's Revenge
• Turnbull, PeterImproving the Silence
• Turnbull, PeterInformed Consent
Twining, JamesThe Geneva Deception
Tyler, L CTen Little Herrings
• Unsworth, CathiBad Penny Blues
Upson, NicolaAngel with Two FacesHistorical
van der Vlugt, SimoneThe ReunionFirst Novel, Translated
Vargas, FredThe Chalk Circle Man ( L'Homme aux Cercles Bleus 1996)Translated
Vazquez-Figueroa, AlbertoColtanTranslated
Vazquez-Figueroa, AlbertoTuaregTranslated
Verhoef, EstherClose-UpTranslated
• Very, PierreOld Ladies Tea PartyTranslated
Waites, MartynSpeak No Evil
Walker, MartinThe Dark Vineyard
Walker, SueThe Burning
Waters, PaulCast Not the DayHistorical
• Way, CamillaLittle Bird
Weeks, LeeDeath Trip
• Wells, DanI am Not a Serial KillerFirst Novel
Wells, ShirleyWhere Petals Fall
White, MichaelThe Borgia Ring
White, NeilLast Rites
• Whitelaw, StellaFold and Die
• Williams, AndrewThe InterrogatorHistorical, First Novel
Wilson, ElizabethWar DamageHistorical
Wilson, LauraAn Empty DeathHistorical
Wilson, RobertThe Ignorance of Blood
Winspear, JacquelineAmong the MadHistorical
• Woodhead, PatrickThe Cloud Maker (apa The Forbidden Temple)
Woodrow, PatrickFirst Contact
Zafon, Carlos RuizThe Angel's GameTranslated
Zouroudi, AnneThe Doctor of Thessaly

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