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Authors and Bibliographies (H)

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.


  • Haberman, Steve

      state criminal investigator Stanislas Cassel, Paris
      • Murder Without Pity20041

  • Haigh, Raymond

      PI Paul Lomax
      • Death Care19831
      • Colder than the grave19842
      • Cripplehead20043
      • Kiss and Kill20074
      Innocent Blood20095

      Samantha Quest, Government Agent
      • Gigolo20051
      • Dark Angel20062
      • The Doll Doctor20083
      • The Spider20104

  • Hale, Georgie

      • Tread Softly2000
      • Without Consent2001
      • Better Than Death2003
      • Hear No Evil2004

  • Haley, Richard

      • The Beckford Don1984

      Frank Crane, PI
      • The Murderer's Son20061
      • Dead Dream Girl20072
      • Blood and Money20083
      • The Casino Girl20094

      John Goss, PI, Yorkshire
      • Thoroughfare of Stones19951
      • When Beggars Die19962
      • Written in Water19993
      • Fear of Violence20004

  • Hall, Gregory

      • The Dark Backward1995
      • A Cement of Blood1997
      • Mortal Remains1999
      • A Sleep and A Forgetting2003

  • Hall, Lisa

      • Between You and Me2016
      • Tell Me No Lies2016
      • The Party2018

  • Hamer, Kate

      • The Girl in the Red Coat2015
      • The Doll Funeral2017

  • Hamilton, Hugo

      Pat Coyne, policeman, Dublin
      • Headbanger19971
      • Sad Bastard19982

  • Hamilton, Sylvian

      Sir Richard Straccan, ex-Crusader
      • The Bone-pedlar20001
      • The Pendragon Banner20012
      • The Gleemaiden20043

  • Hammer, Lotte and Soren

      Detective Chief Superintendent Konrad Simonsen and his team from the Murder Squad in Copenhagen
      • The Hanging20131
      • The Girl in the Ice (US: A Price for Everything)20152
      • The Vanished20163
      • The Lake20174
      • The Night Ferry20185

  • Hammond, Ray

      • Emergence2001
      • Extinction2005
      • The Cloud2006
      • The Brotherhood of Angels2007

  • Hampson, June

      Daisy Lane, 1960s
      • Trust Nobody20061
      • Broken Bodies20072
      • Damaged Goods20083
      • Fatal Cut20094
      • Jail Bait20105
      Fighting Dirty20116

  • Hampton, Nell

      Kensington Palace Chef
      • Kale to the Queen20171
      • Lord of the Pies20182

  • Hardie, Mark

      DS Frank Pearson and DC Catherine Russell, Essex Police Major Investigation Team
      • Burned and Broken20161
      • Truly Evil20172

  • Hargla, Indrek

      Melchior, Tallinn, C15
      • Apothecary Melchior and the Mystery of St Olaf's20151
      • Apothecary Melchior and the Ghost of Rataskaevu Street20162

  • Harman, John

      • Money for Nothing1988
      • The Bottom Line1991
      • Called To Account1994
      • Dangerous Assets1996

  • Harris, C S

      Sebastian St. Cyr, Regency England
      • What Angels Fear20051
      • When Gods Die20062
      • Why Mermaids Sing20073
      • Where Serpents Sleep20084
      • What Remains of Heaven20095
      • Where Shadows Dance20116
      • When Maidens Mourn20127
      • What Darkness Brings20138
      • Why Kings Confess20149
      • Who Buries the Dead201510
      • When Falcons Fall201611
      • Where the Dead Lie201712
      • Why Kill the Innocent201813

  • Harris, Tessa

      Constance Piper, Flower Seller, 1888 London
      The Sixth Victim20171
      • The Angel Makers20182

      Dr Thomas Silkstone, 18C England
      The Anatomist's Apprentice20111
      • The Dead Shall Not Rest20132
      • The Devil's Breath20143
      • The Lazarus Curse20144
      • Shadow of the Raven20155
      • Secrets in the Stones20166

  • Harrison, Cora

      Hugh Mac Egan, Tudor Era
      • The Cardinal's Court20171

      Mara, Judge, Tudor Ireland
      My Lady Judge20071
      Michaelmas Tribute (apa A Secret and Unlawful Killing)20082
      • The Sting of Justice20093
      • Writ in Stone20094
      • Eye of the Law20105
      • Scales of Retribution20116
      • Deed of Murder20117
      • Laws in Conflict20128
      • Chain of Evidence20129
      • Cross of Vengeance201310
      • Verdict of the Court201411
      • Condemned to Death201412
      • A Fatal Inheritance201513
      • An Unjust Judge201614

      Reverend Mother Aquinas, Cork, 1920s
      • A Shameful Murder20151
      • A Shocking Assassination20162
      • Beyond Absolution20173
      • A Gruesome Discovery20174
      • Death of a Novice20185

  • Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia

      Bill Slider, Shepherd's Bush CID
      • Orchestrated Death19911
      • Death Watch19922
      • Necrochip (apa Death to Go)19933
      • Dead End (apa Grave Music)19944
      • Blood Lines19965
      • Killing Time19966
      • Shallow Grave19987
      Blood Sinister19998
      • Gone Tomorrow20019
      Dear Departed200410
      Game Over200811
      • Fell Purpose200912
      • Body Line201013
      • Kill My Darling201114
      • Blood Never Dies201215
      • Hard Going201316
      • Star Fall201417
      • One Under201518
      • Old Bones201619
      • Shadow Play201720

  • Hart, Erin

      Nora Gavin, Pathologist, Galway, Ireland
      • Haunted Ground20031
      • Lake of Sorrows20042
      • False Mermaid20103
      • The Book of Killowen20134

  • Harte, E V

      Dolly Greene, Professional Tarot Reader, London
      • The Prime of Ms Dolly Greene20171
      • The Case of the Fool20182

  • Harvey, John (See also: Terry Lennox, James Mann)

      • Amphetamines and Pearls1976
      • The Geranium Kiss1976
      • Junkyard Angel1977
      • Neon Madman1977
      • Frame1979
      • Blind1981
      • Endgame (as James Mann)1982
      • Dancer Draws a Wild Card (as Terry Lennox)1985
      • In a True Light2001
      • Nick's Blues (Young Adult Novel)2008
      Good Bait2012

      Charlie Resnick, Nottingham
      • Lonely Hearts19891
      • Rough Treatment19902
      • Cutting Edge19913
      • Off Minor19924
      • Wasted Years19935
      • Cold Light19946
      • Living Proof19957
      • Easy Meat19968
      • Still Waters19979
      • Last Rites199810
      Cold in Hand200811
      Darkness, Darkness201412

      Detective Inspector Will Graham and Detective Sergeant Helen Walker
      Gone to Ground20071
      Far Cry20092

      Jack Kiley, PI and DI Charlie Resnick, Nottingham
      Trouble in Mind (Crime Express novella)20071

      Retired Detective Inspector Elder, Cornwall
      Flesh and Blood20041
      Ash and Bone20052
      Darkness and Light20063
      • Body & Soul20184

      Short Stories
      • Now's the Time: The Complete Resnick Short Stories1999
      • A Darker Shade of Blue2010
      • Going Down Slow and Other Stories2017

  • Harward, Janet

      • Murder on the English Riviera1995
      • Waking the Dead2001

      DI Josephine Blake
      • The Teddy Bear Murders19961
      • In Memory of Murder19972
      • Echoes of Death19983
      • Death Is the Issue19994
      • The Perfect Alibi20005

  • Hawkins, Alis

      • Testament2008

      Harry Probert-Lloyd, 1850s, Wales
      • None So Blind20171

  • Hawkswood, Sarah

      Bradecote and Catchpoll, Worcestershire, C12
      • The Lord Bishop's Clerk (apa Servant of Death)20141
      • Ordeal by Fire20162
      • Marked to Die20173

  • Hay, Mavis Doriel

      • Death on the Cherwell1935
      • Murder Underground1935
      • The Santa Klaus Murder1936

  • Hayes, Sam

      • Blood Ties2007
      • Unspoken2008
      • Tell-Tale2009
      Someone Else's Son2010
      • Until You're Mine (as Samatha Hayes)2013
      • Before You Die (as Samatha Hayes) (apa What You Left Behind)2014
      • You Belong To Me2015
      • In Too Deep (as Samatha Hayes)2016

  • Haymon, S T

      Detective Inspector Ben Jurnet, Norfolk
      • Death and the Pregnant Virgin (apa Death of a Pregnant Virgin)19801
      • Ritual Murder19822
      • Stately Homicide19843
      • Death of a God19874
      • A Very Particular Murder19895
      • Death of a Warrior Queen19916
      • A Beautiful Death19937
      • Death of a Hero19968

  • Hays, Tony/Anthony

      Jacobean Mystery
      • Shakespeare No More20151

      Malgwyn ap Cuneglas, counsellor to King Arthur
      • The Killing Way20091
      • The Divine Sacrifice20102
      • The Beloved Dead20113
      • The Stolen Bride20124
      • The Redemption Path20145

  • Heald, Tim

      • Caroline R1980
      • Class Distinctions1984
      • Stop Press1998

      Dr Tudor Cornwall, Reader in Criminal Studies at the University of Wessex.
      • Death and the Visiting Fellow20041
      • Death and the D’Urbervilles20052
      • A Death on the Ocean Wave20073

      Simon Bognor, Special Investigator for the Board of Trade
      • Unbecoming Habits19731
      • Blue Blood Will Out19742
      • Deadline19753
      • Let Sleeping Dogs Lie19764
      • Just Desserts19775
      • Murder at Moose Jaw19816
      • Masterstroke (apa Small Masterpiece)19827
      • Red Herrings19868
      • Brought to Book19879
      • Business Unusual198910
      • Death in the Opening Chapter201111
      • Poison at the Pueblo201112

  • Healey, Emma

      • Elizabeth Is Missing2014
      • A Whistle in the Dark2018

  • Healy, Mel

      Moss Reid, PI, Dublin
      • Another Case in Cowtown20131
      • Black Marigolds20142
      • Ghost Flight20143

  • Hebden, Juliet

      Inspector Pel
      • Pel Picks Up the Pieces19931
      • Pel and the Perfect Partner19942
      • Pel the Patriarch19963
      • Pel and the Precious Parcel19984
      • Pel Is Provoked19995
      • Pel and the Death of the Detective20006
      • Pel and the Butchers' Blades20017
      Pel and the Nickname Game20028

  • Heley, Veronica

      • Sue for Mercy1974
      • Scream for Sarah1975
      • Cry for Kit1976
      • Fear for Frances1977
      • Death for Deborah1978

      Bea Abbott, Sixty-something owner of The Abbott (Domestic) Agency
      • False Charity20071
      • False Picture20082
      • False Step20083
      • False Pretences20104
      • False Money20105
      • False Report20116
      • False Alarm20127
      • False Diamond20138
      • False Impression20149
      • False Wall201510
      • False Fire201611
      • False Pride201712

      Ellie Quicke, widow, London suburbs
      • Murder at the Altar20001
      • Murder of a Suicide20002
      • Murder of Innocence20033
      • Murder by Accident20034
      • Murder in the Garden20045
      • Murder by Committee20056
      • Murder by Bicycle20067
      • Murder of Identity20068
      • Murder in the Park20079
      • Murder in House200910
      • Murder by Mistake201011
      • Murder My Neighbour201112
      • Murder in Mind201213
      • Murder with Mercy201314
      • Murder in Time201415
      • Murder by Suspicion201516
      • Murder in Style201617
      • Murder for Nothing201718
      • Murder by Suggestion201819

  • Heller, Mandasue

      • The Front2002
      • Forget Me Not2003
      • Tainted Lives2004
      • The Charmer2005
      • The Game2005
      • The Club2006
      • Shafted2007
      • Snatched2009
      • Two-faced2009
      • The Driver2010
      Lost Angel2012
      • Broke2013
      • Respect2014
      • Afraid2015
      • Run2017
      • Save Me2017

  • Helton, Peter

      Chris Honeysett, artist/PI, Bath
      • Headcase20051
      • Slim Chance20062
      • Rainstone Fall20083
      • An Inch of Time20124
      • Worthless Remains20135
      • Indelible20146
      Lock 1320177

      DI Liam McLusky, Bristol
      • Falling More Slowly20101
      • Four Below20112
      • A Good Way to Go20143
      • Soft Summer Blood20154

  • Henaff, Sophie

      Anne Capestan
      • The Awkward Squad20171
      • Stick Together20182

  • Henderson, Lauren

      • Tart Noir (anthology)2002

      Sam Jones
      • Dead White Female19951
      • Too Many Blondes19962
      • The Black Rubber Dress19973
      • Freeze My Margarita19984
      • Freeze My Margarita19984
      • The Strawberry Tattoo20005
      • Chained20006
      Pretty Boy20017

  • Herron, Mick/M

      • Reconstruction2008
      • Smoke and Whispers2009
      • Nobody Walks2015

      PI Zoe Boehm, Oxford
      • Down Cemetery Road20031
      • Last Voice You Hear20042
      • Why We Die20063

      Slough House
      Slow Horses20101
      • Dead Lions20132
      • Real Tigers20163
      • Spook Street20174
      • London Rules20185

  • Hewitt, Ronnie

      Rob Ahearn, Psychologist and profiler, Glasgow
      • The Sawman20061

  • Heyer, Georgette

      • Footsteps in The Dark1932
      • Why Shoot a Butler?1933
      • The Unfinished Clue1934
      • Penhallow1942

      Inspector Hemingway
      • No Wind of Blame19391
      • Envious Casca (apa A Christmas Party)19412
      • Duplicate Death19513
      • Detection Unlimited19534

      Sup. Hannasyde
      • Death in The Stocks (apa Merely Murder)19351
      • Behold, Here's Poison19362
      • They Found Him Dead19373
      • A Blunt Instrument19384

  • Hill, Casey

      Riley Steel Prequel Novella
      • Crime Scene20151

      Riley Steel, Forensic Investigator, Dublin
      • Torn (apa Inferno)20122
      • Hidden20133
      • The Watched20144
      • Trace20155

  • Hill, Mark

      DI Ray Drake
      • The Two O'Clock Boy (apa His First Lie)20171
      • It Was Her20182

  • Hill, Reginald (See also: Dick Morland, Patrick Ruell, Charles Underhill)

      • Fell of Dark1971
      • The Turning of the Tide (apa The Castle of the Demon and written as Patrick Ruell)1971
      • A Fairly Dangerous Thing1972
      • Singleton's Law (apa Albion! Albion! and written as Dick Morland)1974
      • The Low Road (apa Death takes the Low Road and written as Patrick Ruell)1974
      • Very Good Hater1974
      • Beyond the Bone (apa Urn Burial and written as Patrick Ruell)1975
      • Another Death in Venice1976
      • The Spy's Wife1980
      • A Very Good Hater: A Tale of Revenge1982
      • Who Guards a Prince? (apa Guardians of the Prince)1982
      • Traitor's Blood1983
      • No Man's Land1985
      • Death of a Dormouse (written as Patrick Ruell)1987
      The Collaborators1987
      • The Long Kill (written as Patrick Ruell)1988
      • Dream of Darkness (written as Patrick Ruell)1989
      • The Only Game (written as Patrick Ruell)1991
      • Matlock's System1996
      The Stranger House2005
      The Woodcutter2010

      Dalziel & Pascoe Novella set in 2010
      • One Small Step1990

      Dalziel & Pascoe Short Stories
      • Asking for the Moon1994

      Joe Sixsmith, PI, Luton
      • Blood Sympathy19941
      • Born Guilty19952
      • Killing the Lawyers19973
      • Singing the Sadness19994
      The Roar of the Butterflies20085

      Short Stories
      • Pascoe's Ghost and Other Brief Chronicles of Crime1979
      There Are No Ghosts in the Soviet Union1987

      Supt. Dalziel & Sgt. Pascoe
      A Clubbable Woman19701
      • An Advancement of Learning19722
      • Ruling Passion19733
      • April Shroud19754
      • A Pinch of Snuff19785
      • A Killing Kindness19806
      • Deadheads19837
      • Exit Lines19848
      • Child's Play19879
      • Under World198810
      • Bones and Silence199011
      Recalled to Life199212
      • Pictures of Perfection199413
      The Wood Beyond199614
      On Beulah Height199815
      Arms and the Women199916
      Dialogues of the Dead200117
      Death's Jest Book200218
      Good Morning, Midnight200419
      The Death of Dalziel (apa Death Comes for the Fat Man)200720
      A Cure for All Diseases (apa The Price of Butcher's Meat)200821
      Midnight Fugue200922

  • Hill, Suzette A

      Primrose Oughterard
      • The Primrose Pursuit20161

      Revd Francis Oughterard
      A Load of Old Bones (reissued in 2007)20051
      • Bones in the Belfry20082
      • Bone Idle20093
      • Bones in High Places20104
      • A Bedlam of Bones20115

      Rosy Gilchrist
      • A Little Murder20131
      • The Venetian Venture20142
      • A Southwold Mystery20153
      • The Cambridge Plot20184

  • Hilton, L S

      Maestra series
      • Maestra20161
      • Domina20172
      • Ultima20183

  • Hiltunen, Pekka

      Lia and Mari, Finnish women living in London
      • Cold Courage20131
      • Black Noise20142

  • Hingley, David

      Mercia Blakewood
      • Birthright20161
      • Puritan20172
      • Traitor20183

  • Hodges, David

      • Flashpoint1999
      • Burnout2005
      • Slice2010

      DC Kate Hamblin
      • Firetrap20111
      • Requiem20122
      • Strawfoot20153

  • Holland, Nick

      John Halle, PI
      • The Girl On The Bus20071
      • The Killing Moon2

  • Holme, Timothy

      Inspector Achille Peroni, Italy
      • The Neapolitan Streak19801
      • Funeral of Gondolas19812
      • The Devil and the Dolce Vita19823
      • The Assisi Murders19854
      • At the Lake of Sudden Death19875

  • Holmen, Martin

      Harry Kvist, a bi-sexual former boxer and debt collector, 1930s Stockholm
      • Clinch20161
      • Down for the Count20172

  • Holmes, Andrew

      • Sleb2002
      • 64 Clarke (apa Nobody Saw)2005
      • Rain Dogs and Love Cats2007

  • Holms, Joyce

      Lawyer Tam Buchanan and legal student assistant 'Fizz' Fitzgerald, Edinburgh
      • Payment Deferred19961
      • Foreign Body19972
      • Bad Vibes19983
      • Thin Ice19994
      • Mr. Big20005
      • Bitter End20016
      Hot Potato20037
      Hidden Depths20048
      Missing Link20069

  • Holsinger, Bruce

      John Gower, C14th London
      • A Burnable Book20141
      • The Invention of Fire20152

  • Honda, Tetsuya

      Detective Reiko Himekawa
      • The Silent Dead20161
      • Soul Cage20172

  • Honeyman, William Crawford

      • The McGovan Casebook: Experiences of a Detective in Victorian Edinburgh (published originally in 1870s)2003

  • Hook, Philip

      • The Stonebreakers1994
      • The Island of the Dead1995
      • The Soldier in the Wheatfield1998
      • An Innocent Eye2000

  • Horst, Jorn Lier

      Chief Inspector William Wisting, Larvik
      • Closed for Winter20137
      • The Hunting Dogs20148
      The Caveman20159
      • When It Grows Dark (prequel novella)201711
      • The Katharina Code201812

  • Howell, Lis

      TV Producer Kate Wilkinson
      • After the Break19951
      • The Director's Cut19962
      • A Job to Die for19973

      The Norbridge Chronicles
      • The Flower Arranger at All Saints20071
      The Chorister at the Abbey20082
      • Death of a Teacher20103

  • Howells, Debbie

      • The Bones of You2015
      • The Beauty of the End2016
      • The Death of Her2017

  • Hrib, Bogdan

      Stelian Munteanu, Bucharest, Romania
      • The Greek Connection20151
      • Kill the General20114

  • Huber, Anna Lee

      Lady Darby, Scotland, 1830s
      • The Anatomist's Wife20121
      • Mortal Arts20132
      • A Grave Matter20143
      • A Study in Death20154
      • As Death Draws Near20165
      • A Brush with Shadow20186

  • Hudson, Maggie

      • Tell Me No Secrets1999
      • Fast Women2000
      • Looking For Mr Big2001
      • Nowhere to Run2002

  • Hughes, Andrew

      • The Convictions of John Delahunt2013
      • The Coroner's Daughter2017

  • Hunt, Arlene

      • Vicious Circle2004
      The Chosen2011
      • The Outsider2013
      • Last To Die2016

      Sarah Kenny and John Quigley, Quick Investigations, Dublin
      • False Intentions20051
      • Black Sheep20062
      • Missing Presumed Dead20073
      • Undertow20084
      • Blood Money20105

  • Hunt, James Patrick

      • Before They Make You Run2006

      Evan Maitland, Chicago
      • Maitland20051
      • Maitland Under Siege20062

      Lieutenant George Hastings, St Louis
      • The Betrayers20071
      • Goodbye Sister Disco20082

  • Hunter, Alan

      Chief Superintendent George Gently, East Anglia
      • Gently Does It19551
      • Gently by the Shore19562
      • Gently Down the Stream19573
      • Landed Gently19574
      • Gently Through the Mill19585
      • Gently in the Sun19596
      • Gently with the Painters19607
      • Gently to the Summit19618
      • Gently Go Man19619
      • Gently Where the Roads Go196210
      • Gently Floating196311
      • Gently Sahib196412
      Gently with the Ladies196513
      • Gently North-West (apa Gently in the Highlands)196714
      Gently Continental196715
      • Gently Coloured196916
      • Gently with the Innocents197017
      • Gently at a Gallop197118
      • Vivienne: Gently Where She Lay197219
      • Gently French197320
      • Gently in Trees (apa Gently Through the Woods)197421
      • Gently with Love197522
      • Gently Where the Birds Are197623
      • Gently Instrumental197724
      • Gently to a Sleep197825
      • The Honfleur Decision198026
      • Gabrielle's Way (apa Scottish Decision)198127
      • Fields of Heather (apa Death on the Heath)198128
      • Gently Between Tides198229
      • Amorous Leander (apa Death on the Broadlands)198330
      • The Unhanged Man (apa Unhung Man)198431
      • Once a Prostitute198432
      • Chelsea Ghost198533
      • Good Night, Sweet Prince198634
      • Strangling Man198735
      • Traitor's End198836
      • Gently With the Millions198937
      • Gently Scandalous199038
      • Gently to a Kill199239
      • Gently Tragic199240
      • Gently in the Glens199441
      • Bomber's Moon199442
      • Jackpot!199543
      • The Love of Gods199744
      • Over Here199845
      • Gently Mistaken199946

  • Hunter, Cara

      DI Adam Fawley, Oxford
      • Close to Home20171
      • In The Dark20182
      • No Way Out20193

  • Hunter, Max (See also: Paul Johnston, Sam#Alexander)

      Museum Mysteries
      • Murder at the Ashmolean20161

  • Hunter, Phillip

      The Killing Machine series
      • To Die For20141
      • To Kill For 20142
      • To Fight For20153

  • Hurley, Graham

      • Rules of Engagement1990
      • Reaper1991
      • The Devil's Breath1993
      • Thunder in the Blood1994
      • Sabbathman1995
      • The Perfect Soldier1996
      • Heaven's Light1997
      • Nocturne1998
      • Permissible Limits1999
      • The Chop ('Most Wanted' novella)2008
      • The Ghosts of 2012 ('Most Wanted' novella)2009

      DI Joe Faraday, Portsmouth
      • Turnstone20001
      • The Take20012
      • Angels Passing20023
      • Cut to Black20045
      Blood and Honey20066
      One Under20077
      The Price of Darkness20088
      No Lovelier Death20099
      • Beyond Reach201010
      • Borrowed Light201011
      • Happy Days201212

      DS Jimmy Suttle
      • Western Approaches20121
      • Touching Distance20132
      • The Sins of the Father20143
      • The Order of Things20154

      Wars Within
      • Finisterre20161
      • Aurore20172
      • Estocada20183

  • Hyland, Stanley

      • Who Goes Hang?1958
      • Green Grow the Tresses-O1966
      • Top Bloody Secret1969

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