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  • Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem

      Mycroft Holmes
      • Mycroft Holmes (with Anna Waterhouse)20151
      • Mycroft and Sherlock (with Anna Waterhouse)20182

  • Abson, G D

      Senior Investigator Natalya Ivanova, St Petersburg, Russia
      • Motherland20181

  • Ace, Cathy

      A Wise Enquiries Agency Mystery
      • The Case of the Dotty Dowager20151
      • The Case of the Missing Morris Dancer20152

      Welsh-Canadian Professor Cait Morgan, Criminologist
      • The Corpse with the Silver Tongue20121
      • The Corpse with the Golden Nose20132
      • The Corpse with the Emerald Thumb20143
      • The Corpse with the Platinum Hair20144
      • The Corpse with the Sapphire Eyes20155
      • The Corpse with the Diamond Hand20156
      • The Corpse with the Garnet Face20167

  • Ackroyd, Peter

      • Hawksmoor1985
      • Chatterton1987
      • Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem (apa The Trial of Elizabeth Cree)1994
      • The Clerkenwell Tales2003
      • The Lambs of London2004

  • Adams, Douglas

      Dirk Gently
      • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency19871
      • The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul19882
      • The Salmon of Doubt (unfinished)19953

  • Adams, Jane

      • Bird1997
      • Dangerous to Know2004
      A Kiss Goodbye2005

      DI Mike Croft
      • The Greenway19951
      • Cast the First Stone19962
      • Fade to Grey19983
      • Final Frame19994

      Detective Chief Inspector Henry Johnstone, 1928
      • The Murder Book20161
      • Death Scene20172
      • Kith and Kin20183

      Naomi Blake, blind ex-police officer
      • Mourning the Little Dead20021
      • Touching the Dark20032
      • Heatwave20043
      • Killing A Stranger20064
      • Legacy of Lies20075
      Blood Ties20106
      • Night Vision20117
      • Secrets20138
      • Gregory's Game20149
      • Paying the Ferryman201410
      • A Murderous Mind201511
      • Fakes and Lies201812

      Ray Flowers, ex-police officer, Leicestershire
      • The Angel Gateway20001
      • Like Angels Falling20012
      • Angel Eyes20023

      Rina Martin, Actress
      • A Reason to Die20071
      • Fragile Lives20082
      • The Power of One20093
      • Resolutions20104
      • The Dead of Winter20115
      • Cause of Death20126
      • Forgotten Voices20157

  • Adams, Will

      • Newton's Fire2012
      • City of the Lost2014

      Daniel Knox
      • The Alexander Cipher20071
      • The Exodus Quest (apa The Moses Quest)20082
      • The Lost Labyrinth20093
      • The Eden Legacy20104

  • Ahnhem, Stefan

      Fabian Risk
      • Victim Without a Face20161
      • The Ninth Grave20172
      • Eighteen Below20183
      • Motive X20194

  • Aird, Catherine

      A Most Contagious Game1967

      DI C D Sloan, Calleshire
      • The Religious Body19661
      • Henrietta Who?19682
      • The Complete Steel19693
      • Late Phoenix19704
      • His Burial Too19735
      • Slight Mourning19756
      • Parting Breath19777
      • Some Die Eloquent19798
      • Passing Strange19809
      • Last Respects198210
      • Harm's Way198411
      • A Dead Liberty198612
      • The Body Politic199013
      • A Going Concern199314
      • After Effects199615
      • Stiff News199816
      • Little Knell200117
      • Amendment of Life200318
      A Hole in One200519
      • Losing Ground200720
      • Past Tense201021
      • Dead Heading201322
      • Learning Curve201623

      Short Stories
      • Injury Time1994
      Chapter and Hearse2003
      • Last Writes2014

  • Alan, Ray

      • Retribution2011

      Detective Inspector Bill Forward
      • Death and Deception20071
      A Game of Murder20082
      • A Fear of Vengeance20103

  • Alaux, Jean-Pierre & Balen, Noel

      Benjamin Cooker, world-renowned winemaker turned gentleman detective
      Treachery in Bordeaux20121
      • Grand Cru Heist20142
      • Nightmare in Burgundy20143
      Deadly Tasting20144
      • Cognac Conspiracies20155
      • Mayhem in Margaux20156
      • Flambe in Armagnac20157
      • Montmartre Mysteries20158
      • Backstabbing in Beaujolais20159
      • Late Harvest Havoc201510
      • Tainted Tokay201611
      • Red-Handed in Romanae-Conti201612
      • Requiem in Yquem201713

  • Alber, Lisa

      County Clare Mysteries
      • Kilmoon20141
      • Whispers in the Mist20162
      • Path into Darkness20173

  • Alding, Peter (See also: Jeffrey Ashford, Roderic Graeme, Roderic Jeffries, Graham Hastings)

      Constable Kerr & Inspector Fusil
      • The C.I.D. Room (aka All Leads Negative)19671
      • Circle of Danger19682
      • Murder Among Thieves19693
      • Guilt Without Proof19704
      • Despite the Evidence19715
      • Call Back to Crime19726
      • Field of Fire19737
      • The Murder Line19748
      • Six Days to Death19759
      • Murder is Suspected197710
      • Ransom Town197911
      • A Man Condemned198112
      • Betrayed by Death198213
      • One Man's Justice198314

  • Alexander, Tasha

      Lady Emily
      • And Only to Deceive20051
      • A Poisoned Season20072
      • A Fatal Waltz20083
      • Tears of Pearl20094
      • Dangerous to Know20105
      • A Crimson Warning20116
      • Death in the Floating City20127
      • Behind the Shattered Glass20138
      • The Counterfeit Heiress20149
      • The Adventuress201510
      • A Terrible Beauty201611
      • Death in St. Petersburg201712
      • Uneasy Lies the Crown201813

  • Allen, Hania

      DCI Yvonne ‘Von’ Valenti, and her partner, DI Steve English, London
      • Jack in the Box20141
      Double Tap20152

      DS Dania Gorska
      • The Polish Detective20181
      • Clearing The Dark20192

  • Allen, Michael (See also: Michael Bradford, Patrick Read)

      • No Holds Barred1989

      Detective Superintendent Ben Spence
      • Spence in Petal Park (apa Spence and the Holiday Murders)19771
      • Spence at the Blue Bazaar19792
      • Spence at Marlby Manor19823

  • Alleyn, Susanne

      Aristide Ravel, Revolutionary France
      • Game of Patience20061
      • A Treasury of Regrets20072
      • The Cavalier of the Apocalypse20093
      • Palace of Justice20104

  • Allingham, Margery

      • Blackkerchief Dick1923
      • Water in a Sieve1925
      • The White Cottage Mystery1928
      • Other Man's Danger (apa The Man of Dangerous Secrets) (as Maxwell March)1933
      • The Mystery Man of Soho1933
      • Rogues' Holiday (as Maxwell March)1935
      • The Shadow in the House (as Maxwell March)1936
      • Black Plumes1940
      • Deadly Duo (apa Take Two at Bedtime)1949

      Albert Campion
      The Crime at Black Dudley (apa The Black Dudley Murder)19291
      • Mystery Mile19302
      • Look to the Lady (apa The Gyrth Chalice Mystery)19313
      • Police at the Funeral19314
      • Sweet Danger (apa Kingdom of Death/The Fear Sign)19335
      • Death of a Ghost19346
      • Flowers for the Judge (apa Legacy in Blood)19367
      • Dancers in Mourning (apa Who Killed Chloe?)19378
      • The Case of the Late Pig19379
      • The Fashion in Shrouds193810
      • Traitor's Purse (apa The Sabotage Murder Mystery)194111
      • Coroner's Pidgin (apa Pearls Before Swine)194512
      • More Work for the Undertaker194813
      • The Tiger in the Smoke195214
      • No Love Lost195415
      • The Beckoning Lady (apa The Estate of the Beckoning Lady)195516
      • Hide My Eyes (apa Tether's End/Ten Were Missing)195817
      • The China Governess196218
      • The Mind Readers196519
      • Cargo of Eagles (completed by Philip Youngman Carter)196820

      Short Stories
      • Mr Campion: Criminologist1937
      • Mr Campion and Others1939
      • Wanted: Someone Innocent1946
      • The Case Book of Mr Campion1947
      • Mr Campion and Others (revised)1950
      • The Darings of the Red Rose1995

  • Altun, Selcuk

      • Songs My Mother Never Taught Me2008
      • Many and Many a Year Ago2009

  • Ambrose, David

      • The Man who Turned into Himself1993
      • Mother Of God1995
      • Hollywood Lies1996
      • Superstition1997
      • The Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk2000
      • Coincidence2001
      • A Memory of Demons2003

  • Andrews, Beth

      John and Lydia Savidge, Regency era
      • Hidden in the Heart20061
      • The Unforgiving Eye20082

  • Andrews, Phil

      PI Steve Strong
      • Own Goals19991
      • Goodnight Vienna20012

  • Andrews, Sally

      Tannie Maria
      • Recipes for Love & Murder20151
      • The Satanic Mechanic20162

  • Anthony, Michael David

      • A Cold Unhurried Hand (completed by Ross Tomkins)2006

      Colonel Richard Harrison, working for the Diocese of Canterbury
      • The Becket Factor19901
      • Dark Provenance19942
      • Midnight Gone19983

  • Anwar, Amer

      Zaq & Jags
      • Western Fringes (apa Brothers in Blood)20171

  • Apostolou, Anna (See also: Ann Duthkas, Michael Clynes, P C Doherty, C L Grace, Paul Harding)

      Alexander the Great
      • A Murder in Macedon19971
      • A Murder in Thebes19982

  • Appignanesi, Lisa

      • The Things We Do for Love1997
      • The Dead of Winter1999
      • Sanctuary2000

  • Ardin, William

      Charles Ramsey, Antiques dealer
      • Plain Dealer19931
      • Some Dark Antiquities19942
      • Light at Midnight19953
      • The Mary Medallion19964

  • Arjouni, Jakob

      • Magic Hoffman1998
      • Chez Max2008

      Kemal Kayankaya, PI, Frankfurt, Germany
      • Happy Birthday, Turk!19871
      • More Beer (apa And Still Drink More!)19942
      • One Man, One Murder (apa One Death to Die)19963
      Brother Kemal20135

  • Arlidge, M J

      • A Gift for Dying2019

      Helen Grace, Southampton Police
      Eeny Meeny20141
      Pop Goes The Weasel20142
      • The Doll's House20153
      • Liar Liar20154
      • Little Boy Blue20165
      • Hide and Seek20166
      • Love Me Not20177
      • Down to the Woods20188

  • Armstrong, Campbell (See also: Thomas Altman, Campbell Black, Jeffrey Campbell)

      • Brainfire1979
      • White Light1988
      • Agents of Darkness1991
      • Asterisk Destiny1991
      • Asterisk1992
      • Concert of Ghosts1992
      • Death's Head1993
      • Slattery's Rose1993
      • Silencer1997
      • Blackout1999
      • Deadline2000

      DS Lou Perlman, Glasgow
      • The Bad Fire20011
      • The Last Darkness20022
      • White Rage20043

      Frank Pagan
      • Jig19871
      • Mazurka19882
      • Mambo19903
      • Jigsaw19944
      • Heat19965

  • Armstrong, David

      Det. John Munroe
      • Night's Black Agents19931
      • Less Than Kind19942

      Inspector Frank Kavanagh
      • Until Dawn Tomorrow19951
      • Thought for the Day19972
      • Small Vices20013
      • A Kind of Acquaintance20074
      • Written Out20095
      • A Pact of Silence20106

  • Armstrong, Vivien

      • The Honey Trap1992
      • The Wrong Road1997
      • Dead in the Water1998
      • Fly in Amber2000
      • Fool's Gold2000
      • Rewind2001
      • Smile Now, Die Later2002
      • Murder Between Friends2004

      DCI Hayes
      • No Birds Singing20031
      • Bird of Prey20032
      • The Payoff20053
      • Blue Murder20064
      • Roll Over, Play Dead20075
      • Gone to Earth20086

      WPC Judith Pullen
      • Sleight of Hand19911
      • Close Call19942
      • Beyond the Pale20023

  • Ash, Maureen

      Templar Bascot de Marins
      • The Alehouse Murders20071
      • Death of a Squire20082
      • A Plague of Poison20093
      • Murder for Christ's Mass20094
      • Shroud of Dishonour20105
      • A Deadly Penance20116

  • Ashford, Lindsay

      • The Mysterious Death of Jane Austen2011

      Megan Rhys, Investigative psychologist
      • Frozen20031
      • Strange Blood20052
      • Death Studies20063
      • The Rubber Woman (Quick Reads)20074
      • The Killer Inside20085

  • Ashley, Jennifer

      Kat Holloway, Victorian Era
      • Death Below Stairs20181
      • Scandal Above Stairs20182
      • Death in Kew Gardens20193

  • Ashton, David

      Inspector McLevy
      • The Shadow of the Serpent20061
      • Fall from Grace20072
      • Trick of the Light20093
      • Nor Will He Sleep20134

      Jean Brash
      • Mistress of the Just Land20161
      • The Lost Daughter20172

  • Astbury, Margaret

      Kate Mallory, Journalist and Richard Torrey
      • The Hitch-hiker20011
      • The Seal20022
      • Devil's Own Daughter20053

  • Atkins, Meg Elizabeth

      • By the North Door1975
      • Samain1976
      • Tangle1988

      DCI Sheldon Hunter
      • Cruel as the Grave19981
      • Death out of Season20012
      Private View20033
      • A Suburban Death20054

  • Ayatsuji, Yukito

      • Another2014
      • The Decagon House Murders2015
      • Another Episode S/02016

  • Aykol, Esmahan

      Kati Hirschel, Crime Bookshop owner, Istanbul
      • Hotel Bosphorus20111
      • Divorce Turkish Style20153

  • Aylett, Steve

      All set in Beerlight
      • The Crime Studio19941
      • Slaughtermatic19982
      • Atom20003

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