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Published in the UK during 2010.

• Adams, JaneBlood Ties
• Adams, JaneResolutions
Adams, WillThe Eden Legacy
Aird, CatherinePast Tense
Akunin, BorisHe Lover of DeathHistorical, Translated
• Alan, RayA Fear of Vengeance
Anderson, LinThe Reborn
• Anthology, AnMoscow Noir (ed. Natalia Smirinova and Julia Goumen)Translated, Anthology
• Anthology, AnOriginal Sins (ed. Martin Edwards)Anthology
• Armstrong, DavidA Pact of Silence
• Arnold, MichaelTraitor's BloodFirst Novel, Historical
• Ash, MaureenThe Alehouse MurdersFirst Novel, Historical
• Ashford, JeffreyCriminal Innocence
Atkinson, KateStarted Early, Took My Dog
Bale, TomTerror's Reach
• Baraldi, BarbaraThe Girl with the Crystal EyesTranslated
Barclay, AlexTime of Death
• Barnard, RobertA Stranger in the Family
• Barone, SamQuest for Honour (apa Conflict of Empires)Historical
• Barr, EmilyThe Perfect Lie
• Barrie, DavidNight-Scented
Barrington, JamesPayback
• Baruth, PhilipThe Brothers BoswellHistorical
Bateman, ColinDr Yes
• Bates, VeronycaDead in the WaterFirst Novel
• Battison, PattiLove to Death
Bauer, BelindaBlacklandsFirst Novel
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin and the Busy Body
Beaton, M CDeath of a Valentine
• Beaufort, SimonA Dead Man's SecretHistorical
• Beaufort, SimonThe Bloodstained ThroneHistorical
• Becker, JamesThe Messiah Secret
• Benacquista, ToninoBadfellas (apa Malavita)Translated
• Best, G MOliver Twist InvestigatesFirst Novel, Historical
Billingham, MarkFrom the Dead
Black, BenjaminElegy for AprilHistorical
Black, SeanDead Lock
Black, TonyLong Time Dead
Black, TonyLoss
• Blake, RichardThe Blood of AlexandriaHistorical
• Bolano, RobertoThe Skating Rink
Bolton, S J/SharonBlood Harvest
Bond, MichaelMonsieur Pamplemousse and the Carbon Footprint
• Booker, MichaelThe Business
Booth, StephenLost River
• Boswell, BryanTattooFirst Novel
• Bourland, FabriceThe Baker Street PhantomHistorical, First Novel, Translated
• Bourne, SamThe Chosen One
Bradley, AlanThe Weed That Strings the Hangman's BagHistorical
Brandreth, GylesOscar Wilde and the Nest of Vipers (apa Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders)Historical
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager DuchessHistorical
Brett, SimonThe Shooting in the Shop
Britton, AndrewThe Exile
Brody, FrancesA Medal for MurderHistorical
Brooke, P JA Darker Night
Brown, Gordon59 Minutes
Brownlee, NickMachete
Bruce, AlisonThe Siren
Bruen, KenThe Devil
• Bugle, WinstonBobby on the RunFirst Novel
• Bugler, SuzanneThis Perfect WorldFirst Novel
Burdett, JohnThe Godfather of Kathmandu
• Burke, BobThe Ho Ho Ho Mystery
Cain, TomDictator
• Cameron, KennethThe Second WomanHistorical
Camilleri, AndreaThe Wings of the SphinxTranslated
Campbell, AifricThe Loss Adjustor
Campbell, ColinNorthern Ex
Campbell, KarenShadowplay
• Cardetti, RaphaelDeath in the Latin QuarterTranslated
Carlotto, MassimoBandit LoveTranslated
• Carrisi, DonatoThe WhispererFirst Novel, Translated
Carter, ChrisThe Executioner
Carter, MaureenDeath Line
Carver, Caroline/CJThe Honest Assassin
• Carver, TaniaThe Creeper
• Casey, JaneThe Burning
• Casey, JaneThe MissingFirst Novel
• Cato, JoyceBirthdays Can be MurderFirst Novel
• Ceder, CamillaFrozen MomentFirst Novel, Translated
• Chambers, ClemThe Twain Maxim
Chambers, KimberleyThe Feud
Chambers, KimberleyThe Traitor
Chance, AlexSavage Blood
Charters, CharlieBolt ActionFirst Novel
• Chessex, JacquesA Jew Must DieTranslated
• Chester, RoyThe God Slayer
Child, Lee61 Hours
Child, LeeWorth Dying For
• Christer, SamThe Venice Conspiracy (as Jon Trace)
Clare, AlysMusic of the Distant StarsHistorical
• Clarke, Mary AndreaDebt of DishonourHistorical
• Clarkson, WensleyOne Behind the EarFirst Novel
Cleeves, AnnBlue Lightning
Clements, RoryRevengerHistorical
• Cleverly, BarbaraStrange Images of DeathHistorical
Cole, MartinaThe Family
Connolly, JohnThe Whisperers
• Conway, PeterWeb of Deceit
Conway, SimonA Loyal Spy
Cookman, LesleyMurder Imperfect
Cookman, LesleyMurder in the Green
Cooper, Natasha/N JLife Blood
Corbin, JulieWhere the Truth Lies
• Cottam, F GThe Waiting Room
Cotterill, ColinLove Songs from a Shallow Grave
Craske, DarrenThe Eleventh PlagueHistorical
Creed, AdamWilling Flesh
Cregan, SeanThe Levels
Crombie, DeborahNecessary as Blood
Cross, NeilCaptured
• Crowe, AlexIn the Dead of NightFirst Novel
• Cunningham, FayCry Baby
• Curzon, ClareDevil in the Detail
Cutler, JudithRing of Guilt
Cutler, JudithSilver Guilt
Dams, Jeanne MA Dark and Stormy Night
• Darrell, ElizabethIndian Summer
David, SaulHart of EmpireHistorical
Davies, David StuartThe Darkness of DeathHistorical
Davis, LindseyNemesisHistorical
• Davis, Margaret ThomsonThe Kellys of Kelvingrove
Dawson, AdrianCodexFirst Novel
• de Santis, PabloVoltaire's CalligrapherTranslated
Dean, AnnaA Woman of ConsequenceHistorical
• Dean, JohnTo Die Alone
• Dickinson, DavidDeath of a Wine MerchantHistorical
Dobbs, MichaelThe Reluctant Hero
Doherty, P C/PaulThe MysteriumHistorical
Doughty, LouiseWhatever You Love
Downie, Ruth (R S)Ruso and the Root of All Evils (apa Persona Non Grata)Historical
Downing, DavidPotsdam StationHistorical
• Dracup, AngelaThe Killing Club
• Dryden, AlexThe Blind Spy
• Duffy, MargaretCorpse in Waiting
Dugdall, RuthThe Woman Before MeFirst Novel
Duncker, PatriciaThe Strange Case of the Composer and His Judge
Dunn, CarolaDamsel in DistressHistorical
Dunn, CarolaDead in the WaterHistorical
Dunn, CarolaMurder on the Flying ScotsmanHistorical
Dunn, CarolaRattle His BonesHistorical
Dunn, CarolaStyx and StonesHistorical
Dunn, CarolaTo Davy Jones BelowHistorical
Dunne, StevenThe Disciple
Duns, JeremyFree Country (apa Song of Treason)Historical
• Duval, J A PBear in the WoodsFirst Novel
Eastland, SamEye of the Red TsarHistorical
Edwards, MartinThe Serpent Pool
Egeland, TomRelicTranslated
• Elliot, JasonThe NetworkFirst Novel
• Elliot, LanceDying to Know (as Keith McCarthy)
Ellis, JoyMask Wars (apa Crime on the Fens)First Novel
Ellis, KateThe Flesh Tailor
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JSaints of New York
Evans, GeraldineDeath Dance
Ewan, Chris/C MThe Good Thief's Guide to Vegas
Falconer, DuncanTraitor
• Faletti, GiorgioI KillTranslated, First Novel
• Fannin, RobertFalling Slowly
• Featherstone, AnnThe Newgate JigHistorical
• Februari, MarjolijnThe Book ClubTranslated
Fforde, JasperShades of Grey
• Fiorato, MarianaThe Botticelli Secret
• Fisher, SamState of Emergency
Fitzgerald, ConorThe Dogs of RomeFirst Novel
• Forbes, ElenaEvil in Return
• Forrester, JamesSacred TreasonHistorical, First Novel
Forsyth, FrederickThe Cobra
• Fossum, KarinBad IntentionsTranslated
• Fountain, N J/NevCursed Among Sequels
• Fountain, N J/NevDVD Extras Include: Murder
• Fountain, N J/NevGeek Tragedy
Fowler, ChristopherBryant and May Off the Rails
Francis, DickCrossfire (with Felix Francis)
Francome, JohnStorm Rider
Franklin, ArianaA Murderous Procession (apa The Assassin's Prayer (UK))Historical
• Fraser, AntheaUnfinished Portrait
• Fraser, GuyAvenging the DeadHistorical
• Frayn, RebeccaThe Art of Self-Deception
French, NicciComplicit (apa The Other Side of the Door)
French, TanaFaithful Place
Furst, AlanSpies of the Balkans
Galbraith, GillianNo Sorrow to Die
George, ElizabethThis Body of Death
Ghelfi, BrentVolk's Shadow (apa Shadow of the Wolf)
Gibbins, DavidThe Mask of Troy
• Gilbert, Paul DSherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of SumatraHistorical
• Giuttari, MicheleA Death in CalabriaTranslated
Goddard, RobertLong Time Coming
Goodhind, J GMurder by Mudpack
Goodhind, J GWicked Words
Gordon-Smith, DoloresA Hundred Thousand DragonsHistorical
Gordon-Smith, DoloresOff the RecordHistorical
• Graham, ElizaJubilee
• Granger, AnnA Better Quality of MurderHistorical
Grant, AndrewDie Twice
• Grant, BarrySherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Letter
• Grant, BarryThe Strange Return of Sherlock Holmes
Gray, AlexFive Ways to Kill a Man
• Green, JamesStealing God
• Green, JamesYesterday's Sins
Gregorio, MichaelUnholy AwakeningHistorical
Gregory, SusannaA Killer of PilgrimsHistorical
• Gregson, J MIn Vino Veritas
• Gregson, J MMerely Players
• Gregson, J MOnly A Game
Griffiths, EllyThe Janus Stone
• Grindle, LucretiaThe Villa Triste
Grubb, PennyLike False MoneyFirst Novel
Grubb, PennyThe Doll Makers
• Guicciardi, LuigiInspector Cataldo's Criminal SummerFirst Novel, Translated
Guttridge, PeterCity of Dreadful Night
• Haigh, RaymondThe Spider
Hall, M R/MatthewThe Disappeared
Hall, SimonThe Balance of Guilt
• Hammond, GeraldA Dog's Life
• Hammond, GeraldSilent Intruder
Hampson, JuneJail Bait
Hannah, SophieA Room Swept White (apa The Cradle in the Grave)
Hardie, TitaniaThe House of the Wind
• Hare, BrunoThe Lost KingsFirst Novel, Historical
Harper, TomThe Lazarus Vault
Harris, JoanneBlueeyedboy
Harrison, CoraEye of the LawHistorical
Harrod-Eagles, CynthiaBody Line
• Hart, ErinFalse Mermaid
Harvey, JohnA Darker Shade of BlueAnthology
Hayder, MoGone
Hayes, SamSomeone Else's Son
Heley, VeronicaFalse Money
Heley, VeronicaFalse Pretences
Heley, VeronicaMurder by Mistake
• Heller, MandasueThe Driver
Helton, PeterFalling More Slowly
Herron, Mick/MSlow Horses
Higgins, JackThe Judas Gate
Hill, ReginaldThe Woodcutter
Hill, SusanThe Shadows in the Street
Hill, Suzette ABones in High PlacesHistorical
Hilton, MattCut and Run
Hilton, MattSlash and Burn
• Hodges, DavidSlice
• Hodges, MikeWatching the Wheels Come OffFirst Novel
Holt, Anne1222Translated
Howell, LisDeath of a Teacher
Hughes, DeclanCity of Lost Girls
Hunt, ArleneBlood Money
Hurley, GrahamBeyond Reach
Hurley, GrahamBorrowed Light
Indridason, ArnaldurOperation NapoleonTranslated
Ison, GrahamAll Quiet on Arrival
Ison, GrahamHardcastle's SoldiersHistorical
• Izner, ClaudeThe Predator of BatignollesTranslated, Historical
• Jackson, James H/JamesRealmHistorical
• Jakubowski, MaximI Was Waiting for You
• Jakubowski, MaximThe Mammoth Book of Best British Mysteries 7Anthology
James, BillI am Gold
James, PeterDead Like You
James, PeterThe Perfect Murder (Quick Reads Novella)
Janes, DianeThe Pull of The MoonFirst Novel
Jardine, QuintinA Rush of Blood
Jardine, QuintinBlood Red
Jecks, MichaelThe OathHistorical
Jenkins, RebeccaDeath of a RadicalHistorical
• Johnson, GrahamSoljasFirst Novel
Johnston, PaulMaps of Hell
Jungstedt, MariThe Killer's ArtTranslated
Keane, JessieJail Bird
Kelly, ErinThe Poison TreeFirst Novel
Kelly, JimDeath Watch
• Kent, ChristobelA Fine and Private Place (apa Murder in Tuscany)
Kernick, SimonThe Last 10 Seconds
• Kerr, PhilipField GreyHistorical
• Kilgallon, JohnThe ProphecyFirst Novel
• Kilworth, Garry DouglasScarlet Sash: A Novel of the Zulu WarsHistorical
King, Laurie RThe God of the HiveHistorical
Kitchin, RobThe White Gallows
Kitson, BillChosen
Kitson, BillMinds That Hate
Knight, AlannaQuest for a KillerHistorical
Knight, BernardA Plague of HereticsHistorical
Knight, BernardAccording to the EvidenceHistorical
Knight, BernardWhere Death DelightsHistorical
• Knox, TomThe Marks of Cain
Kolczynski, AdamThe Oxford VirusFirst Novel
• Koomson, DorothyThe Ice Cream Girls
Krajewski, MarekPhantoms of BreslauTranslated, Historical
• Kray, KateThe BetrayedFirst Novel
Kray, RobertaThe Villain's Daughter
Kristian, GilesRaven: Sons of ThunderHistorical
La Plante, LyndaBlind Fury
Lackberg, CamillaThe StonecutterTranslated
Lake, DerynThe Mills of God
Lambert, CharlesAny Human Face
Larkin, L AThe Genesis Flaw
• Lawrence, PaulA Plague of SinnersHistorical
Le Carre, JohnOur Kind of Traitor
Learner, Tobsha/T SSphinx
Leather, StephenNightfall
Leather, StephenRough Justice
Lelic, SimonRupture (apa A Thousand Cuts)First Novel
Leon, DonnaA Question of Belief
• Lewis, JonathanInto DarknessFirst Novel
Lewis, KevinScent of a Killer
Lewis, RobertBank Of The Black Sheep
• Lewis, RoyDesign for Murder
• Litt, TobyKing Death
• Lloyd, FrancesThe Bluebell Killer
Lupton, RosamundSisterFirst Novel
Lynn, MattFire Force
• Macauley, TomThe Charnel House
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BDark Blood
Macken, JohnControl
Maclean, CharlesNight
• MacLean, Shona/S GA Game of SorrowsHistorical
MacLeod, TorquilMeet Me in MalmoFirst Novel
Magson, AdrianDeath on the MaraisHistorical
Magson, AdrianRed Station
• Mallo, ErnestoNeedle in a HaystackTranslated
• Manfredi, Valerio MassimoThe Ancient CurseTranslated
Mankell, HenningThe Man from BeijingTranslated
• Maraini, DaciaTrain to BudapestHistorical, Translated
Mariani, ScottThe Shadow Project
Marklund, LizaPostcard Killers (with James Patterson)Translated
Marklund, LizaRed WolfTranslated
• Marrinan, PatrickDegrees of Guilt
Marston, Edward/A ERailway to the GraveHistorical
• Martin, FaithA Narrow Point of View
• Massie, AllanDeath in BordeauxHistorical
May, PeterFreeze Frame
May, PeterVirtually Dead
• Mayle, PeterThe Vintage Caper
McCaffrey, K TNo Curtain Call
McCarthy, AvaThe Courier
McCarthy, KeithDying to Know
McCarthy, KeithSoul Seeker
McCarthy, KevinPeelerFirst Novel
• McCleary, CarolThe Illusion of MurderHistorical
McClure, KenDust to Dust
McCormac, PhilipMacLean
• McCreet, JamesThe Vice SocietyHistorical
• McCrery, NigelScream
McDermid, Val/V.L.Trick of the Dark
McDermott, AndyThe Sacred Vault (apa The Vault Of Shiva)
• McFadyen, IanFrozen to Death
McGilloway, BrianThe Rising
McIntosh, PatA Pig of Cold PoisonHistorical
McKay, ShirleyFate and FortuneHistorical
McKenzie, GrantNo Cry for Help
McNab, AndyWar Torn
McNab, AndyZero Hour
• McNamee, EoinOrchid Blue
McPherson, CatrionaDandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a MurderHistorical
Medieval Murderers, TheThe Sacred StoneHistorical
Melikan, RoseThe Mistaken WifeHistorical
Meyer, DeonThirteen HoursTranslated
• Millar, PeterThe Black Madonna
• Miller, JamesSunshine State
• Miloszewski, ZygmuntEntanglementTranslated
Mitchell, Dreda SayGangster Girl
Moffat, G JFallout
Moore, DonnaOld Dogs
• Moray, KeithFlotsam & Jetsam
• Morgan, TerenceThe Master of BrugesFirst Novel, Historical
Morris, Roger/R NA Razor Wrapped in SilkHistorical
Morson, IanFalconer and the Death of KingsHistorical
Myers, AmyMurder on the Old Road
• Nadel, BarbaraDeath by Design
Nesbo, JoThe SnowmanTranslated
Nesser, HakanThe Inspector and SilenceTranslated
Neville, StuartCollusion
Newman, RuthThe Company of Shadows
Nickson, ChrisThe Broken TokenFirst Novel, Historical
Noble, MalcolmThe Case of the Naughty Wife
Noble, MalcolmThe Clue of the Curate's Cushion
Norman, HilaryCaged
• O'Brien, J AMurder in Mind
O'Brien, MartinBlood Counts
• O'Carroll, GerryThe Gathering of SoulsFirst Novel
• Ockley, MarthaThe Reluctant Detective
O'Connor, NiamhIf I Never See You AgainFirst Novel
O'Donovan, GerardThe PriestFirst Novel
O'Flynn, CatherineThe News Where You Are
• Oldfield, PamelaThe Boat HouseHistorical
Oldham, NickHidden Witness
Oldham, NickSeizure
Orford, MargieBlood Rose
• Orsi, GuillermoNo-one Loves a PolicemanTranslated
• Paling, ChrisNimrod's ShadowHistorical
• Parot, Jean-FrancoisThe Saint-Florentin MurdersHistorical, Translated
• Parris, S JHeresyHistorical
Pawson, StuartA Very Private Murder
• Pearce, MichaelA Dead Man in MaltaHistorical
• Pearson, MarkDeath Row
Pepper, AndrewThe Detective BranchHistorical
Perez-Reverte, ArturoPirates of the LevantTranslated, Historical
Perry, AnneA Christmas OdysseyHistorical
Perry, AnneBetrayal at Lisson Grove (apa Treason at Lisson Grove)Historical
Perry, AnneThe Sheen on the SilkHistorical
• Phelps, JohnAgent from HellFirst Novel
Pilkington, JohnAfter the FireHistorical
Pinborough, SarahA Matter Of Blood
• Powers, TimDeclareHistorical
Purser, AnnThe Hangman's Row Enquiry
Quantrill, NickBroken Dreams
Quigley, SheilaThorn in My Side
Raichev, R TThe Curious Incident at Claridge's
Ramsay, CaroDark Water
• Ramsay, DanielleBroken SilenceFirst Novel
Rayne, SarahHouse of the Lost
Rees, Matt BenyonThe Fourth Assassin
Rendell, RuthTigerlily's Orchids
• Reynolds, MaureenMcQueen's AgencyHistorical
Rhea, NicholasConstable at the Fair
• Rice, John FSherlock Holmes' Tibetan AdventureFirst Novel, Historical
Rickman, PhilThe Bones of AvalonHistorical
Ridpath, MichaelWhere the Shadows Lie
Robertson, CraigRandomFirst Novel
Robertson, EileenMiss McGuire is MissingFirst Novel
Robertson, ImogenAnatomy of MurderHistorical
Robinson, PeterBad Boy
Robotham, MichaelBleed for Me
• Robson, SimonThe Observatory by Daylight
Rocha, Luis MiguelThe Holy Bullet (apa The Holy Assassin)Translated
• Roncagliolo, SantiagoRed AprilTranslated
Roslund, Anders & Hellstrom, BorgeThree SecondsTranslated
• Ross, JackDark Waters
Rowe, RosemaryRequiem For A SlaveHistorical
Rowlands, BettyMiss Minchin Dies
Rowson, PaulineBlood on the Sand (apa The Isle of Wight Murders)
• Rusch, KrisHitler's Angel
Russell, CraigThe Long Glasgow KissHistorical
Russell, LeighRoad Closed
• Russell, NormanThe Calton PapersHistorical
Rustage, AlanBlackstone and the Wolf of Wall StreetHistorical
• Ryan, ChrisThe Kill Zone
Ryan, Rob/RobertSignal Red
Ryan, WilliamThe Holy ThiefFirst Novel, Historical
Sampson, FayThose in Peril
• Sanderson, MarkSnow HillFirst Novel, Historical
Sansom, C JHeartstoneHistorical
• Sansom, IanThe Mobile Library : The Bad Book Affair
Scarrow, AlexAfterlight
Scarrow, SimonThe LegionHistorical
Schenkel, Andrea MariaBunkerTranslated
Scott, MandaThe Fire of Rome (apa The Emperor's Spy)Historical
• Sedley, KateWheel of FateHistorical
Seeber, ClaireNever Tell
Seymour, EVLand of Ghosts
Seymour, GeraldThe Dealer and the Dead
Sharp, ZoeFourth Day
• Shepherd, BobThe InfidelFirst Novel
Shepherd, LynnMurder at Mansfield ParkHistorical, First Novel
• Shevchenko, A KBequestFirst Novel
Siger, JeffreyAssassins of Athens
Siger, JeffreyMurder in Mykonos
Sigurdardottir, YrsaAshes to DustTranslated
Silverwood, RogerShrine to Murder
Silverwood, RogerThe Snuffbox Murders
Simms, ChrisCut Adrift
• Siniac, PierreThe CollaboratorsTranslated
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Charming Quirks of Others
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Double Comfort Safari Club
Smith, DanDry SeasonFirst Novel
• Smith, FrankA Killing Resurrected
Southey, RozSword and SongHistorical
Speller, ElizabethThe Return of Captain John EmmettFirst Novel, Historical
Spencer, SallyBlackstone and the Wolf of Wall StreetHistorical
Spencer, SallyEchoes of the Dead
Spencer, SallyThe Ring of Death
Stacey, LyndonNo Going Back
Staincliffe, CathThe Kindest Thing
Stanford-Smith, MThe Great LieHistorical, First Novel
Stanley, MichaelA Deadly Trade (apa The Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu)
Stark, OliverAmerican DevilFirst Novel
• Stratford, MartinDouble JeopardyFirst Novel
Sutton, HenryGet Me Out of Here
Tallis, FrankDeadly Communion (apa Vienna Twilight)Historical
Taylor, AndrewThe Anatomy of GhostsHistorical
Taylor, D JAt the Chime of a City ClockHistorical
• Taylor, PeterStone Cold
• Teague, LorenThe Italian Affair
Templeton, AlineCradle to Grave
The Mulgray Twins, Above Suspicion
• Thomas, MikePocket NotebookFirst Novel
Thomas, RhysOn The Third Day
• Thompson, AliceThe Existential Detective
Thompson, BrianThe Player's CurseHistorical
Thompson, JamesSnow Angels
Tickler, PeterBlood in Grandpont
Timlin, MarkStay Another Day
Todd, CharlesThe Red DoorHistorical
Todd, MarilynStill WatersHistorical
• Tonkin, PeterThe Prison Ship
• Tonkin, PeterThe Red River
Tope, RebeccaA Grave in the Cotswolds
Tope, RebeccaFear in the Cotswolds
• Trace, JonThe Venice Conspiracy
• Tremain, RoseTrespass
Tremayne, PeterThe Chalice of BloodHistorical
Trow, M JMaxwell's Retirement
• Turnbull, PeterAftermath
• Turnbull, PeterDeliver Us from Evil
Tyler, L CThe Herring in the Library
Upson, NicolaTwo For SorrowHistorical
• Varesi, ValerioRiver of ShadowsTranslated
• Vaughan-Hughes, PipThe Fools' CrusadeHistorical
Verhoef, EstherRendezvousTranslated
• Vidal, BillThe Aztec
Wagner, Jan CostinSilenceTranslated
Walker, MartinBlack Diamond
• Walker, PeterThe Courier's TaleHistorical
Walsh, CasparBlood RoadFirst Novel
Walsh, Jill PatonThe Attenbury Emeralds: Lord Peter Wimsey's First CaseHistorical
• Watt, DouglasDeath of a ChiefHistorical
Weaver, TimChasing the DeadFirst Novel
Weeks, LeeKiss and Die
• Weiss, ErnstGeorg Letham: Physician and MurdererTranslated
Wells, ShirleyThe Broken Circle
• Welsh, LouiseNaming the Bones
White, MichaelThe Art of Murder
White, NeilDead Silent
• Whitehouse, LucieThe Bed I Made
• Whitelaw, StellaA Wide Berth
Wilding, PhilipCross Country Murder SongFirst Novel
• Williams, AndrewTo Kill a TsarHistorical
Williams, ConradBlonde on a Stick
• Wilson, EdwardThe Darkling SpyHistorical
Wilson, LauraA Capital CrimeHistorical
Wishart, DavidBodies PoliticHistorical
• Wright, A JAct of MurderHistorical
• Yoshida, ShuichiVillainTranslated
Zafon, Carlos RuizThe Prince of MistTranslated
Zeh, JuliDark Matter (apa In Free Fall)Translated
Zouroudi, AnneThe Lady of Sorrows

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