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  • Padura, Leonardo

      Lt Mario Conde, Cuba
      • Havana Blue20071
      • Havana Gold20082
      • Havana Red20053
      • Havana Black20064
      • Havana Fever20095
      • Heretics20176

  • Palma, Felix

      Victorian trilogy
      • The Map of Time20111
      • The Map of the Sky20122

  • Pamuk, Orhan

      • The Black Book1994
      • My Name Is Red2001
      • Snow2004

  • Parker, Imogen

      Sophie Fitt
      • A Temporary Affair19941
      • Something Funny19952

  • Parker, Kate

      Georgia Fenchurch, antiquarian bookseller, Victorian London
      • The Vanishing Thief20131
      • The Counterfeit Lady20142

  • Parks, Alan

      Harry McCoy, Police Officer, Glasgow, 1973
      • Bloody January20171
      • February's Son20192

  • Parrish, Frank (See also: Ivor Drummond, Rosalind Erskine, Roger Longriff, Domini Taylor)

      Dan Mallet
      • Fire in the Barley19771
      • Sting of the Honeybee19782
      • Snare in the Dark19823
      • Bait on the Hook19834
      • Face at the Window (apa Death In The Rain)19845
      • Fly in the Cobweb19866
      • Caught in the Birdlime (apa Bird In The Net)19877
      • Voices from the Dark19938

  • Parsons, Julie

      • The Courtship Gift1999
      Eager to Please2001
      • The Guilty Heart2003
      • The Smoking Room (Open Door Novella)2004
      • The Hourglass2006
      • The Therapy House2017

      Detective Inspector Michael McLoughlin, Dublin
      • Mary, Mary19981
      I Saw You20082

  • Parsons, Tony

      Detective Max Wolfe of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, London
      • The Murder Bag20141
      The Slaughter Man20152
      • The Hanging Club20163
      • Die Last20174
      • Girl On Fire20185
      • #taken20196

      Detective Max Wolfe, Short Story
      • Dead Time (ebook only)20151
      • Fresh Blood (ebook only)20162

  • Pastor, Ben

      Aelius Spartianus
      • The Water Thief20071
      • The Fire Waker20082

      Wehrmacht Captain Martin Bora, 1939
      Liar Moon20122
      • A Dark Song of Blood20143
      • Tin Sky20154
      • Road to Ithaca20175
      • The Horseman's Song20196

  • Pateman, R S

      • The Second Life of Amy Archer2013
      • The Prophecy of Bees2014

  • Patrick, Seth

      • The Returned2014

      Reviver Trilogy
      • Reviver20131
      • Lost Souls20152

  • Pearson, Mark

      • Private London (with James Patterson)2011
      • White City2012

      Detective Inspector Jack Delaney, London
      • Hard Evidence20091
      • Blood Work20092
      • Death Row20103
      Murder Club20114
      • The Killing Season20145

  • Pennac, Daniel

      Benjamin Malaussene
      • The Scapegoat19851
      • Fairy Gunmother19872
      • Write to Kill19893
      • Monsieur Malussene19954
      • Passion Fruit19995

  • Penrose, Andrea

      Lady Arianna Hadley Novella
      • The Stolen Letters (ebook only)20171

      Lady Arianna Hadley, Regency England
      • Sweet Revenge20111
      • The Cocoa Conspiracy20112
      • Recipe for Treason20123

      Wrexford & Sloane
      • Murder on Black Swan Lane20171
      • Murder at Half Moon Gate20182

  • Perry, Anne

      • The One Thing More2000
      • A Dish Taken Cold2001
      • A Christmas Journey (apa Journey Towards Christmas)2003
      • A Christmas Visitor2004
      • A Christmas Guest2005
      A Christmas Secret2006
      • A Christmas Beginning2007
      • Heroes ('Most Wanted' novella)2007
      A Christmas Grace2008
      A Christmas Promise2009
      A Christmas Odyssey2010
      • The Sheen on the Silk2010
      A Christmas Homecoming2011
      A Christmas Garland2012
      • A Christmas Hope2013
      • A New York Christmas2014
      • A Christmas Escape2015
      • A Christmas Message2016
      • A Christmas Return2017

      Charlotte and Thomas Pitt
      • The Cater Street Hangman19791
      • Callander Square19802
      • Paragon Walk19813
      • Resurrection Row19814
      • Rutland Place19835
      • Bluegate Fields19846
      • Death in the Devil's Acre19857
      • Cardington Crescent19878
      • Silence in Hanover Close19889
      • Bethlehem Road199010
      • Highgate Rise199111
      • Belgrave Square199212
      • Farriers' Lane199313
      • The Hyde Park Headsman199414
      • Traitors' Gate199515
      • Pentecost Alley199616
      • Ashworth Hall199717
      • Brunswick Gardens199818
      • Bedford Square199919
      • Half Moon Street200020
      • The Whitechapel Conspiracy200121
      • Southampton Row200222
      Seven Dials200323
      • Long Spoon Lane200524
      • Buckingham Palace Gardens200825
      Betrayal at Lisson Grove (apa Treason at Lisson Grove)201026
      Dorchester Terrace201127
      Midnight at Marble Arch201228
      Death on Blackheath201329
      • The Angel Court Affair201430
      • Treachery at Lancaster Gate201531
      • Murder on the Serpentine201632

      Daniel Pitt, Barrister,1910
      • Twenty-One Days20171
      • Triple Jeopardy20182

      Inspector Monk
      • The Face of a Stranger19901
      • A Dangerous Mourning19912
      • Defend and Betray19923
      • A Sudden, Fearful Death19934
      • Sins of the Wolf19945
      • Cain His Brother19956
      • Weighed in the Balance19967
      The Silent Cry19978
      • The Whited Sepulchres (apa A Breach of Promise)19989
      • The Twisted Root199910
      Slaves of Obsession200011
      Funeral in Blue200112
      Death of a Stranger200213
      The Shifting Tide200414
      Dark Assassin200615
      Execution Dock200916
      Acceptable Loss201117
      A Sunless Sea201218
      • Blind Justice201319
      Blood on the Water201420
      • Corridors of the Night201521
      • Revenge in a Cold River201622
      • An Echo of Murder201723
      • Dark Tide Rising201824

      Joseph Reavley, Chaplain, 1st World War
      No Graves as Yet20031
      Shoulder the Sky20042
      • Angels in the Gloom20053
      At Some Disputed Barricade20064
      We Shall Not Sleep20075

  • Perry, S W

      Nicholas Shelby, Elizabethan Era
      • The Angel's Mark20181

  • Persaud, Raj

      William James, Psychiatrist
      • Can't Get You Out of My Head20151

  • Peters, Ellis (See also: Joylon Carr, Edith Pargeter, John Redfern)

      • Murder in the Dispensary (as Joylon Carr)1938
      • Death Comes by Post (as Joylon Carr)1940
      • The Victim Needs a Nurse (John Redfern)1940
      • Most Loving Mere Folly (as Edith Pargeter)1953
      • Death Mask1959
      • The Will and the Deed (apa Where There's a Will)1960
      • Funeral of Figaro1962
      • The Horn of Roland1974
      • Never pick up Hitch-hikers!1976

      Brother Cadfael Short Stories
      • A Rare Benedictine1988

      Brother Cadfael, C12th monk, Shrewsbury
      • A Morbid Taste for Bones19771
      • One Corpse Too Many19792
      • Monk's-Hood19803
      • St. Peter's Fair19814
      • The Leper of Saint Giles19815
      • The Virgin in the Ice19826
      • The Sanctuary Sparrow19837
      • The Devil's Novice19838
      • Dead Man's Ransom19849
      • The Pilgrim of Hate198410
      • An Excellent Mystery198511
      • The Raven in the Foregate198612
      • The Rose Rent198613
      • The Hermit of Eyton Forest198714
      • The Confession of Brother Haluin198815
      • The Heretic's Apprentice198916
      • The Potter's Field198917
      • The Summer of the Danes199118
      • The Holy Thief199219
      • Brother Cadfael's Penance199420

      The Felse family : George Felse (Policeman), Bunty Felse and Dominic Felse, Shropshire
      • Fallen into the Pit (as Edith Pargeter)19511
      • Death and the Joyful Woman19612
      • Fight of a Witch19643
      • A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs (apa Who Lies Here)19654
      • The Piper of the Mountain19665
      • Black is the Colour of My True Love's Heart19676
      • The Grass-Widow's Tale19687
      • The House of Green Turf19698
      • Mourning Raga19699
      • The Knocker on Death's Door197010
      • Death to the Landlords197211
      • City of Gold and Shadows197312
      • Rainbow's End197813

  • Petersen, Christoffer

      Greenland Crime
      • Seven Graves One Winter20181
      • Blood Floe20182

      Konstabel Fenna Brongaard, Greenland
      • The Ice Star20171
      • In the Shadow of the Mountain20172

      • Northern Light (ebook only)20181

  • Petit, Chris

      • Robinson1993
      • The Psalm Killer1996
      • Back From the Dead1999
      • The Hard Shoulder2001
      • The Human Pool2002
      • The Passenger2006

      Schlegel and Morgen, Germany, 1943
      • The Butchers of Berlin20161
      • Pale Horse Riding20172

  • Philips, Tim

      Ex cop/PI Jack Talbot, London
      • In Harm's Way20061
      • Turn The Lights Out When I Die2

  • Phillips, Christi

      Claire Donovan, Cambridge Fellow
      • The Rossetti Letter20071
      • The Devlin Diary20092

  • Phillips, Stella

      • Yet She Must Die1973
      • Dear Brother, Here Departed1975

      Detectives Furnival and King, Meddenham
      • Down to Death19671
      • The Hidden Wrath19682
      • Death in Arcady19693
      • Death Makes the Scene19704
      • Death in Sheep's Clothing19715
      • Three May Keep A Secret20046

  • Pilkington, John

      Betsy Brand, Actress, Restoration London
      • After the Fire20101
      • The Judas Blade20112

      Martin Marbeck, Elizabethan Intelligencer
      • Marbeck And The Double-Dealer20121

      Thomas the Falconer, C16th
      • The Ruffler's Child20021
      • A Ruinous Wind20032
      • Ramage Hawk20043
      • The Mapmaker's Daughter20054
      • The Maiden Bell20055
      • The Jingler's Luck20066
      • The Muscovy Chain20077

  • Pilkington, Paul

      • Someone to Save You (ebook only)2011

      Emma Holden
      • The One You Love20141
      • The One You Fear20142
      • The One You Trust20143

  • Pinborough, Sarah

      • Behind Her Eyes2017
      • Cross Her Heart2018

      Dr Thomas Bond, Police Surgeon, London, 1880s
      • Mayhem20131
      • Murder20142

      The Dog-Faced Gods Trilogy
      • A Matter Of Blood20101
      • The Shadow of the Soul20112
      • The Chosen Seed20123

  • Pirie, David

      Arthur Conan Doyle & Dr Joseph Bell
      • The Patient's Eyes20011
      • The Night Calls20022
      The Dark Water20043
      • The Dead Time4

  • Pirincci, Akif

      Francis, Cat-detective
      • Felidae19931
      • Felidae on the Road (apa Francis)19942

  • Pirnie, Amy (See also: Freda Davies)

      Sue Bennett, Journalist
      • Let Heaven Fall (previously pub in 1995 as by 'Freda Davies')20061
      • Lesser Creatures20072

  • Pitman, Jenny

      Jan Hardy, horse trainer
      • On the Edge20021
      • Double Deal20022
      • The Dilemma20033
      • The Vendetta20044
      • The Inheritance20055

  • Pitman, Richard

      • Running Scared (with Joe McNally)1994

      Eddie Malloy, former champion jockey
      • Warned Off (with Joe McNally)19921
      • Hunted (with Joe McNally)19932
      • Blood Ties (with Joe McNally)19963
      • The Third Degree19974
      • Joseph's Mansions (with Joe McNally)20015
      Bet Your Life (with Joe McNally)20046

  • Pope, Barbara Corrado

      Magistrate Bernard Martin, 1890s, France
      • Cezanne's Quarry20081
      • The Blood of Lorraine20102

  • Porecky, Robin

      Magnus Trygg, Sweden
      • Come Into My Arms20131
      • The Devil's Field20132

  • Potter, Jeremy

      • Hazard Chase1964
      • Foul Play1967
      • Dance of Death1968
      • Trail of Blood1970
      • Going West1972
      • Disgrace and Favour1975
      • Death in the Forest1977
      • The Primrose Hill Murder1992
      • The Mystery of Campden Wonder1995

  • Potzsch, Oliver

      Hangman's Daughter series
      • The Hangman's Daughter20111
      • The Dark Monk20122
      • The Beggar King20133
      • The Poisoned Pilgrim20134
      • The Werewolf of Bamberg20155
      • The Play of Death20176
      • The Council of Twelve20187

  • Powell, E M

      Stanton and Barling
      • The King's Justice20181
      • The Monastery Murders20182

  • Price, Robert T

      • Deadly Rose of Texas2004

      Kendall Madigan, ex-car thief, Stratford-upon-Avon
      • Nickers19981
      • Grievous19992
      • Big Deal20013
      • Dog Meat20054

  • Profijt, Jutta

      • Dust Angel2013

      Martin Gänsewein, Coroner
      • Morgue Drawer Four20111
      • Morgue Drawer Next Door20122
      • Morgue Drawer for Rent20123
      • Morgue Drawer: Do Not Enter!20144
      • Morgue Drawer: Clink or Cooler?20155

  • Puckett, Andrew

      • Bed of Nails1989
      • Desolation Point1993
      • A Life for a Life2000
      • The Old Man's Friend2008

      Tom Jones, Department of Health Inspector
      • Bloodstains19871
      • Terminus19902
      • Bloodhound19913
      • Ladies of the Vale19944
      • Shadows Behind a Screen19985
      • Chilling Out19996
      • The Gift20007

  • Purser, Ann

      Ivy Beasley, Northamptonshire
      • The Hangman's Row Enquiry20101
      • The Measby Murder Enquiry20112
      • The Wild Wood Enquiry20123
      • The Sleeping Salesman Enquiry20134
      • The Blackwoods Farm Enquiry20145

      Lois Meade, village cleaner, Northamptonshire
      Murder on Monday20021
      • Terror on Tuesday20032
      • Weeping on Wednesday20033
      • Theft on Thursday20044
      • Fear on Friday20055
      • Secrets on Saturday20066
      • Sorrow on Sunday20077
      • Warning at One20088
      • Tragedy at Two20099
      • Threats at Three201010
      • Foul Play at Four201111
      • Found Guilty at Five201212
      • Scandal at Six201313
      • Suspicion at Seven201414

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