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Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.


  • Kaaberbol, Lene

      Madeleine Karno, 1894
      • Doctor Death20151
      • A Lady in Shadow20172

  • Kallifatides, Theodor

      Kristina Vendel, Police Inspector, Sweden
      • A Very Simple Crime20021
      • The Sixth Passenger2

  • Karjel, Robert

      Ernst Grip
      • My name is N (apa The Swede)20151
      • After the Monsoon20182

  • Kavanagh, Dan (See also: Julian Barnes)

      Duffy, PI, London
      • Duffy19801
      • Fiddle City19812
      • Putting the Boot In19853
      • Going to the Dogs19874

  • Kaye, M M

      • Death in Kashmir (revised 1984) (originally published as Death Walked in Kashmir)1953
      • Death in Berlin (revised 1985) (originally published as Death Walked in Berlin)1955
      • Death in Cyprus (revised 1984) (originally published as Death Walked in Cyprus)1956
      • Death in Kenya (revised 1983) (originally published as Later Than You Think and also as It's Later Than You Think (1960))1958
      • Death in Zanzibar (revised 1983) (originally published as The House of Shade)1959
      • Death in the Andamans (revised 1985) (originally published as Night on the Island)1960

  • Keane, Jessie

      • Jail Bird2010
      The Make2011
      • Dangerous2015
      • Fearless2018

      Annie Bailey
      • Dirty Game20081
      • Black Widow20092
      • Scarlet Women20093
      • Playing Dead20114
      • Ruthless20135
      • Stay Dead20166

      Darke family
      • Nameless20121
      • Lawless20142
      • The Edge20193

  • Keating, H R F

      • Death and the Visiting Firemen1959
      • Zen There Was Murder1960
      • A Rush on the Ultimate1961
      • The Dog It Was That Died1962
      • Death of a Fat God1963
      • Is Skin-Deep, is Fatal1965
      • A Remarkable Case of Burglary1975
      • Murder by Death1976
      • The Murder of the Maharajah1980
      • The Rich Detective1993
      • The Good Detective1995
      • The Bad Detective1996
      • The Soft Detective1997
      • Jack the Lady Killer1999

      D. Sup. Harriet Martens, Birchester
      • The Hard Detective20001
      • A Detective in Love20012
      A Detective Under Fire20023
      The Dreaming Detective20034
      A Detective at Death's Door20045
      One Man and His Bomb20066
      • Rules, Regs and Rotten Eggs20077

      Inspector Ghote, Bombay, India
      • The Perfect Murder19641
      • Inspector Ghote's Good Crusade19662
      • Inspector Ghote Caught in Meshes19673
      • Inspector Ghote Hunts the Peacock19684
      • Inspector Ghote Plays a Joker19695
      • Inspector Ghote Breaks an Egg19706
      • Inspector Ghote Goes by Train19717
      • Inspector Ghote Trusts the Heart19728
      • Bats Fly Up For Inspector Ghote19749
      • Filmi, Filmi, Inspector Ghote197610
      • Inspector Ghote Draws a Line197911
      • Go West, Inspector Ghote198112
      • The Sheriff of Bombay198413
      • Under a Monsoon Cloud198614
      • The Body in the Billiard Room198715
      • Dead on Time198816
      • Inspector Ghote, His Life and Crimes (Short Stories)198917
      • The Iciest Sin199018
      • Inspector Ghote and Some Others (3 stories, limited print run of 350)199119
      • Cheating Death199220
      • Doing Wrong199421
      • Asking Questions199622
      • Bribery, Corruption Also199923
      • Breaking and Entering200024
      • Inspector Ghote's First Case200825
      A Small Case for Inspector Ghote?200926

      Short Stories
      • Mrs Craggs: Crimes Cleaned Up1985
      • In Kensington Gardens Onceā€¦1997

  • Keegan, Alex

      Caz Flood, Police, Brighton
      • Cuckoo19941
      • Vulture19952
      • Kingfisher19953
      • Razorbill19964
      • A Wild Justice19975

  • Kelly, Lesley

      • A Fine House in Trinity2016

      The Health of Strangers series
      • The Health of Strangers20171
      • Songs by Dead Girls20182

      The Health of Strangers short story
      • The Art of Not Being Dead (ebook only)20181

  • Kendal, Claire

      • The Book of You2014
      • The Second Sister2017
      • I Spy2019

  • Kenneally, Christy

      Michael Flaherty, Priest and Ex-Marine, Ireland
      • Second Son20051
      • The Remnant20062
      • Tears of God20093

  • Kenneth, Maxine

      Jacqueline Bouvier
      • Paris to Die For20111
      • Spy in a Little Black Dress20122

  • Kent, Rebecca (See also: Kate Kingsbury)

      Meredith Llewellyn, Headmistress at Bellehaven House, Edwardian Era
      • High Marks for Murder20081
      • Finished Off20092
      • Murder Has No Class20103

  • Kent, Serena

      Penelope Kite
      • Death in Provence20181
      • Death in Avignon20192

  • Kerr, Peter

      Bob Burns, Policeman, Scotland
      • Bob Burns Investigates: The Mallorca Connection20061
      • Bob Burns Investigates: The Sporran Connection20072
      • Bob Burns Investigates: The Cruise Connection20083

  • Kershaw, Valerie

      • The Snow Man1979
      • Rosa1980
      • Rockabye1990

      Mitch Mitchell, Radio Presenter, Birmingham
      • Murder Is Too Expensive19931
      • Funny Money19942
      • Late Knights19953
      • Juicy Lucy19964
      • Head Wounds20005

  • Khadra, Yasmina

      Superintendent Llob
      • Morituri20041
      • Double Blank20052
      • Autumn of the Phantoms20063
      • Dead Man's Share20094

  • Khan, Vaseem

      A Baby Ganesh Agency short story (Quick Reads)
      • Inspector Chopra and the Million-Dollar Motor Car20181

      Inspector Chopra
      • The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra20151
      • The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown20162
      • The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star20173
      • Murder at the Grand Raj Palace20184

  • Khara, David

      • The Bleiberg Project20141
      • The Shiro Project20142
      • The Morgenstern Project20153

  • Kilduff, Paul

      • Square Mile1999
      • The Dealer2000
      • The Frontrunner2001
      • The Headhunter2003
      • The Missing

  • Kilroy, Claire

      • All Summer2003
      • Tenderwire2006
      • All Names Have Been Changed2009

  • King, Catriona

      Detective Chief Inspector Marc Craig, Belfast
      • A Limited Justice20121
      • The Grass Tattoo20122

  • King, Danny

      • The Bank Robber Diaries2002
      • The Hitman Diaries2003
      • The Pornographer Diaries2004
      • School for Scumbags2007

      • The Burglar Diaries20011
      • More Burglar Diaries20092

      Darren Mile, ex-con
      • Milo's Marauders20051
      • Milo's Run20062

  • King, Laurie R

      • Touchstone2008
      • The Bones of Paris2013

      Mary Russell Short Stories
      • Mary Russell's War20161

      Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes
      • The Beekeeper's Apprentice19941
      • A Monstrous Regiment of Women19952
      • A Letter of Mary19973
      • The Moor19984
      O Jerusalem19995
      • Justice Hall20026
      • The Game20047
      • Locked Rooms20058
      • The Language of Bees20099
      The God of the Hive201010
      Pirate King201111
      Garment of Shadows201212
      • Dreaming Spies201513
      • The Murder of Mary Russell201614
      • Island of the Mad201815

  • Kinnings, Max

      • Hitman2000
      • The Fixer2001

      DCI Ed Mallory, blind hostage negotiator, London
      • Sacrifice20132

  • Kinsey, T E

      Lady Emily Hardcastle, 1908
      • A Quiet Life In The Country20161
      • In the Market for Murder20162
      • Death around the Bend20173
      • A Picture of Murder20184

      Lady Emily Novella
      • Christmas at the Grange (ebook only)20171

  • Kirk, Margaret

      ex-Met Detective Inspector Lukas Mahler, Inverness
      • Shadow Man20171

  • Kirton, Bill

      • The Figurehead2010

      DCI Carston, Cairnburgh, near Aberdeen
      • Material Evidence19951
      • Rough Justice19962
      • The Darkness20083

  • Kitakata, Kenzo

      • Ashes2003
      • Winter Sleep2005
      • The Cage2007
      • City of Refuge2012

  • Kitchin, Rob

      • Killer Reels (ebook)2012

      Detective Superintendent Colm McEvoy
      • The Rule Book20091
      • The White Gallows20102

  • Kjaerstad, Jan

      The Jonas Wergeland Trilogy
      • The Seducer20031
      • The Conqueror20062
      • The Discoverer20083

  • Knight, Alanna

      • Sweet Cheat Gone1992
      • This Outward Angel1993
      • Angel Eyes1997
      • In The Shadow of The Minster2002

      Annie Kelty
      • The Monster in the Loch19981
      • The Royal Park Murder19982
      • Dead Beckoning19993

      Inspector Faro and Rose McQuinn
      • The Darkness Within20171

      Inspector Faro omnibus
      • Inspector Faro and the Edinburgh Mysteries19941
      • Inspector Faro's Casebook19962
      • Faro and the Royals20053

      Inspector Faro, Edinburgh, Victorian Era
      • Enter Second Murderer19881
      • Blood Line19892
      • Deadly Beloved19893
      • Killing Cousins19904
      • A Quiet Death19915
      • To Kill A Queen19926
      • The Evil That Men Do19937
      • The Missing Duchess19948
      • The Bull Slayers19959
      • Murder By Appointment199610
      • The Coffin Lane Murders199811
      • The Final Enemy200212
      • Unholy Trinity200413
      • Murder in Paradise200814
      The Seal King Murders201115
      • Murders Most Foul201316
      • Akin to Murder201617

      Rose McQuinn, Lady Investigator, late 19thC, Scotland
      The Inspector's Daughter20001
      • Dangerous Pursuits20022
      • An Orkney Murder20033
      Ghost Walk20044
      • Destroying Angel20075
      • Quest for a Killer20106
      • Deadly Legacy20127
      • The Balmoral Incident20148
      • Murder Lies Waiting20189

      Tam Eildor
      • The Dagger in the Crown20011
      The Gowrie Conspiracy20032
      The Stuart Sapphire20053

  • Knight, Ali

      Wink Murder2011
      • The First Cut2012
      • Until Death2013
      • The Silent Ones2015
      • Before I Find You2018

  • Knight, Bernard

      • Dead in the Dog2012

      Richard Pryor, Forensic pathologist , 1955
      • Where Death Delights20101
      • According to the Evidence20102
      • Grounds for Appeal20113

      Sir John de Wolfe, County Coroner, Devon C12th
      • The Sanctuary Seeker19981
      • The Poisoned Chalice19982
      • Crowner's Quest19993
      • The Awful Secret20004
      • The Tinner's Corpse20015
      • The Grim Reaper20026
      • Fear in the Forest20037
      • The Witch Hunter20048
      • Figure of Hate20059
      The Elixir of Death200610
      Noble Outlaw200711
      The Manor of Death200812
      Crowner Royal200913
      A Plague of Heretics201014
      • Crowner's Crusade (prequel)201215

  • Knox, Joseph

      Detective Aidan Waits, Manchester
      • Sirens20171
      • The Smiling Man20182

  • Kohout, Pavel

      • The Hangwoman1981
      • I Am Snowing: The Confessions Of A Woman of Prague1994
      • The Widow Killer1998

  • Koreto, R J

      Lady Frances Ffolkes, Edwardian era
      • Death On the Sapphire20161
      • Death Among Rubies20162
      • Death at the Emerald20173

  • Kray, Roberta

      • The Debt2006
      • The Pact2007
      The Lost2008
      • Strong Women2009
      • The Villain's Daughter2010
      • Broken Home2011
      Nothing But Trouble2012
      • Bad Girl2013
      • Streetwise2013
      • No Mercy2014
      • Dangerous Promises2015
      • Exposed2016
      • Survivor2017
      • Deceived2018

  • Kurkov, Andrey

      • The Case of the General's Thumb2003
      • A Matter of Death and Life2005
      • The Good Angel of Death2009

      Viktor & Misha
      • Death and the Penguin20021
      • Penguin Lost20042

  • Kutscher, Volker

      Detective Inspector Rath, Berlin, 1929/30s
      • Babylon Berlin20161
      • The Silent Death20172
      • Goldstein20183

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