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  • Caan, Alex

      DCI Kate Riley and Zain Harris
      • Cut to the Bone20161
      • First to Die20172

  • Calkins, Susanna

      Lucy Campion, Chambermaid, 17thC
      • A Murder at Rosamund's Gate20131
      • From the Charred Remains20142
      • The Masque of a Murderer20153

  • Callaghan, Tom

      Inspector Akyl Borubaev
      • A Killing Winter20151
      • A Spring Betrayal20162
      • A Summer Revenge20173
      • Autumn Hunting20184

  • Cameron, Jeremy

      Nicky Burkett, criminal, Walthamstow
      • Vinnie Got Blown Away19951
      • It Was an Accident19962
      • Brown Bread in Wengen19993
      • Hell on Hoe Street20024
      • Wider Than Walthamstow20045

  • Cameron, Kenneth

      Denton, American Novelist, Europe
      • The Frightened Man20091
      • The Bohemian Girl20092
      The Second Woman20103
      • The Haunted Martyr20134
      • The Backward Boy20145
      • The Past Master20146
      • The Oxford Fellow20147

      Louisa Conan Doyle
      Winter at Death's Hotel20111

  • Cameron, Stella

      Alex Duggins, Folly-on-Weir, Cotswolds
      • Cold (apa Folly)20131
      • Out Comes the Evil20152
      • Melody of Murder20163
      • Lies that Bind20174
      • Whisper the Dead20175

  • Campbell, Aifric

      • The Semantics of Murder2008
      • The Loss Adjustor2010
      • On the Floor2012

  • Campion, Alexander

      Capucine Le Tellier, French Detective
      • The Grave Gourmet20111
      • Crime Fraiche20112
      • Killer Critique20123

  • Campion, Phil

      Steve Range, Ex-Special Forces operative
      • Desert Fire20121
      • Killing Range20132

  • Cannell, Dorothy

      • God Save the Queen!1997

      Ellie Haskell
      • The Thin Woman19841
      • The Widows Club19882
      • Mums's The Word19903
      • Femmes Fatal19924
      • How to Murder your Mother-in-Law19945
      • How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams19956
      • The Spring Cleaning Murders19987
      • The Trouble With Harriet19998
      • Bridesmaids Revisited20009
      Importance of Being Ernestine200210
      • Withering Heights200711
      • Goodbye, Ms. Chips200812
      • She Shoots to Conquer200913

      Florence Norris, Housekeeper, 1930s
      • Murder at Mullings20141
      • Death at Dovecote Hatch20152

      Short Stories
      • The Family Jewels and Other Stories2001

      Tessa Fields & Hyacinth and Primrose Tramwell (who feature in the Ellie Haskell series)
      • Down the Garden Path19851

  • Cantrell, Rebecca

      Hannah Vogel, crime reporter , 1930s Berlin
      • A Trace of Smoke20091
      • A Night of Long Knives20102
      • A Game of Lies20113
      • A City of Broken Glass20124

  • Capek, Karel

      • Tales from Two Pockets (originally published in 1929)1994

  • Carlsson, Christoffer

      • October is the Coldest Month2017

      Leo Junker, Police Officer
      • The Invisible Man from Salem20151
      • The Falling Detective20162
      • Master, Liar, Traitor, Friend20173
      • The Thin Blue Line20184

  • Carmack, Amanda

      Kate Haywood, Musician, Elizabethan era
      • Murder At Hatfield House20131
      • Murder at Westminster Abbey20142
      • Murder in the Queen's Garden20153

  • Carol, James

      • The Killing Game (as J S Carol)2016
      • Kiss Me, Kill Me (as J S Carol)2018

      Jefferson Winter
      Broken Dolls20141
      Watch Me20142
      • The Quiet Man20174

      The Jefferson Winter Chronicles
      • Presumed Guilty (ebook only)20141

  • Carr, Carol K

      India Black, Madam, Victorian England
      India Black20111
      • India Black and the Widow of Windsor20112
      • India Black and the Rajah's Ruby (ebook)20123
      • India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy20134
      • India Black and the Gentleman Thief20145

  • Carter, Alan

      Detective Senior Sergeant Cato Kwong, Australia
      • Prime Cut20111
      • Getting Warmer20142
      • Bad Seed20153

      Nick Chester, New Zealand
      • Marlborough Man20171

  • Carter, Andrea

      Benedicta 'Ben' O'Keeffe, Solicitor, Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal, Ireland.
      • Death at Whitewater Church20151
      • Treacherous Strand20162
      • The Well of Ice20173
      • Murder at Greysbridge20184

  • Carter, M J

      Blake & Avery, India, 1837
      • The Strangler Vine20141
      • The Infidel Stain (apa The Printer's Coffin)20152
      • The Devil's Feast20163

  • Cato, Joyce (See also: Faith Martin)

      Jenny Starling, travelling cook
      Birthdays Can be Murder20101
      A Fatal Fall of Snow20112
      • Dying for a Cruise20123
      • An Invisible Murder20124
      • Deadly Stuff20145
      • Just Not Cricket20156

      Monica Noble, Vicar's Wife, Cotswolds
      • An Unholy Mess20151
      • An Unholy Whiff of Death20152
      • An Unholy Shame20167

  • Caudwell, Sarah

      Hilary Tamar
      • Thus Was Adonis Murdered19811
      • The Shortest Way to Hades19852
      • The Sirens Sang of Murder19893
      • The Sibyl in Her Grave20004

  • Cavanagh, Steve

      • Thirteen2018
      • Twisted2019

      Eddie Flynn, USA
      • The Defence (apa The Defense)20151
      • The Plea20162
      • The Liar20173

  • Celestin, Ray

      City Blues Quartet
      • The Axeman's Jazz20141
      • Dead Man's Blues20162
      • The Mobster's Lament20193

  • Challinor, C S

      Rex Graves Novella
      • Say Murder With Flowers (ebook only)20131
      • Say Goodbye to Archie20132
      • Prelude to Murder20153

      Rex Graves, Scottish lawyer
      Christmas is Murder20081
      • Murder in the Raw20092
      • Phi Beta Murder20103
      Murder on the Moor20114
      • Murder of the Bride20125
      • Murder at the Dolphin Inn20126
      • Murder at Midnight20147
      • Murder Comes Calling20158
      • Judgment of Murder20169

  • Challis, Joanna

      Daphne du Maurier
      • Murder on the Cliffs20091
      • Peril at Somner House20102
      • The Villa of Death20113

  • Chambers, Kimberley

      • Billie Jo2008
      • Born Evil2009
      • The Betrayer2009
      • The Schemer2012
      • Backstabber2017
      • Life of Crime2018
      • The Sting2019

      Frankie Mitchell
      • The Feud20101
      • The Traitor20102
      The Victim20113

      The Butlers
      • The Trap20131
      • The Wronged20153
      • Tainted Love20164

  • Chandler, Glenn

      • The Sanctuary1981
      • The Tribe1981
      • Killer1983

      DI Steve Madden, Brighton
      • Savage Tide20031
      • Dead Sight20042

  • Chapman, Jean

      John Cannon, Ex-Met Officer, Fens
      • Both Sides of the Fence20091
      A Watery Grave20112
      • Deadly Serious20133
      • Deadly Zeal20154
      • Deadly Odds20185

  • Chapman, Julia

      The Dales Detective Series
      • Date with Death20171
      • Date with Malice20172
      • Date with Mystery20183

  • Charles, Kate

      • Unruly Passions1998
      • Strange Children1999
      • Cruel Habitations2000

      Callie Anson, Curate
      Evil Intent20051
      • Secret Sins20072
      • Deep Waters20093
      • False Tongues20154

      Lucy Kingsley and David Middleton-Brown
      • A Drink of Deadly Wine19911
      • The Snares of Death19932
      • Appointed to Die19943
      • A Dead Man Out of Mind19954
      • Evil Angels Among Them19955

  • Charles, Paul

      The Lonesome Heart is Angry2014

      Brendy McCusker
      • Down on Cyprus Avenue20141
      • A Day in the Life of Louis Bloom20182

      Garda Inspector Starrett
      • The Dust of Death20071
      Family Life20092
      • St Ernan's Blues20163

      Insp Christy Kennedy, Camden Town, London
      • I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass19971
      Last Boat to Camden Town19982
      • Fountain of Sorrow19983
      • The Ballad of Sean & Wilko20004
      • The Hissing of the Silent Lonely Room20015
      • I've Heard the Banshee Sing20026
      • Justice Factory20047
      • Sweetwater20068
      The Beautiful Sound of Silence20089
      • A Pleasure to Do Death with You201210

  • Charlton, Karen

      Detective Lavender and Constable Woods
      The Missing Heiress (apa The Heiress of Linn Hagh)20121
      • The Sans Pareil Mystery20152
      • The Sculthorpe Murder20163
      • Plague Pits & River Bones20184

      Detective Lavender short story
      • The Mystery of the Skelton Diamonds (ebook only)20141
      • The Piccadilly Pickpocket (ebook only)20152

      Regency Reivers Series
      • Catching the Eagle20111

  • Chase, Clare

      London & Cambridge Mysteries
      • You Think You Know Me20151
      • A Stranger's House20172
      • One Dark Lie (ebook only)20163

      Tara Thorpe
      • Murder on the Marshes20181
      • Death on the River20182

  • Cheetham, Ben

      Steel City series
      • Blood Guilt20131
      • Angel of Death20142
      • Justice for the Damned20153
      • Spider's Web20154

  • Chester, Roy

      Chief Superintendent David Mallory and offender profiler Dr Fiona Nightingale
      • The Toy Breaker20081
      • Anger Man20092
      • The God Slayer20103

  • Chisholm, P F (See also: Patricia Finney)

      Sir Robert Carey, 16th Century
      • A Famine of Horses19941
      • A Season of Knives19952
      • A Surfeit of Guns19963
      • A Plague of Angels19984
      • A Murder of Crows20105
      An Air of Treason20146
      • A Chorus of Innocents20157
      • A Clash of Spheres20178
      • A Suspicion of Silver20189

  • Christer, Sam (See also: Jon Trace, Michael Morley)

      • The Stonehenge Legacy2011
      • The Turin Shroud Secret2012
      • The Camelot Code2013
      • The House Of Moriarty2016

      Tom Shaman
      • The Venice Conspiracy (as Jon Trace)20101
      • The Rome Prophecy (as Jon Trace)20112

  • Christie, Agatha

      The Man in the Brown Suit1924
      • The Sittaford Mystery (apa Murder at Hazelmoor)1931
      Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (apa The Boomerang Clue)1934
      And Then There Were None1939
      Murder Is Easy1939
      • Death Comes As the End1944
      Sparkling Cyanide (apa Remembered Death)1945
      Crooked House1949
      • They Came to Baghdad1951
      • Destination Unknown (apa So Many Steps to Death)1954
      • Ordeal by Innocence1958
      • The Pale Horse1961
      • Endless Night1967
      • Passenger to Frankfurt1970

      Adapted by Charles Osborne from a play
      • Black Coffee (with Hercule Poirot)1998
      • The Unexpected Guest1999
      • Spider's Web2000

      Hercule Poirot
      The Mysterious Affair at Styles19201
      • Murder on the Links19232
      • Poirot Investigates (short stories)19243
      • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd19264
      • The Big Four19275
      • The Mystery of the Blue Train19286
      • Peril at End House19327
      • Lord Edgware Dies (apa Thirteen at Dinner)19338
      • Murder on the Orient Express (apa Murder on the Calais Coach)19349
      • Three Act Tragedy (apa Murder in Three Acts)193410
      • Death in the Clouds (apa Death in the Air)193511
      • The ABC Murders (apa The Alphabet Murders)193612
      • Cards on the Table193613
      • Murder in Mesopotamia193614
      • Death on the Nile193715
      • Dumb Witness (apa Poirot Loses a Client)193716
      • Murder in the Mews (short stories) (apa Dead Man's Mirror)193717
      • Appointment With Death193818
      • Hercule Poirot's Christmas (apa A Holiday for Murder / Murder for Christmas)193819
      • Sad Cypress194020
      • One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (apa An Overdose of Death / The Patriotic Murders)194021
      • Evil Under the Sun194122
      • Five Little Pigs (apa Murder in Retrospect)194323
      • The Hollow (apa Murder After Hours)194624
      • The Labours of Hercules (Short Stories)194725
      • Taken at the Flood (apa There Is A Tide',)194826
      • Mrs McGinty's Dead (apa Blood Will Tell)195227
      • After the Funeral (apa Funerals are Fatal)195328
      • Hickory Dickory Dock (apa Hickory Dickory Death)195529
      • Dead Man's Folly195630
      • Cat Among the Pigeons195931
      • The Clocks196332
      • Third Girl196633
      • Hallowe'en Party196934
      • Elephants Can Remember197235
      • Poirot's Early Cases (Short Stories)197436
      • Curtain197537

      Hercule Poirot Novella
      • Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly2014

      Miss Marple Short Stories
      • The Thirteen Problems (apa The Tuesday Club Murders)19321
      • Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories19792

      Miss Marple, St. Mary Mead
      The Murder At The Vicarage19301
      • The Body in the Library19422
      • The Moving Finger19433
      • A Murder Is Announced19504
      • They Do It With Mirrors (apa Murder With Mirrors)19525
      • A Pocket Full of Rye19536
      • 4.50 from Paddington (apa What Mrs McGillicuddy Saw!)19577
      The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side19628
      • A Caribbean Mystery19649
      • At Bertram's Hotel196510
      • Nemesis197111
      • Sleeping Murder197612

      Short Stories
      • The Mysterious Mr Quin1930
      • The Hound of Death And Other Stories1933
      Parker Pyne Investigates1934
      • The Listerdale Mystery1934
      • The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories1934
      • Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories1948
      • Three Blind Mice and Other Stories1950
      • The Under Dog and Other Stories1951
      • The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding1960
      • Double Sin and Other Stories1961
      • The Golden Ball and Other Stories1971
      • The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories1977
      • Problem at Pollensa Bay1991
      • While the Light Lasts and Other Stories1997
      The Capture of Cerberus & The Incident of the Dog's Ball2009

      Superintendent Battle
      • The Secret of Chimneys19251
      The Seven Dials Mystery19292
      • Towards Zero19443

      Tommy and Tuppence Beresford
      The Secret Adversary19221
      • Partners in Crime (Short Stories)19292
      • N or M?19413
      By the Pricking of My Thumbs19684
      Postern of Fate19735

  • Christie, Pamela

      Arabella Beaumont, Courtesan, Regency England
      • Death and the Courtesan20131
      • Death Among the Ruins20142
      • Death and the Cyprian Society20143

  • Citron, Lana

      Issy Brodsky, PI, London
      • The Honey Trap20071
      • The Brodsky Touch20072

  • Clare, Alys

      Abbess Helewise and Sir Josse d'Acquin, 12th Century England.
      • Fortune like the Moon19991
      • Ashes Of The Elements20002
      • The Tavern In The Morning20003
      • The Chatter Of The Maidens20014
      • The Faithful Dead20025
      • A Dark Night Hidden20036
      • Whiter Than The Lily20047
      • Girl In A Red Tunic20058
      • Heart Of Ice20069
      • The Enchanter's Forest200710
      • The Paths of the Air200811
      • The Joys of My Life200812
      • The Rose of The World201113
      • The Song of the Nightingale201214
      • The Winter King201315
      • A Shadowed Evil201516
      • The Devil's Cup201717

      Gabriel Taverner, Former ship's surgeon, C17 Devon
      • A Rustle of Silk20161
      • The Angel in the Glass20182

      Lassair, 11thC, East Anglia
      • Out of the Dawn Light20091
      • Mist Over the Water20092
      • Music of the Distant Stars20103
      • The Way Between the Worlds20114
      • Land of the Silver Dragon20135
      • Blood of the South20146
      • The Night Wanderer20167
      • The Rufus Spy20178

  • Claridge, Marten

      • The Midnight Chill1992

      Detective Inspector Frank McMorran
      • Nobody's Fool19891
      • Slow Burn19942

  • Clarke, Angela

      DS Nasreen Cudmore and journalist Freddie Venton
      • Follow Me20151
      • Watch Me20162

  • Claverton, Rosie

      Amy Lane, Cardiff
      • Binary Witness20141
      • Code Runner20142
      • Captcha Thief20163
      • Terror 40420174
      • Hard Return20185

  • Clayton, Mary

      Ex-inspector John Reynolds
      • Pearls Before Swine19951
      • Dead Men's Bones19952
      • The Prodigal's Return19973
      • The Word Is Death19974
      • Death Is the Inheritance19985

  • Cleeland, Anne

      Acton and Doyle Scotland Yard Mysteries
      • Murder In Thrall20131
      • Murder in Retribution20142
      • Murder in Hindsight20153

  • Cleeves, Ann

      The Sleeping and the Dead2001
      • Burial of Ghosts2003

      Detective Jimmy Perez, Shetlands
      Raven Black20061
      White Nights20082
      Red Bones20093
      Blue Lightning20104
      Dead Water20135
      Thin Air20146
      • Cold Earth20167
      • Wild Fire20188

      Detective Jimmy Perez, Shetlands - Novella
      • Too Good To Be True (Quick Reads)20161

      George and Molly Palmer-Jones
      • A Bird in the Hand19861
      • Come Death and High Water19872
      • Murder in Paradise19883
      • A Prey to Murder19894
      • Sea Fever19915
      • Another Man's Poison19926
      • The Mill on the Shore19947
      • High Island Blues19968

      Insp. Ramsay
      • A Lesson in Dying19901
      • Murder in My Backyard19912
      • A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy19923
      • Killjoy19934
      • The Healers19955
      • The Baby Snatcher19976

      Inspector Vera Stanhope, East Yorkshire
      The Crow Trap19991
      Telling Tales20052
      Hidden Depths20073
      Silent Voices20114
      The Glass Room20125
      Harbour Street20146
      • The Moth Catcher20157
      • The Seagull20178

  • Cleggett, Harvey

      Homicide Detective Inspector Michael Ballard, Australia
      • Payback: When Duty Calls20131

  • Clements, Rory

      John Shakespeare, Lawyer, Elizabethan era
      • Revenger20102
      • The Heretics20135
      • The Queen's Man20146
      • Holy Spy20157

      Thomas Wilde, 1930s
      • Corpus20171
      • Nucleus20182
      • Nemesis20193

  • Clements, Toby

      • The Asti Spumante Code2005
      • The No.2 Global Detective2006

  • Clooney, Ron

      • Pancardi's Pride2008
      • A Measure of Wheat for a Penny2009

  • Clough, Nicholas J

      • The Judas Goat2004
      • In the Company of Strangers2014

      Inspector Thomas Daykin, Yorkshire
      • A Safe Place to Kill20081
      • Shadows of Death20092

  • Coates, Anne

      Hannah Weybridge, Journalist
      • Dancers in the Wind20161
      • Death's Silent Judgement20172

  • Cody, Liza

      Anna Lee
      • Dupe19801
      • Bad Company19822
      • Stalker19843
      • Headcase19854
      • Under Contract19865
      • Backhand19916

      Eva Wylie
      • Bucket Nut19921
      • Monkey Wrench19942
      • Musclebound19973

  • Coggin, Joan

      Lady Lupin Lorrimer, England, 1930s
      • Who Killed the Curate?19441
      • The Mystery at Orchard House19462
      • Penelope Passes Or Why Did She Die?19463
      • Dancing with Death19474

  • Cohen, Anthea

      • Poisoned Pen1986
      • Dream On1999

      Agnes Carmichael
      • Angel Without Mercy19821
      • Angel of Vengeance19822
      • Angel of Death19833
      • Fallen Angel19844
      • Guardian Angel19855
      • Hell's Angel19866
      • Ministering Angel19877
      • Destroying Angel19888
      • Angel Dust19899
      • Angel in Action199110
      • Recording Angel199111
      • Angel in Love199312
      • Angel in Autumn199513
      • Dedicated Angel199714
      • Angel of Retribution199815
      • Angel and the French Widow200016
      • Angel and the Deadly Secret200317
      • Better Dead200518

  • Cohen, Tammy (See also: Rachel Rhys)

      • Dying for Christmas2014
      • First One Missing2015
      • When She Was Bad2016
      • They All Fall Down2017
      • Clean Break (Quick Reads)2018

  • Cole, Daniel

      Fawkes and Baxter
      • Ragdoll20171
      • Hangman20182
      • The Wolves20193

  • Cole, Martina

      • Goodnight Lady1994
      • The Jump1995
      • The Runaway1997
      • Two Women1999
      • Faceless2001
      The Know2003
      • The Graft2004
      • The Take2005
      • Faces2007
      • The Business2008
      • The Family2010
      • The Faithless2011
      • The Life2012
      • Revenge2013
      • The Good Life2014
      • Get Even2015
      • Betrayal2016
      • No Mercy2019

      DI Kate Burrows and Patrick Kelly, East End London
      • The Ladykiller19931
      • Broken20002
      • Hard Girls20093
      • Damaged20174

      Maura Ryan, queen of the criminal underworld, East End London
      • Dangerous Lady19921
      • Maura's Game20022

  • Collier, Iris

      • Evil in the Sun1990
      • A Nest of Scorpions1991
      • King of the South1992

      Detectives Venerables and McBride, Northumberland
      • Spring Tide19961
      • Requiem19972
      • Innocent Blood19983

      Nicholas Peverell, Tudor era, Sussex
      • Day of Wrath20011
      • Reluctant Spy20022
      Death at Candlemas20043
      • The Secrets of the Black Canons20064

  • Collins, Hugh

      Johnny McGinty, Crook, Glasgow
      • No Smoke20011
      • The Licensee20022

  • Connolly, Sheila

      Maura Donovan, County Cork
      • Buried In a Bog20131
      • Scandal in Skibbereen20142
      • An Early Wake20153
      • A Turn for the Bad20164
      • Cruel Winter20175
      • Many a Twist20176

  • Conway, Aidan

      Detective Michael Rossi, Rome
      • A Known Evil20181
      • A Cold Flame20182

  • Conway, Anthony

      John Caspasian
      • The Viceroy's Captain20001
      • The General's Envoy20012
      • The Colonel's Renegade20023
      • The Brigadier's Outcast20034

  • Cook, Judith

      Dr. Simon Forman, Elizabethan sleuth
      • Death of a Lady’s Maid19971
      • Murder at the Rose19982
      • Blood on the Borders19993
      • Kill the Witch19994
      • School of the Night20005

      John Latymer, retired policeman
      • Dead Ringer20031
      • Worm in the Bood20032
      • Keeper's Gold20043

  • Cookman, Lesley

      Libby Sarjeant Short Story
      • Murder at Mallowan Manor (ebook only)2015

      Libby Sarjeant, middle aged actress/investigator, Kent
      • Murder in Steeple Martin20061
      • Murder at The Laurels20072
      • Murder in Midwinter20073
      • Murder by the Sea20084
      • Murder in Bloom20095
      • Murder in the Green20106
      • Murder Imperfect20107
      • Murder to Music20118
      • Murder at the Manor20119
      • Murder by Magic201210
      Murder in the Monastery201311
      • Murder in the Dark201312
      • Murder in a Different Place201413
      • Murder Out of Time201414
      • Murder in the Blood201615
      • Murder Dancing201616
      • Murder on the Run201617
      • Murder by the Barrel201718
      • Murder and the Glovemaker's Son201819

  • Cooper, Brian

      Tench & Lubbock, late 1940s policemen, Norfolk
      • The Cross of San Vincente19911
      • The Singing Stones19932
      • Covenant with Death19943
      • Shadows on the Sand19954
      • The Travelling Dead19975
      • The Blacknock Woman19996
      The Norfolk Triangle20007
      • The Murder Column20038
      • Out with the Tide20069

  • Corby, Gary

      Nicolaos, the ambitious son of a minor sculptor, Ancient Greece
      • The Pericles Commission20101
      • The Ionia Sanction20112
      • Sacred Games20133
      • The Marathon Conspiracy20144
      • Death Ex Machina20155
      • The Singer from Memphis20166
      • Death on Delos20177

  • Cornberg, Tony

      Simon Silver, Barrister
      • Unnoticed20051
      • The White Powder Business20062

  • Cornell, Paul

      Detective Inspector James Quill, London
      London Falling20121
      • The Severed Streets20142
      • Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?20163

  • Cornwell, Bernard

      • Wildtrack1988
      • Sea Lord (apa Killer's Wake)1989
      • Crackdown1990
      • Stormchild1991
      • Scoundrel1992

  • Corry, Jane

      • My Husband's Wife2016
      • Blood Sisters2017
      • The Dead Ex2018
      • Child of Mine2019

  • Coward, Mat

      DI Don Packham and DC Frank Mitchell
      • Up and Down20001
      • In and Out20012
      • Over and Under20043
      • Open and Closed20054

      Short Stories
      • Do The World a Favour & Other Stories2003

  • Cox, Sarah

      DS Matt Arnold
      • Blood is Thicker20081
      • The Wages of Sin20092

  • Coy, Terry

      Detective Allan Shaw, Birmingham
      • The Evil Ones20051

  • Craig, David (See also: Bill James, Judith Jones, James Tucker)

      • The Alias Man1968
      • Message Ends1969
      • Contact Lost1970
      • Young Men May Die1970
      • A Walk at Night1971
      • Up from the Grave1971
      • Double Take1972
      • Bolthole1973
      • Whose Little Girl Are You?1974
      • A Dead Liberty1975
      • The Albion Case1975
      • Faith, Hope and Death1976

      Detective Sally Bithron, Cardiff
      • Hear Me Talking To You20041
      • Tip Top (as Bill James)20052

      Detectives Brade and Jenkins, Cardiff
      • Forget It19951
      • The Tattooed Detective19982
      • Torch19993
      • Bay City20004

  • Craske, Darren

      Cornelius Quaint, circus owner and master conjuror, Victorian London
      • The Equivoque Principle20081
      • The Eleventh Plague20102
      • The Lazarus Curse20113

  • Craven, Mike/M W

      DI Fluke and colleagues, Short Stories
      • Assume Nothing, Believe Nobody, Challenge Everything20151

      Detective Inspector Avison Fluke, Cumbria
      • Born in a Burial Gown20151
      • Body Breaker20172

      Washington Poe
      • The Puppet Show20181
      • Black Summer20192

  • Crawford, Dean

      Ethan Warner
      • Immortal20122
      • Continuum20123
      • The Chimera Secret20134
      • The Eternity Project20135

  • Creed, John (See also: Eoin McNamee)

      Jack Valentine, Intelligence Oficer
      • The Sirius Crossing20021
      • The Day of the Dead20032
      • Black Cat Black Dog20063

  • Cregan, Conor

      • With Extreme Prejudice1994
      • House of Fire1995
      • Valkyrie1996
      • Ground Zero1998
      • First Strike1999

  • Crompton, Richard

      Mollel, a crime-solving former Maasai warrior, Nairobi, Kenya
      • The Honey Guide (apa Hour of the Red God)20131
      • Hell’s Gate20142
      • Night Runners20183

  • Cross, A J

      Dr Kate Hanson, forensic psychologist, West Midlands
      • Gone in Seconds20121
      • Art of Deception20132
      • A Little Death20173
      • Something Evil Comes20174
      • Cold, Cold Heart20185

  • Cross, Mason

      Carter Blake, USA
      • The Killing Season20141
      The Samaritan20152
      • The Time to Kill (apa Winterlong)20163
      • Don't Look For Me20174
      • Presumed Dead20185

  • Crow, Donna Fletcher

      Felicity Howard and Fr. Antony, Yorkshire
      • A Very Private Grave20101
      • A Darkly Hidden Truth20112

      Lord Danvers, Victorian era
      • A Most Inconvenient Death19931
      • Grave Matters19942
      • To Dust You Shall Return19953

  • Crowley, Sinead

      Sergeant Claire Boyle, Dublin
      • Can Anybody Help Me?20141
      • Are You Watching Me?20152
      • One Bad Turn20173

  • Cunningham, Fay

      Gina Cross, Forensic Artist
      • Sleeping Dogs20091
      • Cry Baby20102

  • Curzon, Clare (See also: Marie Buchanan, Alison Cairns, Rhona Petrie)

      • Leaven of Malice1979
      • Special Occasion1981
      • Trail of Fire1987
      • Shot Bolt1988
      • The Face in the Stone1989
      Guilty Knowledge1999
      • Flawed Light2003

      Lucy Sedgewick, early 20th Century
      • The Colour of Blood20001
      • Dangerous Practice20022

      Superintendent Mike Yeadings, Thames Valley Police
      • I Give You Five Days19831
      • Masks and Faces19842
      • Trojan Hearse19853
      • The Quest for K19864
      • Three-core Lead19885
      • The Blue-eyed Boy19906
      • Cat's Cradle19917
      • First Wife, Twice Removed19928
      • Death Prone19929
      • Nice People199310
      • Past Mischief199411
      • Close Quarters199612
      • All Unwary199713
      • Cold Hands199914
      • Don't Leave Me200115
      Body of a Woman200216
      A Meeting of Minds200317
      The Last to Leave (apa Last to Leave)200418
      The Glass Wall200519
      The Edge200620
      • Off Track200822
      • Burnt Out200923
      • Devil in the Detail201024

  • Cutler, Judith

      • Scar Tissue2004
      • Staging Death2009

      Chief Superintendent Frances Harman
      Life Sentence20051
      Cold Pursuit20072
      • Still Waters20083
      Burying the Past20124
      • Double Fault20135
      Green and Pleasant Land20146

      DS Kate Power, Birmingham
      Power on Her Own19981
      Staying Power19992
      Power Games20003
      • Will Power20014
      • Hidden Power20025
      • Power Shift20036

      Jane Cowan, Wrayford, Kent
      • Head Start20161
      • Head Count20172
      • Head Wind20183

      Jodie Welsh
      • Death in Elysium20141

      Josie Welford, Pub licensee, Kings Duncombe
      The Food Detective20051
      • The Chinese Takeout20062

      Lina Townend
      Drawing the Line20041
      • Silver Guilt20102
      • Ring of Guilt20103
      • Guilty Pleasures20114
      • Guilt Trip20125
      • Guilt Edged20136
      • Guilty as Sin20157

      Sophie Rivers, English lecturer, Birmingham
      • Dying Fall19951
      • Dying to Write19962
      • Dying on Principle19963
      • Dying for Millions19974
      • Dying for Power19985
      • Dying to Score19996
      • Dying by Degrees20007
      • Dying By The Book20018
      • Dying in Discord20029
      • Dying to Deceive200310

      Tobias Campion, Parson, 1810
      The Keeper of Secrets20071
      • Shadow of the Past20082
      • Cheating the Hangman20153

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