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  • Baantjer, Albert Cornelis

      DeKok Omnibus
      • Murder in Amsterdam (Dekok & The Sunday Strangler & Dekok & the Corpse on Christmas Eve)1993

      Inspector DeKok, Amsterdam
      • Dekok and the Sunday Strangler (published in 'Murder in Amsterdam')19932
      • Dekok and the Corpse on Christmas Eve (published in 'Murder in Amsterdam')19933
      Dekok and the Sombre Nude19925
      • Dekok and the Dead Harlequin19936
      • Dekok and the Sorrowing Tomcat19937
      • Dekok and the Disillisioned Corpse19938
      • Dekok and the Careful Killer19949
      • Dekok and the Romantic Murder199410
      • Dekok and the Dying Stroller199411
      • Dekok and the Corpse at the Church Wall199412
      • Dekok and the Dancing Death199413
      • Dekok and the Naked Lady199414
      • Dekok and the Brothers of the Easy Death199415
      • Dekok and the Deadly Accord199616
      • Dekok and Murder in Seance199617
      • Dekok and Murder in Ecstasy199818
      • Dekok and the Begging Death199819
      • Dekok and the Geese of Death199720
      • Dekok and Murder by Melody200421
      • Dekok and Death of a Clown200422
      • Dekok and Variations on Murder200423
      • Dekok and Murder by Installment (Instalment)199824
      Dekok and Murder on Blood Mountain200425
      • Dekok and the Dead Lovers200426
      • Dekok and the Mask of Death200427
      • Dekok and the Corpse Return199828
      • Dekok and the Murder in Bronze200429
      • Dekok and the Deadly Warning200330
      • Dekok and the Murder in First Class199831
      • Dekok and the Vendetta200432
      • Dekok and Murder on the Menu199233
      • Dekok and Murder Depicted200434
      • Dekok and Dance Macabre200235
      • Dekok and the Devils Conspiracy200236
      • Dekok and the Disfiguring Death200237
      • Dekok and the Duel at Night200238
      • Dekok and the Death of a Clown200439

  • Baby, Andre K

      Thierry Dulac, Interpol
      • Dead Bishops Don't Lie20121
      • The Chimera Sanction20142

  • Bailey, Michele

      Matilda Haycastle
      • Dreadful Lies19941
      • The Cuckoo Case19952
      • Haycastle's Cricket19963

  • Bailey, R J

      Sam Wylde, Close Protection Officer
      • Safe From Harm20161
      • Nobody Gets Hurt20182
      • Winner Kills All20193

  • Baker, Sam

      • The Woman Who Ran2016

      Annie Anderson, Feature writer
      Fashion Victim20051
      • This Year's Model (apa Deadly Beautiful)20082

  • Baldwin, Jackie

      DI Frank Farrell, Dumfries
      • Dead Man's Prayer20161
      • Perfect Dead20182

  • Bannalec, Jean-Luc

      Commissioner Dupin
      • Death in Pont-Aven (apa Death in Brittany)20141
      • Murder on Brittany Shores20152
      • The Fleur de Sel Murders20183

  • Bannister, Jo

      • The Matrix1981
      • Winter Plain1982
      • Cactus Garden1983
      • Mosaic1986
      • The Lazarus Hotel1996
      • Unlawful Entry (aka The Mason Codex pub. in 1988)1998
      • The Fifth Cataract2005
      • Tinderbox2006
      • Fathers and Sins2008
      • Death in High Places2011

      Brodie Farrell
      Echoes of Lies20011
      True Witness20022
      The Depths of Solitude20044
      Breaking Faith20055
      Requiem for a Dealer20066
      • Flawed20077
      • Closer Still20088
      • Liars All20099

      A Bleeding of Innocents19931
      • Sins of the Heart19942
      • A Taste for Burning19953
      • No Birds Sing19964
      • Broken Lines19985
      • The Hireling's Tale19996

      Clio Rees
      • Striving with Gods (aka An Uncertain Death)19841
      • Gilgamesh19892
      • The Going Down of the Sun19903

      Detective Constable Hazel Best & Gabriel Ash
      • Other Countries20171
      • Kindred Spirits20182

      Gabriel Ash
      Deadly Virtues (UK: Ebook only)20131
      • Perfect Sins20142
      • Desperate Measures20153

      Mickey Flynn
      • Shards (aka Critical Angle)19901
      • Death and Other Lovers19912

      Rosie Holland
      • The Primrose Convention19981
      • The Primrose Switchback19992

  • Banville, Vincent

      PI John Blaine, Dublin
      • Death by Design19931
      • Death the Pale Rider19952
      • Sad Song (Open Door novella)19993
      • Cannon Law20014
      • An Accident Waiting to Happen (Open Door novella)20025

  • Barclay, Tessa

      Crown Prince Gregory of Hirtenstein, concert agent
      • Farewell Performance20011
      • A Better Class of Person20022
      • A Handful of Dust20043
      • A Final Discord20054
      • To Die For20075
      • Diamonds in Disguise20096

  • Barnard, Frank

      RAF Pilots Kit Curtis and American Ossie Wolf, WW2
      • Blue Man Falling20061
      • Band of Eagles20072

  • Barnard, Robert (See also: Bernard Bastable)

      • Death of an Old Goat1974
      • A Little Local Murder1976
      • Blood Brotherhood1977
      • Death on the High C's1977
      • Unruly Son (apa Death of a Mystery Writer)1978
      • Posthumous Papers (apa Death of a Literary Widow)1979
      • Death in a Cold Climate1980
      • Mother's Boys (apa Death of a Perfect Mother)1981
      • Little Victims (apa School for Murder)1983
      • Corpse in a Gilded Cage1984
      • Fete Fatale (apa The Disposal of the Living)1985
      • Out of the Blackout1985
      • Political Suicide1986
      • The Skeleton in the Grass1987
      • At Death's Door1988
      • City of Strangers1990
      • A Scandal in Belgravia1991
      • The Masters of the House1994
      • Touched by the Dead (apa A Murder in Mayfair)1999
      • Unholy Dying2000
      The Mistress of Alderley2002
      • A Cry from the Dark2003
      • The Graveyard Position2004
      Dying Flames2005
      Last Post2008
      The Killings at Jubilee Terrace2009
      • A Stranger in the Family2010
      • Rogue's Gallery2011

      Charlie Peace of Scotland Yard
      • Death and the Chaste Apprentice19891
      • A Fatal Attachment19922
      • A Hovering of Vultures19933
      • The Bad Samaritan19954
      • No Place of Safety19975
      • The Corpse at the Haworth Tandoori19986
      The Bones in the Attic20017
      A Fall From Grace20078

      Insp. Perry Trethowan of Scotland Yard
      • Sheer Torture (apa Death by Sheer Torture)19811
      • Death and the Princess19822
      • Missing Bronte (apa The Case of the Missing Bronte)19833
      • Bodies19864
      • Death in Purple Prose (apa The Cherry Blossom Corpse)19875

      Short Stories
      • Death of a Salesperson1989
      • The Habit of Widowhood1996

  • Barrington, James

      Paul Richter, British Agent
      • Overkill20041
      • Pandemic20052
      • Foxbat20073
      • Timebomb20084
      • Payback20105
      • Manhunt20116

  • Barron, Stephanie

      • A Flaw in the Blood2008
      • The White Garden2009

      Jane Austen
      • Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor19961
      • Jane and the Man of the Cloth19972
      • Jane and the Wandering Eye19983
      • Jane and the Genius of the Place19994
      • Jane and the Stillroom Maid20005
      • Jane and the Prisoner of Wool House20016
      • Jane and the Ghosts of Netley20037
      • Jane and His Lordship's Legacy20058
      • Jane and the Barque of Frailty20069
      • Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron201010
      • Jane and the Canterbury Tale201111
      • Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas201412
      • Jane and the Waterloo Map201613

  • Barry, David (See also: Meurig Jones)

      • Mr Micawber Down Under2011

      DI Harry Lambert, Swansea
      • Each Man Kills (also see Meurig Jones)20143

      Freddie Weston
      • Muscle20131
      • A Deadly Diversion20142

  • Bar-Zohar, Michael

      • The Avengers1967
      • The Third Truth1974
      • The Spy Who Died Twice1975
      • The Deadly Document1980
      • Brothers1993

  • Bastable, Bernard (See also: Robert Barnard)

      • To Die Like a Gentleman1993
      • A Mansion and Its Murder1998

      • Dead, Mr Mozart19951
      • Too Many Notes, Mr. Mozart19962

  • Bateman, Colin

      • Cycle of Violence1995
      • Empire State1997
      • Maid of the Mist1999
      • Mohammed Maguire2001
      • Wild About Harry2001
      • Chapter and Verse2003
      I Predict a Riot2007
      Orpheus Rising2008

      Dan Starkey, Journalist, Belfast
      • Divorcing Jack19951
      • Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men19962
      • Turbulent Priests19993
      • Shooting Sean20014
      • The Horse with My Name20025
      • Driving Big Davie20046
      • Belfast Confidential20057
      Nine Inches20118
      • Fire and Brimstone20139
      • The Dead Pass201410

      Detective Jimmy Murphy
      Murphy's Law20021
      • Murphy's Revenge20052

      Man With No Name, owner of No Alibis, Belfast
      • Mystery Man20091
      The Day of the Jack Russell20092
      • Dr Yes20103
      • The Prisoner of Brenda20124

  • Battison, Brian

      • Flying Pigs1998

      DCI Jim Ashworth
      • The Christmas Bow Murder19941
      • Fool's Ransom19942
      • Crisis of Conscience19953
      • The Witch's Familiar19964
      • Truths Not Told19965
      • Poetic Justice19976
      • Jeopardy's Child19977
      • Mirror Image19988

  • Battison, Patti

      DCI Paul Wells
      • Desperate Measures20091
      • Love to Death20102
      • The Dead Do Speak20123

  • Beaufort, Simon (See also: Susanna Gregory)

      • The Murder House2013
      • The Killing Ship2016

      Alec Londale, Victorian Era
      • Mind of a Killer20171

      Sir Geoffrey Mappestone, 12th Century knight
      • Murder in the Holy City19981
      • A Head for Poisoning19992
      • The Bishop's Brood20033
      • The King's Spies20034
      • The Coiners' Quarrel20045
      • Deadly Inheritance20096
      • The Bloodstained Throne20107
      • A Dead Man's Secret20108

  • Bebris, Carrie A

      Mr and Mrs Darcy, Regency England
      • Pride and Prescience20041
      • Suspense and Sensibility20052
      • North by Northanger20063
      • The Matters at Mansfield20084
      • The Intrigue at Highbury: Or, Emma's Match20105
      The Deception at Lyme20116
      • The Suspicion at Sanditon20157

  • Bedford, Martyn

      • Acts of Revision1996
      • Exit Orange and Red1997
      • The Houdini Girl1999
      • Black Cat2000
      • The Island of Lost Souls2006

  • Beechey, Alan

      Oliver Swithin
      • An Embarrassment of Corpses19971
      • Murdering Ministers19992
      • This Private Plot20143

  • Begg, Ken (See also: Ken McClure)

      • The Anvil Agreement1985
      • The Scorpion's Advance1986
      • The Trojan Boy1988
      • Fenton's Winter1989

  • Belbin, David

      Bone & Cane
      • Bone and Cane20111
      • What You Don't Know20122
      • The Great Deception20153

  • Bell, Annis

      Lady Jane, 1860s England
      • The Girl at Rosewood Hall20151
      • The Black Orchid20162

  • Bell, Pauline

      DI Benny Mitchell, Cloughton CID, West Yorkshire
      • The Dead Do Not Praise19901
      • Feast into Mourning (apa Murder at St. Oswald's)19912
      • No Pleasure in Death19923
      • The Way of a Serpent19934
      • Downhill To Death19945
      • Sleeping Partners19956
      • A Multitude of Sins19977
      • Blood Ties19988
      • Stalker20009
      • Reasonable Death200110
      • Swansong200211
      • Nothing But the Truth200512
      • Funeral Expenses200613
      • Under Fire200714
      • Glockenspiel200915

  • Belsham, Alison

      DI Francis Sullivan & tattoo artist Marni Mullins, Brighton
      • The Tattoo Thief20181
      • Poison Ink20192

  • Bendoris, Matt

      • Killing With Confidence2013
      • DM for Murder2015
      • Wicked Leaks2016

  • Benedict, A K

      • The Beauty of Murder2013
      • Jonathan Dark or The Evidence Of Ghosts2016

  • Benison, C C

      Father Tom Christmas
      • Twelve Drummers Drumming20111
      Eleven Pipers Piping20122
      • Ten Lords A-Leaping20133

      Jane Bee, Housemaid to Queen Elizabeth II
      • Death at Buckingham Palace19961
      • Death At Sandringham House19972
      • Death At Windsor Castle19983

  • Benjamin, Peter (See also: Peter Cunningham)

      Joe Grace, Financier, Dublin
      • Terms and Conditions20011
      • High Ride20032

  • Bennett, Margot

      • The Golden Pebble1948
      • The Widow of Bath1952
      • Farewell Crown and Good-bye King (apa Farewell Crown and Goodbye King)1953
      • The Man Who Didn't Fly1955
      • Someone From the Past1958

      John Davies
      • Time to Change Hats19451
      • Away Went the Little Fish19462

  • Bentley, E C

      Philip Trent
      • Trent's Last Case19131
      • Trent's Own Case19362

      Short Stories
      • Trent Intervenes1938

  • Berry, Eleanor

      • O Hitman, My Hitman1997
      • The House of the Weird Doctors (apa House of the Mad Doctors in 1994)2005

  • Betto, Frei

      • Hotel Brasil: The Mystery of the Severed Heads2014

  • Beyman, Giulia

      Nora Cooper
      • Words in the Dark (revised ed. 7/2015)20131
      • A Cry in the Shadows20132

  • Bibby, Bob

      DCI Tallyforth & DS 'George' Elliott, West Midlands
      • Be a Falling Leaf19981
      • Bird on the Wing20002
      • The Liquidator20023
      • The Llareggub Experience20034

  • Bingham, Harry

      • The Money Makers2000
      • Sweet Talking Money2001
      • The Sons of Adam2004

      DC Fiona Griffiths
      Talking to the Dead20121
      • Love Story, With Murders20132
      • The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths20143
      • This Thing of Darkness20154
      • The Dead House20165
      • The Deepest Grave20176

  • Birkby, Michelle

      Mrs Hudson and Mary Watson
      • The House at Baker Street20161
      • The Women of Baker Street20172

  • Birmingham, Maisie

      Kate Weatherley, deputy director of a Citizens' Advice Bureau, London
      • You Can Help Me (apa Murder in the East End in 1994)19741
      • The Heat of the Sun19762
      • Sleep in a Ditch19783

  • Bjork, Samuel

      Holger Munch & Mia Kruger, Oslo Police
      • I'm Travelling Alone20151
      • The Owl Always Hunts at Night20172
      • The Boy in the Headlights20193

  • Black, Saul (See also: Glen Duncan)

      Valerie Hart, Homicide Detective
      • The Killing Lessons20151
      • Lovemurder20162

  • Black, Sean

      Byron Tibor, ex-special forces, America
      • Post20141
      • Blood Country20152

      Ryan Lock novella
      • Lock & Load (ebook only)20121
      • Budapest/48 (ebook only)20152

      Ryan Lock, ex-soldier turned elite bodyguard, America
      Dead Lock20102
      The Devil's Bounty20124
      • The Innocent20145
      • Fire Point20146

      Sofia Salgado, Malibu
      • A is for Asshat (with Rebecca Cantrell)20151
      • B is for Bad Girls (with Rebecca Cantrell)20152
      • C is for Coochy Coo (with Rebecca Cantrell) (ebook only)20163

  • Black, Tony

      Clay Moloney
      • Bay of Martyrs (with Matt Neal)20171

      DI Bob Valentine
      • Artefacts of the Dead20141
      • A Taste of Ashes20152
      • Summoning the Dead20163
      • Her Cold Eyes20184

      Doug Michie, PI
      • The Storm Without20121

      Gus Dury, hack turned investigator, Edinburgh
      Paying for It20081
      Long Time Dead20104
      • Long Way Down (ebook, novella)20125
      • Last Orders (novella)20136

      Inspector Rob Brennan
      Truth Lies Bleeding20111
      Murder Mile20122

  • Black, Veronica (See also: Maureen Peters, Judith Rothman)

      • Last Seen Wearing1990
      • My Name Is Polly Winter1993

      Sister Joan, Cornwall
      • A Vow of Silence19901
      • A Vow of Chastity19912
      • A Vow of Sanctity19933
      • A Vow of Obedience19934
      • A Vow of Penance19945
      • A Vow of Devotion19946
      • A Vow of Fidelity19957
      • A Vow of Poverty19968
      • A Vow of Adoration19969
      • A Vow of Compassion199710
      • A Vow of Evil200411

  • Blackhurst, Jenny

      • How I Lost You2015
      • Before I Let You In2016
      • The Foster Child2017

  • Blaedel, Sara

      Detective Inspector Louise Rick
      • The Midnight Witness20181
      Call Me Princess (apa Blue Blood (UK)) (apa The Silent Women (US, 2018))20112
      • Only One Life (apa The Drowned Girl (US, 2018)20123
      • Farewell to Freedom (apa The Night Women)20124
      • The Running Girl20185
      • The Stolen Angel20186
      • The Forgotten Girls20157
      • The Killing Forest20168
      • The Lost Woman20179

      Ilka Nichols Jensen
      • The Undertaker's Daughter (apa The Daughter)20181
      • Her Father's Secret20192

  • Blake, Marc

      • Sunstroke1998
      • Bigtime1999
      • 24 Karat Schmooze2000

  • Blake, Robin

      Titus Cragg, Coroner & Luke Fidelis, Doctor, 1740 Lancashire
      • A Dark Anatomy20111
      • Dark Waters20122
      • The Scrivener (apa The Hidden Man)20153
      • Skin and Bone20164
      • Rough Music20185

  • Blake, Sam

      Detective Garda Cathy Connolly, Dublin
      • Little Bones20161
      • In Deep Water20172
      • No Turning Back20183

  • Blincoe, Nicholas

      • Acid Casuals1997
      • Jello Salad1997
      • Manchester Slingback1998
      • My Mother Was a Bank Robber and Other Stories1998
      • The Dope Priest1999
      • White Mice2002

  • Bodelsen, Anders

      • Think of a Number (apa The Silent Partner)1969
      • Hit and Run, Run, Run (apa One Down)1970
      • Straus1974
      • Consider the Verdict1976
      • Operation Cobra1976

  • Bolano, Roberto

      • The Savage Detectives2007
      • 26662009
      • The Skating Rink2010

  • Bolitho, Janie (See also: Jodie Sinclair)

      • Wound for Wound1995
      • Sweets for My Sweet1996
      • The Slaughterhouse2002
      • Full Circle2003
      • Paying the Price2003

      DCI Ian Roper, Rickenham Green, Suffolk
      • Kindness Can Kill19931
      Ripe for Revenge19942
      • Motive for Murder19943
      • Dangerous Deceit19954
      • Finger of Fate19965
      • Sequence of Shame19966
      • Absence of Angels19977
      • Exposure of Evil19988
      • Victims of Violence19999
      • Baptised in Blood200010
      • Lessons in Logic200211

      Rose Trevelyan, Photographer, Cornwall
      • Snapped in Cornwall19971
      • Framed in Cornwall19982
      Buried in Cornwall19993
      • Betrayed in Cornwall20004
      • Plotted in Cornwall20015
      • Killed in Cornwall20026
      • Caught Out In Cornwall20037

  • Bolt, Britta

      Posthumus Trilogy
      • Lonely Graves20141
      • Lives Lost20152
      • Deadly Secrets20163

  • Bolton, Guy

      Jonathan Craine
      • The Pictures20171
      • The Syndicate20182

  • Bond, Michael

      M. Pamplemousse and his dog Pommes Frites, France
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse19831
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Secret Mission19852
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse on the Spot19863
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse Takes the Cure19874
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse Aloft19895
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse Investigates19906
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse Rests His Case19927
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse on Location19928
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse Stands Firm19939
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse Takes the Train199310
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse on Probation200011
      Monsieur Pamplemousse Afloat200012
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse on Vacation200213
      Monsieur Pamplemousse Hits the Headlines200414
      Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Militant Midwives200615
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse and the French Solution200816
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Carbon Footprint201017

  • Bonett, Emery

      • Never Go Dark1940
      • Make Do With Spring1942
      • High Pavement (apa Old Mrs Camelot)1944

  • Bonfiglioli, Kyril

      Charlie Mortdecai, Crooked Art Dealer
      • Don't Point That Thing at Me19721
      • After You With The Pistol19792
      • Something Nasty in the Woodshed19763
      • The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery (completed by Craig Brown)19964

  • Bonnecarrere, Paul

      • Rosebud (with Joan Hemingway)1974
      • Ultimatum1976
      • Golden Triangle1977

  • Bonner, Hilary

      • The Cruelty of Morning1995
      • A Fancy to Kill for1997
      • A Deep Deceit2000
      • A Kind of Wild Justice2001
      The Cruellest Game2013
      • Friends to Die For2014
      • Death Comes First2015

      DCI Rose Piper
      • A Passion So Deadly19981
      • For Death Comes Softly19992

      DI David Vogel, Bristol
      Deadly Dance20171
      • Wheel of Fire20182

      John Kelly & DCI Karen Meadows
      A Moment of Madness20021
      When the Dead Cry Out20032
      • No Reason to Die20043

  • Booker, Simon

      Morgan Vine, Journalist
      • Without Trace20161
      • Kill Me Twice20172

  • Bowen, Rhys

      • In Farleigh Field2017
      • The Tuscan Child2018

      Evan Evans, Policeman, North Wales
      Evans Above19971
      • Evan Help Us19982
      Evanly Choirs19993
      Evan & Elle20004
      • Evan Can Wait20015
      Evans to Betsy20026
      Evan Only Knows20037
      Evan's Gate20048
      Evan Blessed20059
      Evanly Bodies200610

      Lady Georgiana Rannoch ('Georgie'), 1930s Britain
      Her Royal Spyness20071
      • A Royal Pain20082
      • Royal Flush20093
      • Royal Blood20104
      • Naughty in Nice20115
      • The Twelve Clues of Christmas20126
      • Masked Ball at Broxley Manor (e-novella)20127
      Heirs and Graces20138
      • Queen of Hearts20149
      • Malice at the Palace201510
      • Crowned and Dangerous201611
      • On Her Majesty's Frightfully Secret Service201712
      • Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding201813

      Molly Murphy Prequel
      • The Amersham Rubies (e-novella)20111

      Molly Murphy, PI, 1900s New York
      Murphy's Law20011
      Death of Riley20022
      For the Love of Mike20033
      In Like Flynn20054
      Oh Danny Boy20065
      In Dublin's Fair City20076
      Tell Me, Pretty Maiden20087
      • In a Gilded Cage20098
      • The Last Illusion20109
      • Bless the Bride201110
      • Hush Now, Don't You Cry201211
      • The Family Way201312
      • City of Darkness and Light201413
      • The Edge of Dreams201514
      • Away in a Manger201515
      • Time of Fog and Fire201616
      • The Ghost of Christmas Past201717

  • Bowen, T R

      Bewick and Jones, Cambridgeshire
      • The Death of Amy Parris19991
      • Black Camel20022

  • Brady, Conor

      Detective Sergeant Joe Swallow, Dublin, 1880s
      • A June Of Ordinary Murders20121
      • The Eloquence of the Dead20132
      • A Hunt in Winter20163
      • In the Dark River20184

  • Brady, John

      Inspektor Felix Kimmel, Austria
      • Poacher's Road20061

      Matt Minogue, Dublin
      A Stone of the Heart19881
      • Unholy Ground19892
      • Kaddish in Dublin19903
      • All Souls19934
      • The Good Life19945
      • A Carra King20016
      • Wonderland20037
      • Islandbridge20058
      • The Going Rate20089
      • A Long Hard Look200910
      • The Coast Road201111

  • Brandon, Ruth

      • Left, Right and Centre1986

      Andrew Taggart, Journalist
      • Mind Out19911
      • The Gorgon's Smile19922

      Dr Reggie Lee, Art Curator
      • Caravaggio's Angel20081

  • Brandreth, Benet

      William Shakespeare
      • The Spy of Venice20161
      • The Assassin of Verona20172

  • Branton, Matthew

      • The Love Parade1997
      • The House of Whacks1999
      • The Hired Gun2001

  • Braun, Audrey

      Celia Hagen
      • A Small Fortune20111
      • Fortune's Deadly Descent20122

  • Brekke, Jorgen

      Odd Singsaker, Police Officer
      • Where Evil Lies (apa Where Monsters Dwell)20141
      • Dreamless (apa Death Song)20152
      • The Fifth Element20173

  • Brenchley, Chaz

      • The Samaritan1988
      • The Refuge1989
      • The Garden1990
      • Mall Time1992
      • Paradise1994
      • Dispossession1996
      • Shelter1999
      • Confidence: A Barbershop Quartet

      Benedict Macallan
      • Dead of Light19951
      • Light Errant19972

      Short Stories
      • Blood Waters1996

  • Bretherick, Diana

      James Murray, late C19
      • City of Devils20131
      • The Devil's Daughters20152

  • Brett, Harry (See also: Henry Sutton)

      Goodwins, Great Yarmouth
      • Time to Win20171
      • Red Hot Front20182

  • Brett, Simon

      • A Shock to the System1985
      • Dead Romantic1985
      • The Christmas Crimes at Puzzle Manor1991
      • Christmas Crimes at Rhyddal Hall1992
      • Singled Out1995
      • Crime Writers and Other Animals1998
      • Crime in Rhyme and Other Mysterious Fragments2000

      Brother and sister sleuths, Blotto and Twinks
      Blotto, Twinks and the Ex-King's Daughter20091
      Blotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager Duchess20102
      • Blotto, Twinks and the Rodents of Riviera20113
      • Blotto, Twinks and the Bootlegger's Moll20124
      Blotto, Twinks and the Riddle of the Sphinx20135
      • Blotto and Twinks and the Heir to the Tsar20156
      • Blotto, Twinks and the Stars of the Silver Screen20178
      • Blotto, Twinks and the Intimate Revue20189

      Carole and Jude, Fethering, Southern coast of England
      • The Body on the Beach20001
      Death on the Downs20012
      The Torso in the Town20023
      Murder in the Museum20034
      The Hanging in the Hotel20045
      The Witness at the Wedding20056
      The Stabbing in the Stables20067
      • Death Under the Dryer20078
      Blood at the Bookies20089
      The Poisoning in the Pub200910
      • The Shooting in the Shop201011
      • Bones Under the Beach Hut201112
      Guns in the Gallery201113
      • Corpse on the Court201214
      The Strangling on the Stage201315
      • The Tomb in Turkey201416
      • The Killing in the Cafe201517
      • The Liar in the Library201718

      Charles Paris, Actor
      • Cast, in Order of Disappearance19751
      • So Much Blood19762
      • Star Trap19773
      • An Amateur Corpse19784
      • A Comedian Dies19795
      • The Dead Side of the Mike19806
      • Situation Tragedy19817
      • Murder Unprompted19828
      • Murder in the Title19839
      • Not Dead, Only Resting198410
      • Dead Giveaway198511
      • What Bloody Man Is That198712
      • A Series of Murders198913
      • Corporate Bodies199114
      • A Reconstructed Corpse199315
      • Sicken and So Die199516
      • Dead Room Farce199717
      A Decent Interval201318
      The Cinderella Killer201419
      A Deadly Habit201820

      Mrs Pargeter, Gangster's widow
      • A Nice Class of Corpse19861
      • Mrs, Presumed Dead19882
      • Mrs Pargeter's Package19903
      • Mrs Pargeter's Pound of Flesh19924
      • Mrs Pargeter's Plot19965
      • Mrs Pargeter's Point of Honour19986
      Mrs Pargeter's Principle20157
      • Mrs Pargeter's Public Relations20168

      Short Stories
      • A Box of Tricks1985
      • Tickled to Death1985

      The Three Detectives (childrens)
      • The Three Detectives and the Missing Superstar19861
      • The Three Detectives and the Knight in Armor19872

  • Bridge, Robert J

      Jim Bent, ex-Cop turned PI
      • Hell Bent On Murder20011
      • Hell Bent on Revenge20062
      • Hell Bent on Corruption20063
      • Hell Bent on Blackmail20074

  • Brindley, Louise

      Geraldine Frayling, Crime Writer, London
      • Death on the Heath20032
      • The Honeymoon Murders20053

  • Britton, Andrew

      Ryan Kealey
      • Heart of Betrayal (apa The American)20061
      • The Assassin20072
      • The Invisible20083
      • The Exile20104
      • The Operative20135
      • The Courier20146

  • Brody, Frances

      Kate Shackleton, Bradford, 1920s
      Dying in the Wool20091
      • A Medal for Murder20102
      Murder in the Afternoon20113
      • A Woman Unknown20124
      • Murder on a Summer's Day20135
      • Death of an Avid Reader20146
      • A Death in the Dales20157
      • Death at the Seaside20168
      • Death in the Stars20179
      • A Snapshot of Murder201810

  • Brooke, P J

      Sub-inspector Max Romero, Granada
      • Blood Wedding20081
      • A Darker Night20102
      • Death's Other Kingdom20113

  • Brookes, Adam

      Philip Mangan, Journalist
      • Night Heron20141
      • Spy Games20152
      • The Spy's Daughter20173

  • Brown, Eric

      Donald Langham, Crime Writer, London, 1955
      • Murder by the Book20131
      • Murder at the Chase20142
      • Murder at the Loch20163
      • Murder Take Three20174
      • Murder Takes a Turn20185

  • Brown, Gordon

      • Falling2009
      • 59 Minutes2010

      Craig McIntyre, USA
      • The Catalyst (apa Darkest Thoughts (2017))20131
      • Meltdown20142

  • Brown, Lizbie

      Elizabeth Blair, Quilt shop owner, Bath
      • Broken Star19931
      • Turkey Tracks19952
      • Shoo-fly19983
      • Double Wedding Ring19994
      • Jacob's Ladder20005
      • Cat's Cradle20016

  • Brown, Molly

      • Invitation to a Funeral1995
      • Cracker: To Say I Love You1996

  • Bruce, Jean

      Secret Agent OSS117
      • Dead Silence (Fr: Cadavre au detail)19677
      • High Treason (Fr: Trahison)19679
      • Contact Impossible (Fr: Contact Impossible)196510
      • Pole Reaction (Fr: OSS117 Repond Toujours)196531
      • A Coffin for Isa (Fr: Un sarcophage pour Isa)195432
      • Top Secret (Fr: OSS 117 top secret)196734
      • Shock Tactics (Fr: Ombres sur le Bosphore)196535
      • Short Wave (Fr: Affaire no. 1)196437
      • Live Wire (Fr: Le Dernier Quart D’Heure)196545
      • Double Take (Fr: OSS117 Rentre dans la danse)196446
      • Soft Sell (Fr: Plan de Bataille Pour OSS117)196556
      • Hot Line (apa Trouble in Tokyo) (Fr: A Tout Coeur a Tukie)196560
      • Flash Point (Fr: Moche Coup a Moscou)196561
      • Cold Spell (Fr: Cinq gars pour Singapour)196766
      • Deep Freeze (Fr: Tactique arctique)196372
      • Photo Finish (Fr: OSS117 a L’ecole)196576
      • Strip Tease (Fr: Strip Tease Pour OSS)196883

  • Bruen, Ken

      • Martyrs1994
      • Rilke on Black1996
      • The Hackman Blues1997
      • Her Last Call to Louis MacNeice1998
      London Boulevard2001
      Dispatching Baudelaire2004
      • American Skin2006
      • Once Were Cops2008
      • Tower (with Reed Farrel Coleman)2009
      • Merrick2014

      • A White Arrest19981
      • Taming the Alien19992
      • The McDead20003
      • Vixen20035

      Brant Collection
      The White Trilogy2003

      Jack Taylor
      The Guards20011
      The Killing of the Tinkers20022
      The Magdalen Martyrs20033
      • The Dramatist20044
      The Devil20108
      • Purgatory201310
      • Green Hell201511
      • Emerald Lie201612
      • The Ghosts of Galway201713
      • In the Galway Silence201814

      Max Fisher and Angela Petrakos
      • Bust (with Jason Starr)20061
      • Slide (with Jason Starr)20072
      • The Max (with Jason Starr)20083
      • Pimp (with Jason Starr)20164

  • Bryers, Paul

      • The Prayer of the Bone1998
      • The Used Women's Book Club2003

  • Buckley, Fiona

      Ursula Blanchard, an Elizabethan lady
      The Robsart Mystery (apa To Shield the Queen)19971
      • The Doublet Affair19982
      • Queen's Ransom19993
      • To Ruin a Queen20004
      • Queen of Ambition20025
      A Pawn for A Queen20026
      • The Fugitive Queen20037
      Siren Queen20048
      • Queen Without A Crown20119
      • Queen's Bounty201210
      • A Rescue for a Queen201311
      • A Traitor's Tears201312
      • A Perilous Alliance201513
      • The Heretic's Creed201614
      • A Deadly Betrothal201715
      • The Reluctant Assassin201816

  • Bugler, Sheila

      DI Ellen Kennedy, London
      • Hunting Shadows20131
      • The Waiting Game20142
      • All Things Nice20163

  • Burden, Pat

      Ex-Detective Chief Superintendent Henry Bassett, Herefordshire
      • Screaming Bones19891
      • Wreath of Honesty19902
      • Bury Him Kindly19913
      • Father, Forgive Me19934

  • Burley, W J

      • The Schoolmaster1977

      Dr Henry Pym, Zoologist & Criminalist
      A Taste of Power19661
      • Death in Willow Pattern19692

      Supt. Charles Wycliffe, Cornwall
      • Three-Toed Pussy (apa Wycliffe and the Three-Toed Pussy)19681
      • To Kill a Cat (apa Wycliffe and How to Kill a Cat)19702
      • Guilt Edged (apa Wycliffe and the Guilt Edged Alibi)19713
      • Death in a Salubrious Place (apa Wycliffe and Death in a Salubrious Place)19734
      • Death in Stanley Street (apa Wycliffe and Death in Stanley Street)19745
      • Wycliffe and the Pea-green Boat19756
      • Wycliffe and the Schoolgirls19767
      • Wycliffe and the Scapegoat19788
      • Wycliffe in Paul's Court19809
      • Wycliffe's Wild Goose Chase198210
      • Wycliffe and the Beales198311
      • Wycliffe and the Four Jacks198512
      • Wycliffe and the Quiet Virgin198613
      • Wycliffe and the Winsor Blue198714
      • Wycliffe and the Tangled Web198815
      • Wycliffe and the Cycle of Death199016
      • Wycliffe and the Dead Flautist199117
      • Wycliffe and the Last Rites199218
      • Wycliffe and the Dunes Mystery199319
      • Wycliffe and the House of Fear199520
      • Wycliffe and the Redhead199721
      • Wycliffe And The Guild Of Nine200022

  • Burnell, Mark

      • Freak1994
      • Glittering Savages1995

      Stephanie Patrick, Ex-intelligence operative
      • The Rhythm Section19991
      • Chameleon20012
      • Gemini20033
      • The Third Woman20054

  • Burns, John

      Max Chard, Journalist, London
      • Hack19961
      • Snap19982
      • Nark19993
      • Spike20004

  • Burrows, Steve

      Inspector Domenic Jejeune, Saltmarsh, Norfolk
      • A Siege of Bitterns20141
      • A Pitying of Doves20162
      • A Cast of Falcons20163
      • A Shimmer of Hummingbirds20174
      • A Tiding of Magpies20185

  • Butler, Gwendoline (See also: Jenny Melville)

      • Vesey Inheritance1976
      • Meadowsweet (apa Brides of Friedberg)1977
      • The Red Staircase1979
      • Albion Walk1982

      Inspector John Coffin
      • Receipt for Murder19561
      • Dead in a Row19572
      • The Dull Dead19583
      • The Murdering Kind19584
      • The Interloper19595
      • Death Lives Next Door (apa Dine and Be Dead)19606
      • Make Me a Murderer19617
      • Coffin in Oxford19628
      • A Coffin for Baby19639
      • Coffin Waiting196410
      • A Coffin in Malta196411
      • A Nameless Coffin196612
      • Coffin Following196813
      • Coffin's Dark Number196914
      • A Coffin from the Past197015
      • A Coffin for the Canary (apa Olivia/ Sarsen Place/A Coffin for Pandora)197416
      • Coffin on the Water198617
      • Coffin in Fashion198718
      • Coffin Underground198819
      • Coffin in the Museum of Crime (apa Coffin in the Black Museum)198920
      • Coffin and the Paper Man199021
      • Coffin on Murder Street199122
      • Cracking Open a Coffin199223
      • A Coffin for Charley199424
      • The Coffin Tree199425
      • A Dark Coffin199526
      • A Double Coffin199627
      • Coffin's Game199728
      • A Grave Coffin199829
      • Coffin's Ghost199930
      • A Cold Coffin200031
      • Coffin Knows The Answer200232

      Major Mearns & Sergeant Denny, George IV era
      • The King Cried Murder!20001
      Dread Murder20062

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