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Gwendoline Butler

Born in England

See also: Jenny Melville

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

    • Vesey Inheritance1976
    • Meadowsweet (apa Brides of Friedberg)1977
    • The Red Staircase1979
    • Albion Walk1982

    Inspector John Coffin
    • Receipt for Murder19561
    • Dead in a Row19572
    • The Dull Dead19583
    • The Murdering Kind19584
    • The Interloper19595
    • Death Lives Next Door (apa Dine and Be Dead)19606
    • Make Me a Murderer19617
    • Coffin in Oxford19628
    • A Coffin for Baby19639
    • Coffin Waiting196410
    • A Coffin in Malta196411
    • A Nameless Coffin196612
    • Coffin Following196813
    • Coffin's Dark Number196914
    • A Coffin from the Past197015
    • A Coffin for the Canary (apa Olivia/ Sarsen Place/A Coffin for Pandora)197416
    • Coffin on the Water198617
    • Coffin in Fashion198718
    • Coffin Underground198819
    • Coffin in the Museum of Crime (apa Coffin in the Black Museum)198920
    • Coffin and the Paper Man199021
    • Coffin on Murder Street199122
    • Cracking Open a Coffin199223
    • A Coffin for Charley199424
    • The Coffin Tree199425
    • A Dark Coffin199526
    • A Double Coffin199627
    • Coffin's Game199728
    • A Grave Coffin199829
    • Coffin's Ghost199930
    • A Cold Coffin200031
    • Coffin Knows The Answer200232

    Major Mearns & Sergeant Denny, George IV era
    • The King Cried Murder!20001
    Dread Murder20062

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