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Here are the titles of future releases.

• Bannalec, Jean-LucThe Granite Coast Murders#6Commissioner Dupin
• Billingham, BillyCall to Kill#1Matt Mason
Bolton, S J/SharonThe Pact
• Bradby, TomTriple Cross#3Kate Henderson
• Brittany, AmandaThe Perfect Nanny (with Karen Clarke)
• Candlish, LouiseThe Skylight (Quick Reads Novella)
• Casey, JaneThe Killing Kind
• Castle, A MThe Invitation
• Chowdhury, AjayThe Waiter
• Corrigan, J AThe Nurse
• Croft, AdamIn Cold Blood#3Rutland crime series
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaThe Assistant
• Dawson, JeffHell Gate#3Ingo Finch
• del Arbol, VictorAbove the Rain
• DeLuca, MarjorieThe Savage Instinct
• Dolan, EvaOne Half Truth#6DI Zigic and DS Ferreira, Peterborough
Downing, DavidWedding Station#7John Russell
Fitzek, SebastianSeat 7a
• Gardner, FrankOutbreak#3Luke Carlton, Ex-Special Boat Service commando
• Giordano, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Lost Madonna#4Auntie Poldi, Sicily
• Grimwood, JackIsland Reich
• Hall, TraciMurder in a Scottish Garden#2Paislee Shaw, Nairn, Scotland
• Hayes, TerryThe Year of the Locust
Hilton, MattBlood Kin#8Grey and Villere, Louisiana
• Hollingdrake, MalcolmSyn#2Merseyside Crime Series
• Hughes, EganLeave the Lights On
• Hunter, AliceThe Serial Killer's Wife
• Hunter, M ADiscarded#4The Missing Children Case Files
Hurley, GrahamIntermission#5Enora Andresson
James, PeterLeft You Dead#17Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, Brighton
James, PeterWish You Were Dead (Quick Reads Novella)
• Kent, ChristobelThe Widower
Knight, AlannaMurder at the World's Edge#4Tam Eildor
• Kyazze, A BInto the Mouth of the Lion
Linskey, HowardDon't Let Him In
• Mackay, NikiLoaded
• Manning, NinaThe Bridesmaid
Mariani, ScottThe Pandemic Plot#23Ben Hope, Ex-SAS
• Marshall, D LAnthrax Island#1John Tyler
Masters, PriscillaThe Subsequent Wife
McDermid, Val/V.L.Resistance (Graphic Novel)
• Middleton, LiaWhen They Find Her
• Mohamed, NadifaThe Fortune Men
• Nadel, BarbaraForfeit#23Cetin Ikmen, Policeman, Istanbul
• Naspini, SachaOxygen
• Northedge, CharlotteThe House Guest
• O'Keeffe, BernardThe Final Round#1DI Garibaldi, Barnes, London
Oldham, NickScarred#26DCI Christie
• O'Sullivan, DarrenThe Players
• Pálsdóttir, SólveigSilenced
• Parks, AdeleBoth of You
• Pattison, C LThe Guest Book
• Russell, S LThe Thorn of Truth
• Ryan, ChrisManhunter#1Joe Bowman
• Scarr, LouisaLast Place You Look#1DS Butler & DC West
Shaw, WilliamThe Trawlerman#4DS Alexandra Cupidi
• Sinclair, RobThe Bonds of Blood#5DI Dani Stephens
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Man with the Silver Saab#3Detective Varg, Malmo
• Southward, AdamThe Stranger Next Door
• Spain, JoThe Perfect Lie
Speechley, RubyA Mother Like You
• Stirling, JossGrey Stones#4Jess Bridges
Thomson, LesleyThe Distant Dead#8Stella Darnell
Trow, M JThe Knight's Tale#1Geoffrey Chaucer
• Truhen, AidanSeven Demons
• Wagner, David PTo Die in Tuscany#7Rick Montoya Italian Mysteries
Walker, MartinThe Coldest Case#14Bruno, Chief of Police, France
• Weaver, AshleyA Peculiar Combination#1Electra McDonnell
• Wood, MichaelTime Is Running Out#7DCI Matilda Darke
• Wood, TomA Quiet Man#9Victor, Assassin
• Adams, JaneBright Young Things#7Detective Chief Inspector Henry Johnstone, 1928
• Arlidge, M JTruth or Dare#10Helen Grace, Southampton Police
• Austin, StephanieThe Dartmoor Murders#4Juno Browne
Bannister, JoChina Roses#5Detective Constable Hazel Best & Gabriel Ash
• Boyd, DamienDying Inside#11DI Nick Dixon
• Brown, EricMurder At Standing Stone Manor#8Donald Langham, Crime Writer, London, 1955
• Bussi, MichelThe Other Mother (apa The Double Mother)
• Clarke, KarenAnd Then She Ran
• Corry, JaneThe Lies We Tell
• Costello, LizaThe Estate
• Cowan-Erskine, BethLoch Down Abbey
• Craven, Mike/M WDead Ground#4Washington Poe
• Dean, JasonTracer#1Korso
• Dhand, A AThe Blood Divide
• Dunford, CarolineA Death on Stage#16Euphemia Martins
• Edwards, RachelLucky
• Eldridge, JimMurder at Madame Tussauds#6Former Detective Inspector Daniel Wilson
• Erskine, FionaPhosphate Rocks: A Death in Ten Objects
• Evans, KateA Wake of Crows#1DCI Donna Morris, Scarborough
• Gerhardsen, CarinBlack Ice
• Goldberg, LeonardThe Abduction of Pretty Penny#5Daughter of Sherlock Holmes series
Harrison, CoraMurder in an Orchard Cemetery#8Reverend Mother Aquinas, Cork, 1920s
• Hausmann, RomySleepless
• Hilary, SarahFragile
• Hughes, KimOperation Black Key#2Staff Sergeant Dom Riley
• Isaac, JaneOne Good Lie
• Johnson, KateDeath on the Aisle#3Molly Higgins
Jonasson, RagnarThe Girl Who Died
• Jones, NickThe Shadows of London#2Joseph Bridgeman
King, Laurie RCastle Shade#17Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes
• Knox, JosephTrue Crime Story
• Le Corre, HerveIn the Shadow of the Fire
• Mackay, NikiThe Girls Inside (as NJ Mackay)
Mackintosh, ClareHostage
MacLeod, TorquilMammon in Malmo#8Inspector Anita Sundstrom
• Mahmood, ImranI Know What I Saw
• Marques, PatriciaThe Colours of Death#1Inspector Isabel Reis, Lisbon
• Massey, SujataThe Bombay Prince#3Perveen Mistry, India's only female lawyer, 1920s
• McEwan, LynneIn Dark Water#1DI Shona Oliver, Dumfries
• McKenna, ClaraMurder at Keyhaven Castle#3Stella and Lyndy, 1905
• Meyrick, DenzilFor Any Other Truth#9DCI Daley
• Michaelides, AlexThe Maidens
• Moore, SydStrange Tricks#6Rosie Strange
Nickson, ChrisBrass Lives#9Detective Inspector Tom Harper, Leeds Police, 1890s
• Padura, LeonardoThe Transparency of Time#8Lt Mario Conde, Cuba
• Pearse, LesleySuspects
• Phifer, HelenThe Hiding Place#3Detective Morgan Brookes
Redondo, DoloresThe North Face of the Heart
Robotham, MichaelWhen You Are Mine
• Roslund, AndersKnock Knock#9Ewert Grens
Seeber, ClaireThe Street Party
• Silver, AbiThe Midas Game#5Burton and Lamb
• Steadman, CatherineThe Disappearing Act
• Thomas, JoeBrazilian Psycho#4The São Paulo Quartet
• Thomson, RupertBarcelona Dreaming
• Tucker, NancyThe First Day of Spring
• Waugh, DaisyPhone for the Fish Knives#2Tode family
• Wilkes, ElenaThe Man I Married
• Willberg, T AMarion Lane and the Midnight Murder
• Wood, TrevorOne Way Street#2Jimmy Mullen, Newcastle
• Wyer, CarolA Cut for a Cut#2DI Kate Young, Staffordshire
• Yahagi, ToshihikoThe Wrong Goodbye#3Eiji Futamura
• Ægisdóttir, Eva BjörgGirls Who Lie#2Forbidden Iceland
• Allan, ClaireAsk No Questions
Anderson, LinThe Killing Tide#17Rhona MacLeod, forensic scientist, Glasgow
Beckett, SimonThe Lost#1Jonah Colley, Armed response officer, Met Police
• Bilal, ParkerThe Trenches#3Crane and Drake, London
Billingham, MarkRabbit Hole
Connolly, JohnThe Nameless Ones#19Charlie Parker, PI, Maine
Edwards, MartinThe Crooked Shore#8Daniel Kind, Historian and DCI Hannah Scarlett, Lake District
• Finlay, MickArrowood and The Meeting House Murders#4Arrowood, PI, 1895
Fowler, ChristopherBryant & May - London Bridge is Falling Down#18Inspectors Bryant and May, London
• Frank, MatthewThe Killer Inside#3Ex-soldier police detective Joseph Stark, London
• Henry, JamesWhitethroat#3DI Nick Lowry, Essex, 1983
• Hrib, BogdanResilience
Indridason, ArnaldurThe Darkness Knows#3Flovent and Thorson, Reykjavik, Wartime
Jackson, DavidThe Rule
• Khan, VaseemThe Dying Day#2Inspector Persis Wadia
Lackberg, CamillaSilver Tears#2Faye Adelheim
• Pineiro, ClaudiaElena Knows
• Schneider, HansjorgThe Basel Killings
• Sedgwick, HelenWhere the Missing Gather#2Burrowhead Mystery
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe Doll#5Children's House series
• Walker, RosieHouse Fire
Wassmer, JulieStrictly Murder#8Pearl Nolan, Whitstable
• Watt, HollyThe Hunt and the Kill#3Casey Benedict, Investigative Journalist
• Whitehouse, LucieRisk of Harm#2Ex-DI Robin Osborne, Birmingham
• Amsinck, HeidiMy Name is Jensen
• Candlish, LouiseThe Heights
Dahl, ArneYou Are Next#3Detective Sam Berger
• De Giovanni, MaurizioBread For the Bastards of Pizzofalcone#5Bastards of Pizzofalcone
• de la Motte, AndersEnd of Summer#3Seasons Quartet
Dennison, HannahDanger at the Cove#2Island Sisters
Ellis, KateThe Stone Chamber#25Wesley Peterson (policeman) and Neil Watson (archaeologist), Tradmouth, Devon
Fitzek, SebastianThe Soul Breaker
• Haughton, EmmaThe Dark
Hawkins, PaulaA Slow Fire Burning
• Heller, MandasueRunning Scared
Huber, Anna LeeMurder Most Fair#5Verity Kent, England, 1919
• Jameson, EmmaA Death at Candlewick Castle#2Jemima Jago, Librarian, Isles of Scilly
• Jones, SandieThe Guilt Trip
• Lassa, AntoniaSkin Deep
McDermid, Val/V.L.1979#1Allie Burns, Journalist
• McGeorge, ChrisHalf-Past Tomorrow
• Sivakumaran, AnitaCold Sun
• Sykes, S DThe Good Death#5Oswald de Lacy, 14C Kent
• Unge, ChristianHell and High Water#1Dr Tekla Berg
• Bottini, OliverNight Hunters#4The Black Forest Investigations
Cleeves, AnnThe Heron's Cry#2Detective Matthew Venn, Devon
• Lynch, RachelLying Ways#9DI Kelly Porter, Lake District
McIlvanney, WilliamThe Dark Remains (with Ian Rankin)#1Laidlaw's First Case
Nesbo, JoThe Jealousy Man and Other StoriesShort Stories
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Joy and Light Bus Company#22Mma Ramotswe, PI, Botswana
Tyler, L CToo Much of Water#7John Grey, lawyer, 1657
• Bengtsdotter, LinaFor the Lost#3Detective Charlie Lager
Brightwell, EmilyMrs. Jeffries and the Midwinter Murders#40Mrs Jeffries
Child, LeeBetter off Dead (with Andrew Child)#26Jack Reacher, ex MP, USA
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the Savoy#2Detective Chief Inspector Coburg & Sergeant Lampson
• Grebe, CamillaThe Hideout
• Gudmundsson, OskarThe Commandments
• Hancock, Anne MetteThe Corpse Flower#1Journalist Heloise Kaldan and Police Officer Erik Schäfer
• Hunter, M AMummy's Little Secret
Marston, Edward/A EOrders to Kill#9Inspector Harvey Marmion and Sergeant Joe Keedy
McGowan, ClaireI Know You
• Pine, AlexThe Killer in the Snow#2DI James Walker, Cumbria
Rhodes, KateDevil's Table#5DI Ben Kitto
• Sigurdardottir, LiljaCold as Hell
• Tuomainen, AnttiThe Rabbit Factor
• Yeo-Sun, KwonLemon
• Benjamin, TomRequiem in La Rossa#3Daniel Leicester, Bologna
• Bennett, S JA Three Dog Problem#2The Queen
Fellowes, JessicaThe Mitford Vanishing#5Louisa Cannon, Maid to the Mitfords, 1919
• Gamboa, SantiagoThe Night Will Be Long
• Greenwood, RossThe Cold Killer#4DI Barton
Kernick, SimonGood Cop Bad Cop
• Mukherjee, AbirThe Shadows of Men#5Captain Sam Wyndham, Calcutta, 1919
Rickman, PhilNights of the Lingering Ghost#16Rev. Merrily Watkins, Ledwardine, Herefordshire
Ryan, WilliamThe Winter Guest (as W C Ryan)
• Bryndza, RobertDarkness Falls#3Kate Marshall
Crompton, RichardMountain of God#4Mollel, a crime-solving former Maasai warrior, Nairobi, Kenya
• Kepler, LarsThe Mirror Man#8DI Joona Linna, Stockholm
• Sten, VivecaBuried in Secret#10Sandhamn Murders
• Wood, TrevorDead End Street#3Jimmy Mullen, Newcastle
• Allen, HaniaThe Murder Stones
Beaton, M CDeath of a Green-Eyed Monster#35PC Hamish Macbeth, Lochdubh, Scotland
Griffiths, EllyThe Locked Room#14Dr Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist and DCI Harry Nelson
• Adolfsson, MariaWild Shores#2Doggerland trilogy
• Atherton, NancyAunt Dimity and the Enchanted Cottage#25Aunt Dimity
Bolton, S J/SharonThe Poisoner#2Craftsman series

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