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Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).


  • Nabb, Magdalen

      • The Prosecutor (with Paolo Vagheggi)1986

      Marshal Guarnaccia, Florence, Italy
      • Death of an Englishman19811
      Death of a Dutchman19822
      • Death in Springtime19833
      • Death in Autumn19844
      • The Marshal and the Murderer19875
      • The Marshal and the Madwoman19886
      • The Marshal's Own Case19907
      • The Marshal Makes His Report19918
      • The Marshal at the Villa Torrini19939
      • The Monster of Florence199610
      Property of Blood200111
      Some Bitter Taste200212
      The Innocent200513
      Vita Nuova200814

  • Nadel, Barbara

      Cetin Ikmen, Policeman, Istanbul
      • Belshazzar's Daughter19991
      • A Chemical Prison (apa The Ottoman Cage)20002
      • Arabesk20013
      • Deep Waters20024
      • Harem20035
      • Petrified20046
      Deadly Web20057
      • Dance With Death20068
      A Passion For Killing20079
      • Pretty Dead Things200710
      River of the Dead200911
      Death by Design201012
      A Noble Killing201113
      • Dead of Night201214
      • Deadline201315
      • Body Count201416
      • Land of the Blind201517
      • On the Bone201618
      The House of Four201719
      • Incorruptible201820
      • A Knife to the Heart201921
      • Blood Business202022

      Francis Hancock, Undertaker, 1940s England
      • Last Rites20051
      After the Mourning20062
      Ashes to Ashes20083
      • Sure and Certain Death20094

      PI Lee Arnold and his assistant, Mumtaz Hakim. East End London
      A Private Business20121
      An Act of Kindness20132
      • Poisoned Ground20143
      • Enough Rope20154
      • Bright Shiny Things20175
      • Displaced20186
      • A Time to Die20207

  • Nair, Anita

      Inspector Gowda
      • A Cut-Like Wound20141
      • Chain of Custody20162

  • Nakamura, Fuminori

      The Thief2012
      • Evil and the Mask2013
      • Last Winter We Parted2014
      • The Gun2016
      • The Kingdom2016
      • The Boy in the Earth2017
      • Cult X2018

  • Nally, James

      PC Donal Lynch, London
      • Alone with the Dead20151
      • Dance With the Dead20162
      • Games with the Dead20173

  • Natsuki, Shizuko

      • Murder at Mt. Fuji1984
      • The Third Lady1987
      • The Obituary Arrives at Two O'Clock1988
      • Innocent Journey1989
      • Portal of the Wind1990
      • Death from the Clouds1991

  • Naughton, Sarah J

      • Tattletale (apa The Girlfriend)2017
      • The Other Couple2018
      • The Mothers2020
      • The Festival2021

  • Neel, Janet

      Ticket to Ride2005

      Detective Inspector John McLeish & Francesca Wilson
      • Death's Bright Angel19881
      • Death on Site19892
      • Death of a Partner19913
      • Death Among the Dons19934
      • A Timely Death19965
      • To Die For19986
      O Gentle Death20007

  • Neuhaus, Nele

      • Swimming with Sharks2013

      DI Pia Kirchhoff & DS Oliver von Bodenstein
      • The Ice Queen20153
      Snow White Must Die20134
      • Bad Wolf (apa Big Bad Wolf)20146
      • I Am Your Judge (apa To Catch A Killer (UK))20167

  • Neznansky, Fridrikh

      • Deadly Games (with Edward Topol)1984
      • Red Square (with Edward Topol)1984
      • The Body in Sokolniki Park1987

  • Nichol, John

      • Point Of Impact1996
      • Vanishing Point1997
      • Exclusion Zone1998
      • Stinger1999
      • Decisive Measures2000

  • Nickson, Chris

      • The Dead on Leave2018

      Dan Markham, Leeds, 1954
      Dark Briggate Blues20151
      • The New Eastgate Swing20162

      Detective Inspector Tom Harper, Leeds Police, 1890s
      Gods of Gold20141
      Two Bronze Pennies20152
      • Skin Like Silver20153
      • The Iron Water20164
      • On Copper Street20175
      • The Tin God20186
      • Leaden Heart20197
      • The Molten City20208

      John the Carpenter, 1361
      The Crooked Spire20131
      • The Saltergate Psalter20152
      • The Holywell Dead20173
      • The Anchoress of Chesterfield20204

      Laura Benton, Music Journalist, Seattle,1988
      • Emerald City20131
      • West Seattle Blues20142

      Lottie Armstrong, Leeds, 1920s
      • Modern Crimes20161
      • The Year of the Gun20172

      Richard Nottingham Novella
      • Convalescence (ebook only)20131

      Richard Nottingham, Constable of Leeds, 18thC
      The Broken Token20101
      Cold Cruel Winter20112
      The Constant Lovers20123
      Come the Fear20124
      At the Dying of the Year20135
      Fair and Tender Ladies20136
      • Free from All Danger20177

      Simon Westow, Thief-taker, Regency Leeds
      • The Hanging Psalm20181
      • The Hocus Girl20192
      • To the Dark20203

  • Nishimura, Kyotaro

      • The Mystery Train Disappears1990
      • The Isle of South Kamui and Other Stories2013

  • Nisioisin

      • Death Note: Another Note2008
      • Zaregoto: Book 1: Kubikiri Cycle2008
      • Zaregoto: Book 2: The Kubishime Romanticist2010

  • Niven, John

      • The Amateurs2009
      • The Sunshine Cruise Company2015
      • No Good Deed2017
      • The F*ck-it List2020

      Donnie Miller
      Cold Hands20121

      Steven Stelfox
      • Kill Your Friends20081
      • Kill 'Em All20182

  • Noble, Malcolm

      Timberdick, Call Girl, South coast seaport in the 1960s.
      • Timberdick's First Case20041
      • Liking Good Jazz20052
      • Piggy Tucker's Poison20063
      • The Case of the Dirty Verger20074
      • The Parish of Frayed Ends20085
      • A Mystery of Cross Women20096
      • The Clue of the Curate's Cushion20107
      • The Case of the Naughty Wife20108

  • Noll, Ingrid

      • Hell Hath No Fury1996
      • Head Count1997
      • The Pharmacist1998

  • Nomura, Kodo

      Zenigata Heiji Mystery Stories
      • The Golden Virgin: Volume 120181

  • Norman, Hilary (See also: Alexandra Henry)

      • Too Close1998
      • Blind Fear2000
      • Deadly Games2001
      Twisted Minds2002
      • No Escape2003
      • Guilt2004
      • Compulsion2005
      • Ralph's Children2008
      • Whirlwind2016

      Detective Sam Becket, Miami Beach
      • Mind Games19991
      • Last Run20072
      • Shimmer20093
      • Caged20104
      • Hell20115
      • Eclipse20126
      • Fear and Loathing20147

  • Nugent, Liz

      • Unravelling Oliver2014
      • Lying in Wait2016
      • Skin Deep2018
      • Our Little Cruelties2020

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