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To have your book considered for review on Euro Crime, please email the editor for contact information. Please note that the reviewers are crime fiction enthusiasts offering their honest opinions and that a review cannot be guaranteed.


AIRTH, RENNIE - The Dead of Winter (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

AKUNIN, BORIS - The Death of Achilles (reviewed by Yvonne Klein)

ATKINSON, KATE - One Good Turn (reviewed by Yvonne Klein)

BAKER, JOHN - Winged With Death (reviewed by crimeficreader)

BANKS, RAY - Saturday's Child (reviewed by Declan Burke)

BATES, QUENTIN - Summerchill (reviewed by Ewa Sherman) (on the Euro Crime blog)

BROOKE, ANNE - Maloney's Law (reviewed by Sharon Wheeler)

BURKE, DECLAN - The Big O (reviewed by Donna Moore)

CARTER, CHRIS - The Death Sculptor (reviewed by JF)

CHATTERTON, ED - Down Among the Dead Men (reviewed by JF)

CHILD, LEE - A Wanted Man (reviewed by JF)

DALTON, JOHN - The Concrete Sea (reviewed by Mary Wilde)

DAVIS, LINDSEY - Alexandria (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

DAVIS, LINDSEY - The Ides of April (reviewed by Sarah Ward)

DAWSON, JILL - Watch Me Disappear (reviewed by Mary Wilde)

DEN TEX, CHARLES - Mr. Miller (tr. Nancy Forest-Flier) (reviewed by Bob Cornwell) (on the Euro Crime blog)

DOHERTY, PAUL - The Spies of Sobeck (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

DONOVAN, GERARD - Julius Winsome (reviewed by Declan Burke)

DOWNIE, RUTH - Medicus: A Novel of the Roman Empire (reviewed by Yvonne Klein)

FITZEK, SEBASTIAN - Therapy (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

FOWLER, CHRISTOPHER - White Corridor (reviewed by Yvonne Klein)

FRANKLIN, ARIANA - City of Shadows (reviewed by Yvonne Klein)

FRIMANSSON, INGER - Good Night, My Darling (reviewed by Diana Bane)

FURST, ALAN - The Spies of Warsaw (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

HARRIS, JOANNE - Gentlemen and Players (reviewed by Yvonne Klein)

HIEKKAPELTO, KATI - The Hummingbird (tr. David Hackston) (reviewed by Ewa Sherman) (on the Euro Crime blog)

HILL, REGINALD - Midnight Fugue (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

HORST, JORN LIER - The Caveman (tr. Anne Bruce) (reviewed by Bob Cornwell) (on the Euro Crime blog)

HUGHES, DECLAN - The Dying Breed (reviewed by Declan Burke)

JACKSON, DAVID - The Helper (reviewed by JF)

JANSSON, ANNA - Killer's Island (reviewed by Bernadette Bean)

JUDD, ALAN - Inside Enemy (reviewed by Ewa Sherman)

KEATING, H R F - A Small Case for Inspector Ghote? (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

KERR, PHILIP - The One From The Other (reviewed by Yvonne Klein)

KNIGHT, BERNARD - The Manor of Death (reviewed by crimeficreader)

KNIGHT, BERNARD - The Noble Outlaw (reviewed by crimeficreader)

LAW, J S - Tenacity (reviewed by Ewa Sherman) (on the Euro Crime blog)

LEMAITRE, PIERRE - Alex (reviewed by JF)

LEMAITRE, PIERRE - Camille (translated by Frank Wynne) (reviewed by Ewa Sherman)

LINDQVIST, JOHN AJVIDE - Let The Right One In (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

MCGILLOWAY, BRIAN - The Nameless Dead (reviewed by JF)

MCKINTY, ADRIAN - The Bloomsday Dead (reviewed by Declan Burke)

MACLEOD, TORQUIL - Murder in Malmo (reviewed by Ewa Sherman) (on the Euro Crime blog)

MCNAMEE, EOIN - 12:23: Paris. 31st August 1997 (reviewed by Declan Burke)

MEDIEVAL MURDERERS, THE - The Tainted Relic (reviewed by Jan Harris)

MILLS, MARK - The Information Officer (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

MONCRIEFF, SEAN - The History of Things (reviewed by Declan Burke)

MONTALBAN, MANUEL VAZQUEZ - Tattoo (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

MOORE, MARGARET - Broken Chord (reviewed by Ewa Sherman) (on the Euro Crime blog)

NAVARRO, JULIA - The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud (reviewed by Eve Olsen)

NESSER, HAKAN - The Weeping Girl (reviewed by JF)

NEVILLE, STUART - The Twelve (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

PAWSON, STUART - Shooting Elvis (reviewed by Mary Wilde)

PEMBREY, DANIEL - The Harbour Master: The Collected Edition (Books 1-3) (reviewed by Ewa Sherman) (on the Euro Crime blog)

PRESTON, LUKE - Dark City Blue (reviewed by JF)

READING, MARIO - The Templar Inheritance (on the Euro Crime blog)

ROBERTS, JENNY - Dead Reckoning (reviewed by Sharon Wheeler)

ROBERTSON, CRAIG - Cold Grave (reviewed by JF)

ROSLUND, ANDERS & HELLSTROM, BORGE - The Beast (reviewed by Mary Wilde)

RUSSELL, CRAIG - The Ghosts of Altona (reviewed by Ewa Sherman)

SANSOM, C J - Winter in Madrid (reviewed by Yvonne Klein)

SEWELL, KITTY - Ice Trap (reviewed by crimeficreader)

SINCLAIR, JOHN GORDON - Seventy Times Seven (reviewed by JF)

SODERBERG, ALEXANDER - The Andalucian Friend (reviewed by JF)

STAALESEN, GUNNAR - We Shall Inherit the Wind (tr. Don Bartlett) (reviewed by Ewa Sherman) (on the Euro Crime blog)

STACEY, LYNDON - Time to Pay (reviewed by Declan Burke)

TAYLOR, ANDREW - A Stain on the Silence (reviewed by Mary Wilde)

THEORIN, JOHAN - The Asylum (reviewed by Sarah Ward)

WIGNALL, KEVIN - Who is Conrad Hirst? (reviewed by Declan Burke)

WILSON, ELIZABETH - War Damage (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

WILSON, LAURA - Stratton's War (reviewed by Mike Ripley)

WILSON, LAURA - A Thousand Lies (reviewed by Yvonne Klein)

WOLSTENCROFT, DAVID - Contact Zero (reviewed by Mary Wilde)

YOUNG, SYLVESTER - Sleeping Dogs Lie (reviewed by Declan Burke)

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