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Cain, Tom - 'Assassin'
Paperback: 528 pages (August 2010) Publisher: Corgi ISBN: 0552161454

An evil man from Sam Carver's past is trying to discredit him by carrying out assassinations and other acts in the same manner as Sam has used, but in an infinitely crueller manner. Sam has done jobs for MI6 and British Intelligence in the past and they cannot believe the reports that they are hearing that Sam has turned into a man that cannot be trusted.

Sam is being set up and the next big target is the President of The United States! Sam and his latest girlfriend are invited to the wedding in Oslo, Norway, of his best friend but whilst attending a pre-meal drink in a hotel, Sam is called to a phone and when he picks up the receiver and identifies himself, it triggers an explosion and Sam is implicated in the killing of a close friend of the President.

The local police are soon in pursuit and it gets very involved. Sam is captured and must satisfy the authorities that he is not the mastermind behind all these nefarious deeds. Then he must decide why he is being blacklisted and the ultimate motive.

Tom Cain is from a journalistic background like his contemporaries, Stephen Leather and Frederick Forsyth. Like them he researches his novels with a real in-depth thoroughness and then writes a story which is very hard to fault for its fluency and attention to detail.

This is the third novel featuring the hero Sam Carver and I thought it was the best yet, although I thought the plot a little weak in tiny parts, it moved like an express train until its ultimate finale. Quite a page turner and I'll look out for his next one.

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Terry Halligan, England
December 2010

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