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Releases in 2023 (First Novel)

Published in the UK during 2023.

• Abell, StigDeath Under a Little SkyFirst Novel
• Ailes, KatThe Expectant DetectivesFirst Novel
• Bell, AliceGrave ExpectationsFirst Novel
• Bishop, KatieThe Girls of SummerFirst Novel
• Burdess, AbigailMother's DayFirst Novel
• Callaghan, JoIn The Blink of An EyeFirst Novel
• Cassidy, JaneThe Desire LineFirst Novel
• Cunliffe, P SDon't Close Your EyesFirst Novel
• Dolby, HannahNo Life for a LadyHistorical, First Novel
• Erichsen, HelenMurder by Natural CausesFirst Novel
• Griffin, MartinThe Second StrangerFirst Novel
• Hay, AlexThe HousekeepersHistorical, First Novel
• Johnston, AnthonyThe Dog Sitter DetectiveFirst Novel
• Júlíusdóttir, KatrínDead SweetTranslated, First Novel
• Leevers, JoTell Me How This EndsFirst Novel
• Madsen, Jenny LundThirty Days of DarknessTranslated, First Novel
• Marlow, NatalieNeedless AlleyHistorical, First Novel
• Maxwell, R SThrough a Darkening GlassFirst Novel, Historical
• Michallon, ClémenceThe Quiet TenantFirst Novel
• Mott, TonyDeadly Autumn HarvestFirst Novel
• Murphy, KittyDeath in HeelsFirst Novel
• Rinder, RobThe TrialFirst Novel
• Ryan, RachelSomeone You TrustFirst Novel
• Seales, JuliaA Most Agreeable MurderFirst Novel, Historical
• Seong-Sun, ImThe ConsultantTranslated, First Novel
• Slater, AliceDeath of a BooksellerFirst Novel
• Smith, HayleyThe Perfect GirlfriendFirst Novel
• Steed, CaileanHomeFirst Novel
• Stockham, AlisonThe Cuckoo SisterFirst Novel
• Wallace, JoannaYou’d Look Better as a GhostFirst Novel
• Walsh, TríonaThe SnowstormFirst Novel
• Webb, KateStay BuriedFirst Novel
• Wilding, RoseSpeak of the DevilFirst Novel

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