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Releases in 2020

Published in the UK during 2020.

• Adolfsson, MariaThe CoastTranslated, First Novel
• Abbott, RachelRight Behind You
• Abbott, RachelThe Murder Game
• Adams, JaneThe Good WifeHistorical
Adler-Olsen, JussiVictim 2117Translated
• Ægisdóttir, Eva BjörgThe Creak on the StairsTranslated, First Novel
• Ahnhem, StefanX Ways to DieTranslated
• Airth, RennieCold Kill
• Alderson, SarahIn Her Eyes
• Allen, HaniaThe Family Business
• Allott, SusanThe SilenceFirst Novel
• Amphlett, RachelNone the Wiser
• Anholt, LawrenceFestival of Death
• Armstrong, RossThe Falling Men
• Atkins, LucyMagpie Lane
• Austin, StephanieFrom Devon with Death
• Baldwin, JackieAvenge the Dead
• Balzano, MarcoI'm Staying HereTranslated
Bannister, JoDangerous Pursuits
• Barkworth, HazelHeatstrokeFirst Novel
• Barnes, KerryRaising a Gangster
• Barnes, KerryThe Rules
Bates, QuentinCold Malice
• Bayard, TaniaIn the Company of FoolsHistorical
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin: Hot to Trot
• Beevis, KeriDeep Dark Secrets
• Beevis, KeriM for Murder
Belsham, AlisonHer Last Breath
• Bengtsdotter, LinaFor the DeadTranslated
Billingham, MarkCry Baby
Black, BenjaminThe Secret Guests (as B W Black)Historical
Black, CaraThree Hours in ParisHistorical
• Black, P RThe Beach House
• Blake, SamKeep Your Eyes on Me
• Bourne, SamTo Kill a Man
• Boyd, ClareMy Perfect Wife
• Boyd, DamienDown Among the Dead
• Bradby, TomDouble Agent
• Bradley, KateTo Keep You SafeFirst Novel
• Bradley, VickiBefore I Say I DoFirst Novel
Brett, SimonThe Clutter Corpse
• Bridgestock, R CPayback
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries and the Silent KnightHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Appeals the VerdictHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Stalks the HunterHistorical
Brimson, DougieIn The Know
• Brittany, AmandaTraces of Her
• Broadribb, StephDeep Dark Night
Brody, FrancesDeath and the Brewery QueenHistorical
• Brolly, MattThe Crossing
• Brooke, AmandaThe Widows' Club
• Bruce, CamillaYou Let Me InFirst Novel
• Brunet, MarionSummer of ReckoningFirst Novel, Translated
• Bryndza, RobertNine Elms
• Buchholz, SimoneMexico StreetTranslated
• Buckley, FionaThe Scent of DangerHistorical
• Bugler, SheilaI Could Be You
• Burnside, HeatherCrystal
• Burrows, NathanFinding Milly
• Bussi, MichelNever ForgetTranslated
• Butler, D SDon't Turn Back
Camilleri, AndreaThe Safety NetTranslated
Carlotto, MassimoBlues for Outlaw Hearts and Old WhoresTranslated
• Carpenter, ElisabethThe Woman Downstairs
• Carrisi, DonatoInto the LabyrinthTranslated
• Carson, JohnDead Before You Die
• Carter, J PLittle Boy Lost
• Casey, JaneThe Cutting Place
• Castle, A MThe Perfect Widow
• Caves, S BA Killer Came Knocking
Chambers, KimberleyQueenie
• Chapman, JuliaDate with Danger
• Chase, ClareMystery on Hidden Lane
• Chase, EveThe Glass House
Child, LeeThe Sentinel (with Andrew Child)
Clare, AlysThe Indigo GhostsHistorical
Clark, CassandraThe Hour of the FoxHistorical
• Clarke, WendyThe Bride
Cleeves, AnnThe Darkest Evening
Clements, RoryHitler's SecretHistorical
• Coates, AnnePerdition's Child
Cole, MartinaLoyalty
• Comley, M A & Farrar, M KDown to Sleep
• Corry, JaneI Made a Mistake
• Croft, ElleLike Mother Like Daughter
• Curtis, GayleI Choose You
• Curtis, GayleSafe No Longer
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaSisterTranslated
Dalbuono, NadiaThe Devil
Dams, Jeanne MDeath Comes to Durham
• Davies, MartinMrs Hudson and the Samarkand ConspiracyHistorical
• Davies, MichelleShadow of a Doubt
Davis, LindseyThe Grove of the CaesarsHistorical
• Dazieri, SandroneKill the KingTranslated
• de la Motte, AndersEnd of SummerTranslated
de Lange, LouisaNowhere to be Found
• Deakin, LeonaLost
• Dean, WillBlack River
• Dhand, A ADarkness Rising (Quick Reads)
• Diamond, KaterinaThe Heatwave
• Diamond, KaterinaWoman in the Water
Doherty, P C/PaulHymn to MurderHistorical
• Dolan, EvaBetween Two Evils
• Donohue, RachelThe Temple House VanishingFirst Novel
• Douglas-Home, MarkThe Driftwood Girls
• Dowd, VictoriaThe Smart Woman's Guide to MurderFirst Novel
• Duckworth, CharlotteUnfollow Me
• Dunford, CarolineA Death at the RacesHistorical
• Dunphy, S AWhy She Ran
Edwards, MartinMortmain HallHistorical
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the Manchester MuseumHistorical
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the Natural History MuseumHistorical
• Elgar, EmilyGrace is Gone
Ellis, KateThe Burial Circle
• Ellwood, NualaThe House on the Lake
• Erskine, FionaThe Chemical Reaction
Ewan, Chris/C MA Window Breaks (as C M Ewan)
• Ewart, AndrewForget MeFirst Novel
• Fairfax, JohnForced Confessions
• Feeney, AliceHis & Hers
• Ferrari, KLike Flies from AfarFirst Novel, Translated
• Finlay, MickArrowood and the Thames CorpsesHistorical
• Fleet, RebeccaThe Second Wife
• Foenkinos, DavidThe Mystery of Henri Pick Translated
• Foley, LucyThe Guest List
• Fornesa, IvoDeath in Saint-ChartierFirst Novel, Translated
Fowler, ChristopherBryant & May - Oranges and Lemons
• Frost, AbbieThe GuesthouseFirst Novel
• Gibney, PatriciaBuried Angels
• Giordano, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Handsome AntonioTranslated
• Gitsham, PaulA Price to Pay
• Glenconner, AnneMurder on MustiqueFirst Novel
• Grace, EdKill Them Quickly
Gray, AlexWhen Shadows Fall
• Green, Simon RThe House on Widows Hill
• Greenwood, RossThe Soul Killer
Griffiths, EllyThe Lantern Men
Griffiths, EllyThe Postscript Murders
• Gunnis, EmilyThe Lost Child
Hall, M R/MatthewThe Black Art of Killing
• Hamdouchi, AbdelilahThe Butcher of CasablancaTranslated
Hamdy, AdamBlack 13
• Hammersley, HeleyneReunion
Hannah, MariWithout a Trace
Hannah, SophieHaven't They Grown
Hannah, SophieThe Killings at Kingfisher Hill: The New Hercule Poirot MysteryHistorical
• Haohui, ZhouFate (ebook only)Translated
• Hardy, S MEvil Never Dies
• Hardy, S MThe Evil WithinFirst Novel
Harrison, CoraDeath of a Prominent CitizenHistorical
• Hausmann, RomyDear ChildTranslated, First Novel
Hawkswood, SarahFaithful Unto DeathHistorical
Hawkswood, SarahHostage to FortuneHistorical
Hawkswood, SarahVale of TearsHistorical
Hayes, SamThe Happy Couple (as Samatha Hayes)
Heley, VeronicaFalse Conclusion
• Helm, KateThe House Share
Herron, Mick/MThe Catch
Hill, Suzette ADeadly PrimroseHistorical
• Ho-Kei, ChanSecond SisterTranslated
Holt, AnneA Necessary Death
• Holton, NoelleDead Wrong
• Horowitz, AnthonyMoonflower Murders
Horst, Jorn LierThe Inner DarknessTranslated
• Horst, Jorn Lier & Enger, ThomasDeath DeservedTranslated
• Howe, Samantha LeeThe Stranger in Our Bed
Huber, LindaThe Runaway
Hunt, ArleneNo Escape
• Hunter, CaraAll the Rage
Hurley, GrahamOff Script
• James, AlisonThe Man She Married
• James, EdTell Me Lies
• Jeffrey, DianeThose Who Lie
• Jeong, You-JeongSeven Years of DarknessTranslated
• Jia, MaiThe MessageTranslated
• Johannsen, AnnaDeath on the BeachTranslated
Johnstone, DougA Dark Matter
Jonasson, RagnarThe MistTranslated
• Joncour, SergeWild DogTranslated
• Jones, Philip GwynneVenetian Gothic
• Kara, LesleyWho Did You Tell?
• Kavanagh, EmmaThe Devil You Know
• Kealey, ImogenLiberationHistorical
Keane, JessieThe Knock
• Kelleher, CaseyMine
Kelly, JimThe Night RaidsHistorical
• Kent, TonyPower Play
• Keogh, ValerieNo Obvious Cause
• Keogh, ValerieThe Three Women
• Kepler, LarsLazarusTranslated
• Koch, EmilyKeep Him Close
• Kot, DanutaSomeone Who Isn't Me
• Kovach, CarlaHer Last Mistake
La Plante, LyndaBuried
Lackberg, CamillaThe Gilded CageTranslated
• Lark, J SAfter You FellFirst Novel
• Laws, PeterPossessed
Lawton, JohnHammer to FallHistorical
Leather, StephenThe Runner
• Lee, LynneCan You See Me?
• Lee, M JWhere the Innocent Die (ebook only)
Leon, DonnaTrace Elements
• Linley, SarahThe BeachFirst Novel
Linskey, HowardAlice Teale is Missing
• Lloyd, SamThe Memory WoodFirst Novel
• Lodge, GythaWatching from the Dark
• Louth, NickThe Body in the Snow
Lupton, RosamundThree Hours
• Lynch, RachelLittle Doubt
• MacDonald, C CHappy Ever AfterFirst Novel
• Mace, LorraineRage and Retribution
• Maitland, IainThe Scribbler
• Mancini, RuthOne Dark, Two Light
• Mara, AndreaThe Sleeper Lies
• Mark, DavidBorrowed Time
• Marrs, JohnWhat Lies Between Us
• Marsons, AngelaKilling Mind
• Martin, NicolaDead RingerFirst Novel
Masterton, GrahamThe Last Drop of Blood
May, PeterA Silent Death
May, PeterLockdown (ebook only)
• Mayhew, MargaretThe Lifeline
• McCleave, SimonThe Dee Valley Killings
• McCleave, SimonThe Devil's Cliff Killings
McGilloway, BrianThe Last Crossing
• McGurl, KathleenThe Secret of the Chateau
• McPherson, BenThe Island
• Merritt, ChrisKnock Knock
• Meyrick, DenzilJeremiah's Bell
• Michaels, SamRivals
Miller, A DIndependence Square
• Mitchell, CarolineLeft For Dead
• Mitchell, CarolineThe Perfect Mother
Mitchell, Dreda SayTrap Door
• Moloney, CatherineCrime at Home
• Moloney, CatherineCrime in the Heat
• Monroe, J SThe Other You
• Moor, JessicaKeeperFirst Novel
• Morgan, PhoebeThe Babysitter
• Morgan-Bentley, RobinThe WreckageFirst Novel
Morris, Roger/R NThe Music Box EnigmaHistorical
• Morton, MandyThe Ice Maid's Tail
• Muir, Frank/T FDead Still
• Mundy, ElizabethA Messy Affair
• Nadel, BarbaraBlood Business
• Nath, MichaelThe Treatment
• Naughton, Sarah JThe Mothers
Nesbo, JoThe KingdomTranslated
Nesser, HakanThe Secret Life of Mr Roos Translated
Nickson, ChrisThe Anchoress of ChesterfieldHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Molten CityHistorical
• Niven, JohnThe F*ck-it List
• Nolan, DominicAfter Dark
• Nugent, LizOur Little Cruelties
• Odden, KarenA Trace of Deceit
O'Donovan, GerardThe Doom ListHistorical
Oldham, NickWildfire
• Onda, RikuThe Aosawa MurdersTranslated
• O'Reilly, JudithCurse the Day
• Organ, EmilyThe Gang of St Bride'sHistorical
• O'Sullivan, DarrenDark Corners
Oswald, JamesBury Them Deep
• Paris, B AThe Dilemma
• Parks, AdeleJust My Luck
• Parks, AlanBobby March Will Live Forever
• Parris, S JExecutionHistorical
• Parris, S JThe Academy of Secrets (ebook only)Historical
• Patis, VikkiGirl, Lost
• Pattison, NellThe Silent HouseFirst Novel
• Pearce, DaisyThe Missing
• Pearce, DaisyThe SilenceFirst Novel
• Perks, HeidiThree Perfect Liars
Perry, AnneA Question of BetrayalHistorical
• Perry, S WThe Saracen's MarkHistorical
Pryce, MalcolmThe Corpse in the Garden of Perfect BrightnessHistorical
• Quintana, JennyOur Dark Secret
Ramsay, CaroThe Red, Red Snow
• Reid, RebeccaTruth Hurts
• Reynolds, RodIsland of Secrets
Rhodes, KatePulpit Rock
• Rhys, RachelIsland of SecretsHistorical
Riches, MarnieBacklash
Ripley, MikeMr Campion's SeanceHistorical
• Robb, CandaceA Choir of CrowsHistorical
Robinson, PeterNot Dark Yet
• Rogers, GemmaPayback
• Rogers, GemmaReckless
• Rose, JacquiPoison
• Ross, JacobBlack Rain Falling
• Rubin, GarethThe Winter AgentHistorical
• Ryder, JohnFirst Shot
• Sanderson, LesleyThe Leaving Party
• Savage, VanessaThe Woods
• Savin, JenniferThe Wrong MoveFirst Novel
• Saxon, DianeCopycat
• Scanlon, MichaelHer Last Goodnight
• Scragg, RobertAll That is Buried
• Sedgwick, HelenWhen the Dead Come Calling
• Seeck, MaxThe Witch HunterFirst Novel, Translated
• Seo, Mi-aeThe Only ChildFirst Novel, Translated
• Seskis, TinaHope Close
Seymour, GeraldBeyond Recall
Sharp, ZoeBones in the River
Shaw, WilliamGrave's End
• Shemilt, JaneLittle Friends
Sherratt, MelLiar Liar
• Shibli, AdaniaMinor DetailTranslated
• Shindler, WillThe Burning MenFirst Novel
Sigurdardottir, YrsaGallows RockTranslated
• Sinclair, RobImposter 13
• Sinclair, RobThe Rules of Murder
• Sivers, DaveIn Ink
• Skelton, DouglasThe Blood is Still
• Skuse, C JThe Alibi Girl
• Slater, K LLittle Whispers
Smith, Alexander McCallHow to Raise an Elephant
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Talented Mr Varg
Smith, AnnaEnd Game
• Spain, JoSix Wicked Reasons
• Speechley, RubySomeone Else's BabyFirst Novel
Spencer, SallyDaughters of Darkness
Staalesen, GunnarFallen AngelsTranslated
Stanley, MichaelFacets of Death
• Steadman, CatherineMr Nobody
• Stein, JesperDie For MeTranslated
Steiner, SusieRemain Silent
• Sten, VivecaIn the Name of TruthTranslated
• Swallow, JamesRogue
• Tallon, EmmaFearless Girl (ebook only)
Taylor, AndrewThe Last ProtectorHistorical
• Taylor, C LStrangers
• Teague, Paul JFriends Who Lie
• Teague, Paul JNo More Secrets
• Teague, Paul JOne Last Chance
• Teague, Paul JSo Many Lies
• Teague, Paul JTruth Be Told
• Teague, Paul JTwo Years After
Tholin, ChristerGuilty?Translated
• Thomas, JoeBent
• Thomas, RussFirewatchingFirst Novel
Thomson, LesleyDeath of a Mermaid
Trow, M JThe ReckoningHistorical
• Tudor, C JThe Other People
• Vaughan, SarahLittle Disasters
Walker, MartinA Shooting at Chateau Rock
• Waller, AnitaGamble
• Walter, B PHold Your Breath
• Ware, RuthOne by One
• Warner, H CShe
• Watt, HollyThe Dead Line
• Watts, KerryHer Secret Past
• Weatherley, Anna-LouThe Stranger's Wife
• Wesolowski, MattBeast
• Whitaker, ChrisWe Begin at the End
• White, NicolaA Famished Heart
• White, S RHermitFirst Novel
Wignall, KevinThe Names of the Dead
• Wilkins, SusanBuried Deep
• Wojtas, OlgaMiss Blaine's Prefect and the Vampire MenaceHistorical
• Wolf, Klaus-PeterThe OathFirst Novel, Translated
• Wood, MichaelThe Murder House
• Wood, TrevorThe Man on the StreetFirst Novel
• Wyer, CarolThe Secret Admirer
• Yi, ATwo Lives: Tales of Life, Love and CrimeTranslated
• Young, DavidStasi WinterHistorical
• Zulczyk, JakubBlinded by the LightsTranslated, First Novel

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