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Published in the UK during 2020.

• Abbott, RachelRight Behind You
• Abbott, RachelThe Murder Game
• Abdullah, KiaTruth Be Told
• Adams, JaneOld SinsHistorical
• Adams, JaneSafe
• Adams, JaneThe Good WifeHistorical
• Adams, Kate PSleep Like the Dead
• Addison, MargaretMurder on the Cornish Coast Historical
• Adler, TimDead Already
Adler-Olsen, JussiVictim 2117Translated
• Ægisdóttir, Eva BjörgThe Creak on the StairsTranslated, First Novel
• Ahnhem, StefanX Ways to DieTranslated
• Airth, RennieCold Kill
• Alderson, SarahIn Her Eyes
• Alderson, SarahThe Weekend Away
• Alexandra, IngridAcross the Water
• Allan, ClaireThe Liar's Daughter
• Allen, HaniaThe Family Business
• Allen, JoDeath on Coffin Lane
• Allott, SusanThe SilenceFirst Novel
• Amphlett, RachelBlood on Snow
• Amphlett, RachelHer Final Hour
• Amphlett, RachelNone the Wiser
• Amphlett, RachelTurn to Dust
Anderson, LinThe Innocent Dead
• Anholt, LawrenceFestival of Death
• Anthology, AnAfraid Of The Christmas LightsAnthology
• Anthology, AnThe Book of Extraordinary New Sherlock Holmes Stories (ed. Maxim Jakubowski)Anthology
• Anthology, AnVintage Crime (ed. Martin Edwards)Anthology
• Archibald, MalcolmThe Atlantic Street MurderHistorical
• Arlidge, M JAll Fall Down
• Armstrong, RossThe Falling Men
• Ashdown, Isabel33 Women
• Askew, ClaireCover Your Tracks
• Aspinall, RobChosen Girls (apa Homecoming)
• Atkins, LucyMagpie Lane
• Atkinson, HeatherBlood Brothers
• Austin, StephanieFrom Devon with Death
• Backman, FredrikAnxious PeopleTranslated
Bailey, ElizabethThe Fateful MarriageHistorical
• Bailey, MurraySingapore Killer
• Bakkeid, HeineScatter Her AshesTranslated
• Baldwin, JackieAvenge the Dead
• Ballantyne, LisaOnce Upon a Lie
• Balzano, MarcoI'm Staying HereTranslated
Bannister, JoDangerous Pursuits
• Banville, JohnSnowHistorical
• Barkworth, HazelHeatstrokeFirst Novel
• Barnes, KerryRaising a Gangster
• Barnes, KerryThe Rules
• Barnes, KerryVoice Of Reason
• Barrettt, AndrewThis Side of Death
Barrington, JamesCyberstrike: London (with professor Richard Benham)
• Baskerville, BRoll The Dice
• Batchelor, PennyMy Perfect SisterFirst Novel
Bates, QuentinCold Malice
• Bayard, TaniaIn the Company of FoolsHistorical
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin: Hot to Trot (with R W Green)
• Beevis, KeriDeep Dark Secrets
• Beevis, KeriM for Murder
Belsham, AlisonHer Last Breath
• Bengtsdotter, LinaFor the DeadTranslated
• Benjamin, TomThe Hunting Season
• Bennett, S JThe Windsor Knot
• Berthon, SimonA Time to Lie
• Bettany, JaneIn Cold BloodFirst Novel
Billingham, MarkCry Baby
Black, BenjaminThe Secret Guests (as B W Black)Historical
Black, CaraThree Hours in ParisHistorical
Black, HelenHard as Nails
• Black, P RThe Beach House
• Blake, SamKeep Your Eyes on Me
• Boland, ShaliniThe Wife
Bolton, S J/SharonThe Split
• Bonner, HilaryCry Darkness
• Bouchard, RoxanneThe Coral BrideTranslated
• Bourne, SamTo Kill a Man
• Boyd, ClareMy Perfect Wife
• Boyd, DamienDown Among the Dead
• Brabazon, JamesArkhangel
• Brack, GrahamDishonour and ObeyHistorical
• Brack, GrahamThe Noose's ShadowHistorical
• Brack, GrahamUntrue Till DeathHistorical
• Bradby, TomDouble Agent
• Bradley, KateTo Keep You SafeFirst Novel
• Bradley, LisaPaper DollsFirst Novel
• Bradley, RebeccaA Deeper Song
• Bradley, RebeccaKill For Me
• Bradley, RebeccaPerfect Murder
• Bradley, RebeccaSee No Evil
• Bradley, VickiBefore I Say I DoFirst Novel
• Bradwell, DavidThe Blood Of Angels
Brennan, GerardShot
Brett, SimonGuilt at the Garage
Brett, SimonThe Clutter Corpse
• Bridgestock, R CPayback
• Briggs, J CThe Redemption MurdersHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries and the Silent KnightHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Appeals the VerdictHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Stalks the HunterHistorical
Brimson, DougieIn The Know
• Brittany, AmandaTraces of Her
• Broadfoot, NeilThe Point of No Return
• Broadribb, StephDeep Dark Night
Brody, FrancesDeath and the Brewery QueenHistorical
• Brolly, MattThe Crossing
• Brolly, MattThe Descent
• Brooke, AmandaThe Widows' Club
• Brown, VivienBe Careful What You Wish For
• Brown, VivienNo Sister of Mine
• Browne, SherylTrust Me
Bruce, AlisonThe Moment Before Impact
• Bruce, CamillaYou Let Me InFirst Novel
• Brunet, MarionSummer of ReckoningTranslated, First Novel
• Bryndza, RobertNine Elms
• Bryndza, RobertShadow Sands
• Buchanan, TracyWall of Silence
• Buchholz, SimoneMexico StreetTranslated
• Buckley, FionaThe Scent of DangerHistorical
• Bugler, SheilaI Could Be You
• Bugler, SheilaWhen the Dead Speak
• Burnside, HeatherCrystal
• Burrows, NathanFinding Milly
• Bussi, MichelNever ForgetTranslated
• Butler, D SDon't Turn Back
• Butler, D SHouse of Lies
• Calkins, SusannaThe Sign of the GallowsHistorical
• Callaghan, HelenNight Falls, Still Missing
Camilleri, AndreaThe Safety NetTranslated
Camilleri, AndreaThe Sicilian MethodTranslated
Campbell, ColinFinal Cut
• Candlish, LouiseThe Other Passenger
Carlotto, MassimoBlues for Outlaw Hearts and Old WhoresTranslated
• Carne, RosThe PupilFirst Novel
• Carpenter, ElisabethThe Woman Downstairs
• Carrington, SamThe Open House
• Carrisi, DonatoInto the LabyrinthTranslated
• Carson, JohnDead Before You Die
• Carson, JohnDevil to Pay
• Carson, JohnPoint of no Return
• Carson, JohnStarvation Lake
Carter, AndreaThe Body Falls
Carter, ChrisWritten in Blood
• Carter, J PLittle Boy Lost
• Carter, MegThe Day She Can't Forget
Carver, WillHinton Hollow Death Trip
• Casey, JaneThe Cutting Place
• Castle, A MThe Perfect Widow
Cavanagh, SteveFifty-Fifty
• Caves, S BA Killer Came Knocking
Chambers, KimberleyQueenie
• Chapman, JuliaDate with Danger
Charlton, KarenDeath at the Frost Fair (ebook only)Historical
Charlton, KarenThe Willow Marsh MurderHistorical
• Chase, ClareMystery at Apple Tree Cottage
• Chase, ClareMystery at Seagrave Hall
• Chase, ClareMystery at the Old Mill
• Chase, ClareMystery on Hidden Lane
• Chase, EveThe Glass House (apa The Daughters of Foxcote Manor)
Child, LeeThe Sentinel (with Andrew Child)
Clare, AlysThe Indigo GhostsHistorical
Clare, AlysThe Outcast GirlsHistorical
Clark, CassandraThe Hour of the FoxHistorical
• Clarke, KarenYour Life for Mine
• Clarke, WendyThe Bride
Cleeves, AnnThe Darkest Evening
Clements, RoryHitler's SecretHistorical
• Coates, AnnePerdition's Child
• Cole, KarenDeceive Me
• Cole, KarenDeny Me
• Coles, LindaThe Silent Ones
• Comley, M ACold Mercy
• Comley, M A & Farrar, M KDown to Sleep
Connolly, JohnThe Dirty South
Conway, SimonThe Stranger
Cookman, LesleyMurder on the Edge
• Cooper, CatherineThe ChaletFirst Novel
Corbin, JulieA Lie For A Lie
• Corcoran, CarolineThe Baby Group
• Corry, JaneI Made a Mistake
Cotterill, ColinThe Delightful Life of a Suicide Pilot
• Cox, HelenDeath Awaits in Durham
• Cox, HelenMurder on the Moorland
Craig, JamesInto the Valley
• Cranswick, JudithBlood Follows Jane Austen
• Craven, Mike/M WThe Curator
• Creed, BenCity of GhostsHistorical
• Croft, AdamOn Borrowed Time
• Croft, AdamWhat Lies Beneath
• Croft, ElleLike Mother Like Daughter
• Cry, MorganThirty-One Bones
Cumming, CharlesBox 88
• Curtis, EmmaKeep Her Quiet
• Curtis, GayleI Choose You
• Curtis, GayleSafe No Longer
Cutler, JudithLegacy of DeathHistorical
• Cutts, LisaDon't Trust Him
• Dahl, AlexPlaydate
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaSisterTranslated
Dalbuono, NadiaThe Devil
• Dalgliesh, J MHear No Evil
• Dalgliesh, J MKill Our Sins
• Dalgliesh, J MThe Dead Call
Dams, Jeanne MDeath Comes to Durham
• Davies, MartinMrs Hudson and the Samarkand ConspiracyHistorical
• Davies, MichelleShadow of a Doubt
Davis, LindseyThe Grove of the CaesarsHistorical
• Daws, RobertThe Killing Rock
Daykin, JudiUnder Violent Skies
• Dazieri, SandroneKill the KingTranslated
• De Giovanni, MaurizioPuppiesTranslated
de Jager, AnjaDeath at the Orange Locks
de Lange, LouisaNowhere to be Found
• de Muriel, OscarThe Dance of the SerpentsHistorical
• Deakin, LeonaLost
• Dean, WillBlack River
• Delaney, J PPlaying Nice
Dennison, HannahDeath of a Diva at Honeychurch Hall
• Denzil, Sarah AThey Are Liars
• Denzil, Sarah AYou Are Invited (ebook only)
• Dhand, A ADarkness Rising (Quick Reads)
• Diamond, KaterinaThe Heatwave
• Diamond, KaterinaWoman in the Water
• Dickson, Diane MBlurred Lines
• Dickson, Diane MBody on the Shore
• Dixon, KeithThe Two Fathers
Doherty, P C/PaulHymn to MurderHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Stone of DestinyHistorical
• Dolan, EvaBetween Two Evils
• Donnelly, GaryKilling in Your Name
• Donohue, RachelThe Temple House VanishingFirst Novel
• Douglas, ClaireJust Like the Other Girls
• Douglas, European PA Clamour of Rooks
• Douglas-Home, MarkThe Driftwood Girls
• Dowd, VictoriaThe Smart Woman's Guide to MurderFirst Novel
• Downes, AnnaThe Safe PlaceFirst Novel
• Duckworth, CharlotteUnfollow Me
• Duffy, MargaretGillard's Sting
• Dunford, CarolineA Death at the RacesHistorical
• Dunford, CarolineA Death in the HospitalHistorical
• Dunford, CarolineHope for the InnocentHistorical
• Dunphy, S AWhy She Ran
• Durrant, SabineFinders, Keepers
• East, PhilippaLittle White LiesFirst Novel
Edwards, MartinMortmain HallHistorical
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the Manchester MuseumHistorical
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the Natural History MuseumHistorical
• Elgar, EmilyGrace is Gone
• Elliott, C MSibanda and the Death's Head Moth
• Ellis, BellaThe Diabolical BonesHistorical
Ellis, JoyHidden On the Fens
Ellis, JoyThe Dying Light
Ellis, JoyThe Patient Man
Ellis, JoyThe Stolen Boys
Ellis, JoyThey Disappeared
Ellis, KateThe Burial Circle
Ellis, KateThe House of the Hanged WomanHistorical
• Ellis, T WA Knock at the Door
• Ellwood, NualaThe House on the Lake
Elsberg, MarcGreedTranslated
• Engberg, KatrineThe TenantTranslated, First Novel
• England, CarolineTruth Games
• Erskine, FionaThe Chemical Reaction
• Evans, ClaireThe Graves of WhitechapelHistorical
Ewan, Chris/C MA Window Breaks (as C M Ewan)
• Ewart, AndrewForget MeFirst Novel
• Fairfax, JohnForced Confessions
• Falconer, ColinAngels Weep
• Farrar, M KThe Child Catcher
• Feeney, AliceHis & Hers
Fellowes, JessicaThe Mitford TrialHistorical
• Ferrari, KLike Flies from AfarFirst Novel, Translated
• Fielden, T PStealing the CrownHistorical
• Fields, HelenPerfect Kill
• Fields, HelenThese Lost & Broken ThingsHistorical
Finch, PaulOne Eye Open
• Finlay, CazBack in the Game
• Finlay, CazHead of the Firm
• Finlay, MickArrowood and the Thames CorpsesHistorical
• Finnegan, TrishBlue BirdFirst Novel
• Finney, KeithA Yuletide Mystery
• Finney, KeithDead... Again
Fitzek, SebastianThe PackageTranslated
FitzGerald, HelenAsh Mountain
• Fleet, KimDevil's Chimney
• Fleet, RebeccaThe Second Wife
• Foenkinos, DavidThe Mystery of Henri Pick Translated
• Foley, LucyThe Guest List
• Ford, M JWatch Over You
• Fornesa, IvoDeath in Saint-ChartierFirst Novel, Translated
Fowler, ChristopherBryant & May - Oranges and Lemons
• Frances, MichelleSisters
• Frear, CazShed No Tears
French, NicciHouse of Correction
French, TanaThe Searcher
• Friedman, Ann MartiA Fine Tapestry of MurderHistorical
• Frost, AbbieThe GuesthouseFirst Novel
Galbraith, RobertTroubled Blood
• Gallagher, CharlieThe Deadly Houses
• Gatland, JackLetter From The Dead
• Gatward, D JBest Served Cold
• Gatward, D JGrimm Up North
• Gibney, PatriciaBuried Angels
• Gilman, DavidThe Englishman
• Giordano, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Handsome AntonioTranslated
• Gitsham, PaulA Price to Pay
• Glenconner, AnneMurder on MustiqueFirst Novel
• Grace, EdKill Them Quickly
• Grace, EdThe Bars That Hold Me
Gray, AlexWhen Shadows Fall
• Gray, LisaDark Highway
• Green, Simon RThe House on Widows Hill
• Greene, MorganFresh Meat
• Greenwood, RossThe Ice Killer
• Greenwood, RossThe Soul Killer
Gregory, SusannaThe Clerkenwell AffairHistorical
Griffiths, EllyThe Lantern Men
Griffiths, EllyThe Postscript Murders
• Griffiths, RebeccaCry Baby
• Griffiths, RebeccaSweet Sacrifice
• Gunn, HeathKhan
• Gunnis, EmilyThe Lost Child
• Hain, PeterThe Rhino Conspiracy
• Hall, AramintaImperfect Women (apa Perfect Strangers)
• Hall, LisaThe Perfect Couple
Hall, M R/MatthewThe Black Art of Killing
• Halliday, G RDark Waters
• Halsall, RonaThe Ex-Boyfriend
• Hamdouchi, AbdelilahThe Butcher of CasablancaTranslated
Hamdy, AdamBlack 13
• Hamilton, KarenThe Last Wife
• Hammersley, HeleyneReunion
Hanley, C BCast the First StoneHistorical
Hannah, MariWithout a Trace
Hannah, SophieHaven't They Grown
Hannah, SophieThe Killings at Kingfisher Hill: The New Hercule Poirot MysteryHistorical
• Hanson, LiamDead People Sleep
• Hanson, LiamLies People TellFirst Novel
• Haohui, ZhouFateTranslated
• Hardy, S MEvil Never Dies
• Hardy, S MThe Evil WithinFirst Novel
• Harris, RobertV2Historical
Harrison, CoraDeath of a Prominent CitizenHistorical
Harrison, CoraSummer of SecretsHistorical
Harrod-Eagles, CynthiaCruel as the Grave
• Harvey, BeverleyThe Perfect Liar
• Hausmann, RomyDear ChildFirst Novel, Translated
Hawkswood, SarahFaithful Unto DeathHistorical
Hawkswood, SarahHostage to FortuneHistorical
Hawkswood, SarahRiver of SinsHistorical
Hawkswood, SarahVale of TearsHistorical
Hayes, SamThe Happy Couple (as Samatha Hayes)
• Heafield, JaneDead Cold
• Heald, RuthI Know Your Secret
• Hedges, CarolFame & FortuneHistorical
Heley, VeronicaFalse Conclusion
• Heller, MandasueWitness
• Helm, KateThe House Share
Herron, Mick/MThe Catch
• High, KateThe Cat and the Corpse in the Old Barn
Hill, Suzette ADeadly PrimroseHistorical
Hilton, MattCollision Course
Hilton, MattThe Fourth Option
• Hodgson, AntoniaThe Silver CollarHistorical
• Ho-Kei, ChanSecond SisterTranslated
• Holliday, SJI/SusiThe Last Resort
Holt, AnneA Necessary DeathTranslated
• Holten, NoelleDead Perfect
• Holten, NoelleDead Wrong
• Horowitz, AnthonyMoonflower Murders
Horst, Jorn LierThe Inner DarknessTranslated
• Horst, Jorn Lier & Enger, ThomasDeath DeservedTranslated
• Howard, Catherine RyanThe Nothing Man
• Howe, Samantha LeeThe Stranger in Our Bed
• Howells, DebbieThe Vow
Huber, LindaThe Runaway
Hunt, ArleneNo Escape
• Hunter, CaraAll the Rage
• Hunter, M ARansomed
• Hunter, ScottThe Enemy Inside
• Hurcom, SamLetters from the DeadHistorical
Hurley, GrahamLimelight
Hurley, GrahamOff Script
• Hurst, DanielTil Death Do Us Part
• Ivar, KatjaDeep as Death
Jackson, DavidThe Resident
• James, AlisonHer Sister's Child
• James, AlisonThe Man She Married
• James, EdFlesh and Blood
• James, EdGone in Seconds
• James, EdTell Me Lies
James, P DThe Part-Time Job
James, PeterFind Them Dead
James, PeterI Follow
• James, StuartStranded
Jardine, QuintinThe Roots of Evil
Jecks, MichaelDeath Comes HotHistorical
• Jeffrey, DianeThose Who Lie
• Jenkins, VictoriaThe Accusation
• Jennings, AmandaThe Storm
• Jennings, LukeKilling Eve: Die For Me
• Jensen, LouiseThe Stolen Sisters
• Jeong, You-JeongSeven Years of DarknessTranslated
• Jia, MaiThe MessageTranslated
• Johannsen, AnnaDeath on the BeachTranslated
Johnstone, DougA Dark Matter
Johnstone, DougThe Big Chill
• Johnstone, StuartOut in the Cold
Jonasson, RagnarThe MistTranslated
Jonasson, RagnarWinterkillTranslated
• Joncour, SergeWild DogTranslated
Jones, CarysThe List
• Jones, ConradGood, Bad and Pure Evil
• Jones, Philip GwynneVenetian Gothic
• Jones, SandieThe Half Sister
Jordan, WillSomething to Die For
• Joy, NaomiDo Her No Harm
• Kabler, JackieThe Perfect Couple
• Kara, LesleyWho Did You Tell?
• Kasasian, M R CThe Ghost TreeHistorical
• Kavanagh, EmmaThe Devil You Know
• Kealey, ImogenLiberationHistorical
Keane, JessieThe Knock
Keane, JessieThe Manor
• Kelleher, CaseyMine
Kelly, JimThe Night RaidsHistorical
• Kent, ChristobelThe Viper
• Kent, TonyPower Play
• Keogh, ValerieNo Obvious Cause
• Keogh, ValerieThe Perfect Life
• Keogh, ValerieThe Three Women
• Kepler, LarsLazarusTranslated
Kernick, SimonKill A Stranger
• Khan, Ausma ZehanatA Deadly Divide
• Khan, VaseemMidnight at Malabar HouseHistorical
• Kiernan, OliviaIf Looks Could Kill
• King, KarenThe Stranger in My Bed
King, Laurie RRiviera GoldHistorical
• Kingdom, MariahDeath Benefit
• Kingdom, MariahDeath Duties
• Kinsey, T EThe Fatal Flying AffairHistorical
• Kinsley, ErinInnocent
• Kirk, JDA Whisper of Sorrows
• Kirk, JDThe Big Man Upstairs
Kitson, BillThe Bleeding Heart Killer
• Knight, AlexHunted
• Koch, EmilyKeep Him Close
• Ko-eun, YunThe Disaster TouristTranslated
• Koomson, DorothyAll My Lies Are True
• Kovach, CarlaHer Last Mistake
• Kovach, CarlaTheir Silent Graves
Kray, RobertaBetrayed
• Kruger, MartinDon't Wake MeTranslated
• Kutscher, VolkerThe March FallenHistorical, Translated
La Plante, LyndaBlunt Force
La Plante, LyndaBuried
Lackberg, CamillaThe Gilded CageTranslated
• Lake, AlexThe Choice
• Land, CaroConfessions
• Land, CaroConvictions
• Lane, AndrewThe Bizarre Investigations of Sherlock HolmesAnthology
• Lark, J SAfter You FellFirst Novel
Larkin, L APrey
• Laurain, AntoineThe Readers' RoomTranslated
• Lawler, LizThe Next Wife
• Laws, PeterPossessed
Lawton, JohnHammer to FallHistorical
• Lea, ZoeIf He Wakes
Leather, StephenSlow Burn
Leather, StephenThe Runner
• Lee, LynneCan You See Me?
• Lee, M JWhen the Past Kills
• Lee, M JWhere the Innocent Die
• Legat, AnnaA Conspiracy of Silence
Lelic, SimonThe Search Party
Leon, DonnaTrace Elements
• Levin, CharlotteIf I Can't Have YouFirst Novel
• Lewis, J GForest of SoulsHistorical
Lindsay, DouglasIn My Time Of Dying
• Linley, SarahThe BeachFirst Novel
Linskey, HowardAlice Teale is Missing
• Lloyd, ChrisThe Unwanted DeadHistorical
• Lloyd, FrancesThe Kings Market Killer
• Lloyd, FrancesThe Moon Killer
• Lloyd, SamThe Memory WoodFirst Novel
• Locke, G SNeon
• Lodge, GythaWatching from the Dark
• Logan, TMThe Catch
• Long, KarenCry for Mercy (apa The Safe Word in 2014)
• Louth, NickThe Body in the Snow
• Louth, NickThe Body on the Island
Lovesey, PeterThe Finisher
• Lowe, AndrewChase The Devil
Lupton, RosamundThree Hours
• Lyle, H BThe Year of the GunHistorical
• Lynch, RachelLittle Doubt
• Lynch, RachelLost Cause
• MacDonald, C CHappy Ever AfterFirst Novel
• MacDonald, DeeA Body in the Village Hall
MacDonald, SiobhanGuilty
• Mace, LorraineRage and Retribution
• Mackay, NikiFound Her (as NJ Mackay) (ebook only)
• MacLean, Shona/S GThe House of LamentationsHistorical
• Macmillan, GillyTo Tell You the Truth
Maitland, BarryThe Promised Land
• Maitland, IainThe Scribbler
• Malone, Michael JA Song of Isolation
• Mancini, RuthOne Dark, Two Light
• Manning, NinaThe House Mate
• Mara, AndreaThe Sleeper Lies
• Marcus, TomDefend or Die
Mariani, ScottThe Demon Club
Mariani, ScottThe Pretender's Gold
• Mark, DavidBorrowed Time
• Mark, DavidSuspicious Minds
• Marrs, JohnWhat Lies Between Us
• Marsh, AlecEnemy of the RajHistorical
• Marsh, JJOdd Numbers
• Marsh, JJWhite Night
• Marsons, AngelaDeadly Cry
• Marsons, AngelaKilling Mind
Marston, Edward/A ERage of the AssassinHistorical
Marston, Edward/A ESlaughter in the Sapperton TunnelHistorical
• Martin, AllanDeath in TallinnHistorical
• Martin, FaithA Fatal TruthHistorical
• Martin, FaithHillary's Back!
• Martin, NicolaDead RingerFirst Novel
• Maslen, AndyShallow Ground
• Masson, DeborahOut For Blood
Masters, PriscillaA Game of Minds
Masterton, GrahamThe Last Drop of Blood
May, PeterA Silent Death
May, PeterLockdown
• Mayhew, J ECruelty Has A Human Heart
• Mayhew, MargaretThe Lifeline
• Mayo, SimonKnife Edge
• McAllister, GillianHow to Disappear
• McCleave, SimonThe Berwyn River Killings
• McCleave, SimonThe Dee Valley Killings
• McCleave, SimonThe Devil's Cliff Killings
• McCleave, SimonThe Solace Farm Killings
• McCready, JoThe Festival Killer
• McCready, JoThe HuntedFirst Novel
• McCreesh, LouiseCrackedFirst Novel
McDermid, Val/V.L.Christmas is MurderAnthology
McDermid, Val/V.L.Still Life
McDermott, AndyOperative 66
• McDonald, ChrisThe Curious Dispatch of Daniel Costello
• McDonald, ChrisWhispers in the Dark
• McGeorge, ChrisInside Out
McGilloway, BrianThe Last Crossing
McGowan, ClaireThe Push
• McGurl, KathleenThe Secret of the Chateau
• McLean, RachelDeadly Desires
• McLean, RachelDeadly Terror
• McPherson, BenThe Island (apa Love and Other Lies)
McPherson, CatrionaScot on the Rocks
• McQuaile, KateBroken Flowers
• McSporran, JackPayback
• Merritt, ChrisKnock Knock
• Merritt, ChrisWho's Next?
• Meyrick, DenzilJeremiah's Bell
• Michael, SimonForce of EvilHistorical
• Michaels, SamRivalsHistorical
• Michaels, SamVixenHistorical
Miller, A DIndependence Square
• Miller, ZoeThe Perfect Sister
Mina, DeniseThe Less Dead
• Minett, G JThe Syndicate
• Mishani, D AThreeTranslated
• Mistry, LizBroken Silence
• Mistry, LizUnbound Ties
• Mitchell, CarolineLeft For Dead
• Mitchell, CarolineThe Perfect Mother
Mitchell, Dreda SayDirty Tricks
Mitchell, Dreda SayTrap Door
• Moggach, LottieBrixton Hill
• Moloney, CatherineCrime at Home
• Moloney, CatherineCrime in the Ballroom
• Moloney, CatherineCrime in the Book Club
• Moloney, CatherineCrime in the Heat
• Moncrieff, AdaMurder Most FestiveHistorical, First Novel
• Monroe, J SThe Other You
• Moor, JessicaKeeperFirst Novel
• Moray, KeithDeadly Still
• Morfoot, PeterKnock 'em Dead
• Morgan, Anna-MarieThe Edinburgh Murders
• Morgan, PhoebeThe Babysitter
• Morgan-Bentley, RobinThe WreckageFirst Novel
• Morris, M SA Darkly Shining Star
Morris, Roger/R NThe Music Box EnigmaHistorical
• Morris, VeraThe Ship of Death
• Morton, MandyThe Ice Maid's Tail
• Moses, AntoinetteA Public MurderFirst Novel
• Muir, Frank/T FDead Still
• Mullins, LouiseI Know You
• Mullins, LouiseLove You Dead
• Mulrooney, GrettaNever Came Home
• Mundy, ElizabethA Messy Affair
Murphy, MargaretBefore He Kills Again
Murphy, MargaretDon't Scream
Murphy, PeterVerbal
Myers, AmyDeath and the Singing BirdsHistorical
• Nadel, BarbaraA Time to Die
• Nadel, BarbaraBlood Business
• Nath, MichaelThe Treatment
• Naughton, Sarah JThe Mothers
Nesbo, JoThe KingdomTranslated
Nesser, HakanThe Secret Life of Mr Roos Translated
Neville, StuartThe Traveller and Other StoriesAnthology
Nickson, ChrisThe Anchoress of ChesterfieldHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Molten CityHistorical
Nickson, ChrisTo the DarkHistorical
• Niven, JohnThe F*ck-it List
• Nolan, DominicAfter Dark
• Norek, OlivierThe Lost and the DamnedTranslated
• North, AlexThe Shadow Friend
• North, LaurenOne Step Behind
• Nugent, LizOur Little Cruelties
• Odden, KarenA Trace of Deceit
O'Donovan, GerardThe Doom ListHistorical
• Ody, JimLittle Miss Evil
Oldham, NickBad Timing
Oldham, NickWildfire
• Ollerton, OllieScar TissueFirst Novel
• Onda, RikuThe Aosawa MurdersTranslated
• O'Reilly, JudithCurse the Day
• Organ, EmilyThe Gang of St Bride'sHistorical
• Osman, RichardThe Thursday Murder ClubFirst Novel
• O'Sullivan, DarrenDark Corners
Oswald, JamesBury Them Deep
• Pálsdóttir, SólveigThe FoxTranslated
• Paris, B AThe Dilemma
• Parks, AdeleJust My Luck
• Parks, AlanBobby March Will Live Forever
• Parris, S JA Christmas Requiem (ebook only)Historical
• Parris, S JExecutionHistorical
• Parris, S JThe Academy of Secrets (ebook only)Historical
• Parris, S JThe Dead of WinterAnthology, Historical
• Parsons, C JThe Good SamaritanFirst Novel
Pastor, BenThe Night of Shooting StarsHistorical
• Paterson, JillMurder At The Beaufort
• Patis, VikkiGirl, Lost
• Patis, VikkiThe Wake
• Pattison, NellSilent Night
• Pattison, NellThe Silent HouseFirst Novel
• Pavesi, AlexEight DetectivesFirst Novel
Peace, DavidTokyo ReduxHistorical
• Peacock, N VLittle Bones
• Pearce, DaisyThe Missing
• Pearce, DaisyThe SilenceFirst Novel
• Pearse, LesleyLiar
• Pearson, DavidA Deadly Dividend
• Pearson, DavidA Fatal Liaison
• Pearson, DavidLethal in Small Doses
• Pearson, DavidMurder in a Safe Haven
• Pearson, DavidThe China Chapter
• Penny, DavidA Tear for the DeadHistorical
• Perks, HeidiThree Perfect Liars
Perry, AnneA Christmas ResolutionHistorical
Perry, AnneA Question of BetrayalHistorical
Perry, AnneDeath with a Double Edge Historical
• Perry, S WThe Saracen's MarkHistorical
• Petersen, ChristofferArctic Rebel
• Petersen, ChristofferThe Bolivian Girl
• Petersen, ChristofferWhale Heart
• Phifer, HelenThe Killer's Girl
• Philby, CharlotteA Double Life
• Pierce, AvaStay Home
Pinborough, SarahDead to Her
• Pine, AlexThe Christmas KillerFirst Novel
• Porter, Brian LA Liverpool Lullaby
• Powell, E MThe Canterbury MurdersHistorical
• Probyn, JackThe Community: Episode 2
Pryce, MalcolmThe Corpse in the Garden of Perfect BrightnessHistorical
Quinn, Anthony JTurncoat
• Quinn, C SThe Scarlet CodeHistorical
• Quinn, Suzy KNot My Daughter
• Quintana, JennyOur Dark Secret
• Raabe, MelanieThe ShadowTranslated
• Rahman, KhurrumRide or Die
Ramsay, CaroThe Red, Red Snow
Rankin, IanA Song For The Dark Times
• Ravatn, AgnesThe Seven DoorsTranslated
Rayne, SarahThe Devil's Harmony
• Rayner, NicolaYou and Me
• Reeve, AlexThe Butcher of Berner StreetHistorical
• Reid, RebeccaTruth Hurts
• Reynolds, RodIsland of Secrets
Rhodes, KatePulpit Rock
• Rhys, RachelIsland of SecretsHistorical
Riches, MarnieBacklash
• Rigby, SallyMortal Remains
• Rigby, SallySilent Graves
• Riordan, KateThe Heatwave
Ripley, MikeMr Campion's SeanceHistorical
• Robb, CandaceA Choir of CrowsHistorical
Robertson, CraigWatch Him Die
Robertson, ImogenThe House (with Tom Watson)
Robinson, PeterNot Dark Yet
Robotham, MichaelWhen She Was Good
• Robson, AmandaMy Darling
• Rogers, GemmaPayback
• Rogers, GemmaReckless
• Rose, JacquiPoison
• Rose, JacquiRival
• Ross, JacobBlack Rain Falling
• Ross, L JCuthbert's Way
• Ross, L JThe Shrine
Rowson, PaulineDeath In The HarbourHistorical
• Rubin, GarethThe Winter AgentHistorical
Russell, LeighDeadly Revenge
• Russell, MichaelThe City Under SiegeHistorical
• Ryan, ChrisZero 22
• Ryan, SadieBehind Closed DoorsFirst Novel
• Ryder, JessThe Night Away
• Ryder, JohnFinal Second
• Ryder, JohnFirst Shot
• Salisbury, EmmaWhen Darkness Falls
• Sanderson, LesleyI Know You Lied
• Sanderson, LesleyThe Leaving Party
• Savage, CaroVillain
• Savage, VanessaThe Woods
• Savin, JenniferThe Wrong MoveFirst Novel
• Saxon, DianeSome One's There
• Saxon, DianeWhat She Saw
• Scanlon, MichaelHer Last Goodnight
Scarrow, SimonThe Emperor's ExileHistorical
• Scragg, RobertAll That is Buried
• Sedgwick, HelenWhen the Dead Come Calling
• Seeck, MaxThe Witch HunterTranslated, First Novel
• Sennen, MarkThe Sanction
• Seo, Mi-aeThe Only ChildTranslated, First Novel
• Seskis, TinaHope Close
Seymour, GeraldBeyond Recall
• Shakespeare, NicholasThe Sandpit
Sharp, ZoeBones in the River
• Shaw, AlexTotal Blackout
• Shaw, M BMurder at the Castle
Shaw, WilliamGrave's End
• Sheehan, Bilinda PSplinter the Bone
• Shemilt, JaneLittle Friends
• Sheridan, SaraHighland FlingHistorical
Sherratt, MelLiar Liar
• Shibli, AdaniaMinor DetailTranslated
• Shindler, WillThe Burning MenFirst Novel
• Sigurdardottir, LiljaBetrayalTranslated
Sigurdardottir, YrsaGallows RockTranslated
• Simants, KateA Ruined Girl
• Sinclair, RobEchoes of Guilt
• Sinclair, RobImposter 13
• Sinclair, RobThe Rules of Murder
• Sivers, DaveIn Ink
• Skelton, DouglasThe Blood is Still
• Skuse, C JThe Alibi Girl
• Slater, K LLittle Whispers
• Slater, K LThe Girl She Wanted
• Smith, AlexBad Dog
• Smith, AlexPaper Girls
• Smith, AlexRun Rabbit Run
• Smith, AlexSix Days, Six Hours, Six Minutes (ebook only)
• Smith, AlexThree Little Pigs
• Smith, AlexWhip Crack
Smith, Alexander McCallHow to Raise an Elephant
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Talented Mr Varg
Smith, AnnaEnd Game
Smith, Fiona VeitchThe Art FiascoHistorical
• Spain, JoSix Wicked Reasons
Spedding, SallyBlood At Beltane
Speechley, RubyEvery Little Secret
Speechley, RubySomeone Else's BabyFirst Novel
Spencer, SallyDaughters of Darkness
Staalesen, GunnarFallen AngelsTranslated
• Stafford, DavidSkelton's Guide to Domestic PoisonsHistorical, First Novel
Staincliffe, CathQuiet Acts of Violence
Stanley, MichaelFacets of Death
• Steadman, CatherineMr Nobody
• Stein, JesperDie For MeTranslated
Steiner, SusieRemain Silent
• Sten, VivecaIn the Name of TruthTranslated
• Stimson, TJ/TessOne in Three
• Stone, LisaTaken
• Strandberg, MatsThe HomeTranslated
Stratmann, LindaHis Father's GhostHistorical
• Swallow, JamesRogue
• Swanston, Andrew/A DChaosHistorical
• Tallon, EmmaFearless Girl
• Tallon, EmmaRuthless Girl
Taylor, AndrewThe Last ProtectorHistorical
• Taylor, C LStrangers
• Taylor, MarsaliDeath from a Shetland Cliff
• Teague, Paul JBound By Blood
• Teague, Paul JFall From Grace
• Teague, Paul JFriends Who Lie
• Teague, Paul JNo More Secrets
• Teague, Paul JOne Last Chance
• Teague, Paul JSo Many Lies
• Teague, Paul JTrust Me Once
• Teague, Paul JTruth Be Told
• Teague, Paul JTwo Years After
Templeton, AlineDevil's Garden
Tholin, ChristerGuilty?Translated
• Thomas, JoeBent
• Thomas, RussFirewatchingFirst Novel
• Thompson, DerekLong Shadows
• Thompson, SharonThe Quiet Truth
Thomson, LesleyDeath of a Mermaid
Tickler, PeterDead in Oxford
• Tidy, OliverThe Harm Farm
• Tilbury, MarkThe Last One To See Her
• Todd, MarionIn Plain Sight
• Todd, MarionLies to Tell
• Todd, MarionSee Them RunFirst Novel
Tope, RebeccaA Cotswold Christmas Mystery
Tope, RebeccaThe Patterdale Plot
• Torjussen, MaryThe Closer You Ge
Tremayne, PeterThe Shapeshifter's LairHistorical
• Trinchieri, CamillaMurder in Chianti
Trow, M JLast NocturneHistorical
Trow, M JThe ReckoningHistorical
• Truss, LynneMurder by Milk BottleHistorical
• Tudor, C JThe Other People
• Turner, A KBody Language
• Tursten, HeleneSnowdriftTranslated
• Turton, StuartThe Devil and the Dark Water
• Tuti, IlariaPainted in BloodTranslated
• Tyce, HarrietThe Lies You Told
Tyler, L CDeath of a ShipbuilderHistorical
Upson, NicolaThe Dead of Winter (apa The Secrets of Winter)Historical
• Vaughan, SarahLittle Disasters
• Veste, LucaThe Game
• Viggiano, DebbieThe Watchful Neighbour
• Vincent, MBA Death in the Woods (ebook only)
• Walker, HarrietThe New GirlFirst Novel
Walker, MartinA Shooting at Chateau Rock
• Walker, PaulThe Queen's DevilHistorical
• Walker, RosieSecrets of a Serial KillerFirst Novel
• Waller, AnitaGamble
• Walsh, AlexandraThe Arbella Stuart Conspiracy
• Walter, B PHold Your Breath
• Walters, AlexLost Hours
• Walters, AlexSmall Mercies
• Walters, AlexStilled Voices
• Ward, Rachel/RMExpiry Date
• Ward, RhiannonThe QuickeningHistorical
• Ware, RuthOne by One
• Warner, H CShe
Wassmer, JulieMurder on the Downs
Watkins, RozCut to the Bone
Watson, S JFinal Cut
• Watson, SueFirst Date
• Watt, HollyThe Dead Line
• Watts, KerryHer Secret Past
• Waugh, DaisyIn the Crypt with a Candlestick
• Wayne, JemmaTo Dare
• Weatherley, Anna-LouThe Stranger's Wife
• Weaver, AshleyA Deception at ThornecrestHistorical
• Wesolowski, MattBeast
Westerson, JeriSpiteful BonesHistorical
• Weston, J DThe Silent Man
• Weston, J DThe Spider's Web
• Wetzel, MaikeEllyTranslated
• Whitaker, ChrisWe Begin at the End
• White, D EGlass Dolls
• White, D EThe Ice Daughters
• White, NicolaA Famished Heart
• White, S RHermitFirst Novel
• Whitfield, ClairePeople of Abandoned CharacterFirst Novel, Historical
• Whitney, RebeccaThe Hidden Girls
Wignall, KevinThe Names of the Dead
• Wilkins, SusanA Killer's Heart
• Wilkins, SusanBuried Deep
• Wilkins, SusanClose to the Bone
Wilkinson, KerryAfter the Accident
Wilkinson, KerryThe Child Across the Street
Wilkinson, KerryWhat My Husband Did
• Williams, PaulDon't Tell
• Wilson, AndrewI Saw Him DieHistorical
• Wilson, EdwardThe Portrait of a Spy as a Young ManHistorical
• Wilton, RobertPoison in ParisHistorical
• Wojtas, OlgaMiss Blaine's Prefect and the Vampire MenaceHistorical
• Wolf, Klaus-PeterThe OathFirst Novel, Translated
• Wood, MichaelStolen Children
• Wood, MichaelThe Murder House
• Wood, TrevorThe Man on the StreetFirst Novel
• Woodbury, SarahChevalierHistorical
• Wright, Adam JSilence of the Bones
• Wyer, CarolSomebody's Daughter
• Wyer, CarolThe Secret Admirer
• Yi, ATwo Lives: Tales of Life, Love and CrimeTranslated
• Young, DavidStasi WinterHistorical
• Young, DavidThe Stasi GameHistorical
• Young, DylanThe Operation
• Young, DylanTrauma
• Zulczyk, JakubBlinded by the LightsTranslated, First Novel

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