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Published in the UK during 2019.

• Abbott, RachelThe Shape of Lies
• Abdul-Jabbar, KareemThe Empty Birdcage (with Anna Waterhouse)Historical
• Abdullah, KiaTake It Back
• Abson, G DBlack Wolf
• Adams, JaneThe ClockmakerHistorical
Adler-Olsen, JussiThe Washington DecreeTranslated
• Ahnhem, StefanMotive XTranslated
Aird, CatherineInheritance Tracks
Akunin, BorisNot Saying GoodbyeHistorical, Translated
• Alagiah, GeorgeThe Burning LandFirst Novel
• Albinati, EdoardoThe Catholic SchoolTranslated
• Alexander, RebeccaA Shroud of Leaves
• Alfon, DovA Long Night in ParisFirst Novel, Translated
• Allan, ClaireApple of My Eye
• Allan, ClaireForget Me Not
• Allen, HaniaClearing The Dark
• Alvey, J MScorpions in CorinthHistorical
• Alvey, J MShadows of AthensHistorical, First Novel
• Ambrose, MartyA Shadowed FateHistorical
• Amphlett, RachelBridge to Burn
• Amphlett, RachelCradle to Grave
• Amphlett, RachelThe Friend Who Lied
Anderson, LinTime for the Dead
• Anholt, LawrenceArt of Death
• Anthology, AnInvisible Blood (ed. Maxim Jakubowski)Anthology
• Anthology, AnSinful: New Irish Crime Stories (ed. Ferdia Mac Anna)Anthology
• Anthology, AnThe Book of Extraordinary Amateur Sleuth and Private Eye Stories (ed. Maxim Jakubowski)Anthology
• Arlidge, M JA Gift for Dying
• Armstrong, SarahThe Wolves of Leninsky Prospekt
• Ashdown, IsabelLake Child
• Askew, ClaireWhat You Pay For
Atkinson, KateBig Sky
• Austin, StephanieDead in DevonFirst Novel
• Austin, StephanieDead on Dartmoor
Bailey, ElizabethThe Candlelit CoffinHistorical
Bailey, ElizabethThe Mortal BlowHistorical
• Bailey, R JWinner Kills All
• Baker, J AThe Woman at Number 19
• Baker, JoThe Body Lies
• Bakkeid, HeineI Will Miss You TomorrowTranslated, First Novel
Bannister, JoSilent Footsteps
• Barber, LizzyMy Name is AnnaFirst Novel
• Barnes, KerryThe Hunted
• Bartoli, EnzoSix Months to KillFirst Novel, Translated
Barton, FionaThe Suspect
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin: Beating About the Bush
• Beaufort, Simon Watchers of the DeadHistorical
• Beck, HaylenLost You
Beckett, SimonThe Scent of Death
• Beech, LouiseCall Me Star Girl
• Bell, GaryBeyond Reasonable DoubtFirst Novel
• Benjamin, TomA Quiet Death in ItalyFirst Novel
• Berg, MattiasThe CarrierFirst Novel, Translated
• Bilal, ParkerThe Divinities
• Bilal, ParkerThe Heights
Billingham, MarkTheir Little Secret
• Bjork, SamuelThe Boy in the HeadlightsTranslated
Black, HelenPlaying Dirty
Black, SeanThe Deep Abiding
• Blackhurst, JennySomeone is Lying (apa The Perfect Guests)
• Blackthorn, IsobelA Prison In The Sun
• Blake, RobinDeath and the ChevalierHistorical
• Blok, RachaelThe Scorched Earth
• Boland, ShaliniThe Marriage Betrayal
• Bonda, KatarzynaGirl at MidnightTranslated, First Novel
• Bonner, HilaryDreams of Fear
Booth, StephenDrowned Lives
• Bottini, OliverThe Dance of DeathTranslated
• Bourne, SamTo Kill the Truth
• Boyd, DamienBeyond the Point
• Bradby, TomSecret Service
Bradley, AlanThe Golden Tresses of the DeadHistorical
• Bray, RichardMaterial RemainsFirst Novel
• Brett, HarryGood Dark Night
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Great Road RaceHistorical
Brett, SimonThe Killer in the Choir
• Brittany, AmandaTell the Truth
• Brittney, LynnA Death in ChelseaHistorical
• Broadfoot, NeilNo Place to Die
• Broadribb, StephDeep Dirty Truth
Brody, FrancesThe Body on the TrainHistorical
• Brolly, MattDead Lucky
• Brolly, MattThe Controller
• Brooke, AmandaDon't Turn Around
Brookmyre, ChristopherFallen Angel
• Brown, EricMurder by NumbersHistorical
Bruen, KenGalway Girl
• Buchanan, TracyThe Family Secret
• Buchholz, SimoneBeton RougeTranslated
• Buckley, FionaA Web of SilkHistorical
Burrows, SteveA Dance of Cranes
• Burston, PaulThe Closer I Get
• Butler, D SWhere Secrets Lie
• Caine, WillThe Inquiry
• Cameron, StellaTrap Lane
Camilleri, AndreaThe Other End of the LineTranslated
Camilleri, AndreaThe Overnight KidnapperTranslated
• Candlish, LouiseThose People
• Carrington, SamI Dare You
• Carrington, SamThe Missing Wife
Carter, ChrisHunting Evil
• Carter, J PAt Your Door
• Carter, J PIn Safe Hands
Carver, WillNothing Important Happened Today
• Casey, JaneCruel Acts
• Cato, JoyceThe Country Inn Mystery (as Faith Martin)
Cavanagh, SteveTwisted
• Cayre, HanneloreThe GodmotherTranslated, First Novel
• Celestin, RayThe Mobster's LamentHistorical
Chambers, KimberleyThe Sting
• Chandler, HSDegrees of Guilt
• Chapman, JuliaDate with Poison
• Chapman, LKNever Let Her Go
Charles, PaulDeprting Shadows
Charlton, KarenMurder in Park LaneHistorical
Charlton, KarenThe Death of Irish Nell (ebook only)Historical
• Chase, ClareDeath Comes to Call
• Chase, ClareMurder in the Fens
• Chatfield, TomThis is GomorrahFirst Novel
• Chaudhuri, A AThe Abduction
• Chaudhuri, A AThe ScribeFirst Novel
Child, LeeBlue Moon
Chisholm, P FA Suspicion of SilverHistorical
Clare, AlysCity of PearlHistorical
Clare, AlysThe Woman Who Spoke to SpiritsHistorical
Clark, CassandraMurder at Whitby AbbeyHistorical
• Clarke, WendyWe Were Sisters
Cleeves, AnnThe Long Call
Clements, RoryNemesisHistorical
• Cleverly, BarbaraInvitation To DieHistorical
Clifford, AoifeSecond Sight
• Cohen, TammyStop At Nothing
• Cole, DanielEndgame
• Cole, KarenDeliver MeFirst Novel
Cole, MartinaNo Mercy
• Collins, SaraThe Confessions of Frannie LangtonFirst Novel, Historical
Connolly, JohnA Book of Bones
• Connor, JohnThe Opposite of Mercy (also published as Tom Winship in 2011)
• Cook, NickThe Grid
• Cooke, C JThe Blame Game
Cookman, LesleyDeath Treads the BoardsHistorical
Cookman, LesleyMurder Repeated
• Corcoran, CarolineThrough the WallFirst Novel
• Corry, JaneChild of Mine
Cotterill, ColinThe Second Biggest Nothing
• Cox, HelenA Body in the Bookshop
• Cox, HelenMurder by the Minster
Craig, JamesDying Days
• Craven, Mike/M WBlack Summer
• Croft, AdamAbsolution (with Steven Moore)
• Cross, A JDark Truths
• Cross, JakeBetrayed
• Cross, JakePerfect Stranger
• Cross, MasonWhat She Saw Last Night (as MJ Cross)
• Cummins, FionaThe Neighbour (apa The Family Next Door)
• Curran, ChrisAll the Little Lies
• Curtis, EmmaThe Night You Left
Cutler, JudithThe Wages of SinHistorical
• Cutts, LisaLost Lives
• Dahl, AlexThe Heart Keeper
Dahl, ArneHuntedTranslated
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaThe CourierTranslated, Historical
• Daly, PaulaClear My Name
Dams, Jeanne MA Dagger Before Me
Dams, Jeanne MDeath in the Garden City
• D'Andrea, LucaSanctuaryTranslated
• Daniels, NatalieToo CloseFirst Novel
• Davey, E MThe Killing Gene
Davies, David StuartSpiral of LiesHistorical
Davies, David StuartThe Instrument of DeathHistorical
• Davies, MerilynWhen I Lost YouFirst Novel
• Davies, MichelleDead Guilty
Davis, LindseyA Capitol DeathHistorical
• De Giovanni, MaurizioCold for the Bastards of PizzofalconeTranslated
de Lange, LouisaAsk Me No Questions
• de Muriel, OscarThe Darker ArtsHistorical
• Deakin, LeonaGoneFirst Novel
• Dean, WillRed Snow
• Dearman, LaraDark Sky Island
• Deegan, JamesThe Angry Sea
• Delaney, J PThe Perfect Wife
• Delargy, James55First Novel
Dennison, HannahTidings of Death at Honeychurch Hall
• Denzil, Sarah AThe Liar's Sister
• Dhand, A AOne Way Out
• Diamond, KaterinaTruth or Die
• Dickson, Diane MBrutal Pursuit
Doherty, P C/PaulDark Queen WaitingHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulDeath's Dark ValleyHistorical
Doughty, LouisePlatform Seven
• Douglas, ClaireAnd Then She Vanishes
Downie, Ruth (R S)Prima Facie (novella)Historical
Downing, DavidDiary of a Dead Man on LeaveHistorical
• Dranfield, WendyWho Cares If They DieFirst Novel
• Drinkwater, CarolThe House on the Edge of the Cliff
• Driscoll, TeresaI Will Make You Pay
• Driscoll, TeresaThe Promise
• Dunford, CarolineA Death at a Gentleman's ClubHistorical
• Dunford, CarolineA Death at the ChurchHistorical
Dunn, CarolaThe Corpse at the Crystal PalaceHistorical
• Dunn, MatthewThe Fifth Man
• Dunn, MatthewThe Kill House
• Dunn, MatthewThe Spy Whisperer
• Eames, JessicaBad SeedFirst Novel
Eastland, SamThe Elegant LieHistorical
• Edger, StephenLittle Girl Gone
• Edger, StephenTil Death Do Us Part
• Edvardsson, M TA Nearly Normal FamilyTranslated
• Edwards, MarkHere To Stay
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the AshmoleanHistorical
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the British MuseumHistorical
• Elliott, LexieThe Missing Years
• Ellis, BellaThe Vanished BrideHistorical
Ellis, JoyDarkness on the Fens
Ellis, JoyFive Bloody Hearts
Ellis, KateDead Man's Lane
Ellis, MarkA Death in MayfairHistorical
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JThree Bullets
• Ellwood, NualaDay of the Accident
• Empson, ClareMine
• Enger, ThomasInbornTranslated
• England, CarolineBetray Her
• Erskine, FionaThe Chemical DetectiveFirst Novel
• Falconer, ColinInnocence Dies
• Feeney, AliceI Know Who You Are
Fellowes, JessicaThe Mitford ScandalHistorical
• Fielden, T PDied And Gone To DevonHistorical
• Fields, D KWidow's Welcome
• Fields, HelenPerfect Crime
Finch, PaulSeason of Mist
Finch, PaulStolen
• Finlay, CazThe BossFirst Novel
• Finlay, MickThe Murder PitHistorical
FitzGerald, HelenWorst Case Scenario
• Flint, ShaminiThe Beijing Conspiracy
• Foley, LucyThe Hunting Party
• Ford, M JKeep Her Close
• Ford, NicolaThe Lost Shrine
• Fortin, SueSchoolgirl Missing
• Fortin, SueThe Dead Wife
Fowler, ChristopherBryant & May - England's FinestAnthology
Fowler, ChristopherBryant & May - The Lonely Hour
• Frances, MichelleThe Daughter
Francis, DickGuilty Not Guilty (by Felix Francis)
• Fraser-Sampson, GuyWhat Would Wimsey Do?
• Frear, CazStone Cold Heart
French, NicciThe Lying Room
French, TanaThe Wych Elm (apa The Witch Elm)
• Friis, AgneteThe Summer of EllenTranslated
Fullerton, JohnThe Reticent Executioner
Furst, AlanUnder OccupationHistorical
• Galan, JorgeNovemberTranslated
Galbraith, GillianThe End of the Line
Gartland, FionaNow That You've Gone
• Gee, MaggieBlood
• Gibney, PatriciaBroken Souls
• Gibney, PatriciaFinal Betrayal
• Gitsham, PaulA Deadly Lesson
• Gitsham, PaulForgive Me Father
Goddard, RobertOne False Move
• Good, AnthonyKillFirst Novel
• Goodwin, DawnBest Friends Forever
• Grace, EdAssassin DownFirst Novel
• Gradidge, ClaireThe Unexpected Return of Josephine FoxFirst Novel, Historical
• Granger, AnnThe Murderer's ApprenticeHistorical
• Grant, MichaelAn Artful Assassin in Amsterdam
Gray, AlexThe Stalker
• Gray, LisaBad Memory
• Gray, LisaThin AirFirst Novel
• Grebe, CamillaAfter She's GoneTranslated
• Green, CassThe Killer Inside
• Green, LindaThe Last Thing She Told Me
• Greenwood, RossThe Snow Killer
Gregory, SusannaThe Sanctuary MurdersHistorical
• Griffin, EamonnEast of EnglandFirst Novel
Griffiths, EllyNow You See ThemHistorical
Griffiths, EllyThe Stone Circle
• Grzegorzek, PaulCloser Than Blood
• Gunnis, EmilyThe Girl in the LetterFirst Novel
• Gustawsson, JohanaBlood SongTranslated
Guttridge, PeterSwimming With the Dead
Guttridge, PeterThe Lady of the Lake
• Hall, LisaHave You Seen Her
Hall, TarquinThe Case of the Reincarnated Client
• Halliday, G RFrom the ShadowsFirst Novel
• Halsall, RonaThe Honeymoon
• Hamer, KateCrushed
• Hancock, PennyI Thought I Knew You
• Hanington, PeterA Single Source
Hannah, MariThe Scandal
Hannah, SophieThe Understudy (co-written with Holly Brown, Claire Mackintosh and B A Paris)
• Harris, OliverA Shadow Intelligence
• Harris, RobertThe Second SleepHistorical
Harrison, CoraSeason of DarknessHistorical
Harrison, CoraWinter of DespairHistorical
• Hartley, LisaTime To Go
• Hartung, AlexanderBlood TiesTranslated
• Hartung, AlexanderBroken GlassTranslated
• Hatch, A SThis Little Dark PlaceFirst Novel
Hawkins, AlisIn Two MindsHistorical
Hawksley, HumphreyMan on Edge
Hayes, SamDate Night (as Samatha Hayes)
• Hazel, JamesFalse Prophet
• Heald, RuthThe Mother's MistakeFirst Novel
• Heald, RuthThe Woman Upstairs
Heley, VeronicaMurder for Good
• Heller, MandasueBrutal
• Helm, KateThe Secrets You Hide
Herron, Mick/MJoe Country
• Hewitt, J MThe Night Caller
• Hilary, SarahNever Be Broken
• Hill, M KThe Bad Place
Hill, SusanThe Benefit of Hindsight
Hilton, MattFalse Move
Hilton, MattRough Justice
• Hodge, SibelThe Disappeared
• Hodge, SibelTheir Last Breath
• Holliday, SJI/SusiViolet
Holt, AnneA Grave for TwoTranslated
• Holten, NoelleDead InsideFirst Novel
Horst, Jorn LierThe CabinTranslated
• Howard, Catherine RyanRewind
• Howells, DebbieHer Sister's Lie
Huber, LindaStolen Sister
• Humphreys, JamesOne Last Cold Kiss
• Hunter, CaraNo Way Out
• Hunter, PhillipMurder Under a Green SeaHistorical
• Hunter, ScottGone Too Soon
• Hurcom, SamA Shadow on the LensHistorical, First Novel
Hurley, GrahamCurtain Call
Hurley, GrahamRaid 42Historical
Hurley, GrahamSight Unseen
• Ionescu, AnamariaZodiacTranslated
• Isaac, JaneA Deathly Silence
• Isaac-Henry, OliviaSomeone You KnowFirst Novel
• Isaac-Henry, OliviaThe Verdict
Ison, GrahamNaked Flames
• Ivar, KatjaEvil ThingsFirst Novel
Jackson, DavidYour Deepest Fear
• Jackson, StinaThe Silver RoadFirst Novel, Translated
• Jakeman, JoSafe House
• Jakubowski, MaximInvisible BloodAnthology
• James, AlisonThe School Friend
James, BillHitmen I Have Known
• James, ChristinaChasing Hares
James, PeterDead at First Sight
• Jameson, HannaThe Last
Janes, DianeThe Missing Diamond MurderHistorical
Jardine, QuintinThe Bad Fire
Jecks, MichaelThe Dead Don't WaitHistorical
• Jeffrey, DianeThe Guilty Mother
• Jenkins, VictoriaThe Argument
• Jenkins, VictoriaThe Divorce
• Jensen, LouiseThe Family
• Jewell, LisaThe Family Upstairs
• Johannsen, AnnaThe Body on the BeachFirst Novel, Translated
Johnstone, DougBreakers
Jonasson, RagnarThe IslandTranslated
• Jones, B EWilderness
• Jones, Philip GwynneThe Venetian Masquerade
• Jones, SandieThe First Mistake
• Jordan, JackNight by Night
Jordan, WillDownfall
Jordan, WillShadow Conflict
• Judd, AlanThe Accidental Agent
• Kasasian, M R CBetty Church and the Man Who Died Three TimesHistorical
• Kavanagh, EmmaTo Catch a Killer
• Kavanagh, MarianneDisturbance
Keane, JessieThe Edge
Kelly, ErinStone Mothers (apa We Know You Know)
Kelly, JimThe Mathematical BridgeHistorical
• Kelly, LesleyDeath at the Plague Museum
• Kendal, ClaireI Spy
• Kent, ChristobelA Secret Life
• Kent, SerenaDeath in Avignon
• Kent, TonyMarked for Death
Kernick, SimonDie Alone
• Kerr, PhilipMetropolisHistorical
• Khan, AbdaRazia
• Khan, Ausma ZehanatA Dangerous Crossing (apa No Place of Refuge)
• Khan, Ausma ZehanatAmong the Ruins
• Khan, VaseemBad Day at the Vulture Club
• Khoury, RaymondThe Ottoman Secret
• Kidd, JessThings in JarsHistorical
• Kiernan, OliviaThe Killer in Me
• Kinsey, T EDeath Beside the SeasideHistorical
• Kinsey, T EThe Burning Issue of the DayHistorical
• Kinsley, ErinFoundFirst Novel
• Kirk, JDA Litter of Bones
• Kirk, MargaretWhat Lies Buried
Knight, AlannaThe Dower House MysteryHistorical
• Knight, ReneeThe Secretary
• Knox, JosephThe Sleepwalker
• Koomson, DorothyTell Me Your Secret
• Kot, DanutaLife Ruins
Kray, RobertaStolen
• Kristjansson, SnorriCouncilHistorical
• Kutscher, VolkerThe Fatherland FilesTranslated, Historical
La Plante, LyndaThe Dirty Dozen
La Plante, LyndaWidows: Revenge
• Lagercrantz, DavidThe Girl Who Lived Twice (Millennium VI)Translated
• Lake, AlexSeven Days
• Law, J SThe Coldest Blood
• Lawler, LizI'll Find You
• Laws, PeterSevered
Le Carre, JohnAgent Running in the Field
• Lea, CarolineThe Glass WomanFirst Novel
Leather, StephenLast Man Standing
Leather, StephenShort Range
Leather, StephenThe Bag Carrier
Lebor, AdamKossuth Square
• Legat, AnnaSandman
Lehtolainen, LeenaWhere Have All the Young Girls GoneTranslated
Leon, DonnaUnto Us a Son Is Given
• Lewis, RoyThe Quayside Murder (apa A Limited Vision (1983))
• Lincoln, JohnFade to Grey
Lindsay, DouglasBoy in the Well
Lindsay, DouglasSee That My Grave Is Kept Clean
Lindsay, DouglasThe Art of Dying
• Lindstein, MarietteThe Cult on Fog IslandFirst Novel, Translated
Linskey, HowardUngentlemanly WarfareHistorical
• Lloyd, AmyOne More Lie
• Lloyd, ChrisCity of Buried Ghosts
• Lloyd, ChrisCity of Drowned Souls
• Lloyd, ChrisCity of Good Death
• Locke, PhoebeThe July Girls
• Lodge, GythaShe Lies In WaitFirst Novel
• Logan, TMThe Holiday
• London, KateGallowstree Lane
Lovesey, PeterKilling with Confetti
• Lynch, RachelBitter Edge
• Lynch, RachelBlood Rites
• Lynch, RachelBold Lies
• Lynch, RachelDark Game
• Lynch, RachelDead End
• Lynch, RachelDeep Fear
• MacBird, BonnieThe Devil's DueHistorical
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BAll That's Dead
• Mace, LorraineChildren in Chains
• Mace, LorraineInjections of Insanity
• MacKay, AsiaThe Nursery
• Mackay, MalcolmA Line of Forgotten Blood
• Mackay, NikiThe Lies We Tell
Mackintosh, ClareAfter the End
• MacLean, Shona/S GThe Bear PitHistorical
MacLeod, TorquilMourning in Malmo
• Macmillan, GillyThe Nanny
Magson, AdrianRocco and the Price of Lies
Magson, AdrianTerminal Black
• Maitland, IainMr Todd's Reckoning
• Malmström, StefanKultFirst Novel, Translated
• Malone, Michael JIn the Absence of Miracles
• Malvaldi, MarcoThe Measure of a ManHistorical, Translated
• Manfredi, Valerio MassimoWolves of RomeHistorical, Translated
• Mangos, LouiseThe Art of Deception (apa Her Husband’s Secrets)
Mariani, ScottHouse of War
Mariani, ScottValley of Death
• Mark, DavidA Rush of Blood
• Mark, DavidCold Bones
• Mark, DavidThe Mausoleum (apa The Burying Ground)Historical
• Marland, StephanieYou Die Next
• Marrs, JohnThe Passengers
• Marsh, JJBlack Widow
• Marsh, JJHoney Trap
• Marsons, AngelaChild's Play
• Marsons, AngelaFirst Blood
Marston, Edward/A EFear on the Phantom SpecialHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EThe Unseen HandHistorical
Martin, AndrewThe WinkerHistorical
• Martin, FaithA Fatal FlawHistorical
• Martin, FaithA Fatal SecretHistorical
• Martinez, AgustinVillage of the Lost GirlsTranslated, First Novel
• Marwood, AlexThe Poison Garden
• Maslen, AndyThree Kingdoms
• Maslen, AndyTorpedo
• Massey, SujataThe Satapur MoonstoneHistorical
• Masson, DeborahHold Your TongueFirst Novel
Masters, PriscillaBlood on the Rocks
Masterton, GrahamBegging to Die
• Matei, TeodoraLiving CandlesTranslated
May, PeterThe Man With No Face (apa Hidden Faces (1981))
May, PeterThe Noble Path (originally pub. 1992)
• Mayhew, JulieImpossible Causes
• McAllister, GillianThe Evidence Against You
• McBeth, ColetteCall Me a Liar
• McCulloch, IanA Lot of Nerve
McDermid, Val/V.L.How the Dead Speak
• McDermott, AlanFight To Survive
McDermott, AndyThe Resurrection Key
• McDonald, ChristinaThe Night Olivia FellFirst Novel
• McEvoy, LesleyThe Murder Mile
• McGeorge, ChrisNow You See Me
McGowan, ClaireThe Other Wife
McGowan, ClaireWhat You Did
• McGrath, M J/MelThe Guilty Party
• McKinty, AdrianThe Chain
McNab, AndyWhatever It Takes
McNeill, FergusAshes of AmericaHistorical
McPherson, CatrionaThe Turning TideHistorical
• McTiernan, DervlaThe Scholar
Meyer, DeonThe Last HuntTranslated
• Meyrick, DenzilA Breath on Dying Embers
• Michaelides, AlexThe Silent PatientFirst Novel
• Michaels, SamTricksterHistorical, First Novel
• Miller, DannyThe Murder Map
Mina, DeniseConviction
• Minarelli, Maria LuisaMurder in VeniceFirst Novel, Translated
• Minier, BernardNightTranslated
• Mitchell, CarolineThe Secret Child
Mitchell, Dreda SaySpare Room
• Moloney, CatherineA Mind Diseased
• Montgomery, HughControlFirst Novel
• Moore, SydStrange Tombs
• Morfoot, PeterBox of Bones
• Morgan, PhoebeThe Girl Next Door
Morris, Roger/R NThe White Feather KillerHistorical
• Morris, VeraThe Loophole
• Morton, MandyBeyond the Gravy
• Muir, Frank/T FDead Catch
• Mukherjee, AbirDeath in the EastHistorical
• Mullin, ChrisThe Friends of Harry Perkins
• Mundy, ElizabethA Clean Canvas
• Musso, GuillaumeThe ReunionTranslated
• Nadel, BarbaraA Knife to the Heart
• Natt och Dag, Niklas1793: The Wolf and the WatchmanTranslated, First Novel, Historical
• Neill, FionaBeneath the Surface
Nesbo, JoKnifeTranslated
Nesser, HakanIntrigoTranslated, Anthology
Newham, VickyOut of the Ashes
Nickson, ChrisLeaden HeartHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Hocus GirlHistorical
• Nolan, DominicPast LifeFirst Novel
• Nordbo, Mads PederCold FearTranslated
• Nordbo, Mads PederThe Girl Without SkinTranslated
• Norman, AndreasThe Silent WarTranslated
• North, AlexThe Whisper Man
• North, LaurenThe Perfect BetrayalFirst Novel
• Obregon, NicolasUnknown Male
• O'Connor, DeborahThe Dangerous Kind
• Ohlsson, KristinaThe FloodTranslated
• Olguin, SergioThe Fragility of BodiesFirst Novel, Translated
• O'Reilly, JudithKilling State
• Organ, EmilyAn Unwelcome GuestHistorical
• O'Rourke, StephenThe Crown AgentFirst Novel, Historical
• Osterdahl, MartinTen Swedes Must DieTranslated
• O'Sullivan, DarrenClose Your Eyes
• O'Sullivan, DarrenCloser Than You Think
Oswald, JamesCold as the Grave
Oswald, JamesNothing to Hide
• Padura, LeonardoGrab a Snake by the TailTranslated
• Parker, SteveYou Can't Hide
• Parks, AlanFebruary's Son
• Parry, AmbroseThe Art of DyingHistorical
• Parsons, Tony#taken
Pastor, BenThe Horseman's SongHistorical
• Patis, VikkiThe Girl Across the Street
• Pattison, C LThe HousemateFirst Novel
• Paulson-Ellis, MaryThe Inheritance of Solomon FarthingHistorical
Pavone, ChrisThe Paris Diversion
• Pearson, DavidMurder at the Holiday Home
• Pearson, DavidMurder at the Races
• Pearson, DavidMurder on the Peninsula
• Penketh, AnnePlay Dead
Perry, AnneA Christmas GatheringHistorical
Perry, AnneDeath in FocusHistorical
Perry, AnneOne Fatal FlawHistorical
• Perry, S WThe Serpent's MarkHistorical
• Petersen, ChristofferArctic State
• Petersen, ChristofferBlackout Ingenue
• Petersen, ChristofferInside the Bear's Cage
• Petit, ChrisMister WolfHistorical
• Phifer, HelenThe Girl in the Grave
Phillips, LouiseThe Hiding Game
• Pinto Maldonado, MercedesLetters to a StrangerTranslated, First Novel
• Porter, HenryWhite Hot Silence
• Purcell, LauraBone ChinaHistorical
• Quinn, C SThe Bastille SpyHistorical
• Quinn, Suzy KDon't Tell Teacher
Ramsay, CaroMosaic
Rayne, SarahMusic Macabre
• Rayner, NicolaThe Girl Before YouFirst Novel
• Reeve, AlexThe Anarchists' ClubHistorical
Regan, LindaThe Terror Within
• Reid, AndrewThe HunterFirst Novel
• Reid, RebeccaPerfect LiarsFirst Novel
• Reiersgaard, MaritThe Girl With No HeartFirst Novel, Translated
• Reynolds, AmandaHidden Wife
Rhodes, KateBurnt Island
Rhodes, KateFatal Harmony
Riches, MarnieTightrope
Rickman, PhilFor the Hell of It
• Ricthie, PeterOur Little Secrets
Ridpath, MichaelLaunch Code
• Rigby, SallyFatal Justice
• Riley, Mary-JaneGone in the Night
Ripley, MikeMr Campion's VisitHistorical
• Riverton, SteinThe Iron ChariotTranslated
• Robb, CandaceA Conspiracy of WolvesHistorical
Roberts, J GLittle Girl Missing
• Roberts, MarkDate With Death
Robinson, PeterMany Rivers to Cross
• Robinson, SteveThe Penmaker's WifeHistorical
Robotham, MichaelGood Girl, Bad Girl
• Robson, AmandaEnvy
• Rogers, GemmaStalkerFirst Novel
• Rose, JacquiFatal
• Rose, JacquiSinner
• Rosenkrantz, PalleThe Forest Lake MysteryTranslated
Roslund, Anders & Hellstrom, BorgeThree HoursTranslated
• Ross, L JPenshaw
Rowe, RosemaryA Prisoner of PrivilegeHistorical
Rowley, EmmaTell Me Everything
Rowson, PaulineDeath In The CoveHistorical
Runcie, JamesThe Road to GrantchesterHistorical
Russell, CraigThe Devil AspectHistorical
Russell, LeighDeathly Affair
Russell, LeighRogue Killer
• Russell, MichaelThe City in FlamesHistorical
• Russell, NormanTongued With Fire
• Ryan, ChrisBlack Ops
• Sakhlecha, TrishaYour Truth or Mine?First Novel
Sampson, FayThe Wounded Snake
• Sanders, G DThe Taken GirlsFirst Novel
• Sanders, G DThe Victim
• Sansom, IanThe Sussex MurdersHistorical
• Saunders, KateThe Mystery of the Wandering ScholarHistorical
• Savage, VanessaThe Woman in the Dark (apa The Murder House)
Scarrow, SimonTraitors of RomeHistorical
• Schutz, LarsThe Alphabet MurdersFirst Novel, Translated
• Scragg, RobertNothing Else Remains
• Searle, NicholasA Fatal Game
• Sebastian, TimFatal Ally
• Sefton, JoanneThe Guilty Friend
• Selman, VictoriaBlood for BloodFirst Novel
• Selman, VictoriaNothing to Lose
• Selman, VictoriaSnakes and Ladders
• Sendker, Jan-PhilippThe Far Side of the NightTranslated
Sewell, KittyThe Fault
Seymour, EVScarlett's Secret
Seymour, GeraldBattle Sight Zero
Sharp, ZoeBad Turn
Shaw, WilliamDeadland
• Shepherd-Robinson, LauraBlood & SugarHistorical, First Novel
• Sheridan, SaraIndian SummerHistorical
Sherratt, MelTick Tock
• Shimada, SojiMurder in the Crooked HouseTranslated
• Sidebottom, HarryThe Lost Ten
• Sigurdardottir, LiljaCageTranslated
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe AbsolutionTranslated
• Silver, AbiThe Cinderella Plan
• Silvester, JamesSealed With A Death
Simms, Chris Marked Men
• Simpson, SarahI Know You're There
• Sinclair, RobFugitive 13
• Sinclair, RobThe Essence of Evil
• Sinclair, RobThe White Scorpion
• Skelton, DouglasThunder Bay
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Department of Sensitive Crimes
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Strange Case of the Moderate Extremists (ebook only)
Smith, Alexander McCallTo the Land of Long Lost Friends
Smith, AnnaFight Back
• Smith, GrahamA Body in the Lakes
• Smith, GrahamFear in the Lakes
Smith, Martin CruzThe Siberian Dilemma
• Southward, AdamTranceFirst Novel
• Spain, JoDirty Little Secrets
• Spain, JoThe Boy Who Fell
Spedding, SallyDeath Knell
Spedding, SallyDownfall
Spedding, SallyThe Devil's Garden
Spencer, SallyDead End
Staalesen, GunnarWolves at the DoorTranslated
• Stacey, LyndaThe Fake Date
• Stansfield, KatherineThe Mermaid's CallHistorical
• Steiner, PeterThe Good CopHistorical
• Sten, VivecaIn the Shadow of PowerTranslated
• Stimson, TJ/TessPicture of Innocence (as T J Stimson)
• Stirling, JossThe Silence
• Stone, LisaThe Doctor
Stratmann, LindaThe Ghost of Hollow HouseHistorical
• Street, Karen LeeEdgar Allan Poe and The Empire of the DeadHistorical
• Sveistrup, SorenThe Chestnut ManTranslated, First Novel
• Swallow, JamesShadow
• Sykes, S DThe Bone FireHistorical
• Szymiczkowa, MarylaMrs Mohr Goes MissingHistorical, Translated, First Novel
• Talbot, TheresaThe Quiet Ones
• Tallon, EmmaBoss Girl
• Tallon, EmmaFierce Girl
• Tallon, EmmaReckless Girl
• Tantimedh, AdiHer Fugitive Heart
Taylor, AndrewThe King's EvilHistorical
• Taylor, C LSleep
• Taylor, JuneKeep Your Friends Close
• Thomas, BevA Good Enough MotherFirst Novel
• Thomas, JoePlayboy
• Thomson, E SSurgeons' HallHistorical
Thomson, LesleyThe Playground Murders
Timlin, MarkReap the Whirlwind (short stories)Anthology
• Tinnelly, RebeccaDon't Say a Word
• Tinnelly, RebeccaNever Go ThereFirst Novel
Todd, MarilynCast IronHistorical
Todd, MarilynSnap ShotHistorical
Tope, RebeccaSecrets in the Cotswolds
Tope, RebeccaThe Grasmere Grudge
Tremayne, PeterBlood in EdenHistorical
• Tremayne, S KThe Assistant
• Trotter, AlanMuscleFirst Novel
Trow, M JBlack DeathHistorical
Trow, M JThe Black HillsHistorical
• Truss, LynneThe Man That Got AwayHistorical
• Tudor, C JThe Taking of Annie Thorne (apa The Hiding Place)
• Tuomainen, AnttiLittle SiberiaTranslated
• Tursten, HeleneHunting GameTranslated
• Tursten, HeleneWinter GraveTranslated
• Tuti, IlariaFlowers Over the Inferno (apa The Man in the Woods)First Novel, Translated
• Tyce, HarrietBlood OrangeFirst Novel
Tyler, L CThe Maltese Herring
Upson, NicolaSorry for the DeadHistorical
Vargas, FredThis Poison Will RemainTranslated
• Veste, LucaThe Six (apa The Silence)
• von Leyden, JamesA Death in the MedinaFirst Novel
• Voss, LouiseThe Last Stage
Waites, MartynThe Sinner
Walker, MartinThe Body in the Castle Well
• Walsh, AlexandraThe Catherine Howard Conspiracy
• Walsh, AlexandraThe Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy
• Walter, B PA Version of the TruthFirst Novel
• Walters, AlexExpiry Date
• Ward, JacquelinePerfect Ten
• Ware, RuthThe Turn of the Key
Wassmer, JulieMurder Fest
Watkins, RozDead Man's Daughter
• Watt, DouglasThe Unnatural Death of a JacobiteHistorical
• Watt, HollyTo The LionsFirst Novel
• Watts, KerryHeartlandsFirst Novel
• Watts, KerryHer Missing Child
• Watts, KerryUnder Dark Skies
• Way, CamillaWho Killed Ruby?
• Weaver, AshleyA Dangerous EngagementHistorical
Weaver, TimNo One Home
• Webb, KatherineThe DisappearanceHistorical
• Webster, HayleyOne Christmas NightFirst Novel
• Weinberg, KateThe TruantsFirst Novel
• Welsh, KaiteThe Unquiet HeartHistorical
• Wesolowski, MattChangeling
Westerson, JeriSword of ShadowsHistorical
Westerson, JeriTraitor's CodexHistorical
• White, D ERemember MeFirst Novel
• Whitehouse, LucieCritical Incidents
• Wilkins, SusanIt Should Have Been Me
Wilkinson, KerryA Cry In The Night
Wilkinson, KerryA Face in the Crowd
Wilkinson, KerryClose to You
Wilkinson, KerrySomething Buried
Wilkinson, KerryThe Unlucky Ones
• Williams, AndrewWitchfinderHistorical
• Wilson, AndrewDeath in a Desert LandHistorical
• Wilton, RobertDeath and the Dreadnought (ebook only)Historical
Winspear, JacquelineThe American AgentHistorical
• Wood, MichaelVictim of Innocence (ebook only)
Woodhouse, JakeThe Copycat
• Wright, M PA Sinner's PrayerHistorical
• Wyer, CarolThe Blossom Twins
• Wyer, CarolThe Dare
• Wyer, CarolThe Sleepover
• Yokomizo, SeishiThe Honjin MurdersTranslated
• Yokoyama, HideoPrefecture DTranslated
• Young, DavidStasi 77Historical
• Young, DylanThe Appointment
• Zander, JoakimThe FriendTranslated

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