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Releases in 2018 (Historical)

Published in the UK during 2018.

• Abdul-Jabbar, KareemMycroft and Sherlock (with Anna Waterhouse)Historical
• Adams, JaneKith and KinHistorical
Akunin, BorisBlack CityHistorical, Translated
Alexander, TashaUneasy Lies the CrownHistorical
Bailey, ElizabethThe Opium PurgeHistorical
• Bilyeau, NancyThe BlueHistorical
• Blake, RobinRough MusicHistorical
• Bolton, GuyThe SyndicateHistorical
Bowen, RhysThe Tuscan ChildHistorical
Bradley, AlanThe Grave's a Fine and Private Place:Historical
• Brady, ConorIn the Dark RiverHistorical
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Intimate RevueHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Pinches the PostHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Pleads Her CaseHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Rocks the BoatHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Sweeps the ChimneyHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Weeds the PlotHistorical
Brody, FrancesA Snapshot of MurderHistorical
• Brown, EricMurder Served ColdHistorical
• Brown, EricMurder Takes a TurnHistorical
• Buckley, FionaThe Reluctant AssassinHistorical
• Carlin, LauraThe Wicked ComethHistorical, First Novel
Charlton, KarenPlague Pits & River BonesHistorical
Clare, AlysThe Angel in the GlassHistorical
Clements, RoryNucleusHistorical
• Cleverly, BarbaraFall of AngelsHistorical
David, SaulThe Prince and the Whitechapel MurdersHistorical
• Davies, MartinMrs Hudson and the Lazarus TestamentHistorical
Davis, LindseyPandora's BoyHistorical
• De Giovanni, MaurizioNameless SerenadeTranslated, Historical
• de Muriel, Oscar Loch of the DeadHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulDark Queen RisingHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe GodlessHistorical
• Donald, AngusBlood's RevolutionHistorical
Downie, Ruth (R S)Memento MoriHistorical
Downing, DavidThe Dark Clouds ShiningHistorical
• Dunford, CarolineA Death at Crystal PalaceHistorical
Edwards, MartinGallows CourtHistorical
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the FitzwilliamHistorical
Ellis, KateThe Boy Who Lived with the DeadHistorical
Fellowes, JessicaBright Young DeadHistorical
• Fielden, T PA Quarter Past DeadHistorical
• Fraser, Hugh StealthHistorical
• Fremantle, E CThe Poison BedHistorical
• Goldammer, FrankA Thousand DevilsHistorical, Translated
• Goldammer, FrankThe Air Raid KillerTranslated, Historical, First Novel
Gordon-Smith, DoloresForgotten MurderHistorical
Gray, ClioHidden PastsHistorical
Gregory, SusannaIntrigue in Covent GardenHistorical
Hall, PatriciaPlaying with FireHistorical
Hanley, C BGive Up the DeadHistorical
Hannah, SophieThe Mystery of Three Quarters: The New Hercule Poirot MysteryHistorical
• Harris, Robert JCastle MacnabHistorical
Harrison, CoraDeath of a NoviceHistorical
Harrison, CoraMurder at the Queen's Old CastleHistorical
• Harvey, SamanthaThe Western WindHistorical
• Haynes, ElizabethThe Murder of Harriet MoncktonHistorical
Hill, Suzette AThe Cambridge PlotHistorical
• Hingley, DavidTraitorHistorical
• Horowitz, AnthonyForever and a DayHistorical
Hurley, GrahamEstocadaHistorical
Ison, GrahamHardcastle's QuandaryHistorical
Janes, DianeThe Poisoned Chalice MurderHistorical
Jecks, MichaelA Missed MurderHistorical
• Jones, BillBlack Camp 21Historical, First Novel
• Kasasian, M R CBetty Church and the Suffolk VampireHistorical
Kelly, JimThe Great DarknessHistorical
• Kerr, PhilipGreeks Bearing GiftsHistorical
King, Laurie RIsland of the MadHistorical
• Kinsey, T EA Picture of MurderHistorical
Knight, AlannaMurder Lies WaitingHistorical
• Kristjansson, SnorriKinHistorical
• Kutscher, VolkerGoldsteinHistorical, Translated
Lawton, JohnFriends and TraitorsHistorical
• Lyle, H BThe Red RibbonHistorical
MacKenzie, A JThe Body in the BoatHistorical
• MacLean, Shona/S GDestroying AngelHistorical
Maitland, KarenA Gathering of GhostsHistorical
Marsh, NgaioMoney in the Morgue (completed by Stella Duffy)Historical
Marston, Edward/A EFugitive from the GraveHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EPoints of DangerHistorical
Martin, AndrewThe Martian GirlHistorical
• Martin, FaithA Fatal MistakeHistorical
• Martin, FaithA Fatal ObsessionHistorical
• Maskew, H PInnocents to the SlaughterHistorical
• Massey, SujataThe Widows of Malabar Hill (apa A Murder at Malabar Hill)Historical
• Mazzola, AnnaThe Story KeeperHistorical
McPherson, CatrionaA Step So GraveHistorical
Morris, Roger/R NThe Red Hand of FuryHistorical
• Mukherjee, AbirSmoke and AshesHistorical
Myers, AmyDeath at the Wychbourne FolliesHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Dead on LeaveHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Hanging PsalmHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Tin GodHistorical
O'Donovan, GerardThe Long SilenceHistorical
• Parry, AmbroseThe Way of All FleshHistorical
• Peacock, CaroThe Killing SiteHistorical
Perry, AnneDark Tide RisingHistorical
Perry, AnneTriple JeopardyHistorical
• Perry, S WThe Angel's MarkHistorical, First Novel
• Potzsch, Oliver The Council of TwelveTranslated, Historical
• Powell, E MThe King's JusticeHistorical
• Powell, E MThe Monastery MurdersHistorical
• Purcell, LauraThe CorsetHistorical
Raybourn, DeannaA Treacherous CurseHistorical
• Reeve, AlexThe House on Half Moon StreetHistorical, First Novel
• Rhys, RachelFatal InheritanceHistorical
Ripley, Mike Mr Campion's WarHistorical
Ryan, WilliamA House of Ghosts (as W C Ryan)Historical
Sansom, C JTomblandHistorical
Saylor, StevenThe Throne of CaesarHistorical
Scarrow, SimonThe Blood of RomeHistorical
Smith, Fiona VeitchThe Cairo BriefHistorical
Southey, RozScorcherHistorical
• Stansfield, KatherineThe Magpie TreeHistorical
Steen, JaneLady Helena InvestigatesHistorical
Stratmann, Linda Murder at the Bayswater Bicycle ClubHistorical
Stratmann, LindaAn Unquiet GhostHistorical
• Street, Karen LeeEdgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of PeruHistorical
Taylor, AndrewThe Fire CourtHistorical
• Thomson, E SThe BloodHistorical
• Tija, M JA Necessary MurderHistorical
Tremayne, PeterBloodmoonHistorical
Trow, M J Queen's ProgressHistorical
• Truss, LynneA Shot in the DarkHistorical
Tyler, L CThe Bleak MidwinterHistorical
• Unsworth, CathiThat Old Black MagicHistorical
Vichi, MarcoGhosts of the PastHistorical, Translated
• Weaver, AshleyAn Act of VillainyHistorical
Westerson, JeriThe Deepest GraveHistorical
• Wilson, AndrewA Different Kind of EvilHistorical
Winspear, JacquelineTo Die But OnceHistorical
• Wojtas, OlgaMiss Blaine's Prefect and the Golden SamovarHistorical
• Wright, M PRestless CoffinsHistorical
• Young, DavidA Darker StateHistorical

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