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Releases in 2018

Published in the UK during 2018.

• Adams, JaneFakes and Lies
• Ahnhem, StefanEighteen BelowTranslated
Akunin, BorisBlack CityHistorical, Translated
• Anthology, AnTen Year Stretch (ed. Martin Edwards)Anthology
• Armstrong, RossHead Case
• Bailey, R JNobody Gets Hurt
Bates, QuentinCold Breath
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin and the Dead Ringer
Beaton, M CDeath of an Honest Man
• Beck, PeterDamnationTranslated
• Bell, NatashaExhibit AlexandraFirst Novel
Benedictus, LeoConsent
Billingham, MarkCut Off (Quick Reads)
Billingham, MarkThe Killing Habit
• Binns, StewartBetrayal
Black, TonyHer Cold Eyes
• Blake, SamNo Turning Back
Bolton, S J/SharonThe Craftsman
Booth, StephenFall Down Dead
• Bottini, OliverZen and the Art of MurderFirst Novel, Translated
• Bouchard, RoxanneWe Were the Salt of the SeaTranslated
Bowen, RhysThe Tuscan ChildHistorical
Bradley, AlanThe Grave's a Fine and Private Place:Historical
• Broadribb, StephDeep Blue Trouble
• Brook, RhidianThe Killing of Butterfly Joe
• Brown, EricMurder Takes a TurnHistorical
Bruce, AlisonI Did It for Us
• Buckley, FionaThe Reluctant AssassinHistorical
• Bussi, MichelTime is a KillerTranslated
• Callaghan, HelenEverything Is Lies
• Callaghan, TomAutumn Hunting
Camilleri, AndreaThe Pyramid of MudTranslated
• Candlish, LouiseOur House
Carofiglio, GianricoThe Cold SummerTranslated
• Carter, AliA Brush with DeathFirst Novel
Carter, AndreaMurder at Greysbridge
Carver, Caroline/CJ Know Me Now
Cavanagh, SteveThirteen
Chambers, KimberleyLife of Crime
• Chapman, JeanDeadly Odds
• Chapman, JuliaDate with Mystery
Charlton, KarenPlague Pits & River BonesHistorical
Child, LeePast Tense
• Claverton, RosieBinary Witness
• Claverton, RosieCode Runner
Cleeves, AnnWild Fire
Clements, RoryNucleusHistorical
• Cohen, TammyClean Break (Quick Reads)
• Cole, DanielHangman
• Colize, PaulBack UpTranslated
Connolly, JohnThe Woman in the Woods
• Conway, AidanA Cold Flame
• Conway, AidanA Known EvilFirst Novel
Craig, JamesThis is Where I Say Goodbye
• Croft, ElleThe Guilty WifeFirst Novel
• Cross, MasonPresumed Dead
• Cummins, FionaThe Collector
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaThe Ice SwimmerTranslated
Dalbuono, NadiaThe Extremist
Dams, Jeanne MCrisis at the Cathedral
David, SaulThe Prince and the Whitechapel MurdersHistorical
• Davies, Michelle False Witness
Davis, LindseyPandora's BoyHistorical
• Dazieri, SandroneKill the AngelTranslated
• Dean, WillDark PinesFirst Novel
• Deegan, JamesOnce A PilgrimFirst Novel
• Delaney, J PBelieve Me
• Delaney, LukeA Killing Mind
• Dolan, EvaThis is How it Ends
• Driscoll, TeresaThe Friend
Dugdall, RuthThe Things You Didn't See
• Dyer, AshleySplinter in the Blood
• Elliott, LexieThe French GirlFirst Novel
Ellis, KateThe Mechanical Devil
• Enger, ThomasKilledTranslated
• England, CarolineMy Husband's Lies
• Escobar, MelbaHouse of BeautyTranslated
Evans, GeraldineGame of Bones (ebook only)
• Fairfax, JohnBlind Defence
• Fields, Helen Perfect Death
Fowler, ChristopherBryant & May - Hall of Mirrors
• Fraser, AntheaSins of the Fathers
French, NicciDay of the Dead
• Galan, JorgeNovemberTranslated
George, ElizabethThe Punishment She Deserves
• Giordano, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Fruits of the LordTranslated
Goddard, RobertPanic Room
• Granger, AnnAn Unfinished Murder
Gray, Alex Only the Dead Can Tell
Gray, ClioHidden PastsHistorical
• Grey, IsabelleWrong Way Home
Griffiths, EllyThe Dark Angel
Griffiths, EllyThe Stranger Diaries
• Gustawsson, JohanaKeeperTranslated
• Hall, AramintaOur Kind of Cruelty
• Hamilton, KarenThe Perfect GirlfriendFirst Novel
• Hammer, Lotte and SorenThe Night FerryTranslated
Hannah, MariThe Lost
Harrison, CoraDeath of a NoviceHistorical
Harvey, JohnBody & Soul
• Harvey, SamanthaThe Western WindHistorical
Hawksley, HumphreyMan on Ice
• Hayes, TerryThe Year of the Locust
Herron, Mick/MLondon Rules
• Hilary, SarahCome and Find Me
Hill, SusanThe Comforts of Home
• Hilton, L SUltima
• Hingley, DavidTraitorHistorical
• Holland, JaneForget Her Name
Horst, Jorn LierThe Katharina CodeTranslated
• Howard, Catherine RyanThe Liar's Girl
Indridason, ArnaldurThe Shadow KillerTranslated
• James, EdIn for the Kill
• James, EdKill With Kindness
James, PeterDead If You Don't
Jardine, QuintinA Brush with Death
• Jarlvi, JessicaWhat Did I Do?
• Johnson, MattEnd Game
Jonasson, RagnarThe DarknessTranslated
• Jones, Philip GwynneVengeance in Venice
• Kallentoft, MonsEarth StormTranslated
Keane, JessieFearless
Kelly, JimThe Great DarknessHistorical
• Kelly, LesleySongs by Dead Girls
• Kepler, LarsThe Rabbit HunterTranslated
• Kerr, PhilipGreeks Bearing GiftsHistorical
• Khan, VaseemInspector Chopra and the Million-Dollar Motor Car
• Khan, VaseemMurder at the Grand Raj Palace
• Kiernan, OliviaToo Close to BreatheFirst Novel
• Kline, PennyThe Sister's Secret
Knight, AlannaMurder Lies WaitingHistorical
• Knox, JosephThe Smiling Man
• Koch, EmilyIf I Die Before I WakeFirst Novel
• Koutsakis, PolBaby BlueTranslated
• Kristjansson, SnorriKinHistorical
• Kurbjuweit, DirkFearTranslated
• Kutscher, VolkerGoldsteinHistorical, Translated
Lackberg, CamillaThe Girl in the WoodsTranslated
Lawton, JohnFriends and TraitorsHistorical
Leather, StephenTall Order
Leather, StephenThe Shout
Lehtolainen, LeenaThe Nightingale MurderTranslated
Leon, DonnaThe Temptation of Forgiveness
• Luatah, SabriSavages: The WeddingTranslated, First Novel
• Lucius, WalterAngel in the ShadowsTranslated
• Lynch, RachelDark Game (ebook only)
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BThe Blood Road
Mackintosh, ClareLet Me Lie
Malliet, G MIn Prior's Wood
• Manning, MaxNow You See (apa Don't Look Now)First Novel
• Mark, DavidScorched Earth
• Marland, StephanieMy Little Eye
• Marrs, JohnThe One
Marsh, NgaioMoney in the Morgue (completed by Stella Duffy)Historical
Masterton, GrahamDead Men Whistling
May, PeterI'll Keep You Safe
• McGeorge, ChrisGuess WhoFirst Novel
McGowan, ClaireThe Killing House
• McTiernan, DervlaThe RuinFirst Novel
• Medina, K T/KateTwo Little Girls
• Mendoza, ElmerName of the DogTranslated
• Merritt, StephanieWhile You Sleep
• Miller, Derek BAmerican by Day
• Mitchell, CarolineSilent Victim
• Mitchell, CarolineTruth and Lies
Morris, Roger/R NThe Red Hand of FuryHistorical
Muddiman, RebeccaMurder in Slow Motion
• Mukherjee, AbirSmoke and AshesHistorical
• Naughton, Sarah JThe Other Couple
Nesbo, JoMacbethTranslated
• Newham, VickiTurn a Blind EyeFirst Novel
Nickson, ChrisThe Tin GodHistorical
• Nugent, LizSkin Deep
• Nykanen, HarriHoly CeremonyTranslated
O'Donovan, GerardThe Long SilenceHistorical
• Ohlsson, KristinaThe Lies We TellTranslated
• O'Sullivan, DarrenOur Little SecretFirst Novel
Oswald, JamesThe Gathering Dark
• Ould, ChrisThe Fire Pit
• Owen, NikkiThe Girl Who Ran
• Paris, B ABring Me Back
• Parsons, TonyGirl On Fire
• Peacock, CaroThe Killing SiteHistorical
Perry, AnneDark Tide RisingHistorical
• Porter, HenryFirefly
• Raven, JaimeThe Rebel
Raybourn, DeannaA Treacherous CurseHistorical
Redondo, DoloresAll This I Will Give to YouTranslated
• Reeve, AlexThe House on Half Moon StreetHistorical, First Novel
• Reynolds, AmandaLying to You
Rhodes, KateHell Bay
• Richardson, MatthewThe Insider
Riches, MarnieThe Girl Who Broke the Rules
Riches, MarnieThe Girl Who Got Revenge
Riches, MarnieThe Girl Who Had No Fear
Riches, MarnieThe Girl Who Walked in the Shadows
Riches, MarnieThe Girl Who Wouldn't Die
Robertson, CraigThe Photographer
Robinson, PeterCareless Love
• Robson, AmandaGuilt
• Rowley, EmmaWhere the Missing GoFirst Novel
Russell, LeighClass Murder
• Saadawi, AhmedFrankenstein in BagdadTranslated
• Sargeant, RachelThe Perfect Neighbours
Saylor, StevenThe Throne of CaesarHistorical
• Scragg, RobertWhat Falls Between the CracksFirst Novel
• Serelyte, RenataThe Music TeacherFirst Novel
Seymour, EV Final Target
Seymour, GeraldA Damned Serious Business
Shaw, WilliamSalt Lane
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe ReckoningTranslated
• Sinclair, RobSleeper 13
• Slimani, LeilaLullaby (apa The Perfect Nanny)Translated, First Novel
Smith, AnnaBlood Feud
• Spain, JoThe Confession
Staalesen, GunnarBig SisterTranslated
Staincliffe, CathFear of Falling
• Stirling, Joss
Stratmann, Linda Murder at the Bayswater Bicycle ClubHistorical
• Svensson, AntonMade In Sweden Part 2: The SonsTranslated
• Swallow, JamesGhost
• Tarttelin, AbigailDead Girls
Taylor, AndrewThe Fire CourtHistorical
• Taylor, C LThe Fear
Templeton, AlineHuman Face
• Thomson, E SThe BloodHistorical
Thomson, LesleyThe Death Chamber
Thorne, David/D BPerfect Match
• Thorogood, RobertMurder in the Caribbean
• Thorpe, AnnabelleWhat Lies Within
Tope, RebeccaThe Staveley Suspect
Trow, M J Queen's ProgressHistorical
• Truhen, AidanThe Price You Pay
• Tudor, C JThe Chalk ManFirst Novel
• Turton, StuartThe Seven Deaths of Evelyn HardcastleFirst Novel
• Unsworth, CathiThat Old Black MagicHistorical
• Varesi, ValerioThe Lizard StrategyTranslated
• Vaughan, SarahAnatomy of a Scandal
• Verdan, NicolasThe Greek WallTranslated
Vichi, MarcoGhosts of the PastHistorical, Translated
• Vincent, MBJess Castle and the Eyeballs of DeathFirst Novel
Wassmer, JulieDisappearance at Oare
• Watkins, RozThe Devil's DiceFirst Novel
• Wesolowski, MattHydra
Westerson, JeriThe Deepest GraveHistorical
Wilkinson, KerryEye for an Eye
• Wilson, AndrewA Different Kind of EvilHistorical
• Wilson, EdwardSouth Atlantic Requiem
• Wilson, GlenisDead Reckoning
Winspear, JacquelineTo Die But OnceHistorical
• Wolff, JamesBeside the Syrian SeaFirst Novel
• Wright, M PRestless CoffinsHistorical
• Yokoyama, HideoSeventeenTranslated
• Young, DavidA Darker StateHistorical

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