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Releases in 2017 (First Novel)

Published in the UK during 2017.

• Abarbanell, StephanDisplacedHistorical, First Novel, Translated
• Alsterdal, ToveThe Forgotten DeadTranslated, First Novel
• Angstrom, EmmaThe Man In The WallFirst Novel, Translated
• Anwar, AmerWestern Fringes (apa Brothers in Blood)First Novel
• Avdic, AsaThe Dying GameFirst Novel, Translated
• Axat, FedericoKill the Next OneFirst Novel, Translated
• Berthon, SimonWoman of State (apa A Secret Worth Killing For)First Novel
• Broadribb, StephDeep Down DeadFirst Novel
• Brown, VivienLily AloneFirst Novel
• Buckler, JamesLast Stop TokyoFirst Novel
• Cable, VinceOpen ArmsFirst Novel
• Chapman, JuliaDate with DeathFirst Novel
• Chirovici, E OThe Book of MirrorsFirst Novel
• Cole, DanielRagdollFirst Novel
Collins, TanaRobbing The DeadFirst Novel
• Cotterell, T AWhat Alice KnewFirst Novel
• Cummins, FionaRattleFirst Novel
• D'Andrea, LucaThe MountainTranslated, First Novel
• Daws, RobertThe RockFirst Novel
• Dearman, LaraThe Devil's ClawFirst Novel
• Dibdin, EmmaThe Room by the LakeFirst Novel
• Dunnakey, SarahThe CompanionHistorical, First Novel
• Elgar, EmilyIf You Knew HerFirst Novel
Elsberg, MarcBlackoutTranslated, First Novel
• Eriksson, CarolineThe MissingTranslated, First Novel
• Eterovic, Ramon DiazDark Echoes of the PastFirst Novel, Translated
• Feeney, AliceSometimes I LieFirst Novel
Fellowes, JessicaThe Mitford MurdersHistorical, First Novel
• Fielden, T PThe Riviera ExpressHistorical, First Novel
• Fields, HelenPerfect RemainsFirst Novel
• Frear, CazSweet Little LiesFirst Novel
• Giolito, Malin PerssonQuicksandFirst Novel, Translated
• Gustawsson, JohanaBlock 46First Novel, Translated
• Harper, ElodieThe Binding SongFirst Novel
• Hay, L VThe Other TwinFirst Novel
• Hezroni, NirThree EnvelopesTranslated, First Novel
• Hill, MarkThe Two O'Clock Boy (apa His First Lie)First Novel
• Jarlvi, JessicaWhen I Wake UpFirst Novel
• Kirk, MargaretShadow ManFirst Novel
• Knox, JosephSirensFirst Novel
• Koutsakis, PolAthenian BluesTranslated, First Novel
• Lagioia, NicolaFerocityTranslated, First Novel
• Land, AliGood Me Bad MeFirst Novel
• Laws, PeterPurgedFirst Novel
• Li, Winnie MDark ChapterFirst Novel
• Llobregat, JordiThe Secret of VesaliusHistorical, Translated, First Novel
• Lloyd, AmyThe Innocent WifeFirst Novel
• Logan, TMLiesFirst Novel
• Lyle, H BThe IrregularFirst Novel, Historical
• Maitland, IainSweet WilliamFirst Novel
• Marshall, LauraFriend RequestFirst Novel
• Mouron, QuentinThree Drops of Blood and A Cloud of CocaineTranslated, First Novel
• Naess, KristineOnly HumanTranslated, First Novel
• Naughton, Sarah JTattletale (apa The Girlfriend)First Novel
• Otis, LloydDead LandFirst Novel
• Parks, AlanBloody JanuaryFirst Novel
• Petersen, ChristofferThe Ice StarFirst Novel
• Pfluger, AndreasIn the DarkTranslated, First Novel
• Quintana, JennyThe Missing GirlFirst Novel
• Rahman, KhurrumEast of HounslowFirst Novel
• Ramqvist, KarolinaThe White CityTranslated, First Novel
• Reynolds, AmandaClose to MeFirst Novel
• Richardson, MatthewMy Name Is NobodyFirst Novel
• Robins, JaneWhite BodiesFirst Novel
• Robins, JaneWhite BodiesFirst Novel
• Santiago, MikelThe Last Night at Tremorne BeachFirst Novel, Translated
• Sigurdardottir, LiljaSnareFirst Novel, Translated
• Silver, AbiThe Pinocchio BriefFirst Novel
• Skuse, C JSweetpeaFirst Novel
• Theils, LoneFatal CrossingFirst Novel, Translated
• Valtonen, JussiThey Know Not What They DoTranslated, First Novel
• Ward, RachelThe Cost of LivingFirst Novel
• Welsh, KaiteThe Wages of SinFirst Novel, Historical
• Wesolowski, MattSix StoriesFirst Novel

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