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Releases in 2017

Published in the UK during 2017.

• Aaronovitch, BenThe Furthest Station
• Abarbanell, StephanDisplacedHistorical, First Novel, Translated
• Abbott, RachelThe Sixth Window
• Adams, JaneDeath SceneHistorical
• Adams, PeteGhost and Ragman Roll
• Adler, TimHold Still
Adler-Olsen, JussiThe Scarred WomanTranslated
• Ahnhem, StefanThe Ninth GraveTranslated
• Airth, RennieThe Death of KingsHistorical
Akunin, BorisAll The World's A StageHistorical, Translated
Alexander, TashaDeath in St. PetersburgHistorical
• Alsterdal, ToveThe Forgotten DeadFirst Novel, Translated
• Amphlett, RachelHell to Pay
Anderson, LinFollow the Dead
• Anthology, An Bloody ScotlandAnthology
• Anthology, AnCWA Anthology of Short Stories: Mystery Tour (ed. Martin Edwards)Anthology
• Anthology, AnDeadlier: 100 of the Best Crime Stories Written by Women (ed. Sophie Hannah)Anthology
• Anthology, AnKiller Women: Crime Club Anthology #2Anthology
• Anthology, AnMurder on Christmas Eve (ed. Cecily Gayford)Anthology
• Anthology, AnThe Usual Santas: A Collection of Soho Crime Christmas CapersAnthology
• Arlidge, M JLove Me Not
Ashton, DavidThe Lost DaughterHistorical
• Atkins, LucyThe Night Visitor
• Avdic, AsaThe Dying GameFirst Novel, Translated
• Axat, FedericoKill the Next OneFirst Novel, Translated
Barton, FionaThe Child
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin and the Witches' Tree
Beaton, M CDeath of a Ghost
• Beck, HaylenHere and Gone
• Becker, JamesThe Templar Heresy
Beckett, SimonThe Restless Dead
• Berthon, SimonWoman of StateFirst Novel
• Bilal, ParkerDark Water
Billingham, MarkLove Like Blood
• Binet, LaurentThe 7th Function of LanguageTranslated
• Bingham, HarryThe Deepest Grave
• Birkby, MichelleThe Women of Baker StreetHistorical
• Bjork, SamuelThe Owl Always Hunts at NightTranslated
Black, BenjaminPrague NightsHistorical
Black, HelenTaking Liberties
Black, TonyBay of Martyrs (with Matt Neal)
• Blackhurst, JennyThe Foster Child
• Blake, SamIn Deep Water
• Boland, ShaliniThe Secret Mother
Bolton, S J/SharonDead Woman Walking
• Bonda, KatarzynaGirl at MidnightFirst Novel, Translated
• Bonner, HilaryDeadly Dance
• Booker, SimonKill Me Twice
Booth, StephenDead in the Dark
• Bourne, SamTo Kill the President
Bowen, RhysAway in a MangerHistorical
Bowen, RhysIn Farleigh FieldHistorical
Bowen, RhysThe Edge of DreamsHistorical
Bowen, RhysTime of Fog and FireHistorical
• Boyd, Damien Heads or Tails
• Brandreth, BenetThe Assassin of VeronaHistorical
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Stars of the Silver ScreenHistorical
Brett, SimonThe Liar in the Library
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries and the Best Laid PlansHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries and the Feast of St StephenHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries and the Silent KnightHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Appeals the VerdictHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Pinches the PostHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Pleads Her CaseHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Rocks the BoatHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Stalks the HunterHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Sweeps the ChimneyHistorical
Brightwell, EmilyMrs Jeffries Weeds the PlotHistorical
Brody, FrancesDeath in the StarsHistorical
• Brookes, AdamThe Spy's Daughter
Brookmyre, ChristopherWant You Gone
• Brown, EricMurder Take ThreeHistorical
• Brown, VivienLily AloneFirst Novel
Bruce, AlisonCambridge Black
Bruen, KenThe Ghosts of Galway
• Buckler, JamesLast Stop TokyoFirst Novel
• Buckley, FionaA Deadly BetrothalHistorical
• Burke, StephenThe Reluctant ContactHistorical
• Burnet, Graeme Macrae The Accident on the A35
• Bussi, MichelDon't Let GoTranslated
• Caan, AlexFirst to Die
• Cable, VinceOpen ArmsFirst Novel
• Cadbury, HelenRace To The Kill
• Callaghan, TomA Summer Revenge
• Cameron, StellaLies that Bind
Camilleri, AndreaA Nest of VipersTranslated
• Carlsson, ChristofferMaster, Liar, Traitor, FriendTranslated
Carol, JamesThe Quiet Man
• Carrisi, DonatoThe Girl in the FogTranslated
• Carson, ClareThe Dark Isle
• Carter, AndreaThe Well of Ice
Carter, ChrisThe Caller
Carver, Caroline/CJTell Me A Lie
• Casey, JaneLet the Dead Speak
Cavanagh, SteveThe Liar
Chambers, KimberleyBackstabber
• Chapman, JuliaDate with DeathFirst Novel
• Chapman, JuliaDate with Malice
• Chase, ClareA Stranger's House
Child, LeeNo Middle NameAnthology
Child, LeeThe Midnight Line
• Chirovici, E OThe Book of MirrorsFirst Novel
Clare, AlysThe Devil's CupHistorical
Clare, AlysThe Rufus SpyHistorical
Clark, CassandraTen Weeks That Changed England ForeverHistorical
Cleeves, AnnThe Seagull
Clements, RoryCorpusHistorical
• Coates, AnneDeath's Silent Judgement
• Cohen, TammyThey All Fall Down
• Cole, DanielRagdoll
Cole, MartinaDamaged
Collins, TanaCare to Die
Collins, TanaRobbing The DeadFirst Novel
Connolly, JohnA Game of Ghosts
Cookman, LesleyMurder by the Barrel
Corbin, JulieNow That You're Gone
Corbin, JulieWhat Goes Around
• Cotterell, T AWhat Alice KnewFirst Novel
• Crane, HamiltonMiss Seeton Quilts the Village
• Croft, AdamOnly the Truth
• Cross, A JA Little Death
• Cross, A JSomething Evil Comes
• Cross, MasonDon't Look For Me
• Crowley, SineadOne Bad Turn
• Cummins, FionaRattleFirst Novel
• Curran, ChrisHer Deadly Secret
Cutler, JudithHead Count
• Cutts, LisaBuried Secrets
Dahl, ArneWatching YouTranslated
Dahl, K OFaithlessTranslated
• Dalton, AnnieA Study in Gold
• Daly, PaulaThe Trophy Child
• Damhaug, TorkilCertain Signs that You are Dead
Dams, Jeanne MThe Missing Masterpiece
• D'Andrea, LucaThe MountainFirst Novel, Translated
• Dard, FredericThe Executioner WeepsTranslated
• Dard, FredericThe King of FoolsTranslated
• Dashkova, PolinaMadness Treads LightlyTranslated
• Davies, MichelleWrong Place
Davis, LindseyThe Third NeroHistorical
• Daws, RobertThe Poisoned Rock
• Dawson, LucyEverything You Told Me
• Day, AlexThe Missing Twin
• Dazieri, SandroneKill the FatherTranslated
• De Cataldo, GiancarloSuburra (written with Carlo Bonini)Translated
• De Giovanni, MaurizioGlass SoulsHistorical, Translated
de Jager, AnjaDeath on the Canal
• de la Motte, AndersUltimatum (apa The Silenced (UK))Translated
• de Muriel, OscarA Mask of ShadowsHistorical
• Dearman, LaraThe Devil's ClawFirst Novel
• Delaney, J PThe Girl Before
• Dhand, A AGirl Zero
• Diamond, KaterinaThe Angel
• Dickinson, DavidDeath at Melrose HallHistorical
Doherty, P C/Paul Devil's WolfHistorical
• Dolan, EvaWatch Her Disappear
• Donoghue, ClareThe Night Stalker
• Douglas, ClaireLast Seen Alive
• Dowling, GregoryThe Four HorsemenHistorical
• Drinkwater, Carol The Lost Girl
• Driscoll, TeresaI Am Watching You
• Duffy, MargaretMurders.Com
• Duffy, StellaThe Hidden Room
Dugdall, RuthMy Sister and Other Liars
• Dunnakey, SarahThe CompanionFirst Novel, Historical
• Eccles, MarjorieThe Property of LiesHistorical
• Edmondson, ElizabethA Matter of Loyalty (with Anselm Audley)
• Eldridge, JimShadows of the DeadHistorical
• Elgar, EmilyIf You Knew HerFirst Novel
Ellis, KateThe Mermaid's Scream
Ellis, MarkMerlin at WarHistorical
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JKings of AmericaHistorical
• Elsberg, MarcBlackoutTranslated, First Novel
• Emmerson, MirandaMiss Treadway & the Field of Stars
• Enger, ThomasCursedTranslated
• England, CarolineBeneath the Skin
• Eriksson, CarolineThe MissingTranslated, First Novel
• Feeney, AliceSometimes I LieFirst Novel
Fellowes, JessicaThe Mitford MurdersHistorical, First Novel
Fforde, JasperEarly Riser
• Fielden, T PResort to MurderHistorical
• Fielden, T PThe Riviera ExpressHistorical, First Novel
• Fields, HelenPerfect Prey
• Fields, HelenPerfect RemainsFirst Novel
Finch, Paul Shadows
Finch, PaulAshes to Ashes
• Fiorato, MarinaCrimson and BoneHistorical
• Fortin, SueThe Birthday Girl
Fowler, ChristopherBryant & May - Wild Chamber
Francis, DickPulse (by Felix Francis)
• Fraser, HughMaliceHistorical
• Fraser-Sampson, GuyMiss Christie Regrets
• Frear, CazSweet Little LiesFirst Novel
French, NicciSunday Morning Coming Down
• Friis, AgneteWhat My Body RemembersTranslated
Fyfield, FrancesWelcome the Stranger
• Gamboa, SantiagoReturn to the Dark ValleyTranslated
• Garnier, PascalLow HeightsTranslated
• Georget, PhilippeCrimes of WinterTranslated
• Giambanco, V MSweet After Death
• Gilbert, Paul DThe Four-Handed GameHistorical
• Giolito, Malin PerssonQuicksandTranslated, First Novel
Gordon-Smith, Dolores The Price of SilenceHistorical
• Granger, AnnRooted In Evil
Gray, AlexStill Dark
Gray, ClioBurning SecretsHistorical
Gray, ClioDeadly ProspectsHistorical
Gregorio, MichaelLone Wolf
Gregory, SusannaThe Executioner of St Paul'sHistorical
Gregory, SusannaThe Habit of MurderHistorical
• Grey, IsabelleThe Special Girls
• Griffin, KateKitty Peck and the Daughter of SorrowHistorical
Griffiths, EllyThe Chalk Pit
Griffiths, EllyThe Vanishing BoxHistorical
• Gulvin, JMThe Contract
• Gunn, AlastairCold Christmas
• Gunn, AlastairThe Keeper
• Gustawsson, JohanaBlock 46Translated, First Novel
• Gutfreund, AmirLast Bullet Calls It
Hall, M R/MatthewA Life to Kill
Hall, PatriciaCover UpHistorical
Hall, SimonJustice Mirror
• Hamalainen, KaroCruel is the NightTranslated
• Hamdouchi, AbdelilahBled DryTranslated
Hamdy, AdamFreefall
• Hamer, KateThe Doll Funeral
• Hammer, Lotte and SorenThe LakeTranslated
Hannah, SophieDid You See Melody? (apa Keep Her Safe (US))
• Hardie, MarkTruly Evil
• Harper, ElodieThe Binding SongFirst Novel
• Harris, RobertMunichHistorical
• Harris, Robert JThe Thirty-One KingsHistorical
Harrison, CoraBeyond AbsolutionHistorical
Harrison, CoraThe Cardinal's Court
Harrod-Eagles, CynthiaShadow Play
• Harte, E VThe Prime of Ms Dolly Greene
Harvey, JohnGoing Down Slow and Other StoriesAnthology
Hawkins, AlisNone So BlindHistorical
Hawkins, PaulaInto the Water
Hawkswood, SarahMarked to DieHistorical
• Hay, L VThe Other TwinFirst Novel
Heley, VeronicaMurder for Nothing
• Heller, MandasueRun
• Henry, JamesFrost at Midnight
• Herrmann, ElisabethThe CleanerTranslated
Herron, Mick/MSpook Street
• Hezroni, NirThree EnvelopesFirst Novel, Translated
• Hilary, SarahQuieter Than Killing
• Hill, MarkThe Two O'Clock BoyFirst Novel
• Hilton, L S Domina
Hilton, MattMarked for Death (ebook only)
Hilton, MattRaw Wounds
Hilton, MattWorst Fear
• Hingley, DavidPuritanHistorical
• Hirvonen, ElinaWhen Time Runs OutTranslated
• Hjorth-Rosenfeldt, The Silent GirlTranslated
• Hoeg, PeterThe Susan EffectTranslated
• Holliday, SJI/SusiThe Deaths of December
• Holmen, MartinDown for the CountTranslated
Holt, AnneIn Dust and AshesTranslated
Holt, AnneOffline (apa Odd Numbers)Translated
Holt, AnneWhat Dark Clouds HideTranslated
• Honda, TetsuyaSoul CageTranslated
• Horowitz, AnthonyThe Word is Murder
Horst, Jorn LierWhen It Grows DarkTranslated
• Howells, DebbieThe Death of Her
• Hughes, AndrewThe Coroner's DaughterHistorical
Hurley, GrahamAuroreHistorical
Indridason, ArnaldurThe Shadow DistrictTranslated
• Isaac, JaneThe Lies Within
Ison, GrahamHardcastle's RunawayHistorical
• Jackson, CorrieThe Perfect Victim
Jackson, DavidHope to Die
James, BillClose
• James, EdWhat Doesn't Kill You
James, P DSleep No More: Six Murderous TalesAnthology
James, PeterAbsolute Proof
James, PeterNeed You Dead
Jardine, QuintinGame Over
Jardine, QuintinState Secrets
• Jarlvi, JessicaWhen I Wake UpFirst Novel
Jecks, MichaelA Murder Too SoonHistorical
• Jennings, LukeCodename Villanelle
• Johnson, MattDeadly Game
Jonasson, RagnarRuptureTranslated
Jonasson, RagnarWhiteoutTranslated
• Kasasian, M R CDark Dawn over Steep HouseHistorical
• Kavanagh, EmmaThe Killer On The Wall
Kelly, ErinHe Said/She Said
• Kelly, LesleyThe Health of Strangers
• Kendal, ClaireThe Second Sister
• Kent, ChristobelThe Day She Disappeared
Kernick, SimonThe Bone Field
Kernick, SimonThe Hanged Man
• Kerr, PhilipPrussian BlueHistorical
• Khan, VaseemThe Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star
• Kirk, MargaretShadow ManFirst Novel
Knight, AlannaThe Darkness WithinHistorical
• Knox, JosephSirensFirst Novel
• Koutsakis, PolAthenian BluesFirst Novel, Translated
Kray, RobertaSurvivor
La Plante, LyndaGood Friday
• Lagercrantz, DavidThe Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Millennium V)Translated
• Lahlum, Hans OlavThe Anthill MurdersHistorical, Translated
• Land, AliGood Me Bad MeFirst Novel
• Lapidus, JensStockholm Delete
• Law, J SThe Fear Within
• Laws, PeterPurgedFirst Novel
Le Carre, JohnA Legacy of Spies
• Le Corre, HerveAfter the WarHistorical, Translated
Leather, StephenLight Touch
Leather, StephenTakedown
Lebor, AdamDistrict VIII
• Legat, AnnaNothing to Lose
Lehtolainen, LeenaBefore I GoTranslated
Lehtolainen, LeenaBelow the SurfaceTranslated
Lelic, SimonThe House
• Lemaitre, PierreThree Days and a LifeTranslated
Leon, DonnaEarthly Remains
• Li, Winnie MDark ChapterFirst Novel
• Lindgren, MinnaThe Lavender Ladies Detective Agency: Escape from Sunset GroveTranslated
Linskey, HowardThe Search
• Llobregat, JordiThe Secret of VesaliusHistorical, First Novel, Translated
• Logan, TMLiesFirst Novel
• London, KateDeath Message
• Lucius, WalterButterfly on the StormTranslated
• Lyle, H BThe IrregularHistorical, First Novel
• MacBird, BonnieUnquiet SpiritsHistorical
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BA Dark So Deadly
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BNow We Are Dead
MacKenzie, A JThe Body in the IceHistorical
MacLeod, TorquilA Malmo Midwinter
MacLeod, TorquilMenace in Malmo
• Macmillan, GillyOdd Child Out
Magson, Adrian Rocco and the NightingaleHistorical
Magson, AdrianDark Asset
Malliet, G MDevil's Breath
• Malone, Michael JDog Fight
• Malone, Michael JHouse Of Spines
Mankell, HenningAfter the FireTranslated
Mariani, ScottThe Babylon Idol
Mariani, ScottThe Bach Manuscript
• Mark, DavidCruel Mercy
• Mark, DavidThe Zealot's Bones (as D M Mark)Historical
• Marshall, LauraFriend RequestFirst Novel
Marston, Edward/A EDate with the ExecutionerHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EThe Circus Train ConspiracyHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EUnder AttackHistorical
Martin, AndrewSootHistorical
Masters, PriscillaThe Deceiver
Masterton, GrahamDead Girls Dancing
Masterton, GrahamThe CovenHistorical
May, PeterCast Iron
• McBeth, ColetteAn Act of Silence
• McCarthy, RobA Handful of Ashes
McCoy, KenA Long Way Down
• McCrery, NigelFlesh and Blood
McDermid, Val/V.L.Insidious Intent
McDermott, AndyKing Solomon's Curse
• McGee, JamesThe ReckoningHistorical
McGilloway, BrianBad Blood
McGowan, ClaireBlood Tide
• McGrath, M J/MelGive Me the Child
• McIntyre, WHSGood News, Bad News
• McIntyre, WHSLast Will
• McKenzie, SophieThe Black Sheep
• McKinty, AdrianPolice at the Station and They Don't Look Friendly
McLean, Russel DEd's Dead
McNab, AndyLine of Fire
McPherson, CatrionaDandy Gilver and a Spot of Toil and TroubleHistorical
McPherson, CatrionaThe Weight of Angels
• Medina, K T/KateScared to Death
• Mendoza, ElmerThe Acid TestTranslated
Meyer, DeonFeverTranslated
• Meyrick, DenzilWell of the Winds
• Michaud, AndreeBoundaryHistorical, Translated
• Michelet, JonThe Frozen WomanTranslated
Mina, DeniseConviction
Mina, DeniseThe Long DropHistorical
• Minato, KanaePenanceTranslated
Mitchell, Dreda SayBlood Daughter
Mitchell, Dreda SayBlood Mother
Mitchell, Dreda SayOne False Move (Quick Reads Novella)
Mogford, ThomasA Thousand Cuts
• Moggach, LottieUnder the Sun
• Monroe, J SFind Me
Moody, SusanQuick on the Draw
• Morfoot, PeterFatal Music
• Morton, MandyThe Michaelmas Murders
Mosby, SteveYou Can Run
• Mouron, QuentinThree Drops of Blood and A Cloud of CocaineFirst Novel, Translated
• Muir, Frank/T FThe Killing Connection
• Mukherjee, AbirA Necessary EvilHistorical
Myers, AmyDancing with DeathHistorical
• Nadel, BarbaraBright Shiny Things
• Nadel, BarbaraThe House of Four
• Naess, KristineOnly HumanFirst Novel, Translated
• Nakamura, FuminoriThe Boy in the EarthTranslated
• Nally, JamesGames with the Dead
• Naughton, Sarah JTattletaleFirst Novel
• Neary, AnnemarieThe Orphans
Nesbo, JoThe ThirstTranslated
Nesser, HakanThe Darkest DayTranslated
Nickson, ChrisOn Copper StreetHistorical
• Ohlsson, KristinaBuried LiesTranslated
• O'Keeffe, PatBlind Chance
• Oksanen, SofiNormaTranslated
• Oldfield, MarkThe Dead
Oldham, NickHeadhunter
• O'Sullivan, RonnieDouble Kiss
Oswald, JamesWritten in Bones
• Ould, ChrisThe Killing Bay
• Padura, LeonardoHereticsTranslated
Parsons, JulieThe Therapy House
• Parsons, TonyDie Last
Pastor, BenRoad to IthacaHistorical
• Peacock, CaroFool's GoldHistorical
• Pembrey, DanielNight Market
Perry, AnneAn Echo of MurderHistorical
Perry, AnneTwenty-One DaysHistorical
• Perry, Tasmina The Pool House
• Petersen, ChristofferIn the Shadow of the Mountain
• Petersen, ChristofferThe Ice StarFirst Novel
• Petit, ChrisPale Horse RidingHistorical
• Pfluger, AndreasIn the DarkTranslated, First Novel
Pinborough, SarahBehind Her Eyes
• Potzsch, OliverThe Play of DeathHistorical, Translated
Poulson, ChristineCold, Cold Heart
• Purcell, LauraThe Silent Companions
• Raabe, MarcThe ShockTranslated
• Rademacher, CayThe Wolf ChildrenTranslated
• Rahman, KhurrumEast of HounslowFirst Novel
• Ramqvist, KarolinaThe White CityFirst Novel, Translated
Ramsay, CaroStanding Still
Ramsay, CaroThe Suffering of Strangers
• Ramsay, DanielleThe Last Cut
• Randall, AnneTorn
Raybourn, DeannaA Perilous UndertakingHistorical
Rendell, RuthA Spot of FollyAnthology
• Reynolds, AmandaClose to MeFirst Novel
• Rhys, RachelA Dangerous CrossingHistorical
• Richardson, MatthewMy Name Is NobodyFirst Novel
Riches, MarnieBorn Bad
Riches, MarnieThe Cover Up
Rickman, PhilAll of a Winter's Night
Ridpath, MichaelAmnesia
Ripley, MikeMr Campion's AbdicationHistorical
• Riverton, SteinThe Iron Chariot (ebook only)Translated
• Roberts, MarkDay of the Dead
• Robins, JaneWhite BodiesFirst Novel
• Robins, JaneWhite BodiesFirst Novel
Robinson, PeterSleeping in the Ground
Robotham, MichaelThe Secrets She Keeps
Roslund, Anders & Hellstrom, BorgeThree MinutesTranslated
Rowe, RosemaryThe Price of FreedomHistorical
Rowson, PaulineLethal Waves
Rowson, PaulineLost Voyage
• Rufin, Jean-ChristopheCheckpointTranslated
Runcie, JamesSidney Chambers and the Persistence of LoveHistorical
Russell, LeighDeadly Alibi
Russell, LeighThe Wrong Suspect
• Russell, MichaelThe City of LiesHistorical
• Russell, NormanAn Oxford ScandalHistorical
• Ryan, ChrisShadow Kill
• Sansom, IanEssex PoisonHistorical
• Santiago, MikelThe Last Night at Tremorne BeachFirst Novel, Translated
Scarrow, SimonPlaying With Death (with Lee Francis)
• Schepp, EmelieMarked For RevengeTranslated
• Schumacher, TonyAn Army of OneHistorical
• Seddon, HollyDon't Close Your Eyes
• Sennen, MarkThe Boneyard
• Seskis, TinaThe Honeymoon
Seymour, GeraldJericho's War
• Shaw, M BMurder at the Mill
Shaw, WilliamSympathy For The DevilHistorical
Sherez, StavThe Intrusions
• Sheridan, SaraRussian RouletteHistorical
• Sigurdardottir, LiljaSnareTranslated, First Novel
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe LegacyTranslated
• Silver, AbiThe Pinocchio BriefFirst Novel
• Sinclair, John Gordon/J GWalk in Silence
Smith, Alexander McCallA Distant View of Everything
Smith, Alexander McCallThe House of Unexpected Sisters
Smith, AnnaDeath Trap
Smith, AnnaThe Hit
• Spain, JoSleeping Beauties
Spencer, SallyDry Bones
Spencer, SallyThe Hidden
Spencer, SallyThe Stalker
Staalesen, GunnarWolves in the DarkTranslated
Staincliffe, CathThe Girl in the Green Dress
Stanley, MichaelDying to Live
• Stansfield, KatherineFalling CreaturesHistorical
Steiner, SusiePersons Unknown
• Sten, VivecaGuiltlessTranslated
• Sten, VivecaTonight You’re DeadTranslated
Stratmann, LindaA True and Faithful BrotherHistorical
Sutton, WilliamLawless and the House of ElectricityHistorical
• Sveen, GardHell Is OpenTranslated
• Swallow, JamesExile
• Swanston, Andrew/A DIncendiumHistorical
• Sykes, PlumParty Girls Die in Pearls
• Sykes, S DCity of MasksHistorical
• Taylor, C LThe Escape
• Taylor, MarsaliDeath in Shetland Waters
• Theils, LoneFatal CrossingTranslated, First Novel
• Thomas, MikeSplinter
• Thomson, E SDark AsylumHistorical
• Thomson, E SThe BloodHistorical
Thomson, LesleyThe Dog Walker
• Thorne, David/D BTroll
• Thorogood, RobertDeath Knocks Twice
• Tija, M JShe Be DamnedHistorical
Tope, RebeccaPeril in the Cotswolds
Tope, RebeccaThe Bowness Bequest
Toyne, SimonThe Boy Who Saw
Tremayne, PeterNight of the LightbringerHistorical
Trow, M JEleventh HourHistorical
Trow, M JThe IslandHistorical
• Tuomainen, AnttiThe Man Who DiedTranslated
• Tursten, HeleneProtected by the ShadowsTranslated
Tyler, L CFireHistorical
Tyler, L CHerring in the Smoke
Upson, NicolaNine LessonsHistorical
• Valtonen, JussiThey Know Not What They DoFirst Novel
• Varenne, AntoninRetribution RoadTranslated
Vargas, FredThe AccordionistTranslated
• Veste, LucaThe Bone Keeper
Walker, MartinTemplars' Last Secret
• Ward, RachelThe Cost of LivingFirst Novel
• Ward, SarahA Patient Fury
• Ware, RuthThe Lying Game
• Watson, AllanHeart Swarm
• Weaver, AshleyThe Essence of MaliceHistorical
Weaver, TimI Am Missing
Webster, JasonFatal Sunset
Weeks, LeeCold Revenge
• Weiss, Jan MereteMay You Burn
• Welsh, KaiteThe Wages of SinHistorical, First Novel
• Welsh, LouiseNo Dominion
• Wesolowski, MattSix StoriesFirst Novel
Westerson, JeriSeason of BloodHistorical
• Whitaker, ChrisAll The Wicked Girls
White, NeilFrom the Shadows
Wignall, KevinA Fragile Thing
• Wilkins, SusanThe Killer
Wilkinson, KerryNothing but Trouble
• Wilson, AndrewA Talent for MurderHistorical
Wilson, LauraThe Other Woman
• Wilton, RobertTreason's SpringHistorical
Winslow, EmilyLook for Her
Winspear, JacquelineIn This Grave HourHistorical
Wolf, IngerDark SeptemberTranslated
Wolf, IngerUnder a Black SkyTranslated
• Wood, TomThe Final Hour
Woodhouse, JakeBefore the Dawn
• Wright, A JElementary MurderHistorical
• Young, DavidStasi WolfHistorical

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