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Releases in 2016 (Historical)

Published in the UK during 2016.

• Adams, JaneThe Murder BookHistorical
Alexander, TashaA Terrible BeautyHistorical
Alexander, TashaBehind the Shattered GlassHistorical
Alexander, TashaDeath in the Floating CityHistorical
Alexander, TashaThe AdventuressHistorical
Alexander, TashaThe Counterfeit HeiressHistorical
Ashton, DavidMistress of the Just LandHistorical
• Bagchi, DavidThe Mystery of Briony LodgeFirst Novel, Historical
Bell, AnnisThe Black OrchidHistorical, Translated
• Benmore, JamesDodger of the RevolutionHistorical
• Birkby, MichelleThe House at Baker StreetHistorical, First Novel
• Blake, RobinSkin and BoneHistorical
Bowen, RhysA Royal PainHistorical
Bowen, RhysBless the BrideHistorical
Bowen, RhysCity of Darkness and LightHistorical
Bowen, RhysHeirs and GracesHistorical
Bowen, RhysHer Royal SpynessHistorical
Bowen, RhysIn a Gilded CageHistorical
Bowen, RhysMalice at the PalaceHistorical
Bowen, RhysNaughty in NiceHistorical
Bowen, RhysQueen of HeartsHistorical
Bowen, RhysRoyal BloodHistorical
Bowen, RhysRoyal FlushHistorical
Bowen, RhysTell Me, Pretty MaidenHistorical
Bowen, RhysThe Amersham Rubies (e-novella)Historical
Bowen, RhysThe Family WayHistorical
Bowen, RhysThe Last IllusionHistorical
Bowen, RhysThe Twelve Clues of ChristmasHistorical
Bradley, AlanThe Curious Case of the Copper Corpse (ebook only)Historical
Bradley, AlanThrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'dHistorical
• Brady, ConorA Hunt in WinterHistorical
• Brandreth, BenetThe Spy of VeniceFirst Novel, Historical
Brody, FrancesDeath at the SeasideHistorical
• Brown, EricMurder at the LochHistorical
• Buckley, FionaThe Heretic's CreedHistorical
• Carter, M JThe Devil's FeastHistorical
• Celestin, RayDead Man's BluesHistorical
Charlton, KarenThe Sculthorpe MurderHistorical
Clare, AlysA Rustle of SilkHistorical
Clare, AlysThe Night WandererHistorical
• Cleverly, BarbaraDiana's AltarHistorical
Davies, David StuartThe Ripper LegacyHistorical
Davis, LindseyThe Graveyard of the HesperidesHistorical
• de Muriel, OscarA Fever of the BloodHistorical
• Dickinson, DavidDeath Comes to Lynchester CloseHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulA Pilgrimage to MurderHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulDark SerpentHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Great RevoltHistorical
Downie, Ruth (R S)Vita BrevisHistorical
Downing, DavidOne Man's FlagHistorical
Duns, JeremySpy out the LandHistorical
Eastland, SamBerlin RedHistorical
• Ekback, CeciliaIn the Month of the Midnight SunHistorical
• Eldridge, JimAssassinsHistorical
Ellis, KateA High Mortality of DovesHistorical
Emerson, Kathy LynnMurder in a Cornish AlehouseHistorical
• Essex, DavidFaded GloryHistorical, First Novel
• Faye, LyndsayJane SteeleHistorical
Froden, Martin CathcartDevil Take the HindmostFirst Novel, Historical
Furst, AlanA Hero in FranceHistorical
Gallagher, StephenThe Authentic William JamesHistorical
• Granger, AnnThe Dead Woman of DeptfordHistorical
Gray, ClioThe Legacy of the LynxHistorical
Grecian, AlexLost and Gone ForeverHistorical
Gregory, SusannaA Grave ConcernHistorical
Gregory, SusannaThe Chelsea StranglerHistorical
Griffiths, EllyThe Blood CardHistorical
• Gross, AndrewThe One ManHistorical
Hall, PatriciaDeep WatersHistorical
Hanley, C BBrother's BloodHistorical
Hannah, SophieClosed Casket: The New Hercule Poirot MysteryHistorical
• Hargla, IndrekApothecary Melchior and the Ghost of Rataskaevu StreetTranslated, Historical
Harris, TessaSecrets in the StonesHistorical
Harris, TessaShadow of the RavenHistorical
Harris, TessaThe Lazarus CurseHistorical
Harrison, CoraA Shocking AssassinationHistorical
Harrison, CoraAn Unjust JudgeHistorical
Hawkswood, SarahOrdeal by FireHistorical
Hill, Suzette AThe Primrose PursuitHistorical
• Hingley, DavidBirthrightHistorical, First Novel
• Hodgson, AntoniaA Death at Fountains AbbeyHistorical
• Hunter, MaxMurder at the AshmoleanHistorical
Hurley, GrahamFinisterreHistorical
• Jackson, James H/JamesTreasonHistorical
Jecks, MichaelRebellion's MessageHistorical
Jennings, MaureenDead Ground in BetweenHistorical
• Kasasian, M R CThe Secrets of Gaslight LaneHistorical
• Kerr, PhilipThe Other Side of SilenceHistorical
King, Laurie RThe Murder of Mary RussellHistorical
• Kinsey, T EA Quiet Life In The CountryHistorical, First Novel
• Kinsey, T EIn the Market for MurderHistorical
Knight, AlannaAkin to MurderHistorical
• Kutscher, VolkerBabylon BerlinHistorical, Translated
• Lahlum, Hans OlavChameleon PeopleHistorical, Translated
Lake, DerynDeath at the Boston Tea PartyHistorical
Lawton, JohnThe Unfortunate EnglishmanHistorical
MacKenzie, A JThe Body on the DoorstepHistorical, First Novel
• MacLean, Shona/S GThe Black FriarHistorical
Maitland, KarenThe Plague CharmerHistorical
Marston, Edward/A ESignal for Vengeance Historical
Marston, Edward/A ESteps to the GallowsHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EThe Enemy WithinHistorical
Masterton, GrahamScarlet WidowHistorical
• Mazzola, AnnaThe UnseeingFirst Novel, Historical
McCallin, LukeThe Ashes of BerlinHistorical
McIntosh, PatThe Lanimer BrideHistorical
McPherson, CatrionaDandy Gilver and the Most Misleading HabitHistorical
• Michael, SimonAn Honest ManHistorical
• Mills, MarkWhere Dead Men MeetHistorical
• Morrell, DavidRuler of the NightHistorical
• Mukherjee, AbirA Rising ManFirst Novel, Historical
• Murray, AlanThe TurncoatHistorical
Nickson, ChrisModern CrimesHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Iron WaterHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe New Eastgate SwingHistorical
• Paige, RobinDeath at RottingdeanHistorical
• Parris, S JConspiracyHistorical
• Pasternak, SimonDeath ZonesTranslated, First Novel, Historical
• Paulson-Ellis, MaryThe Other Mrs WalkerHistorical, First Novel
• Pearce, MichaelThe Women of the SoukHistorical
Perry, AnneA Christmas MessageHistorical
Perry, AnneMurder on the SerpentineHistorical
Perry, AnneRevenge in a Cold RiverHistorical
• Petit, ChrisThe Butchers of BerlinHistorical
• Price, StevenBy GaslightHistorical
• Ribchester, LucyThe Amber ShadowsHistorical
Ripley, MikeMr Campion's FaultHistorical
Rowe, RosemaryThe Ides of JuneHistorical
Runcie, JamesSidney Chambers and The Dangers of TemptationHistorical
Russell, CraigThe Quiet Death of Thomas QuaidHistorical
• Russell, MichaelThe City in DarknessHistorical
• Russell, NormanAn Oxford AnomalyHistorical
Ryan, Rob/RobertThe Sign of FearHistorical
Ryan, WilliamThe Constant SoldierHistorical
• Sansom, IanWestmorland AloneHistorical
• Saunders, KateThe Secrets of WishtideHistorical
Scarrow, Simon InvictusHistorical
• Sedgwick, MarcusMister MemoryHistorical
• Shepherd, LloydThe Detective and the DevilHistorical
• Sheridan, SaraOperation GoodwoodHistorical
Smith, Fiona VeitchThe Kill FeeHistorical
Smith, Martin CruzThe Girl from VeniceHistorical
Stratmann, LindaDeath in BayswaterHistorical
Stratmann, LindaThe Royal GhostHistorical
• Street, Karen LeeEdgar Allan Poe and The London MonsterFirst Novel, Historical
Sutton, WilliamLawless and the Flowers of SinHistorical
Taylor, AndrewThe Ashes of LondonHistorical
• Thomson, E SBeloved PoisonFirst Novel, Historical
Tremayne, PeterPenance of the DamnedHistorical
Trow, M JSecret WorldHistorical
Trow, M JThe AngelHistorical
Trow, M JThe CircleHistorical
Tyler, L CThe Plague RoadHistorical
Vichi, MarcoDeath in the Tuscan HillsTranslated, Historical
• Weaver, AshleyA Most Novel RevengeHistorical
Westerson, JeriA Maiden WeepingHistorical
Westerson, JeriThe Silence of StonesHistorical
• Westo, KjellThe Wednesday ClubHistorical, Translated
Wilson, ElizabethShe Died YoungHistorical
Winspear, JacquelineJourney to MunichHistorical
Wishart, DavidForeign BodiesHistorical
• Wright, A JStriking MurderHistorical
• Young, DavidStasi ChildFirst Novel, Historical

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