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Releases in 2016 (First Novel)

Published in the UK during 2016.

• Ahnhem, StefanVictim Without a FaceFirst Novel, Translated
• Armstrong, RossThe Watcher (apa The Woman in Apartment 49)First Novel
• Bagchi, DavidThe Mystery of Briony LodgeHistorical, First Novel
• Bailey, R JSafe From HarmFirst Novel
• Baldwin, JackieDead Man's PrayerFirst Novel
Barton, FionaThe WidowFirst Novel
• Birkby, MichelleThe House at Baker StreetHistorical, First Novel
• Blake, SamLittle BonesFirst Novel
• Booker, SimonWithout TraceFirst Novel
• Bosco, Maria AngelicaDeath Going DownFirst Novel, Translated
• Brandreth, BenetThe Spy of VeniceHistorical, First Novel
• Caan, AlexCut to the BoneFirst Novel
• Callaghan, HelenDear AmyFirst Novel
• Carrington, SamSaving SophieFirst Novel
Clifford, AoifeAll These Perfect StrangersFirst Novel
• Coates, AnneDancers in the WindFirst Novel
• Corry, JaneMy Husband's WifeFirst Novel
• Crane, SimonThe Secret BrokerFirst Novel
• Dard, FredericBird in a CageFirst Novel, Translated
• Davies, MichelleGone AstrayFirst Novel
• Dhand, A AStreets of DarknessFirst Novel
• Diamond, KaterinaThe TeacherFirst Novel
• Essex, DavidFaded GloryFirst Novel, Historical
• Falkenberg, HendrikTime Heals No WoundsFirst Novel, Translated
• Fraser-Sampson, GuyDeath in ProfileFirst Novel
Froden, Martin CathcartDevil Take the HindmostFirst Novel, Historical
• Gardner, FrankCrisisFirst Novel
• Giordano, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Sicilian LionsFirst Novel, Translated
• Griffiths, RebeccaThe Primrose PathFirst Novel
• Hall, LisaBetween You and MeFirst Novel
• Hanington, PeterA Dying BreedFirst Novel
• Hardie, MarkBurned and BrokenFirst Novel
• Heathcote, ElizabethUndertowFirst Novel
• Hingley, DavidBirthrightFirst Novel, Historical
• Holmen, MartinClinchFirst Novel, Translated
• Howard, Catherine RyanDistress SignalsFirst Novel
• Johnson, MattWicked GameFirst Novel
• Kay, SanjidaBone by BoneFirst Novel
• Kelly, LesleyA Fine House in TrinityFirst Novel
Khemiri, Jonas HassenEverything I Don't RememberFirst Novel, Translated
• Kinsey, T EA Quiet Life In The CountryHistorical, First Novel
• Legat, AnnaSwimming with SharksFirst Novel
Lesiewicz, AgaReboundFirst Novel
MacDonald, SiobhanTwisted RiverFirst Novel
MacKenzie, A JThe Body on the DoorstepFirst Novel, Historical
• Magnanti, BrookeThe Turning TideFirst Novel
• Mazzola, AnnaThe UnseeingFirst Novel, Historical
• McCallum, DavidOnce a Crooked ManFirst Novel
• McCarthy, RobThe Hollow MenFirst Novel
• McKay, KathleenHard WiredFirst Novel
• McQuaile, KateWhat She Never Told MeFirst Novel
• Morfoot, PeterImpure BloodFirst Novel
• Mukherjee, AbirA Rising ManHistorical, First Novel
• Mullins, SteveFade to BlackFirst Novel
• Neary, AnnemarieSirenFirst Novel
• Norton, GrahamHoldingFirst Novel
• O'Sullivan, RonnieFramedFirst Novel
• Pasternak, SimonDeath ZonesHistorical, Translated, First Novel
• Paulson-Ellis, MaryThe Other Mrs WalkerFirst Novel, Historical
• Raabe, MarcCutFirst Novel, Translated
• Raabe, MelanieThe TrapFirst Novel, Translated
• Raven, JaimeThe MadamFirst Novel
• Roll, LiselotteGood Girls Don't TellFirst Novel, Translated
• Ross, JacobThe Bone ReadersFirst Novel
• Rydahl, ThomasThe HermitFirst Novel, Translated
• Seddon, HollyTry Not to BreatheFirst Novel
• Silvester, JamesEscape to PerditionFirst Novel
• Street, Karen LeeEdgar Allan Poe and The London MonsterFirst Novel, Historical
• Sund, Erik AxlThe Crow GirlTranslated, First Novel
• Sveen, GardThe Last PilgrimFirst Novel, Translated
• Thomson, E SBeloved PoisonFirst Novel, Historical
• Welsh, LesleyTruth Lies BuriedFirst Novel
• Whitaker, ChrisTall OaksFirst Novel
• Wilson, SamZodiacFirst Novel
• Winter, HannaSacrificeTranslated, First Novel
• Wood, LesDark Side of the MoonFirst Novel
• Young, DavidStasi ChildFirst Novel, Historical

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