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Releases in 2014 (Translated)

Published in the UK during 2014.

Adler-Olsen, JussiAlphabet HouseTranslated, Historical
Adler-Olsen, JussiGuilt (apa The Purity of Vengeance)Translated
• Allende, IsabelRipperTranslated
• Ampuero, RobertoThe Neruda CaseTranslated
• Anthology, AnJudges (3 novellas by Camilleri, De Cataldo & Lucarelli)Translated, Anthology
• Archer, Ursula PFiveFirst Novel, Translated
• Bannalec, Jean-LucDeath in Pont-Aven (apa Death in Brittany)Translated
• Betto, FreiHotel Brasil: The Mystery of the Severed HeadsFirst Novel, Translated
Blaedel, SaraOnly One Life (apa The Drowned Girl (US, 2018)Translated
• Borjlind, Cilla & RolfSpring TideTranslated, First Novel
• Brekke, JorgenWhere Evil Lies (apa Where Monsters Dwell)Translated
Camilleri, AndreaAngelica's SmileTranslated
Camilleri, AndreaHunting SeasonTranslated, Historical
• Carrisi, DonatoThe Vanished OnesTranslated
• Cercas, JavierOutlawsTranslated
Costantini, RobertoThe Root of All EvilTranslated
Dahl, ArneTo the Top of the MountainTranslated
• De Giovanni, MaurizioBy My HandHistorical, Translated
• De Giovanni, MaurizioDay of the DeadHistorical, Translated
• Dicker, JoëlThe Truth about the Harry Quebert AffairFirst Novel, Translated
• Dugain, MarcThe Avenue of GiantsTranslated
• Egholm, ElsebethDead SoulsTranslated
• Enger, ThomasScarredTranslated
Eriksson, KjellBlack Lies, Red BloodTranslated
• Faye, EricNagasakiTranslated
• Fossum, KarinThe Murder of Harriet KrohnTranslated
• Galera, DanielBlood-Drenched BeardTranslated
• Garnier, PascalThe Front Seat PassengerTranslated
• Garnier, PascalThe IslandersTranslated
• Gazan, Sissel-JoThe Arc of the SwallowTranslated
• Georget, PhilippeAutumn, All the Cats ReturnTranslated
• Gerhardsen, CarinCinderella GirlTranslated
• Hartung, AlexanderUntil the Debt Is PaidFirst Novel, Translated
• Hiekkapelto, KatiThe HummingbirdFirst Novel, Translated
• Higashino, KeigoMaliceTranslated
• Hiltunen, PekkaBlack NoiseTranslated
Holt, AnneThe Lion's Mouth (with Berit Reiss-Andersen)Translated
Horst, Jorn LierThe Hunting DogsTranslated
Indridason, ArnaldurReykjavik NightsTranslated
• Ingelman-Sundberg, CatharinaThe Little Old Lady Who Broke All The RulesTranslated
• Ingolfsson, Viktor ArnarSun On FireTranslated
• Jacobsen, SteffenTrophyTranslated
Jakobsen, SanderThe PreacherTranslated, First Novel
• Jensen, MartinOathbreakerTranslated, Historical
• Jurado, J GThe Tipping Point (apa Point of Balance)Translated
• Kallentoft, MonsThe Fifth SeasonTranslated
• Kepler, LarsThe SandmanTranslated
• Koch, HermanSummer House with Swimming PoolTranslated
• Koppel, HansYou're Mine NowTranslated
• Kreslehner, GabiRain GirlTranslated
• Kuznetsov, SergeyButterfly SkinTranslated
Lackberg, CamillaBuried AngelsTranslated
• Lahlum, Hans OlavThe Human FliesHistorical, Translated
• Larsson, AsaThe Second Deadly SinTranslated
• Le Corre, HerveTalking to GhostsTranslated
• Lee, Jung-myung/J MThe InvestigationHistorical, Translated
Lehtolainen, LeenaSnow WomanTranslated
Lehtolainen, LeenaThe BodyguardTranslated
• Lemaitre, PierreIréneTranslated
• Loubiere, SophieThe Stone BoyTranslated
• Mallock, The Cemetery of SwallowsTranslated
• Malvaldi, MarcoThe Art of Killing WellTranslated, Historical
• Malvaldi, MarcoThree Card MonteTranslated
Mankell, HenningAn Event in AutumnTranslated
Manotti, DominiqueEscapeTranslated
Marklund, LizaBorderlineTranslated
Meyer, DeonCobraTranslated
• Minato, KanaeConfessionsTranslated
• Mishani, D AA Possibility of ViolenceTranslated
• Nakamura, FuminoriLast Winter We PartedTranslated
Nesbo, JoThe SonTranslated
Nesser, HakanThe G FileTranslated
Neuhaus, NeleBad Wolf (apa Big Bad Wolf)Translated
• Norman, AndreasInto a Raging BlazeFirst Novel, Translated
• Ohlsson, KristinaHostageTranslated
• Olsson, Fredrik TChain of EventsFirst Novel, Translated
• Pastor, MarcBarcelona ShadowsTranslated, Historical
• Persson, Leif GWFalling Freely, As If In a Dream (apa Free Falling, As If In a Dream)Translated
• Petel, GillesUnder the ChannelTranslated
• Poznanski, UrsulaFiveTranslated, First Novel
• Profijt, JuttaMorgue Drawer: Do Not Enter!Translated
• Renberg, ToreSee You TomorrowTranslated
Schenkel, Andrea MariaThe Dark MeadowTranslated
Sehlberg, Dan TMonaTranslated, First Novel
• Shoham, LiadLineupTranslated
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe Silence of the SeaTranslated
• Silvestre, EdneyHappiness Is EasyTranslated
Simenon, GeorgesThe Mahe CircleTranslated
• Stavrum, ArildExposed at the BackTranslated
• Sweeney, AnnaDeadly IntentTranslated, First Novel
• Takano, KazuakiGenocide of OneTranslated
• Teule, JeanThe Poisoning AngelHistorical, Translated
• Truc, OlivierForty Days Without ShadowFirst Novel, Translated
• Turlea, StelianGreuceanuTranslated
• Tursten, HeleneThe Fire DanceTranslated
• Varenne, AntoninLoser's CornerTranslated
Vargas, FredDog Will Have His DayTranslated
• Yoshida, ShuichiParadeTranslated
• Zander, JoakimThe SwimmerTranslated, First Novel
Zeh, JuliDecompressionTranslated

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