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Published in the UK during 2008.

Adam, PaulKnife Edge
• Adams, JaneFragile Lives
Adams, WillThe Exodus Quest (apa The Moses Quest)
Akunin, BorisPelagia and the Red RoosterHistorical, Translated
Akunin, BorisThe State CounsellorTranslated, Historical
• Alan, RayA Game of Murder
• Altun, SelcukSongs My Mother Never Taught MeTranslated
Anderson, LinEasy Kill
• Andrews, BethThe Unforgiving EyeHistorical
Archer, JeffreyA Prisoner of Birth
• Archibald, MalcolmPryde and the Infernal DeviceHistorical
Arjouni, JakobChez MaxTranslated
• Armstrong, VivienGone to Earth
• Ashford, JeffreyA Dangerous Friendship
Ashford, LindsayThe Killer Inside
Atkinson, KateWhen Will There Be Good News?
• Auswaks, AlexSherlock Holmes in RussiaHistorical, Translated
• Bailey, HilaryFifty-first State
Baker, MartinMeltdownFirst Novel
Baker, SamThis Year's Model (apa Deadly Beautiful)
Banks, RayGun (Crime Express novella)
Banks, RayNo More Heroes
Bannister, JoCloser Still
Bannister, JoFathers and Sins
Barclay, AlexBlood Runs Cold
• Barnard, RobertLast Post
Barrington, JamesTimebomb
Bateman, ColinOrpheus Rising
• Bayliss, TonyStrictly LiableFirst Novel
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin and a Spoonful of Poison (apa A Spoonful of Poison)
Beaton, M CDeath of a Gentle Lady
• Becker, JamesThe First ApostleFirst Novel
Billingham, MarkIn the Dark
Black, BenjaminThe LemurHistorical
Black, CaraMurder in the Rue de Paradis
Black, HelenA Place of Safety
Black, HelenDamaged GoodsFirst Novel
• Black, IngridCircle of the Dead
Black, TonyPaying for ItFirst Novel
Blundy, AnnaDouble Shot (apa Breaking Faith)
Blundy, AnnaMy Favourite Poison
Bolton, S J/SharonSacrificeFirst Novel
Bond, MichaelMonsieur Pamplemousse and the French Solution
• Bonnot, Xavier-MarieThe First FingerprintTranslated, First Novel
• Bourne, SamThe Final Reckoning
Brandon, RuthCaravaggio's Angel
Brandreth, GylesOscar Wilde and the Ring of Death (apa Oscar Wilde and a Game Called Murder)Historical
Brett, SimonBlood at the Bookies
• Brightwell, GerriThe Dark Lantern
Britton, AndrewThe Assassin
• Brodrick, WilliamA Whispered Name
Brooke, AnneMaloney's Law
Brooke, AnneThorn in the Flesh
Brooke, P JBlood WeddingFirst Novel
Brookmyre, ChristopherA Snowball in Hell
Brophy, GraceA Deadly Paradise
Brownlee, NickBaitFirst Novel
• Brownley, JamesThe Sins of the Children
Bruce, AlisonCambridge BlueFirst Novel
Bruen, KenSanctuary
• Burdess, WendyCriminal AffairHistorical
• Burdess, WendyThe Meticulous MessengerHistorical
• Burke, JohnThe Merciless Dead
• Burman, CarinaThe Streets of BabylonTranslated, Historical
• Cabasson, ArmandWolf HuntTranslated, Historical
Cain, TomThe Survivor (apa No Survivors)
• Calderon, EmilioThe Creator's MapTranslated, Historical
Camilleri, AndreaThe Paper MoonTranslated
Camilleri, AndreaThe Patience of the SpiderTranslated
Campbell, AifricThe Semantics of MurderFirst Novel
• Campbell, DuncanThe Paradise TrailFirst Novel
Campbell, KarenThe Twilight TimeFirst Novel
• Canobbio, AndreaThe Natural Disorder of ThingsTranslated
• Caparros, MartinValfierno: The Man Who Stole the Mona LisaTranslated
Carter, MaureenBad Press
Chambers, KimberleyBillie JoFirst Novel
Chance, AlexThe Final DaysFirst Novel
Charles, PaulThe Beautiful Sound of Silence
Chattam, Maxim/MaximeThe Cairo DiaryFirst Novel, Translated
• Chessex, JacquesLe Vampire de RoprazTranslated
• Chester, RoyThe Toy BreakerFirst Novel
Child, LeeNothing to Lose
Clare, AlysThe Joys of My LifeHistorical
Clare, AlysThe Paths of the AirHistorical
Clark, CassandraHangman BlindFirst Novel, Historical
Clarke, StephenDial M for Merde
• Clay, DanielBrokenFirst Novel
Cleeves, AnnWhite Nights
• Cleverly, BarbaraThe Tomb of ZeusHistorical
• Cliff, AnnLavender Girl
Clooney, RonPancardi's PrideFirst Novel
• Clough, Nicholas JA Safe Place to Kill
Cole, MartinaThe Business
Connolly, JohnThe Reapers
• Conway, PeterDeadly Obsession
Cookman, LesleyMurder by the Sea
Coombs, NeilDark Windows
Cooper, Natasha/N JA Poisoned Mind
Cooper, Natasha/N JNo More Victims (Most Wanted Novella)
Cordy, MichaelThe Source
• Corley, ElizabethInnocent Blood
• Cottam, F GDark Echo
Cotterill, ColinAnarchy and Old Dogs
Cotterill, ColinDisco for the Departed
Cox, MichaelGlass of TimeHistorical
• Cox, SarahBlood is ThickerFirst Novel
Craske, DarrenThe Equivoque PrincipleHistorical, First Novel
Cumming, CharlesTyphoon
• Curtis, NickRunaway MinisterFirst Novel
• Curzon, ClareOff Track
Cutler, JudithShadow of the Past
Cutler, JudithStill Waters
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaThe Man in the WindowTranslated
• d'Ancona, MatthewNothing to Fear
• Darrell, ElizabethDutch Courage
Davies, David StuartWithout ConscienceHistorical
• De Cataldo, GiancarloCrimini: The Bitter Lemon Book of Italian Crime Fiction (editor)Translated, Anthology
Dean, AnnaA Moment of Silence (apa Bellfield Hall)Historical, First Novel
• Dean, JohnThe Dead Hill
• Dickinson, DavidDeath on the Holy MountainHistorical
Dobbs, MichaelThe Edge of Madness
Doherty, BerlieA Beautiful Place for a Murder
Doherty, P C/PaulMurder's Immortal MaskHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulNightshadeHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Spies of SobeckHistorical
Done, StephenThe Murder of CrowsHistorical
Downie, Ruth (R S)Ruso and the Demented Doctor (apa Terra Incognita)Historical
Downing, DavidSilesian StationHistorical
• Drummond, JackDive
• Dryden, AlexRed to Black
• Duffy, MargaretBlood Substitute
Dunn, CarolaBlack ShipHistorical
• Eccles, MarjorieLast NocturneHistorical
Edwards, MartinWaterloo Sunset
• Elliot, LanceMurder Plot
Ellis, KateSeeking the Dead
Ellis, KateThe Blood Pit
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JA Simple Act of Violence
Esler, GavinA Scandalous Man
Evans, GeraldineDeath Dues
Falconer, DuncanUndersea Prison
Faulks, SebastianDevil May Care (writing as Ian Fleming)Historical
Ferris, GordonAn Unquiet Heart (apa The Unquiet Heart)Historical
Finn, RobertUnderlife
Fithon, RobbieNuna: The Ravi Pindar Mysteries
Fitzek, SebastianTherapyFirst Novel, Translated
FitzGerald, HelenDead LovelyFirst Novel
Fitzpatrick, KylieThe Ninth StoneFirst Novel, Historical
Fleming, IanQuantum of Solace: The Complete James Bond Short Stories
• Forbes, ElenaOur Lady of Pain
• Fossum, KarinBrokenTranslated
Fowler, ChristopherThe Victoria Vanishes
Francis, ClareUnforgotten
Francis, DickSilks (with Felix Francis)
Francis, JuneTilly's StoryHistorical
Francome, JohnFinal Breath
Franklin, ArianaThe Serpent's Tale (apa The Death Maze (UK))Historical
• Fraser, AntheaNext Door to Murder
• Fraser, GuyJupiter's GoldHistorical
• Fraser, SaraThe Resurrection MenHistorical
• Freeman, ChrisStreetwiseFirst Novel
French, NicciUntil It's Over
French, TanaThe Likeness
Fuentes, EugenioThe Pianist's HandsTranslated
Fyfield, FrancesBlood from Stone
Galbraith, GillianWhere the Shadow Falls
Gardner, JohnMoriartyHistorical
• Gardner, KatyFaker
• Gardner, KatyKeefer's Rules
• Gash, JonathanFaces in the Pool
• Gatiss, MarkBlack ButterflyHistorical
Gibbins, DavidThe Lost Tomb (apa The Last Gospel)
Gilbert, FrancesWhere is She Now?
• Gilbert, MichaelA Pity About the Girl and Other Stories
• Gilbert, Paul DThe Chronicles of Sherlock HolmesHistorical
• Gilling, TomDreamland
• Giuttari, MicheleA Death in TuscanyTranslated
• Glauser, FriedrichThe SpokeTranslated
Goddard, RobertFound Wanting
• Gooden, PhilipThe Salisbury ManuscriptHistorical
Goodhind, J GWalking with Ghosts
Goodwin, JasonThe Bellini CardHistorical
Gordon-Smith, DoloresMad About The Boy?Historical
Gosling, IanThe Puppet Master
Granelli, RogerLosing It (Quick Reads novella)
Granelli, RogerRisk
• Granger, AnnA Mortal CuriosityHistorical
Gray, AlexPitch Black
Gray, ClioEnvoy of the Black PineHistorical
• Green, JamesBad CatholicsFirst Novel
Gregory, SusannaThe Butcher of SmithfieldHistorical
Gregory, SusannaThe Devil's DisciplesHistorical
Gregory, SusannaThe Westminster PoisonerHistorical
• Gregson, J MA Good Walk Spoiled
• Gregson, J MPastures New
• Greig, AndrewRomanno Bridge
• Grimsdale, PeterPerfect NightFirst Novel
Guthrie, AllanSavage Night
Hague, StevenJustice for AllFirst Novel
• Haigh, RaymondThe Doll Doctor
• Haley, RichardBlood and Money
Hall, PatriciaBy Death Divided
Hall, SimonEvil Valley
Hall, SimonThe Death Pictures
• Hamdouchi, AbdelilahThe Final BetTranslated
• Hammond, GeraldCrash
• Hammond, GeraldHit and Run
Hammond, MelindaLucastaHistorical
Hampson, JuneDamaged Goods
Hannah, SophieThe Point of Rescue (apa The Wrong Mother)
Hardie, TitaniaThe Rose Labyrinth
Harrison, CoraMichaelmas Tribute (apa A Secret and Unlawful Killing)Historical
Harrod-Eagles, CynthiaGame Over
Harvey, JohnCold in Hand
• Hawes, JamesMy Little Armalite
Hawkins, AlisTestamentHistorical, First Novel
Hayder, MoRitual
Hayes, JonathanPrecious BloodFirst Novel
Hayes, SamUnspoken
• Haynes, FredwynThe New RevolutionFirst Novel
Heley, VeronicaFalse Picture
Heley, VeronicaFalse Step
Helton, PeterRainstone Fall
Hemon, AleksandarThe Lazarus ProjectTranslated
• Hendy, PaulWho Killed Simon Peters?
Herron, Mick/MReconstruction
Hettche, ThomasWhat We Are Made OfTranslated
Hill, JaneCan't Let Go
Hill, Kaye CDead Woman's ShoesFirst Novel
Hill, ReginaldA Cure for All Diseases (apa The Price of Butcher's Meat)
Hill, ReginaldThe Roar of the Butterflies
Hill, SusanThe Vows of Silence
Hill, Suzette ABones in the BelfryHistorical
Hinchcliffe, SallyOut of a Clear SkyFirst Novel
• Hochgatterer, PaulusThe Sweetness of LifeTranslated
Holmes, RupertThe Musician's Daughter
• Holt, HazelTime to Die (apa Mrs Malory and A Time To Die)
Horton, LesleyTwisted Tracks
Howell, LisThe Chorister at the Abbey
Hughes, DeclanThe Price of Blood (apa The Dying Breed)
Hunt, ArleneUndertow
• Hunt, James PatrickGoodbye Sister Disco
Hurley, GrahamThe Chop ('Most Wanted' novella)
Hurley, GrahamThe Price of Darkness
Indridason, ArnaldurArctic ChillTranslated
Ison, GrahamHardcastle's BurglarHistorical
Ison, GrahamJack in the Box
• Izner, ClaudeThe Montmartre InvestigationTranslated, Historical
• Jackson, James H/JamesPilgrimHistorical
Jackson, Lee/L MThe Mesmerist's ApprenticeHistorical
Jackson, SteveThe Judas
• Jakubowski, MaximThe Mammoth Book of Best British Mysteries 5Anthology
James, BillIn the Absence of Iles
James, BillOff-Street Parking
James, P DThe Private Patient
James, PeterDead Man's Footsteps
• Japp, Andrea HThe Season of the BeastTranslated, Historical
Jardine, QuintinAftershock
Jecks, MichaelThe Kings of ThievesHistorical
Jecks, MichaelThe Prophecy of DeathHistorical
Jeffries, RodericAn Instinctive Solution
Jego, Yves & Lepee, DenisThe Sun King RisesHistorical, Translated, First Novel
Joensuu, Matti YrjšnšTo Steal Her LoveTranslated
John, KatherineA Well-deserved Murder
Johnston, PaulThe Soul Collector
• Jones, Bruce Kennedy & Allison, EricThe Last Straight FaceFirst Novel
• Joss, MoragThe Night Following
Jungstedt, MariUnspokenTranslated
• Kaddour, HediWaltenbergHistorical, Translated, First Novel
Keane, JessieDirty GameFirst Novel
• Keating, H R FInspector Ghote's First CaseHistorical
Kernick, SimonDeadline
Kerr, PeterBob Burns Investigates: The Cruise Connection
• Kerr, PhilipA Quiet FlameHistorical
• Kirino, NatsuoReal World
Kirton, BillThe Darkness
Kjaerstad, JanThe DiscovererTranslated
Knight, AlannaMurder in ParadiseHistorical
Knight, BernardThe Manor of DeathHistorical
Krajewski, MarekDeath in BreslauHistorical, First Novel, Translated
Kray, RobertaThe Lost
La Plante, LyndaDeadly Intent
Lackberg, CamillaThe Ice PrincessTranslated, First Novel
• Lake, JohnHot Knife - Love, Bullets and Revenge in Leeds, Yorkshire, EnglandFirst Novel
• Langford, MichaelThe De Vere PapersFirst Novel
• Larsson, AsaThe Blood SpiltTranslated
Larsson, StiegThe Girl With The Dragon TattooFirst Novel, Translated
• Latus, DanNever Look BackFirst Novel
Le Carre, JohnA Most Wanted Man
Leather, StephenDead Men
Lennon, PatrickSteel Witches
Leon, DonnaThe Girl of His Dreams
• Levison, IainDog Eats Dog
Lewis, KevinFallen Angel
• Lewis, RoyGuardian of the Dead
Lewis, SimonBad Traffic
Liang, Diane WeiPaper Butterfly
• Lightfoot, FrederickCry / Swans
Lindsay, DouglasLost in Juarez
• Lindsay, FredericThe Stranger from Home
Littleford, ClareThe Quarry (Crime Express Novella)
Lock, JoanDead CentreHistorical
Loukes, MatthewEstrella DamnFirst Novel
Lovesey, PeterThe Headhunters
Lucarelli, CarloVia delle OcheHistorical, Translated
• Macbeth, Nigel JThe Right CauseFirst Novel
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BFlesh House
Macken, JohnTrial by Blood
• Mackesy, SerenaHold My Hand
Maclean, CharlesHome Before DarkFirst Novel
• MacLean, Shona/S GThe Redemption of Alexander SeatonHistorical, First Novel
• Madocks, RodNo Way to Say GoodbyeFirst Novel
• Magrs, PaulConjugal Rites
Magson, AdrianNo Kiss for the Devil
• Maisey-Jackson, GillianThe Watcher in the WoodFirst Novel
Maitland, KarenCompany of LiarsFirst Novel, Historical
• Malcolm, JohnThe Chippendale Factor
Mankell, HenningThe Eye of the LeopardTranslated
Mankell, HenningThe Pyramid (The Wallander Stories)Translated
Manotti, DominiqueLorraine ConnectionTranslated
Mariani, ScottThe Mozart Conspiracy
• Marr, ChrisThe Director
• Marr, ChrisThe Lady of the ManorFirst Novel, Historical
Marston, Edward/A EDrums of WarHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EMurder on the Brighton ExpressHistorical
Marston, Edward/A ESoldier of FortuneHistorical
Martin, AndrewDeath on a Branch LineHistorical
• Martin, FaithBeside a Narrow Stream
• Martin, FaithDown a Narrow Path
Martin, Esteban & Carranza, AndreuThe Gaudi KeyTranslated
• Martinez, GuillermoThe Book of MurderTranslated
Masters, PriscillaBuried in ClayHistorical
Masters, PriscillaThe Watchful Eye
Masterton, GrahamThe Painted Man
McCaffrey, K TThe Cat Trap
McCann, MickNailedFirst Novel
McCarthy, KeithMurder Plot (as Lance Elliot)
McCarthy, KeithWith a Passion Put to Use
McClure, KenHypocrites' Isle
McCoy, KenLoser
McDermid, Val/V.L.A Darker Domain
McDermott, AndyThe Power of Excalibur
McDermott, AndyThe Tomb of Hercules
• McFadyen, IanLittle White LiesFirst Novel
• McGee, JamesRapscallionHistorical
McGilloway, BrianGallows Lane
McIntosh, PatThe Rough CollierHistorical
McIntyre, HopeHow to Cook for a Ghost (apa Killer Date)
• McKinty, AdrianThe Bloomsday Dead
McLean, Russel DThe Good SonFirst Novel
McLeave, HughLifelines
McMenamin, GeraldineThe Same ClothFirst Novel
McNab, AndyBrute Force
McPherson, CatrionaThe Winter GroundHistorical
Medieval Murderers, TheThe Lost PropheciesHistorical
Melikan, RoseThe Blackstone KeyHistorical
• Mendoza, EduardoThe Mystery of the Enchanted CryptTranslated
• Mercier, PascalNight Train to LisbonTranslated
• Middleton, T JCliffhanger
Miles, AlanThe Art of Remonstration
Miles, AlanYou're Only 39 Once
Millar, SamBloodstorm
Miller, Fenella-JaneGhosts at Neddingfield Hall
Monaghan, NicolaThe Okinawa Dragon (Crime Express Novella)
• Monaldi, Rita & Sorti, FrancescoImprimaturTranslated, Historical
Monroe, AlyThe Maze of CadizFirst Novel, Historical
Monroe, GraceBlood Lines
Monroe, GraceThe Watcher
Montalban, Manuel VazquezTattooTranslated
• Moray, KeithMurder Solstice
• Morell, JaneStingray
• Morley, MichaelSpiderFirst Novel
• Morozzi, GianlucaBlackoutTranslated
Morris, Roger/R NA Vengeful LongingHistorical
Morson, IanCity of the DeadHistorical
Morson, IanFalconer and the Ritual of DeathHistorical
Morton, NikThe Prague Manuscript
Mosby, SteveCry for Help
• Muir, Frank/T FHand for a Hand
Myers, AmyMurder in the Mist
Nabb, MagdalenVita Nuova
• Nadel, BarbaraAshes to AshesHistorical
Nagle, PaulIronicFirst Novel
Navarro, JuliaThe Bible of ClayTranslated
Nesbo, JoNemesisTranslated
Nesser, HakanMind's Eye (apa The Mind's Eye)Translated
• Newman, GaryThe Ruffian on the StairFirst Novel
• Nicole, ChristopherAngel of DoomHistorical
• Nicole, ChristopherAngel RisingHistorical
• Niven, JohnKill Your FriendsFirst Novel
Noble, MalcolmThe Parish of Frayed Ends
Norman, HilaryRalph's Children
Norminton, GregorySerious Things
• Nugent, AndrewSoul Murder
• O'Brien, J AOld Bones
• O'Brien, J APick UpFirst Novel
• O'Brien, J ARemains Found
Oldham, NickCrunch Time
Oldham, NickScreen of Deceit
• Ostergren, KlasGentlemenTranslated
• Owen, CharlieBravo Jubilee
• Owen, MarjorieLadies of ClassFirst Novel
• Padura, LeonardoHavana GoldTranslated
Park, DavidThe Truth Commissioner
Parker, MichaelThe Devil's Trinity
• Parot, Jean-FrancoisThe Man with the Lead StomachTranslated, Historical
• Parot, Jean-FrancoisThe Phantom of Rue RoyaleHistorical, Translated
Parsons, JulieI Saw You
• Pattinson, JamesThe Unknown
• Peacock, CaroDeath of a Dancer (apa A Dangerous Affair)Historical
• Pearce, MichaelA Dead Man in BarcelonaHistorical
• Pearce, MichaelThe Mark of the PashaHistorical
Pepper, AndrewKill-Devil And WaterHistorical
Percival, WendyBlood-TiedFirst Novel
Perez-Reverte, ArturoThe King's GoldTranslated, Historical
Perry, AnneA Christmas GraceHistorical
Perry, AnneBuckingham Palace GardensHistorical
• Picardie, JustineDaphneHistorical
• Pollard, TonyThe Minutes of the Lazarus ClubFirst Novel
• Posadas, CarmenChild's PlayTranslated
• Pringle, PeterThe Day of the DandelionFirst Novel
• Puckett, AndrewThe Old Man's Friend
Purser, AnnWarning at One
Raichev, R TAssassins at Ospreys
Rankin, IanDoors Open
Raybourn, DeannaSilent in the GraveHistorical
Raybourn, DeannaSilent in the SanctuaryHistorical
Rayne, SarahThe Death Chamber
Rees, Matt BenyonA Grave in Gaza (apa The Saladin Murders)
Rendell, RuthPortobello
Rhea, NicholasMurder Under the Midnight Sun
Rickards, JohnBurial Ground
Rickman, PhilTo Dream of the Dead
Rimington, StellaDead Line
Ripley, MikeAngels Unaware
Roberts, DavidNo More DyingHistorical
Robinson, PeterAll the Colours of Darkness
Roe, GraemeToo Close to Call
Roslund, Anders & Hellstrom, BorgeThe Vault (apa Box 21)Translated
• Ross, JackRequiemFirst Novel
• Rowden, JeanDeadlier Than the SwordHistorical
Rowe, RosemaryDeath at Pompeia's WeddingHistorical
Rowlands, BettySmokescreen (apa Death at the Library)
Rowson, PaulineThe Suffocating Sea
• Rubanov, AndreiDo Time Get TimeTranslated, First Novel
Russell, CraigThe Carnival Master
• Russell, NormanDepths of DeceitHistorical
• Ryan, ChrisFirefight
• Ryan, ChrisOne Good Turn (Quick Reads novella)
Ryan, Rob/RobertEmpire of SandHistorical
Sampson, CatherineThe Slaughter Pavilion
Sansom, C JRevelationHistorical
• Sansom, IanThe Mobile Library : The Delegates' Choice (apa The Book Stops Here)
• Savage, AlanThe Calm and the Storm
• Savage, AlanThe Flowing TideHistorical
Saylor, StevenThe Triumph of CaeserHistorical
Scarrow, AlexOctober Skies
Schenkel, Andrea MariaThe Murder FarmFirst Novel, Translated, Historical
Scott, MandaThe Crystal Skull (apa 2012 The Crystal Skull)
• Secombe, AndyLooking for Mr Piggy-Wig
• Sedley, KateThe Green ManHistorical
Seeber, ClaireBad Friends
Seymour, EVThe Last Exile
Seymour, GeraldTime Bomb
Shah, EddySecond World
Sharp, ZoeThird Strike
Sheriff, John PaxtonAn Evil Reflection
Sheriff, John PaxtonDying to Know You
Sigurdardottir, YrsaLast RitualsFirst Novel, Translated
Silverwood, RogerFind the Lady
Silverwood, RogerMurder in Bare Feet
Silverwood, RogerThe Wig Maker
Simms, ChrisHell's Fire
Slade, MichaelCrucified
Slade, NicolaMurder Most WelcomeHistorical
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Comfort of Saturdays (apa The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday)
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Miracle at Speedy Motors
Smith, CarolTwilight Hour
• Smith, FrankBreaking Point
Smith, Tom RobChild 44First Novel, Historical
Solana, TeresaA Not So Perfect CrimeTranslated, First Novel
Sole, LindaA Different Kind of JusticeHistorical
Somer, Mehmet MuratThe Prophet MurdersTranslated, First Novel
• Souter, KeithThe Pardoner's CrimeFirst Novel, Historical
Southey, RozChords and DiscordsHistorical
Spedding, SallyStrangers Waiting
Spencer, SallyA Dying FallHistorical
Spencer, SallyFatal Quest: Woodend's First Case
Stallwood, VeronicaOxford Menace
Stanley, MichaelA Carrion Death
• Story, A MStraws Upon the Surface
• Strong, TerencePresident Down
Tallis, FrankFatal LiesHistorical
Taylor, AndrewBleeding Heart SquareHistorical
• Taylor, PeterStitched
• Teague, LorenTrue Deception
Templeton, AlineLamb to the Slaughter
The Mulgray Twins, Under Suspicion
Theorin, JohanEchoes from the DeadFirst Novel, Translated
Thompson, BrianThe Widow's SecretHistorical
Tickler, PeterBlood on the Cowley RoadFirst Novel
• Tighe, CarlDruids Hill
• Tombs, KerryThe Worcester WhisperersHistorical
• Tonkin, PeterBenin Light
Tope, RebeccaBlood in the Cotswolds
• Topolski, CarolMonster LoveFirst Novel
Towning, AndrewDead Men Don't Bite
Tremayne, PeterThe Council of the CursedHistorical
Trow, M JMaxwell's Chain
• Turnbull, PeterNo Stone Unturned
• Turnbull, PeterTurning Point
Upson, NicolaAn Expert in MurderHistorical, First Novel
Vargas, FredThis Night's Foul Work ( Dans les Bois …ternels 2006)Translated
• Vaughan-Hughes, PipPainted in BloodHistorical
• Venmore-Rowland, PiersLatent HazardFirst Novel
Vernon, RolandA Dark EnchantmentHistorical
• Very, PierreThe Murder of Father ChristmasTranslated
• Vidal, BillThe Clayton AccountFirst Novel
• Viel, TanguyBeyond SuspicionTranslated
• Villar, DomingoWater-Blue EyesFirst Novel, Translated
Vine, BarbaraThe Birthday Present
• von Bohlen, ClausWho is Charli Conti?First Novel
Waddell, DanThe Blood DetectiveFirst Novel
Waites, MartynWhite Riot
Walker, MartinBruno, Chief of Police (apa Death in the Dordogne)
Walters, MichaelThe Outcast
Waters, PaulOf Merchants and HeroesFirst Novel, Historical
Weeks, LeeThe Trafficked
Weeks, LeeThe Trophy TakerFirst Novel
Wells, ShirleyA Darker Side
• Welsh, IrvineCrime
• West, CharlesThe Long Hook
• Westbrook, KateThe Moneypenny Diaries : Final Fling
• White, JennyThe Abyssinian ProofHistorical
White, MichaelThe Medici Secret
White, NeilLost Souls
• Whitehouse, LucieThe House at MidnightFirst Novel
• Whitelaw, StellaDead Slow Ahead
• Whitelaw, StellaSecond Sitting
Whiteley, AliyaLight Reading
• Wilson, JamesConsolation
Wilson, LauraStratton's War (apa The Innocent Spy)Historical
• Wingfield, R DA Killing Frost
Winspear, JacquelineAn Incomplete RevengeHistorical
Wishart, DavidIllegally DeadHistorical
Young, RobynRequiemHistorical
Zouroudi, AnneThe Taint of Midas

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