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Sally Spencer

Born in England

See also: Alan Rustage, James Garcia Woods

Author's Website

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    • The Paradise Job1999
    • Pilgrimage of Death (ebook only)2015
    • The Madeiran Double Cross (ebook only)2015
    • The Company2021

    Chief Inspector Woodend, Whitebridge, Lancashire, 1950s and on.
    • The Salton Killings19981
    • Murder at Swann's Lake19992
    • Death of a Cave Dweller20003
    • The Dark Lady20014
    • The Golden Mile to Murder20015
    • Dead on Cue20026
    • The Red Herring20027
    • Death of an Innocent20028
    • A Death Left Hanging20039
    • The Enemy Within200310
    • The Witch Maker200411
    • The Butcher Beyond200412
    • Dying in the Dark200513
    • Stone Killer200514
    • A Long Time Dead200615
    Sins of the Fathers200616
    • Dangerous Games200717
    • Death Watch200718
    • A Dying Fall200819
    • Fatal Quest: Woodend's First Case200820

    DCI Monika Paniatowski, Whitebridge
    • The Dead Hand of History20091
    • The Ring of Death20102
    • Echoes of the Dead20103
    • Backlash20114
    • Lambs To The Slaughter20125
    • A Walk with the Dead20126
    Death's Dark Shadow20137
    Supping with the Devil20148
    • Best Served Cold20159
    • Thicker Than Water201510
    • Death in Disguise201611
    • The Hidden201712
    • Dead End201913
    • Poison202114
    • The Final Beat of the Drum202315

    Detective Sam Brody
    • The Stalker20171

    Inspector Blackstone, London, turn of C20th
    • Rendezvous with Death (as Alan Rustage)20031
    • Blackstone and the Tiger (as Alan Rustage)20032
    • Blackstone and the Golden Egg (as Alan Rustage) (apa Blackstone and the House of Secrets)20043
    • Blackstone and the Fire Bug (as Alan Rustage) (apa Blackstone and the Burning Secret)20054
    • Blackstone and the Balloon of Death (apa Blackstone and the Stage of Death)20065
    • Blackstone and the Heart of Darkness20066
    • Blackstone and the New World20097
    • Blackstone and the Wolf of Wall Street20108
    • Blackstone and the Great War20119
    • Blackstone and the Endgame201310

    Jennie Redhead, PI, Oxford, 1974
    • The Shivering Turn20161
    • Dry Bones20172
    • Daughters of Darkness20203

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