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P C/Paul Doherty

Born in England

See also: Anna Apostolou, Ann Duthkas, Michael Clynes, C L Grace, Paul Harding

Author's Website

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    • The Death of a King1985
    • The Lord Count Drakulya1986
    • Dove Amongst the Hawks1990
    • Fate of Princes1990
    • The Masked Man1991
    • The Haunting1997
    • The Rose Demon1997
    • The Plague Lord2002
    • The Last of Days2013
    • Roseblood2014

    Alexander the Great
    • The House of Death20011
    • The Godless Man20022
    The Gates of Hell20033

    Ancient Rome series
    • Domina20021
    • Murder Imperial20032
    • The Song of the Gladiator20043
    • Queen of the Night20064
    Murder's Immortal Mask20085

    Brother Athelstan
    • The Nightingale Gallery (as Paul Harding)19911
    • The House Of The Red Slayer (as Paul Harding)19922
    • Murder Most Holy (as Paul Harding)19933
    • The Anger Of God (as Paul Harding)19934
    • By Murder's Bright Light (as Paul Harding)19945
    • The House Of Crows (as Paul Harding)19956
    • The Assassin's Riddle(as Paul Harding)19967
    • The Devil's Domain19988
    • The Field of Blood19999
    • The House of Shadows200310
    • Bloodstone201111
    • The Straw Men201212
    • Candle Flame201413
    • The Book of Fires201414
    • The Herald of Hell201515
    • The Great Revolt201616
    • A Pilgrimage to Murder201617
    • The Mansions of Murder201718
    • The Godless201819
    • The Stone of Destiny202020
    • The Hanging Tree202221

    Hugh Corbett
    • Satan in St Mary's19861
    • The Crown in Darkness19882
    • Spy in Chancery19883
    • Angel of Death19894
    • The Prince of Darkness19925
    • Murder Wears a Cowl19926
    • Assassin in the Greenwood19937
    • The Song of a Dark Angel19948
    • Satan's Fire19959
    • The Devil's Hunt199610
    • The Demon Archer199911
    • The Treason of the Ghosts200012
    • Corpse Candle200213
    • The Magician's Death200414
    • The Waxman Murders200615
    • Nightshade200816
    • The Mysterium201017
    • Dark Serpent201618
    • Devil's Wolf201719
    • Death's Dark Valley201920
    • Hymn to Murder202021
    • Mother Midnight202122
    • Realm of Darkness202223

    Lord Amerotke, Pharaoh's Chief Judge
    • The Mask of Ra19991
    The Horus Killings19992
    The Anubis Slayings20013
    • The Slayers of Seth20024
    The Assassins of Isis20045
    The Poisoner of Ptah20076
    The Spies of Sobeck20087

    Mahu, Ancient Egypt
    • An Evil Spirit Out of the West20031
    • The Season of the Hyaena20052
    • The Year of the Cobra20063

    Margaret Beaufort
    • Dark Queen Rising20181
    • Dark Queen Waiting20192
    • Dark Queen Watching20213
    • Dark Queen Wary20234

    Mathilda of Westminster, physician
    • Cup of Ghosts20051
    • The Poison Maiden20072
    The Darkening Glass20093

    Matthew Jenkyn
    • The Whyte Hart19881
    • The Serpent Amongst the Lilies19902

    • The Templar20071
    • The Templar Magician20092

    The Canterbury Tales
    • An Ancient Evil : The Knight's Tale19931
    • A Tapestry of Murders: The Man of Law's Tale19942
    • A Tournament of Murders : The Franklin's Tale19963
    • Ghostly Murders : The Priest's Tale19974
    • A Haunt of Murder : The Clerk's Tale20025
    The Hangman's Hymn: The Carpenter's Tale20026
    • The Midnight Man20127

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