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Nicolas Freeling

Born in England

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

    • Valparaiso1964
    • The Dresden Green1966
    • This is the Castle1968
    • Gadget1977
    • A City Solitary1985
    • One More River1998
    • Some Day Tomorrow2000
    • The Janeites2002

    Arlette Van Der Valk, Strasbourg
    • The Widow19791
    • One Damn Thing After Another (apa Arlette)19812

    Chief Inspector Van der Valk, Amsterdam
    • Love in Amsterdam (apa Death in Amsterdam)19621
    • Because of the Cats19632
    • Gun Before Butter (apa Question of loyalty)19633
    • Double Barrel19644
    • Criminal Conversation19655
    • The King of the Rainy Country19666
    • Strike Out Where Not Applicable19677
    • Tsing Boum19698
    • Over the High Side (apa Lovely Ladies)19719
    • A Long Silence197210
    • Sand Castles198911

    Inspector Henri Castang, Brussels, Belgium & France
    • A Dressing of Diamond19741
    • What Are the Bugles Blowing For? (apa The Bugles Blowing)19752
    • Lake Isle (apa Sabine)19763
    • The Night Lords19784
    • Castang's City19805
    • Wolfnight19826
    • The Back of the North Wind19837
    • No Part in Your Death19848
    • Cold Iron19869
    • Lady Macbeth198810
    • Not As Far As Velma198911
    • Those in Peril199012
    • The Pretty How Town (apa Flanders Sky)199213
    • The Seacoast of Bohemia199414
    • You Who Know199415
    • A Dwarf Kingdom199616

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