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Michael Jecks

Born in England

Author's Website

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

    • Act of Vengeance (ebook only)2012

    Jack Blackjack, Tudor Era
    • Rebellion's Message20161
    • A Murder Too Soon20172
    • A Missed Murder20183

    Sir Baldwin Furnshill, Keeper of the King’s Peace, and Simon Puttock, Bailiff
    • The Last Templar19951
    • The Merchant's Partner19952
    • A Moorland Hanging19963
    The Crediton Killings19974
    • The Abbot's Gibbet19985
    • The Leper's Return19986
    • Squire Throwleigh's Heir19997
    • Belladonna at Belstone19998
    • The Traitor of St Giles20009
    • The Boy-Bishop's Glovemaker200010
    • The Tournament of Blood200111
    • The Sticklepath Strangler200112
    • The Devil's Acolyte200213
    • The Mad Monk of Gidleigh200214
    • The Templar's Penance200315
    • The Outlaws Of Ennor200416
    • Tolls of Death200417
    • The Chapel of Bones200418
    • The Butcher of St. Peter's200519
    • A Friar's Blood Feud200520
    • Death Ship of Dartmouth200621
    • The Malice of Unnatural Death200622
    • Dispensation of Death200723
    • The Templar, the Queen and Her Lover200724
    • The Prophecy of Death200825
    • The Kings of Thieves200826
    • No Law in the Land200927
    • The Bishop Must Die200928
    • The Oath201029
    King's Gold201130
    • City of Fiends201231
    • Templar's Acre201332

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