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Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.


  • Lacey, Sarah (See also: Kay Mitchell)

      Leah Hunter, Tax Inspector
      • File Under: Deceased19921
      • File Under: Missing19932
      • File Under: Arson19943
      • File Under: Jeopardy19954

  • Lahlum, Hans Olav

      Criminal Investigator Kolbjorn Kristiansen (known as K2) and young assistant Patricia, 1960s, Norway
      • The Human Flies20141
      • Satellite People20152
      • The Catalyst Killing20153
      • Chameleon People20164
      • The Anthill Murders20175

  • Lake, Deryn

      • The Governor's Ladies2005

      John Rawlings, Apothecary, Georgian London
      • Death in the Dark Walk19941
      • Death at the Beggar's Opera19952
      • Death at the Devil's Tavern19963
      • Death on the Romney Marsh19984
      • Death in the Pearless Pool19995
      • Death at Apothecaries' Hall20006
      • Death in the West Wind20017
      • Death at St James's Palace (apa Death in St James's Palace)20028
      Death in the Valley of Shadows20039
      Death in the Setting Sun200410
      Death and the Cornish Fiddler200611
      Death in Hellfire200712
      • Death and the Black Pyramid200913
      • Death at the Wedding Feast201114
      • Death on the Rocks201315
      • Death at the Boston Tea Party201616

      Reverend Nick Lawrence, Lakehurst, Sussex
      • The Mills of God20101
      • Dead on Cue20122
      The Moonlit Door20143

  • Lake, John

      • Hot Knife - Love, Bullets and Revenge in Leeds, Yorkshire, England2008

  • Lang, Maria

      • Death Awaits Thee1967
      • No More Murders1967
      • A Wreath for the Bride1968

  • Lapidus, Jens

      Emelie Jansson, Lawyer & Teddy, Ex-con
      • Stockholm Delete20171
      • Top Dog20182

      The Stockholm Noir trilogy
      Easy Money20111
      • Never Fuck Up (apa Never Screw Up)20132
      • Life Deluxe20143

  • La Plante, Lynda

      • Bella Mafia1990
      • Prime Suspect1991
      • Framed1992
      • Prime Suspect 21992
      • Entwined1993
      • Prime Suspect 31993
      • Seekers1993
      • The Lifeboat1994
      • Trial and Retribution1997
      • Trial and Retribution 21998
      • Trial and Retribution 31999
      • Sleeping Cruelty2000
      • Trial and Retribution 4 (novelised by Robin Blake)2000
      • Royal Flush (apa Royal Heist)2002
      • Trial and Retribution 5 (novelised by Robin Blake)2002
      • Trial and Retribution 6 (novelised by Robin Blake)2002
      • Last Suspect2004
      • The Little One (Quick Reads novella)2012
      • Twisted2014

      Detective Anna Travis, London
      Above Suspicion20041
      The Red Dahlia20062
      Clean Cut20073
      Deadly Intent20084
      Silent Scream20095
      Blind Fury20106
      Blood Line20117
      • Backlash20128
      • Wrongful Death20139

      Dolly Rawlins
      • Widows19831
      • Widows 219852
      • She's Out19953
      • Widows: Revenge20193

      Helen Hewitt
      • The Governor19951
      • The Governor 219962

      Lieutenant Lorraine Page, Pasadena
      • Cold Shoulder19941
      • Cold Blood19962
      • Cold Heart19983

      WPC Tennison
      • Tennison (apa Prime Suspect 1973)20151
      • Hidden Killers20162
      Good Friday20173

  • Latus, Dan

      • Never Look Back2008

      Frank Doy
      • Risky Mission20111
      • Out of the Night20122

  • Laurence, Janet

      • To Kill the Past1994

      An Ursula Grandison Mystery
      • Deadly Inheritance20121

      • Canaletto and the Case of Westminster Bridge19971
      • Canaletto and the Case of the Privy Garden19982
      • Canaletto and the Case of Bonnie Prince Charlie20023

      Darina Lisle, Cook
      • A Deepe Coffyn19891
      • A Tasty Way to Die19902
      • Hotel Morgue19913
      • Recipe for Death19924
      • Death and the Epicure19935
      • Death at the Table19946
      • Death a la Provencale19957
      • Diet for Death19968
      • Appetite for Death19989
      • The Mermaid's Feast200010

  • Law, Janice

      Francis Bacon
      • Fires of London 20121
      • The Prisoner of the Riviera20132
      • Moon Over Tangier20143
      • Nights in Berlin20164
      • Afternoons in Paris20175
      • Mornings in London20176

  • Lawrence, Mary

      Bianca Goddard, Henry VIII era
      • The Alchemist's Daughter20151
      • Death of an Alchemist20162
      • Death at St. Vedast20163

  • Laws, Darren E

      • Tripping2007

      FBI Agent Georgina O'Neil
      • Turtle Island (revised edition 2008)20031
      • Dark Country2

  • Laws, Peter

      Professor Matt Hunter
      • Purged20171
      • Unleashed20182

  • Lean, Frank

      David Cunane, PI, Manchester
      • Red for Rachel19941
      • Nine Lives19952
      • The Reluctant Investigator19973
      • Kingdom Gone19994
      • Boiling Point20015
      • Above Suspicion20016
      • Raised in Silence20047

  • Leather, Stephen

      • Pay Off1987
      • The Fireman1989
      • Hungry Ghost1991
      • The Chinaman1992
      • The Vets1993
      • The Long Shot1994
      • The Birthday Girl1995
      • The Double Tap1996
      • The Solitary Man1997
      • The Tunnel Rats1997
      • The Bombmaker1999
      • The Stretch2000
      Tango One2002
      • The Eyewitness2003
      • First Response2016
      • Takedown2017
      The Shout2018

      Dan Shepherd, SAS trooper turned undercover cop
      Hard Landing20041
      Soft Target20052
      • Cold Kill20063
      • Hot Blood20074
      Dead Men20085
      Live Fire20096
      Rough Justice20107
      Fair Game20118
      • False Friends20129
      True Colours201310
      White Lies201411
      • Black Ops201512
      • Dark Forces201613
      • Light Touch201714
      Tall Order201815

      Jack Nightingale, PI, Surrey
      • Nightshade20134

  • Lebor, Adam

      Balthazar Kovacs, Detective, Budapest
      • District VIII20171

      Yael Azoulay
      • The Budapest Protocol20111
      • The Geneva Option20132
      • The Washington Stratagem20163
      • The Reykjavik Assignment20164

  • Leclere, Eric

      Xavier Lombard
      • The Lost Son19991
      • A Place of Gardens and Lilies20052
      • What if They Like it?3

  • Lee, Austin (See also: John Austwick, Julian Callender)

      Flora Hogg, schoolmistress turned detective
      • Sheep's Clothing19551
      • Call in Miss Hogg19562
      • Miss Hogg and the Bronte Murders19563
      • Miss Hogg and the Squash Club19574
      • Miss Hogg and the Dead Dean19585
      • Miss Hogg Flies High19586
      • Miss Hogg and the Covent Garden Murders19607
      • Miss Hogg and the Missing Sisters19618
      • Miss Hogg's Last Case19639

  • Lee, Christopher

      • The Madrigal1993
      • The House1994

      Inspector Leonard, Bath
      • The Bath Detective19951
      • The Killing of Sally Keemer19972
      • The Killing of Cinderella19983

  • Legat, Anna

      DI Gillian Marsh
      • Swimming with Sharks20161
      • Nothing to Lose20172
      • Thicker Than Blood20183

  • Lehtolainen, Leena

      Detective Maria Kallio, Helsinki
      My First Murder20121
      • Her Enemy20132
      • Copper Heart20133
      • Snow Woman20144
      • Death Spiral20155
      • Fatal Headwind20166
      • Before I Go20177
      • Below the Surface20178
      • The Nightingale Murder20189
      • Derailed201810
      • Where Have All the Young Girls Gone201911

      Hilja Ilveskero, bodyguard
      • The Bodyguard20141
      • The Lion of Justice20152
      • The Devil's Cubs20163

  • Lemaitre, Pierre

      • The Great Swindle2015
      • Blood Wedding2016
      • Three Days and a Life2017
      • Inhuman Resources2018

      Police Commandant Camille Verhoeven trilogy
      • Iréne20141

  • Leonard, Niall

      Finn Maguire
      • Crusher20131
      • Incinerator20142
      • Shredder20143

  • Lewis, Damien

      • Desert Claw (Quick Reads novella)2006
      • Cobra Gold2007

  • Lewis, Geoffrey

      DI David Russell & DS Doug Rimmer, Grancester, Northamptonshire
      • Flashback20031
      • Strangers20042
      • Winter's Tale20043
      • Cycle20054

  • Lewis, Robert

      Robin Llewellyn, PI, Bristol
      • Last Llanelli Train20051
      • Swansea Terminal20072
      • Bank Of The Black Sheep20103

  • Lindgren, Minna

      Twilight Grove Trilogy
      • The Lavender Ladies Detective Agency: Death in Sunset Grove20161
      • The Lavender Ladies Detective Agency: Escape from Sunset Grove20172
      • The Lavender Ladies Detective Agency: The End of Sunset Grove20183

  • Lindsay, Douglas

      • Lost in Juarez2008

      Barney Thomson, Barber, Glasgow
      • The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson19991
      • The Cutting Edge of Barney Thomson20002
      • A Prayer for Barney Thomson20013
      • Barney Thomson and the Face of Death20024
      • The King Was in His Counting House20045
      • The Last Fish Supper20066
      • Final Cut20097

      DI Westphall
      • Song of the Dead20161
      • Boy in the Well20192
      • The Art of Dying20193

      DS Hutton
      • The Unburied Dead20171
      • A Plague Of Crows20172
      • The Blood That Stains Your Hands20173

  • Lindstein, Mariette

      The Cult on Fog Island Trilogy
      • The Cult on Fog Island20191
      • The Shadow of the Cult20192

  • Linscott, Gillian (See also: Caro Peacock)

      • Unknown Hand1988
      • Murder, I Presume1990
      • The Garden2002

      Birdie Linnet, ex policeman
      • A Healthy Body19841
      • Murder Makes Tracks19852
      • Knightfall19863
      • A Whiff of Sulphur19874

      Nell Bray, Suffragette
      • Sister Beneath the Sheet19911
      • Hanging on the Wire19922
      • Stage Fright19933
      • Widow's Peak (apa An Easy Day for a Lady)19954
      • Crown Witness19955
      • Dead Man's Music (apa Dead Man's Sweetheart)19966
      • Dance on Blood19987
      • Absent Friends19998
      The Perfect Daughter20009
      Dead Man Riding200210
      Blood on the Wood200311

  • Linskey, Howard

      DC Ian Bradshaw
      No Name Lane20151
      • Behind Dead Eyes20162
      • The Search20173
      • The Chosen Ones20184

      David Blake
      • The Drop20111
      • The Damage20122
      • The Dead20133

  • Litchfield, Michael

      • See How They Run1984
      • Murder Circus1985
      • Nailed!1985
      • Bullet for an Encore2005
      • Last Bus to the Grave2005
      • Deadline2006

      DI Mike Lorenzo
      • The One a Month Man20121
      • Jack's Heir20132

  • Lloyd, Catherine

      Kurland St. Mary Mysteries
      • Death Comes To The Village20141
      • Death Comes to London20142
      • Death Comes To Kurland Hall20153
      • Death Comes to the Fair20164
      • Death Comes to the School20175
      • Death Comes to Bath20186

  • Lock, Joan

      • Death in Perspective2001

      Detective Sergeant Best, Victorian London
      Dead Image20001
      • Dead Born20022
      • Dead Letters20033
      • Dead End20044
      • Dead Fall20055
      • Dead Loss20056
      • Dead Centre20087

  • London, Kate

      DS Sarah Collins
      • Post Mortem20151
      • Death Message20172

  • Longworth, M L

      Verlaque and Bonnet, Aix-en-Provence
      • Death at the Chateau Bremont20111
      • Murder in the Rue Dumas20122
      • Death in the Vines20133
      • Murder on the Ile Sordou20144
      • The Mystery of the Lost Cezanne20155
      • The Curse of La Fontaine20176
      • The Secrets of the Bastide Blanche20187

  • Lorrimer, Claire

      • The Shadow Falls1974
      • A Voice In The Dark1985
      • The Secret Of Quarry House1988
      • Over My Dead Body2003
      • Dead Centre2005
      • Infatuation2007
      • Dead Reckoning2009

  • Lovesey, Phil

      • Death Duties1998
      • Ploughing Potters Field1999
      • When the Ashes Burn2000
      • The Screaming Tree2002

  • Lowe, Sheila

      • What She Saw2013

      Claudia Rose, Forensic Handwriting Expert, Los Angeles
      Poison Pen20071
      Written in Blood20082
      • Dead Write20093
      • Last Writes20104
      • Inkslingers Ball20145
      • Outside the Lines20166

  • Lucius, Walter

      Heartland Trilogy
      • Butterfly on the Storm20171
      • Angel in the Shadows20182

  • Lyle, H B

      Wiggins, 1909
      • The Irregular20171
      • The Red Ribbon20182

  • Lynch, Rachel

      DI Kelly Porter, Lake District
      • Dark Game (ebook only)20181

  • Lynn, Matt (See also: James Harland)

      Steve West, a maverick former SAS man and his unit of mercenaries
      • Death Force20091
      • Fire Force20102
      • Shadow Force20113
      • Ice Force20124

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