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Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.


  • Galbraith, Gillian

      DS Alice Rice, Edinburgh
      Blood in the Water20071
      • Where the Shadow Falls20082
      • Dying of the Light20093
      • No Sorrow to Die20104
      • The Road to Hell20125
      • Troubled Waters20146

      Father Vincent Ross
      • The Good Priest20141

  • Galbraith, Robert

      Cormoran Strike
      • The Cuckoo's Calling20131
      • The Silkworm20142
      • Career of Evil20153
      • Lethal White20184

  • Gamboa, Santiago

      • Necropolis2012
      • Night Prayers2016
      • Return to the Dark Valley2017

  • Garcia-Roza, Luiz Alfredo

      Inspector Espinosa, Rio de Janeiro
      • The Silence of the Rain20021
      • December Heat20032
      • Southwesterly Wind20043
      • A Window in Copacabana20054
      • Pursuit20065
      • Blackout20086
      • Alone in the Crowd20097

  • Gardner, Frank

      Luke Carlton, Ex-Special Boat Service commando
      • Crisis20161
      • Ultimatum20182

  • Gardner, Katy

      • Losing Gemma2002
      • The Mermaid's Purse2003
      • Faker2008
      • Keefer's Rules2008

  • Garnier, Pascal

      How's the Pain?2012
      • The Panda Theory2012
      Moon in a Dead Eye2013
      • The A262013
      • The Front Seat Passenger2014
      • The Islanders2014
      • Boxes2015
      • The Eskimo Solution2016
      • Too Close to the Edge2016
      • Low Heights2017

  • Georget, Philippe

      Inspector Sebag, South of France
      • Summertime All the Cats are Bored20131
      • Autumn, All the Cats Return20142
      • Crimes of Winter20173

  • Gibb, Neil

      Alex Brierley
      • Blood Red Sky19991
      • Bleached White20002

  • Gibbins, David

      Jack Howard, Marine Archaeologist
      • Atlantis20051
      • Crusader Gold20062
      • The Lost Tomb (apa The Last Gospel)20083
      • The Tiger Warrior20094
      • The Mask of Troy20105
      • The Gods of Atlantis20116

  • Gibson, Maggie

      • Deadly Serious1997
      • Alice Little and the Big Girl's Blouse1999
      • The Flight of Lucy Spoon1999
      • First Holy Chameleon2000
      • Blah Blah Black Sheep2001

      Grace de Rossa, Ex-policewoman, Ireland
      • Grace, the Hooker, the Hand-man and the Kid19951
      • The Longest Fraud19962

  • Gill, Anton

      • The Sacred Scroll2012

      Huy the Scribe, Ancient Egypt
      • City of the Horizon19911
      • City of Dreams19932
      • City of the Dead19933

  • Giordano, Mario

      Auntie Poldi, Sicily
      • Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions20161
      • Auntie Poldi and the Fruits of the Lord20182

  • Gobbell, Phyllis

      Jordan Mayfair
      • Pursuit in Provence20151
      • Secrets and Shamrocks20162
      • Treachery in Tuscany20183

  • Goldammer, Frank

      Max Heller, Dresden Detective
      • The Air Raid Killer20181
      • A Thousand Devils20182

  • Goldberg, Leonard

      Daughter of Sherlock Holmes series
      • The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes20171
      • A Study in Treason20182

  • Gooden, Philip (See also: Philippa Morgan)

      Nick Revill, player, 1600s
      • That Sleep of Death20001
      • Death of Kings20012
      • The Pale Companion20023
      • Alms for Oblivion20034
      • Mask of Night20045
      • An Honourable Murder20056

      Tom Ansell, Lawyer, 1870s
      The Salisbury Manuscript20081
      • The Durham Disappearance20092
      • The Ely Testament 20123

  • Goodhind, J G

      Honey Driver, Hotelier, Bath
      • Something in the Blood20071
      • A Taste to Die For20072
      • Walking with Ghosts20083
      • Menu for Murder (apa Killing Jane Austen)20094
      • Deadly Lampshades20095
      • Murder by Mudpack20106
      • Wicked Words20107
      • The Ghost of Christmas Past20148
      • Death of a Diva20149
      • Blood and Broomsticks201410

  • Goodwin, Tim

      • Blood of the Forest1999

      Sergeant Tomas Larsen, Greenland
      • Seeds of Destruction19981
      • The Burning Cloud20002
      • Falling from the Sky20023

  • Gortner, Christopher (C W)

      Elizabeth's Spymaster series
      • The Tudor Secret (apa The Secret Lion)20111
      • The Tudor Conspiracy20132
      • The Tudor Vendetta20143

  • Gosling, Ian

      DCI Mike Barton
      • The Puppet Master20081
      • Lying to God2

  • Grace, C L (See also: Anna Apostolou, Michael Clynes, Ann Duthkas, P C Doherty, Paul Harding)

      Kathryn Swinbrooke, medieval physician and apothecary
      • A Shrine of Murders19931
      • The Eye of God19942
      • The Merchant of Death19953
      • The Book of Shadows19964
      • Saintly Murders20015
      • A Maze of Murders20036
      • A Feast of Poisons20047

  • Graham, Caroline

      • The Envy of the Stranger1984
      • Murder at Madingley Grange1990

      Chief Inspector Barnaby
      • The Killings at Badger's Drift19871
      • Death of a Hollow Man19892
      • Death in Disguise19923
      • Written in Blood19944
      • Faithful Unto Death19965
      • A Place of Safety19996
      • A Ghost in the Machine20047

  • Granelli, Roger

      • Losing It (Quick Reads novella)2008
      • Risk2008
      • Dead Pretty2009

  • Grangé, Jean-Christophe

      • The Flight of the Stork1994
      • Blood Red Rivers1998
      • The Stone Council2001
      • The Empire of the Wolves2004

  • Granger, Ann

      Fran Varady
      • Asking for Trouble19971
      • Keeping Bad Company19972
      • Running Scared19983
      Risking it All20014
      Watching Out20035
      • Mixing with Murder20056
      Rattling the Bones20077

      Inspector Jess Campbell & Superintendent Ian Carter, Cotswolds
      Mud, Muck and Dead Things20091
      • Rack, Ruin and Murder20112
      • Bricks and Mortality20133
      • Dead In The Water20154
      • Rooted In Evil20175
      • An Unfinished Murder20186

      Lizzie Martin, Lady's companion and Inspector Ben Ross, Victorian Era
      A Rare Interest in Corpses (apa The Companion)20061
      • A Mortal Curiosity20082
      • A Better Quality of Murder20103
      A Particular Eye for Villainy20124
      • The Testimony of the Hanged Man20145
      • The Dead Woman of Deptford20166

      Mitchell & Markby
      • Say It With Poison19911
      • A Season for Murder19912
      • Cold in the Earth19923
      • Murder Among Us19924
      • Where Old Bones Lie19935
      • A Fine Place for Death19946
      • Flowers for His Funeral19947
      • Candle for a Corpse19958
      • A Touch of Mortality19969
      • A Word After Dying199610
      • Call the Dead Again199811
      • Beneath These Stones199912
      • Shades of Murder200013
      Restless Evil200214
      That Way Murder Lies200415

  • Granger, Martin

      Nathalie Thompson, Freelance filmmaker
      • Manila Harbour20151
      • Oceans on Fire20152

  • Grant, Andrew

      • Run2014
      • Invisible2019

      Cooper Devereaux
      • False Positive20151
      • False Friend20172
      • False Witness20183

      David Trevellyan, former Royal Navy Intelligence Officer
      • Even20091
      • Die Twice20102
      • More Harm Than Good20123

  • Grant, Barry

      Sherlock Holmes
      • The Strange Return of Sherlock Holmes20101
      • Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Letter20102
      • Sherlock Holmes and the Swedish Enigma20113

  • Grant, Philip

      • The Counterfeit Man1993
      • The Other Mister Holmes2001
      • Now and Then Dead2007

  • Grant-Adamson, Lesley

      • Patterns in the Dust (apa Death on Widow's Walk)1985
      • The Face of Death1985
      • Guilty Knowledge1986
      • Wild Justice1987
      • Threatening Eye1988
      • Curse the Darkness1990
      • Flynn (apa Too Many Questions)1991
      • A Life of Adventure1992
      • The Dangerous Edge1993
      • Dangerous Games1994
      • Wish You Were Here1995
      • Evil Acts1996
      • The Girl in the Case1997
      • Lipstick and Lies1998
      • Undertow1999

  • Gray, Clio

      • The Legacy of the Lynx2016

      Scottish Mysteries
      • Deadly Prospects20171
      • Burning Secrets20172
      • Hidden Pasts20183

      Wigbert Stroop, early C19th
      Guardians of the Key20061
      • The Roaring of the Labyrinth20072
      • Envoy of the Black Pine20083
      • Brotherhood of Five20094

  • Grecian, Alex

      Murder Squad Short Story
      • The Blue Girl2014

      Murder Squad of Scotland Yard, Victorian London
      • The Yard20121
      • The Black Country20132
      • The Devil's Workshop20143
      • The Harvest Man20154
      • Lost and Gone Forever20165

  • Green, Christine

      D.I Connor O'Neill
      • Death in the Country19941
      • Die In My Dreams19952
      • Fatal Cut19993

      Detective Inspector Rydell and Sergeant Denni Caldecote
      • Fire Angels20011
      • Vain Hope20022

      Kate Kinsella, ex Nurse
      • Deadly Errand19911
      • Deadly Admirer19922
      • Deadly Practice19943
      • Deadly Partners19964
      • Deadly Bond20015
      • Deadly Echo20026
      • Deadly Choice20047
      • Deadly Night20048
      • Deadly Web20059
      • Deadly Retreat200710

  • Green, James

      Jimmy Costello, reformed gangster
      • Bad Catholics20081
      • Stealing God20102
      • Yesterday's Sins20103

      US Intelligence Service Quintet
      Another Small Kingdom20121

  • Greensted, Richard

      • Coming to Terms1995
      • Lost Cause1996
      • Parting Shot1997
      • Raw Nerve1998

  • Greenwood, D M

      Deaconess Theodora Braithwaite
      • Clerical Errors19911
      • Unholy Ghosts19912
      • Idol Bones19933
      • Holy Terrors19944
      • Every Deadly Sin19955
      • Mortal Spoils19966
      • Heavenly Vices19977
      • A Grave Disturbance19988
      • Foolish Ways19999

  • Gregson, J M

      • Sherlock Holmes and the Frightened Golfer1999

      DI Peach, Lancashire
      • Who Saw Him Die?19941
      • Missing, Presumed Dead19972
      • To Kill a Wife19993
      • A Turbulent Priest20004
      • The Lancashire Leopard20015
      • A Little Learning20026
      • Murder at the Lodge20037
      • Wages of Sin20048
      • Dusty Death20059
      • The Witch's Sabbath200610
      • Remains to Be Seen200711
      • Pastures New200812
      Wild Justice200913
      • Only A Game201014
      • Merely Players201015
      • Least of Evils201216
      • Brothers' Tears201317
      • A Necessary End201418
      • Backhand Smash201519

      Det. Sup. Lambert and DS Hook, Gloucestershire
      • Murder at the Nineteenth19891
      • For Sale - with Corpse (apa Making a Killing)19902
      • Bring Forth Your Dead19913
      • Dead on Course19914
      • The Fox in the Forest19925
      • Stranglehold19936
      • Watermarked19947
      • Death of a Nobody19958
      • Accident by Design19969
      • Body Politic199710
      • Girl Gone Missing199811
      • Malice Aforethought199912
      • An Unsuitable Death200013
      • An Academic Death200114
      • Death on the Eleventh Hole200215
      • Mortal Taste200316
      • Just Desserts200417
      • Too Much of Water200518
      • Close Call200619
      • Something Is Rotten200720
      • A Good Walk Spoiled200821
      • Darkness Visible200922
      • In Vino Veritas201023
      • Die Happy201124
      • More Than Meets the Eye201225
      • Cry of the Children201326
      • Rest Assured201427
      • Skeleton Plot201528
      • Final Act201629

  • Greig, Andrew

      Kirsty Fowler, a troubled ex-lawyer and sometime journalist
      • The Return of John MacNab19961
      • Romanno Bridge20082

  • Grey, Isabelle

      • Out of Sight2012
      • The Bad Mother2013

      Detective Grace Fisher, Essex
      Good Girls Don't Die20141
      • Shot Through the Heart20162
      • The Special Girls20173
      • Wrong Way Home20184

  • Grey, Patricia (See also: Liz Evans)

      Dectective Chief Inspector Jack Stamford and Sergeant Sarah McNeill, WW2, London
      • Junction Cut19941
      • Balaclava Row19942
      • Good Hope Station19973
      • Cutter's Wharf19984

  • Grierson, Edward

      • Reputation for a Song1952
      • The Second Man1956
      • The Massingham Affair1962
      • A Crime of One's Own1967

  • Griffin, Kate

      Kitty Peck, Victorian London
      • Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders20131
      • Kitty Peck and the Child of Ill-Fortune20152
      • Kitty Peck and the Daughter of Sorrow20173

  • Griffin, Nicholas

      • The Requiem Shark1999
      • The House of Sight and Shadow2000
      • The Masquerade2002

  • Griffiths, Ella

      Detective Sergeant Rudolf Nilsen & his brother Detective Constable Karsten Nilsen, Oslo
      • Murder on Page Three19841
      • The Water Widow19862

      Short Stories
      • Dead Men Don't Steal1986

  • Grossman, Paul

      Detective Willi Krauss, Berlin, 1940s
      • The Sleepwalkers20101
      • Children of Wrath20122

  • Grubb, Penny

      PI Annie Raymond
      • Like False Money20101
      • The Doll Makers20102
      • The Jawbone Gang20113
      • Where There's Smoke20124

  • Grylls, Bear

      Will Jaeger
      • Ghost Flight20151
      • Burning Angels20162
      • The Hunt20183

  • Guillou, Jan

      Swedish military spy Carl Hamilton
      • Enemy's Enemy19924

  • Gulvin, JM

      John Q Mystery
      • The Long Count20161
      • The Contract20172

  • Gunn, Alastair

      DCI Antonia Hawkins, London
      • The Advent Killler20131
      • My Bloody Valentine20152
      • The Keeper20173
      • Cold Christmas20174

  • Guttridge, Peter

      Detective Inspector Sarah Gilchrist, Brighton
      • The Devil's Moon20131

      Disgraced Chief Constable Robert Watts, Brighton
      • City of Dreadful Night20101
      • The Last King of Brighton20112
      • The Thing Itself20123

      Nick Madrid
      No Laughing Matter19971
      A Ghost of a Chance19982
      Two to Tango19983
      • The Once and Future Con19994
      Foiled Again20005
      • Cast Adrift20046
      • Look Back in Agra7

  • Gwyn, Richard

      • The Colour of a Dog Running Away2005
      • Deep Hanging Out2007

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