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Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.


  • Eastman, Brian

      Rosemary and Thyme, Gardeners
      • And No Birds Sing20041
      • The Tree of Death20052
      • Memory of Water20063

  • Eccles, Marjorie

      • Pandora's Box1995
      Echoes of Silence2000
      • Killing a Unicorn2002
      • The Shape of Sand2004
      Shadows and Lies2005
      • Last Nocturne2008
      • The Cuckoo's Child2011
      • After Clare2012
      • The Firebird's Feather2014

      Detective Inspector Herbert Reardon, 1928
      • Broken Music20091
      • A Dangerous Deceit20132
      • Heirs and Assigns20153
      • The Property of Lies20174

      Detective Superintendent Gil Mayo, Lavenstock, West Midlands
      • Cast a Cold Eye19881
      • Death of a Good Woman19892
      • Requiem for a Dove19903
      • More Deaths Than One19914
      • Late of This Parish19925
      • The Company She Kept19936
      • An Accidental Shroud19947
      • A Death Of Distinction19958
      • A Species of Revenge19969
      • Killing Me Softly199810
      • The Superintendent's Daughter199911
      • A Sunset Touch200012
      Untimely Graves200113

      Short Stories
      • Account Rendered and Other Stories2003

  • Edogawa, Rampo

      • Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination1956
      • The Black Lizard and Beast in the Shadows2006
      • The Edogawa Rampo Reader2008
      • Moju: The Blind Beast2009
      • Strange Tale of Panorama Island2012
      • The Fiend with Twenty Faces2012
      • Edogawa Rampo: The Early Cases of Akechi Kogoro2014

  • Edric, Robert

      • The Kingdom of Ashes2007

      PI Leo Rivers, Hull and East Riding
      • Cradle Song20031
      • Siren Song20042
      Swan Song20053

  • Egholm, Elsebeth

      Dicte Svendsen, Journalist
      • Next of Kin20114
      • Life and Limb20125

      Peter Boutrup
      • Three Dog Night20131
      • Dead Souls20142

  • Ekin, Des

      • Stone Heart1999
      • Single Obsession2001

  • Eldridge, Jim

      DCI Paul Stark, London, 1920s
      • Assassins20161
      • Shadows of the Dead20172

      Former Detective Inspector Daniel Wilson
      • Murder at the Fitzwilliam20181

  • Elliot, Jason

      Captain Anthony Taverner, disillusioned Gulf War veteran
      • The Network20101

  • Ellis, Joy

      • Beware the Past2017
      • Guide Star2017

      DI Nikki Galena & DS Joe Easter, Greenborough
      Mask Wars (apa Crime on the Fens)20101
      Shadowbreaker (apa Shadow Over the Fens)20112
      • Hunted on the Fens20163
      • Killer on the Fens20164
      • Stalker on the Fens20165
      • Captive on the Fens20176
      • Buried on the Fens20177
      • Thieves on the Fens20178
      • Fire on the Fens20189

      DI Rowan Jackman & DS Maria Evans, Lincolnshire
      • The Murderer's Son20161
      • Their Lost Daughters20172
      • The Fourth Friend20173
      • The Guilty Ones20184

  • Ellis, Kate

      Detective Inspector Joe Plantagenet, Eborby
      Seeking the Dead20081
      • Playing with Bones20092
      • Kissing the Demons20113
      • Watching the Ghosts20124
      • Walking by Night20155

      Inspector Albert Lincoln, 1919
      • A High Mortality of Doves20161
      • The Boy Who Lived with the Dead20182

      Lady Katheryn Bulkeley, Liverpool in 1539
      • The Devil's Priest20061

      Wesley Peterson (policeman) and Neil Watson (archaeologist), Tradmouth, Devon
      • The Merchant's House19981
      • The Armada Boy19992
      • An Unhallowed Grave20003
      The Funeral Boat20004
      The Bone Garden20015
      A Painted Doom20026
      The Skeleton Room20037
      The Plague Maiden20048
      A Cursed Inheritance20059
      The Marriage Hearse200610
      • The Shining Skull200711
      • The Blood Pit200812
      A Perfect Death200913
      • The Flesh Tailor201014
      The Jackal Man201115
      The Cadaver Game201216
      • The Shadow Collector201317
      • The Shroud Maker201418
      • The Death Season201519
      • The House of Eyes201620
      • The Mermaid's Scream201721
      • The Mechanical Devil201822
      • Dead Man's Lane201923

  • Ellis, Ron

      Detective Chief Inspector Glass
      • Murder First Glass19801
      • The Snort of Kings19892
      • Murder on the Internet (apa Playground Pets in 2001)20033

      Johnny Ace, ex DJ turned PI, Liverpool
      • Ears of the City19981
      • Mean Streets19982
      • Framed19993
      • The Singing Dead20004
      • Grave Mistake20015
      Single Shot20036
      • City of Vultures20047

  • Entwhistle, Vaughn

      • Angel of Highgate (ebook only)2012

      The Paranormal Casebooks of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
      • The Revenant of Thraxton Hall20141

  • Esler, Gavin

      • Loyalties1990
      • Deep Blue1992
      • The Blood Brother1995
      • A Scandalous Man2008
      Power Play2009

  • Evans, Geraldine

      DCI Casey and Sgt. Catt
      Up in Flames20031
      • A Killing Karma20072

      Insp. Rafferty and Sgt.Llewellyn, Elmhurst, Essex
      • Dead Before Morning19931
      • Down Among the Dead Men19942
      • Death Line19953
      • The Hanging Tree19964
      Absolute Poison20025
      Dying for You20046
      • Bad Blood20047
      Love Lies Bleeding20058
      • Blood on the Bones20069
      • A Thrust to the Vitals200710
      • Death Dues200811
      • All the Lonely People200912
      • Death Dance201013
      Deadly Reunion201114
      • Kith and Kill201215
      • Asking For It (ebook only)201516
      • The Spanish Connection (ebook only)201617
      • Game of Bones (ebook only)201818

  • Evans, M J

      PI Jordan Lewis, Lancashire
      • The Corpse that Danced20141

  • Evans, Penelope

      • The Last Girl1995
      • Freezing1998
      • First Fruits2001
      • A Fatal Reunion2005
      • My Perfect Silence2006
      • Saving Grace2007
      • The Weight of Water2009

  • Eyre, Elizabeth (See also: Susannah Stacey, Staynes & Storey)

      Sigismondo, Italian Renaissance
      • Death of a Duchess19911
      • Curtains for the Cardinal19922
      • Poison for the Prince19933
      • Bravo for the Bride19944
      • Axe for an Abbot19955
      • Dirge for a Doge19966

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